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Home Church Differences

My husband and I go to a home church. We have many differences with the leadership. Although we are friendly, we want to seperate or at least make our differences known but don't want to be viewed as difficult. The truth is we feel that we just don't fit. What would you do?

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 ---Patti on 9/5/05
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I do agree with Lyndon. Talk to the leaders first and try to straighten things out. That may be all that is needed. If the leaders are fair and loving people a solution may be reached in a timely manner. The many differences concerns me. How many are there and why? After meeting with the leadership and nothing is resolved, perhaps the fit is not a good one. I would move on.But do try to work things out for Jesus' sake. Constant moving from church to church is nerve wrecking,too.
---Robyn on 5/16/08

I would speak to them privately and see if something can be resolved, it may be an oversight on their part.

Be gentle but look for an agreement too.
Most of all walk into this looking for something to learn, the worst that can happen is that you learn you disagree with them and should move on.
---Pharisee on 3/15/07

Talk with the leader/s in private and express your concerns.
---lyndon on 10/3/05

"Count it all joy.." as you go through this difficult time, sis. Changing church, as in changing department stores, is not the answer, i believe. God (heb 12:11) has a better plan for your growth and maturity "as iron sharpens iron, man..." Don't be a butterfly christian, for what do you know if in the next group you will encounter the same, frustrating sit. Pray over the difference and let God. God is Love.
---cms on 9/6/05

I agree that you should talk to the leadership with your husband. If you still disagree it's okay to look for another group. Remember Jesus said I have sheep not of this fold. Go where you fit and can pray in unity and one accord. God Bless you. Don't feel guilty for not agreeing, listen to the voice of the Spirit. As long as you talk to them and not about them you're okay.
---Chera3744 on 9/6/05

(I am the one who posed the question) Thanks, I really believe that the Lord is leading me to sit down with them and share our differences, otherwise I feel it is hypocritical to being somewhat distant and them not really knowing why. I just need the courage to do it. This silent difference period has really been very unsettling for me.
---Patti on 9/6/05

dear, my pples in christ allow God will to fuilfied in ur life bcos the bible says it shall be well with whoever obey his word,so.don't separate in christ bcos you and ur husband is in christ,pray always,the GOD WILL BOTH SERVE IS A LIVING,SURE GOD WILL BE WITH SAY AMEN....BYE FOR NOW

That is really a difficult situation you're in especially the leader doesn't know what you know as the differences. Seemingly, there are two sides on the situation. But there is the other angle. Let us pray for the guidance of God in this situation, and hope that the differences be resolved, standing on the Rock as our Foundation. We can ask the question, "What Would Jesus Do?" Jesus is the third party. Go ahead, sis, ask Him...
---cms on 9/6/05

What is the purpose of a church? It is to supply you with spiritual food. If you aren't getting it, than change churches just like you would change a grocery store if you couldn't get the physical food you need.

If you want to stay, let your differences be known BUT also keep this little saying in mind: it's alright to disagree just don't be disagreeable.

What would I do? Change to another church, but also let the pastor know why I'm changing churches. (In a firm, but nice way.)
---WIVV on 9/5/05

I would find a church that I fit in! Since God is the most important thing in our lives, it only makes sense that we should fit where we choose to worship Him. Have you considered that maybe that is not where He wants you, because if it was, it would feel right!
---PAT on 9/5/05

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