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How You Helped Katrina Victims

What have you done to help the Katrina victims?

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 ---Moderator on 9/6/05
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Thank Father for revealing the sin in me, because at first I felt little compassion for them. Big distance should not be the excuse. Now I pray that Spirit moves me so that I may have the persistence to pray for them.
---Anne on 12/17/07

We as Christians are called to help the poor. I've given thru Operation Blessing, because they represent Christ, the trucks were FAST, and there is a christian element to the people who work with OP in the way they act towards those they serve.
---Shari on 10/9/05

YES I HAVE....and may do more. There are a lot of needs in many areas besides New Orleans. Those people will always be in need. "The poor you will always have with you." I want to help those who help themselves. I gave to churches in Miss. They can distribute to their members where needed...or rebuild their church.
---HW on 9/13/05

I am hoping that as the President of the Philippines heads for New York today she would be able to see in person the devastation that Louisiana and Mississipi suffered.I hope she would send medical contigent to Louisiana. She sent a peace-keeping force in Iraq and East Timor before. Why can't she send a medical team for Louisiana now?
---bebet3754 on 9/11/05

I think a special THANK YOU is order for those outside the US to be helping relieve some of the suffering and pain by your generosity! God bless you!
---NVBarbara on 9/8/05

The Mayor of Philadelphia has invited 1,000 families, up to 5,000 people to relocate to shelters in Philadephia. They will be put to the top of the housing authorities waiting list, and the children will be enrolled in our school district. Doctor and nurses were sent to the airport for the evacuees when they landed today.

My church took an offering on Sunday for the relief efforts.
---Madison on 9/7/05

I am proud of my hometown of Greenville SC for sending planes to the worse areas and are bringing in 1000 to 1200 people who have no place to go. My home church is one of the sponsers. We have sent a donation to cover one flight. Each person will have a private cubicle at the biggest convention center in town. They will be fed and have voluntary medical help. God bless the nurses and Dr's who are giving of their time!
---NVBarbara on 9/7/05

Our church used money from the general fund to purchase lots of soap, toothbrushes, shampoo, razors, and other personal care items, and donated them to the Red Cross for distribution.
---Jane on 9/7/05

I donated money to help a family in Biloxi who are members of our church. They lost their home and jobs, everything. I am donating time to a local church shelter that is housing 200 evacuees, I will help with the evening meal today. Most of all, I pray for the victims and their families.
---Anonymous on 9/7/05

So far our family gave cash to a fundraiser at my child's school. It was going to help replace/rebuild another school in Louisiana, a private Christian Academy where students live in dorms while attending school, which was pretty ruined. We've been praying specifically about issues as we learn of the needs and we will contribute more money. We don't live near by the Gulf Coast so can't do more hand's-on work, but we would if we could!
---Chris on 9/7/05

The Red Cross asked our church if we could donate some money to them. We all agreed to do so.
---Rebecca_D on 9/7/05

Personally I could only help financially and trust the money is used where needed. As a nation (UK) we have sent out humanitarian aid, ready meals, blankets etc. and probably more that I don't know about. I don't think any of it is going to be enought though. The task is just enormous and my heart goes out to all affected and those trying to help them. I was very moved this morning to hear that victims of the tsunami have sent what help they could. That should really make us think!
---Xanthi on 9/7/05

For starters, We sent $100.00 to our denomination's headquarters (S. Baptist) in our state which is distribuated to the areas where it's needed in the different states. I now hear our state is getting several thousand victims. My husband and I are willing to take in an elderly CHRISTIAN lady. I'm not a youth anymore myself so that would work best for everyone.
---annonymous on 9/7/05

We brought food and a store gift card to a family living in a hotel but short on funds for food, helped unload a truck so it could be reloaded with food and sent to the coast and will be helping in a local shelter.
---Annie on 9/7/05

I have helped my Apartment complex opening vacant apartments (sect 8&incomescale apts) & I& my neighbor helped by donating pillows/blankets fixing hot meals for the at least 7 families (so like 20+people)moving in from Louisianna.I also donated at the local H.E.B. with bottled waters ,etc.
---candice on 9/6/05

Our country sent a small humanitarian delegation/contingent of 25 workers to help in whatever way they can. The US has been very helpful to our country.
---cms on 9/6/05

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