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Seeker Friendly Churches Ungodly

Is the modern mega-church pleasing in God's eyes? Did he really design His church to be a seeker friendly, one-hour-a-week 'show' hosted by a superstar 'pastor' no one can get within 500 feet of?

Moderator - You are correct Molly these churches are ticking the ears of the people. Watch as these heretical churches continue to become the largest churches in North America.

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 ---Molly on 9/7/05
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It's so freeing not to be dependant on different names and views to get my testimony across.

Living life with constant fear, it's possible that you really are in the wrong place. If you can't stand up, boldly proclaim who you really are in Christ Jesus, time to check your brains at foot of the Cross.
Ask Jesus to take out the stony heart.

When He does, you don't live life with constant fear and anxiety. There's an exchange when you receive God's Holy Spirit and a new heart from Jesus.
---Cindy on 3/4/08

No seeker church for me. I do not advocate adding outward visible vessel rules as an indicator that you're in the right place.

I'm also comfortable using one name because Jesus Christ sets me free from all religious bondages and fear.
If you truly have Jesus Christ, you don't live in constant fear of your own shadow. I can boldy give my testimony of Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ sets the captives free.
---Cindy on 3/4/08

Seekerfriendly churches get bashed because they dont talk about this or that, but how many of you go to a Church that every member, even pastor and family, watch vulgar tv and movies. Look around your Church and count the cleavage and short skirts... distracting makeup and jewelry. "secular" music is bad but the songs on Christian radio that have nothing to do with God are totally fine. Be careful with what you call 'seeker friendly'... you might just be in that pool.
---ashley on 3/3/08

Seeker friendly church is in high gear now.

By systematically doing away with all the hard parts of the message, seeker friendly, following their own purpose and plans, have done away with the Gospel itself.

It is their purpose, plan and goal to make the Gospel message more winsome, more politically correct, more sophisticated-sounding.
---Cindy on 3/3/08

Since Scripture recognizes and makes no apology for the fact that the message of the Cross is a stumbling block and foolishness to unbelievers (1 Corinthians 1:23-25), Seeker friendly are determined to devise a smart-sounding, inoffensive message and are not being faithful ambassadors for Christ.

They are selling buckets of books and are gaining worldly attention for their newfound status and purpose.
---Cindy on 3/3/08

Part 1-- I go 2 a "mega-church", and it's full of people who have mega love for God! I may not know the pastor on the stand well, but I have a pastor I'm very close 2 in the church! We're also VERY encouraged to be involved in bible study, so we are accountable, and can create a net of Christian friends who encourage us.
---zoe on 12/26/07

my friend visited a church here in southern Ga and when church started, a large glass globe of the world came out of the ceiling and lights started flashing and he said it looked like a bar. Can you believe it was a baptist church. That is why I let everyone know I am an independent baptist. We don't do that sort of garbage.
---shira_5965 on 4/17/07

I go to a big church. It is a word church. Spirit filled, FAITH based. We are outgrowing our present facility. We are going to build larger. My pastor is on TBN several times a year. I get fed and I was led by the Spirit to go to that church. I've been there for 2 yrs now. Its awesome and friendly. services are not 1 hr long btw. So do you think the Lord would bless something that wasn't from Him? Or if the pastor didnt have the Lords calling to preach?
---cyndi on 9/19/05

What we call a big church in my area is rather different from what some of you mean by big. If 150 people attend a church here it's B I G. We are usually 16 - 19 people morning and 22 - 26 evening. No-one under 50. Sometimes the organist is ill so we try to sing without music. We rely on lay-preachers quite often. There's an upside to all this. We all know each other. We all shake hands or hug each other either on arrival or departure and can stay and chat with the preacher after service if we wish.
---Xanthi on 9/19/05

2. in no way am I saying big churches are bad, just what happens many times. Pragmatism has entered the churches and they give to please the people what they want. Many times less and less of God's word and more music and games and even jokes, and many events. Not much on Hell and sin. People need to be convicted of their sins. At least the ones that are saved already and are still walking in the world in many ways.
---lupe2618 on 9/17/05

There is a big difference in the size of the church. Too big, people can hide and not go and no one will notice. They sometimes don't volunteer because they think someone else is doing the work. They don't pay as much attention because of the people coming in. The pastors do many times water down the Word of God so to please everyone. More music is put in and less of the sound doctrine. Smaller churches you cannot hide. Everyone knows if you came or not, and you can be sure they will call to find out.
---lupe2618 on 9/17/05

, it is what a church teaches and practices that counts. don't judge by size alone. how many people didn't hear about Jesus because they tried a church that didn't care if they came in?
---steve on 9/13/05

I once had a vision that I believe was of God. In the vision I saw lots of little lights all over the world lighting up and lots of big lights being put out. God told me the little lights were the "little" churches that were really ministering His Word and Healing and the big lights were the "mega-churches" - I believe God will judge these churches and some of the Pastors will see their errors, repent and begin again. The last shall be first.
---Maxine on 9/13/05

A seeker friendly church is a church without those pesky rules and regulations. It is very comfortable, and nobody ever hassels you. Very boring. At least you can catch up on some sleep once you made a drop in the collection basket.
---Larry on 9/12/05

It's been a long time since me and the Mrs. went to church. We are looking for just the right seeker friendly church. Something that will fit into our lifestyle.

Moderator - Is this a joke response?
---Elmer on 9/11/05

Ron, if every town had just one church instead of lots of little ones don't you think that many who now go to church would just stop going? Who would decide whether that ONE church was baptist, r. catholic, anglican, presbyterian, pentecostal etc? There are too many differences for that ever to work. If the ONE in my town were Roman Catholic I would stay home on Sundays. I cannot walk any further than I already do to find somewhere that I'd be spiritually comfortable.
---Xanthi on 9/8/05

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Wow, I thought I spoke quite plainly. Didn't see what was so confusing. I beleive it's just as important to worry about what a church is NOT teaching than it is to wonder what they ARE teaching. Never said large churches were unbiblical. Just said that a lot of people who GO TO THEM are about as close to God as I am to the moon! I know tons of them personally.
---Molly on 9/8/05

Now I'm a bit confused by Molly's replies, and must say: Just because a church is large, that doesn't make it any less Biblical! Many early churches got quite large too; the most important thing is WHAT DO THEY TEACH?! There are a number of churches today using that label "seeker friendly" or the like, and they have watered-down the Gospel. Many people settle for fool's gold today, instead of searching for the real thing; and I mean the Word of God, not metal (Ps 19:10; 119:).
---danie9374 on 9/7/05

and you're right- Jesus DID preach to thousands at a time. But Jesus was reachable, he was among the people. He sat and ate with them and fellowshipped with them. He wasn't ushered in and wisked off stage like Elvis Presley, for cryin' out loud! People have no idea what the word "Pastor" means these days. If a shepherd has too many people to take care of- PERSONALLY- then that church is too big. He's no longer a Pastor- he's just a motivational speaker, the President of a corporation.
---Molly on 9/7/05

Not everybody is like that, but a lot of the mega-church goers are. They just 'go' there to scratch their spiritual itch and have some pretty boy they have to look at with binoculars re-asure them of how absolutely precious and wonderful they are! No responsibilties or accountability, and certianly no preaching that steps on their "wittle sensitive toes" :( Let them get in the hospital or something, and see if super-preacher comes up there and holds their hand all night!
---Molly on 9/7/05

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Zoe- I'm not 'knocking' big churches. My husband pastors a small church. We are struggling to keep the doors open, because everybody is leaving to flock to these mega-hollywood churches. I didn't say everybody in them was wrong. But I tell you what is: People that go to them so they can slip in MAYBE an hour a week, hide in the crowd, don't have to pay tithes or offerings- don't have to work at fund raisers, or clean the church, mow the yard, or anything else that's inconvenient to their schedule.
---Molly on 9/7/05

i have been to churches big and small.. and have seen good and bad in all sizes. if you only go to chruch once a week, you dont have room to judge anything. personally, every town should have one church instead of all the little churches protecting their little piece of turf. it is different when the primary mode of transportation is walking.
---ron on 9/7/05

There is nothing wrong with a church with a lot of members, however in Jesus' time they did not have the advance tech. we have today. When we give the message of Jesus we should be doing just that,not worried about "social"things& as a post said below about "pary"decors. When a church turns more into a social "lets look more like the world"scene then it is going away from his word.
---candice on 9/7/05

2 Corinthians 2:17 states we are not as many that corrupt the word of God. Scripture also states there are a lot of false prophets out there as well. Want to be approved of God? 2 Timothy 2:15, study and rightly divide the word of truth. Next is to not confuse the doctrines. Jews were giving one, and Gentiles given another, which is through Paul, Galatians 2:7(KJV).
---geraa7578 on 9/7/05

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"Enter ye in at the strait gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leadeth to life, and few there be that find it." The crowd is NOT always right!! Jim Jones and his followers were very active in their "recruiting" too, all over the world!
---PAT on 9/7/05

Part 3--- Also, as a result of being so big, it gives us the opportunity to do missions work that a smaller church couldn't! I see everyday something my church has done in my town! I also know they spend a lot of time sending people overseas on missions trips. If all you look at is what you see on TV, then you don't get the full picture. Go to one! Go to a bible study there as well! You'll see all these people are just as devoted to God as you, they just go to a bigger church!
---zoe on 9/7/05

Part 2--- These people have helped me through more then they'll ever know, plus have encouraged me towards God's will for me! Jesus preached 2 thousands and thousands at a time! What scriptual base do you have for knocking a mega church?
---zoe on 9/7/05

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