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Pray For Iraq Bound Nephew

Please pray for my nephew Steven who is now on his way to Iraq as a PFC in the Marine Corps; for his health and safe return months from now!

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 ---danie9374 on 9/6/05
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Dear, I have a brother there and we have suffer for this, but you know what?, there he has been converted and it is very sweet to listen him talking about his faith now. God work mistery ways. Just pray and wait in the lord. God Bless you.
---gissys on 6/9/08

My prayers are with you! My son is going into the Air Force, and I know I'll be nervous too. Let's all stand together!
---Peggy on 4/13/07

PTL that Steven, who seemed to be acting too 'cocky' (appearing not to care as much as he should about his life) who always volunteered to be the 'point man'; first into a building etc. and on patrols... well, God stuck him behind a desk in an office because some officer saw he had good computer skills! So he's a bit down not being 'out in the field,' but his family is very happy! ;-). PS: He's still somewhere near the Euphrates, not in Baghdad.
---danie9374 on 1/30/06

Danie, the fasting season of the Muslims will end two days from now. Please inform Steven to take extra precaution. According to the news circulating here in the Philippines the terrorist aligned with JI and ASG will heighten their attacks as soon as Ramadhan ends.
---linda6546 on 11/1/05

Update: Though things could change any minute, I think Steven is in a 'relatively' safer place than Baghdad right now. I'm sure his mom and dad feel that's an answer to their prayers.
---danie9374 on 10/6/05

My prayers are with you. May God grant you peace and bring your nephew and our other servicemen and women home safely.
---Nan on 9/9/05

I am living here in Southern Philippines where troubles are mostly due to the acts committed by the terrorists group, the Abbu Sayaff. Our own province is at peace at the moment because the Philippine Marines are with us! The civilians trust the Marines! I pray that the American Marines and your nephew would be safe as they provide "safety and peace" for the civilians in Iraq.
---linda6546 on 9/7/05

I should have stated that Steven has accepted Christ as his Savior, but he often seems to do many foolish things; he's still a kid to me. I pray that he and others like him will not 'take too many chances' and try to keep safe! One of his best friends was killed in Iraq, Steven enlisted shortly after that!
---danie9374 on 9/7/05

My nephew Ian is out of Ft. Sill, OK. He leaves Monday (09/12/05) for Iraq. He just had a baby boy in July and he'll be gone for 12-18 months. His wife is very young, only 16 or 17.

I also have a friend out of Ft. Hood, TX, named Ray. He left for Barstow, CA for additional training, then off to Iraq. This will be Ray's and Ian's second tour in Iraq.

May God bless all of our soldiers and bring them home safe to their families and loved ones.
---Dorothy on 9/7/05

We'll all keep praying Dannie.
My nephew is an Apache pilot and on his 3rd tour. He'll be home in Jan., he's been there this time since last Jan.
Pray for all our troops, God bless.
---NVBarbara on 9/7/05

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