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Should Moderator Answer Questions

Moderator, don't you think you are getting too personal over these blogs or you just might get fired. Something to think about.

Moderator - Does the moderator's comments add value? Let's hear everyones vote and why :) Please be nice even if you don't always agree with the moderator's theology.

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 ---SHERRY on 9/7/05
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One comment (Moderator), made an impact on me. It was startling but truthful. I remember those words.
Prophetic, a watchman on the wall warning, as true today as they were two years ago.

Yes, the Moderator should comment when enough is enough, or when he sees potential danger. A watchman on the wall does that, warns others, dangerous curve ahead.
Your life is hanging in the balance, steep mountain grade, gear down, proceed slowly, runaway truck, escape ramp available.
---Rachel on 1/13/08

There is a certain tendency to censor contributions. This should be done for offensive words and language, or where there is personal attack.
But views if properly expressed should not be censored.
---alan_of_UK on 9/13/07

RitaH "Alan, how could the moderators check out these multiple identities? "
I think they can check wqhich computer the post has come from.
But you are quite right ... a multiple persona,ity has only to go round several internet cafes and will be quite invisible.
Why cannot people be honest?
---alan_of_UK on 9/13/07

A moderator should not express his/her views while bearing the moderator name. a moderator is to be indifferent in a debate. (of course we do know that that rarely happens) Can the moderator be included in the debate sure if they enter as a person and not as the moderator.
---Jared on 9/8/07

The Moderator has a viable voice to offer substantial input, as well as any other free voice offers their input.
---Eloy on 9/8/07

I think that the moderator adds depth to the blogs. I usually agree with the moderator which is nice. I have learned a few trends through his/her/their intervention. I believe that a site like this definetly needs a moderator for obvious reasons.:)
---jody_martin on 9/7/07

Rita - 'I think' Frank means if we ignore the problem sometimes it will go away.
---Andrea on 9/7/07

Frank, I am sorry, but I don't understand your response about Hezekiah. Could you explain please?
---RitaH on 9/7/07

mima, I understand the statement. Its pejorative, and untrue. When a moderator is also censoring the posts, they should NOT contribute to the conversation, and never under the modicum "moderator". I dislike intensively this censoring anyway. Its undemocratic
---alexia on 9/7/07

If moderators are members should they not have a right to post their opinions and beliefs? Yup.
---denna7667 on 9/6/07


Of COURSE it isn't about us - it's a discussion among peers.

At times, it is useful or even necessary for a moderator to stick his opinion into the discussion.

But when moderators get TOO involved in a discssion it becomes about THEM - it turns into a discussion of one adult (who has the authority) and many children (who do not).

This which can change a free discussion into everyone just trying to say what we think the moderator wants to hear.
---Mark on 9/6/07

alexia - you know the guys that hang out on the street and wash your windshield for you. He seems harmless most of the time....but we're never sure.
---Andrea on 9/6/07

Mima ::you forget Man has free will by God & he is born into a world rife with sin,Hence "To erris human"only God forgives our mistakes.The devil always finds work for idle hands & minds.Be Industrious.
---Emcee on 9/6/07

Mark::An open question such as you describe demands an answer, & is a sitting duck at a shooting Gallery.People enquiring should be careful when constructing a question Moderators are human as BOB said that is how they lived in Dodge city & the wild west.Take em as they come,Fire at the drop of a hat,not from the hip but the lip.
---Emcee on 9/6/07

Failure to understand this phrase,""No christian could ever become a muslim". Is simply failure to understand what being a Christian means. Failure To understand the work of the Holy Spirit. Failure to understand the place and security of a Christian.
---Mima on 9/6/07

agreed mark: moderators should moderate, not give opinons favoring one side. One I saw today "No christian could ever become a muslim". Bob, who are the good guys btw? All this plantary stuff makes me dizzy
---alexia on 9/6/07

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Mark, MikeM., and all of the rest of yourselves. This is what you don't realise, it's not about you.
You are the center of your universe, planets spinning round and round, the world is your oyster.
But here on CN, it's not about you. You haven't figured that one out.
I'm encouraged by your over exposure, because change is on the way. Big change.
I am grateful to CN for allowing me to say exactly what I have been waiting for a year, to say.
But it's not about you.
---Bob on 9/5/07

After a year of watching good bloggers leave the boards, those days are numbered.
I hope that Elder's health is well. I'm looking forward to seeing the men and woman, wearing the white hats come back.
Mark, there is a Sheriff in town, he's called the Moderator. Without him, Kansas doesn't exist. You've been living in Dodge City, far too long. I've enjoyed this time at the OK Corral. I've been tired of seeing the good guys shot out of the saddle for a very long time.
---Bob on 9/5/07

I think it's fine for moderators to comment. However, the moderator's comments sometimes show a strong bias towards a particular theological position, and this may stifle discussion, especially when such a comment is placed in the title of a particular blog:

"Is it wrong for me to ...?"
"Moderator: of course it is!"

With such an open-and-shut case, it is less likely for others to comment (maybe even for fear of offending the moderator?)
---Mark on 9/5/07

Moderators should moderate - that is, promote levelheaded discussion without actively steering it. If they have strong opinions, they should probably post them from their own personal account names, to distinguish those personal opinions from the "official" positions of CN. This is especially important if there are multiple moderators with different viewpoints.
---Mark on 9/5/07

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When the messenger came to Hezekiah and told the Jews he would carry them away the king commanded the people to answer him not a word.

Just don't answer.

Hope I got the right king. Just got off work and too tired to think.

---Frank on 9/5/07

Those who use multiple identities Know that they are untruthful unreliable people.If I suspect one is ignorantlly being explicit I leave them in that state no reply necessary.These people are poor specimens of Humanity & should be classified with feeble minds crying out for recognition.
---Emcee on 9/5/07

The greatest concern is for "those" that are being exposed.
New solar systems are forming, odd new names that haven't decided how to play it, yet.
Paranoia? Fearful that we can see you so easily.
There's anger, a rash of other's names being used to post questions to write oppositional answers. The claims, "I've only been Kev...", "I've never been anything but Kev..."
Compulsive lying can come in handy.
Kevin - did you ever come clean with your husband?
---Bob on 9/5/07

The old solar systems are quite jealous of their votes. If the game plan worked, those names were saved. If the names were a flop, a new batch of planets were formed. Some suffer with all kinds of maladies, until they can figure out how to put the right spin on everything. Then the planet orbits from outer space, to intense obsessive posting - 30 to 50 in a row. Compulsive, driven - throw in that compulsive lying and you have a real brew.
---Bob on 9/5/07

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Some names haven't been exposed. The greater good for CN is more important. It's disappointing to see names professing a holier than thou persona, lie through their teeth.
It's manipulation, but they're hanging by a thread.
These planets have spinned it, twisted it, with their universal agenda of unity. It is right in line with the false prophet's agenda. With their high IQ of 140, they have no idea that they are "living, moving, and have their very being" in the clutches of delusion.
---Bob on 9/5/07

Alan, how could the moderators check out these multiple identities? The only way that I can think this could be done would the checking which computer a contribution came from. But that will only prove that the same computer was used, not WHO used it. Only I use this computer NOW (to access Christianet) but there used to be several. Also many use internet cafes and library computers. Using the computer address would just cause more confusion (and suspicion).
---RitaH on 9/5/07

the mod comments have great value as far as I'm concerned. There are times I have not agreed with an opinion, but it seems to me the mods are basically "on" scripturally. Thank you mods!
---Christina on 9/4/07

Like Alan, I am concerned about all the allegations of multiple's the accusations being made that concern me, not whether or not some use multiple identities. Ignoring is best it seems to me. I've seen Linda accused, and know the Lord has blessed much of what she has written, which is usually more scripture then opinion.
---Christina on 9/4/07

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I do not see anything wrong at all with the moderator responding to a blog. especially if it opens your eyes to error as to how you understood a verse of scripture. And yes I believe that Mod replies do add value and many times opens your eyes to other insights as well.
---Cynthia on 9/4/07

I fweel the Moderartors should check out the allegations of multiple identities which are very damaging to the good humour and honesty of the blogs
Also I would like the moderators to wch adopt a different name, maybe just Mod 1, Mod 2 and so on. As it is it is very difficult to feel the moderators are actually people, and they are presumably not clones?
---alan_of_UK on 9/4/07

I think that the Moderator,if his job permits,has as much right to add his 2 cents worth as do the rest of us have the right to throw our 2 cents worth in. Variety of answers give the chance that someone has the answer the person who asks the question needs. The more light shining the more we can see.
---Darlene_1 on 9/4/07

This question should not have been asked. Everyone's input is important. Wanted and needed on the blog. The Moderator has the same option as the bloggers to answer questions. Why not? The Moderator is like the overseer and does have the choice of adding his/her comments, as well.
---Robyn on 9/4/07

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Actually I would rather get peoples thoughts in a seperate answering blog, not attached to the questions. If the moderator has something to post, they can be the first one to do so in their answer blog.
---candice on 9/4/07

I love the mods insight. I'm not always in agreement but I'm a quick learner too.

I really appreciate the humor too. I see it in the headlines
---Andrea on 9/4/07

Please do not stop with the comments, Moderator. I have enjoyed each and everyone. Please, please, please, do not stop. They are always godly answers.
---catherine on 9/4/07

I'll tell you what the problem is here, the Moderator is stirring the Devil up. Ha, Ha, Ha. Keep it up.
---catherine on 9/4/07

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When blogs are filled with mental instability, I appreciate the Moderator's approval to what degree mental illness can become the new normal for the rest of us trying to understand it. Should we assume that most of the church is now suffering from some sort of mental disability? Or should we assume that Christians are falling asleep? Are these blogs a true reflection of most people willing to lay down and be led by a false prophet, false doctrines of unity - new age witchcraft to the maximum?
---Cindy on 9/4/07

I do agree with the Moderator's theology. He apparently has a team that is alert to every wind or wave of doctrine making it's way to the stage. Accountability partners, shepherding, prosperity, Oneness (opposed to the Trinity), etc.
I have no idea how long freedom on the internet to discuss Christianity will last.
But while we have it, let truth reign and the lies be exposed.
---Cindy on 9/4/07

It takes courage to say, Get behind me, satan - on the blogs or by yourself.
I do wonder at what point the Moderator will be required to step in.. If something should happen, large scale, people are desperate for truth, desperate to know Jesus Christ - at what point, will the Moderator make the decision to cut the false prophets in the clear and let the truth rise to the top. A universal church of unity - with witchcraft and all - will not lead you to Jesus Christ. It will lead you to your death.
---Cindy on 9/4/07

If bloggers don't have the guts to face the enemy, it will be left up to the Moderator.
Hand wringing, hiding until the lies go away is not going to put a stop to them.
The Moderator is fair to let this Cuckoo's Nest culture continue. No one is putting up any opposition to it. Everyone is hiding, oh well, someday they might quit. No, they will not. If anything, it will get worse.
If you can't handle this, how will you handle an even stronger delusion?
---Cindy on 9/4/07

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If you found yourself marooned on an island with the same players we have here - what would you do? Wring your hands?
I would seek higher ground and the company of the strongest Christians on the island.
Now MikeM. constantly talks about the witches that were burned at the stake. I am beginning to believe that he is also, one and the same, "a witch inside", following the green path, obsessed with religion as well as atheism, published author "ashley".
---Cindy on 9/4/07

MikeMocker, as probably some of his/her own names have called him, likes to twist your name with a degrading replacement. Watched him do it over and over.
I am beginning to think, MikeM. is not a mormon at all, but a woman with a universal agenda. There are common denominators - compulsive, obsessive, would blurt out obscenities if he/she could and has the ability to tell a lie when the truth would sound better.
---Cindy on 9/4/07

I feel that the job of a moderator is to either block/allow contributions and/or add their own opinion. As this is a Christian site, as opposed to a religious site, he/she has to correct any falsehoods. This will, I imagine, be based on the beliefs of the owner of the site who will have hired people of like mind. Nothing should be allowed through, without challenge, that is 'another gospel'.
---RitaH on 9/4/07

I seldom agree with the moderator, but this site would be nothing without her/him/them. And why not comment? - I would not be able to contain my own opinions in such a position.
---lorra8574 on 9/3/07

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"And the eye cannot say to the hand, 'I have no need of you', nor again the head to the feet, 'I have no need of you.'" (1 Corinthians 12:21)

If a moderator is a member of the body, we cannot say we have no need of what the moderator has to offer. But >

"Test all things, hold fast what is good." (1 Thessalonians 5:21)
---Bill_bila5659 on 9/3/07

Moderator::"To err is human to forgive divine"You have daily contact with that saying more often than not.As Catholic I sometimes feel your answers are biased not because you want them to be, but because of what is your conviction.I appreciate all your comments.You all know I kick against the goad more than others.But I also know you have a very hard job to curb your thoughts.I respect that. God bless you in your selection of replies.Suggestion,say a prayer at the start of each shift? :-)
---Emcee on 9/3/07

Yes, I think the mod can and should post their opinions. Why not? They have opinions too.
---sue on 9/3/07

How silly, the Moderator can't be fired. Without the Mod, the site wouldn't exist.
I would like more comments from the Moderator. Two years ago, Mod asked bloggers for scriptures to back up their points of view. More comments from the Mod would be appreciated.
---Bob on 9/2/07

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I wish the moderator would not post an opinion within the question when it is originally posted. If the mod has an opinion, it should be within the blogs in reply.

Moderator - Madison, I agree with you in theory, but in practice is would be too time consuming. We have a VERY small staff in relationship to all the work it takes to run this site :)
---Madison on 9/2/07

i have to say so far the moderators comments have always seemed truthful and in accordance with the bible.. i am a brand new christian and would hope the moderator is a mature christian commenting with Gods hand over him/her to not mislead youngsters like us :) thanks moderator!
---natasha on 10/8/05

I beleive it helps. I mean that what this fellowship is all about and all of us are in this fellowship.
---willow on 9/21/05

I'm sure Peter will welcome you with open arms Alan, just as we do!
Happy to see you back with us, you have been missed!
---NVBarbara on 9/21/05

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Emcee .. thanks !! In fact I think this joke is not a joke but the truth for the future when I arrive at the Pearly Gates.
Peter says ... "what did you do to justify coming in here ... I heard a lot of purple language coming from your office"
I reply "Oh dear that was when I was setting up my new computer"
Peter: " You set up yuor own computer?! Well, you have been to Hell already ... come right in"
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/21/05

Emcee .. thanks !!
I'm not sure the experience did me any good ... it dcertainly tested my patience.
And setting up the new computer has been a nightmare
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/21/05

3. If we disagree, we can answer with Scripture. Feelings or good but Scripture is better. Makes you work more in learning about God and sets you sights on God's Word. If you don't agree, use it as a challenge. You have nothing to lose and much to gain. blessings
---Lupe2618 on 9/21/05

2. We already hear the answers of others why not from the moderator? We as Christians have two choices, to do something to find the truth or just think we already know it and do nothing. Any help anyone can get is very important maybe not to me all the time but to someone that doesn't know the truth. Been kind does not save anyone. Knowing the Truth does. Many times the moderator might be wrong, so all we have to do is disagree. that is easy to do.
---Lupe2618 on 9/21/05

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Hello Alan and welcome back. Glad to hear you got a computer again. I do disagree with your comment on the moderator. I believe that the essentials of the Christian faith should be put out there and it's everyone choice to read them and use them or just forget them. It is important no matter the denomination. Some are do not teach the Christian faith. If its not brought out many will follow false doctrine. By checking they could be saved.
---Lupe2618 on 9/21/05

Alan Of UK; Welcome back sorry to hear of your loss. Hope you find the culprit!!Strange things happen even in UK.Just a thought in Passing, maybe there is a message in its Loss could it be Providential??Hope you enjoyed the break & I dont mean B&E
---Emcee on 9/20/05

I think the Moderator's comments should be impartial, and his/her function should be to ensure that ALL persons can express their view, and to ensure courtesy between the various contributors. This is very important, as sometimes the discussions get very heated, and people get very hurt by to insults and condemnation.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/20/05

This is a multi-denominational site (including even Roman Catholics as Christians ... at least in the PenPal section)
I do not believe that the views of one particular denomination should be given extra weight than others, but coming from the Moderator.
Moderator's views should I think be expressed in his/her own separate answer using their own name, or pseudonym
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/20/05

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I think there is a danger in the Moderator(s) answering using that title.
It tends to give an authority to their views which is perhaps not justified.
It is clear that the Moderator has strong views on certain subjects ... but to my mind that view should not be given more weight than that of someone holding a different view.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/20/05

How strange that this question should lead to the old KJV arguments! I will try to give my answer to the question. It may take a few entries ... I do tend to get a bit detailed and long-winded. I bet yuo thought you had got rid of me but it was only because my computer was stolen.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/20/05

, my "proud" comment was intended to be subtle humor. sorry you didn't see it in that light, barb.
---steve on 9/19/05

, NVbarbara, i admit to being overzealous about KJV, but what have i said online that you think is wrong? i honestly feel good about the wisdom i have given.
---steve on 9/19/05

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Here is my point on this subject, and I have read all of the points so far. We are grown up now and we know that sometimes we run into a problem that seems to contradict another, our job as Elder says is to find out why it seems that way. We have so much help around us to find out. I for one have four Christian Bibles and I don't like some of the commentaries on some like the NIV so I look at others to see what they say. I compare my notes to what Scripture teaches
---lupe2618 on 9/17/05

Do I sence the spirit of Jethro Bodine?
---Elder on 9/17/05

Yes Steve is does sound proud. Further, judging by some of your answers, THAT remark should be in the Humor blogs!
---NVBarbara on 9/16/05

Well its not how much you study the Word it has more to do with Are You applying the Word to your ever day life and Do you have a Personal Relationship with Jesus ?
---Sherry on 9/16/05

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Steve, the same comment can be made the other way around also. There have been many slanderous remarks made towards the KJV supporters too.
I am convinced that the KJV is to be studied. We can not be lazy in our effort. That will show in the end result.
Someone who is lazy in their studies will receive very little no matter what translation they use.
---Elder on 9/15/05

Steve, 1Cor.2:1-16
---Ulrika on 9/15/05

, not to sound proud, but i wish everyone had as much learning and education as i have had.
---steve on 9/15/05

, elder, i define slander as the way something is said. you and i can disagree, but you must admit, there have been some nasty things KJV people have said about new translations over the years. and newer translations had access to the earlier texts that KJV didn't.
---steve on 9/13/05

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don't get me wrong I agree the mod's do a great job but if i write in as christian and ask questions for other christians to answer or give comment on i don't like my question changed. Changing my question does not help me with the trouble that I may be going through in that time.
---Eric on 9/13/05

Steve I think the KJV is the best English version available to English speaking people.
How is it slander if I reveal that parts of a verse or whole text is missing out of anything?
I have read some of the comments you made about the KJV do you consider those slander?
You can disagree with my point of view but I slander if I disagree with yours?
Read John 3:16 in your copy and tell me if Jesus gave His only Son cause if He did then that means I am not a son and neither are you.
---Elder on 9/12/05

, elder, all i'm saying is that the KJV is the only translation whose followers are known for insulting all other translations, and having no valid evidence that theirs is the only Bible.
---steve on 9/12/05

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