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Katrina Victims Demanding Too Much

Is anyone else having trouble with their feelings about the hurricane victims? I understood the bad attitudes some of them had last week, but it seems like it's gotten out of control. Other storm victims in the past have not gotten near the help these people have, yet they still demand more.

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 ---Dee on 9/8/05
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2. You don't realize that what is happening here is, WE are about to foot the bill to 'set up' people WE have already been completely supporting for most of their adult lives. We're giving them things most of them didn't even have, much less purchased with their OWN HARD EARNED MONEY, before the storm hit.
---Dee on 3/18/08

I've met people from La (Katrina). I meet them at their places of employment. They are kind, personable, talkative and very hard working. Once I was in a department store,the cashier typed in sku numbers. As she did, she said, " I'm sorry it's taking long, but the scanner is down."I knew she wasn't fr. here. (workers here rarely say, I'm sorry). I asked her if she was fr. La... she was! I love the people from La!, they have brought a mix of interracial and cultural flavor here in Tx.
---chris on 12/30/06

What do you expect?Many people have lost there homes, lives, everything that they have worked hard for!Why is that the "Rich Part" of New Orleans are taken care of just like that?But when you see the other side full of blacks they have yet the same chances because there poor and black I would feel the same way.You expect them to lay back and relax?They can't even do that! People have no remourse for others.My Great Aunt died in the Katrina!I bet you dont have any relatives that died in Katrina!
---Anonymous on 4/18/06

Alan: So good to see you back. I hope your absence was not due to problems, or illness.

Darlene: I heard about the molestors and thieves and realize that they were alive and well in New Orleans, as in any other major city in the US, and they just took their criminal activity with them. It's a shame that sometimes that is the only news we hear about the evacuees, the crimes.
---Madison on 9/21/05

Alan,Hi good you're back.I live in Texas and there hasn't been any news reports about victims making any demands about money.There are always going to be the impatient who want help NOW ,or the complainers who wouldn't be satisfied no matter what they got.The biggest problem with the ones who came to Texas is the thieves and sexual molesters were among them.Texans have taken people into their homes only to awaken to a house which had been robbed.Other cases children raped by people taken in.
---Darlene_1 on 9/21/05

I have not seen anything in the UK to suggest that Katrina victims are demanding excessive help, although many here imply that is happening.
How many cases of excessive demands have there been? And from among how many thousands of dispalced victims?
I suspect only a tiny proportion are abusing the help system.
Anyone got any statitics about this ... not just gossip?
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/21/05

I've observed most of the poorest people smoke, even teens!! I will help the little children....but I don't want to enable the parents who have made their priority choices..even over their children's food and breath!! I think if they get hungry enough they will adjust their values. Such a waste. What would Jesus do? I sure can't afford to buy cigeretts..why would I inadvertantly provide cancer sticks for the poor? That's why you can't give to many poor. You're enabling their distruction.
---my_beef on 9/21/05

my beef, you obviously have not read all of my blogs. I encourage you to do so.
---Madison on 9/18/05

"If a man will not work..neither should he eat."
We should expect able bodied people to do some kind of work if they have to bring in a bag of trash they have picked up from the streets or roadways in order to get a meal at a shelter. The problem is, free food and shelter makes those who give to it feel good about themselves..but encourage slouthfulness in the recipent. Physical labor is healthly and Godly.
---my_beef on 9/18/05

I'm sorry for those who lost everything,but it's becoming clear that some of those people are criminals.My sons friend was working on shelter in Austin,Texas some of residents broke in locked van, stole $25000.00 worth of his tools.People in Killeen,Texas are wanting them out of Apartments,they are stealing the things in the apartment.There are good people who came but there's no way to know the difference.It's like they opened the prison and let the inmates out.
---Darlene_1 on 9/18/05

Ralph: I was not taught why Greenspan thought that having a certain percentage of the population living in poverty was good for the economy. I guess Alan didn't explain it when he said it.

I am reading a really good book called "The Working Poor in America." It discusses the problems faced by those who work but still live in or at the poverty line because of their low wages.
---Madison on 9/17/05

I agree that 5 years is better than a lifetime like it used to be. It is a step in the right direction, and yet I remember the arguments of those opposed. It was called cruelty, lack of compassion on the poor, etc., etc. It will be wonderful when we all do what we should do and there shall be no poor among you--Deut 7:13, 15:4, 28:1.
---Wayne87 on 9/17/05

You are right, five years beats a lifetime. On a lighter note, I'm still waiting to learn how having a certain percentage of poor people around benefits the country. ;-)
---ralph7477 on 9/16/05

Ralph: The program is set up to get unskilled people the skills they need to work and earn a living wage. That takes time. A lot of the participants are completing GEDs and learning basic job skills. A lot need mentoring and job coaching. Five years beats the lifetime they used to get.
---Madison on 9/16/05

If you want to talk percentages, last time I looked only about 22 cents of every "anti-poverty" tax dollar actually gets to the recipients and by your own figures 10% of those people don't deserve it. The other 78 cents is wasted on "administration" and lining the pockets of government hacks. Any charity with that dismal performance would be shut down and the trustees indicted.
---ralph7477 on 9/16/05

5 years is considered temporary?! If a friend or relative said they needed to stay with you temporarily would you expect that they would be in your house for 5 years? I understand people fall on tough times. I've been there myself. But even you have to admit that after a year or two you would be wondering when your house guest was going to go out and find work.
---ralph7477 on 9/16/05

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cont: Secondly, only 10% of the people in the system are "free loaders", the other 90% are just having hard times. Some have lost jobs because of lay-offs and then their unemployment ran out and they haven't been able to find new work yet.
---Madison on 9/16/05

Ralph: The current system requires that the people receiving "welfare" either work or go to school. Secondly, this "free ride" as you would like to call it only lasts for 5 years. Then they are cut off. It is officially called Temporary Aid to Needy Families. Notice the word TEMPORARY.
---Madison on 9/16/05

Secondly, basic economics tell us that the more you fund something the more of it you get. If you pay people not to work, you are going to get more people not working. People from all over the world come here with nothing and do indeed create an income for themselves. BTW, I'd love to know how Alan Greenspan is forcing people to be poor.
---ralph7477 on 9/16/05

It's disappointing that your attitude is one of defeat and pessimism, Madison. Your theories contradict each other. On one hand the government is keeping people poor because it somehow benefits the country and on the other hand they are handing out money left and right to the same people to help them. Sounds kind of wacky.
---ralph7477 on 9/16/05

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Ralph: You obviously have not studied this issue in depth. People cannot just create an income of their choosing in our society. As I posted earlier, the Fed Reserve chairman stated it is in the best interest of the economy that there be a certain percentage of people living in poverty.
---Madison on 9/16/05

Minimum wage is not meant to support a family. The idea that the government conspires to keep people poor is nutty and baseless. Churches and charities would do a better job of teaching people how to get out of poverty, not just hand them a check every month. Lastly, this is still the U.S.A where anybody can create their own job if they want to.
---ralph7477 on 9/15/05

Cont: As for the churches helping, they are ill-equipped to meet the needs of the poor in this country. Between the medical needs, and the food needs, and the housing needs, the churches cannnot even make a dent. The churches in the ghettoes are poor themselves. The churches in the suburbs are ministering to the suburban poor.
---Madison on 9/15/05

Ralph: There is welfare in the ghettoes because there is no work. What is the unemployment rate in this country? Read my blog about how even people who work full time earning minimum wage still live in poverty and cannot support a family. Plus, it is in the government's best interest to keep a certain level of poverty in this country. What if the government decided that all the Ralphs in the country should live in poverty.
---Madison on 9/15/05

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What frightens me is comment made by survivor, 'why should I want to leave where the governement dropped US off, "WE get fed three meals a day, free room, board, clothes, why try to leave?" I pity those who left destitute, but look harder. Some states were not hurt by the hurricane, but some of us are hungry and live in sewer drains and down by the river, have no choice, no one wants us or cares in this town. And no in case your wondering, there is no work here, And am not lazy.
---anon on 9/15/05

I thought you had done with this subject H.W. but seeing as you've changed your mind I'd like to comment on your disgusting choice of words. To refer to the mothers of children that men have abandoned as 'loose women' shows your true colours. I hope that everyone will ignor your replies from now on as I think you say things deliberately to upset women.
---Paulette on 9/15/05

AMEN!! Ralph
---HW on 9/15/05

Is there welfare in the ghettoes because there is no work, or is nobody working because there is welfare? I'm all for helping people through tough times, but I wish it was done locally through churches and charities. The government has failed miserably.
---ralph7477 on 9/14/05

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There is more to this study. The reason for the social welfare programs in the ghettoes is because there are no jobs in the ghetto. To work a minimum wage job in the suburbs does not pay, because of the cost of public transportation and daycare.

That is the reason for the welfare system in the ghettoes.
---Madison on 9/14/05

Please think about what you are posting. If I were a non Christian reading this listing, I would not leave with a favorable opinion of Christians when it comes to love and compassion. And by the way, thank God, I am a Christian.
---Annie on 9/14/05

Madison your studies are all well and good but the reason all these kids have children out of wedlock is because there are no consequences to these behaviors. Social programs designed to understand, excuse and fund this lifestyle have been in place most of my life and the problem has only gotten worse. I think it's time that some accountability is put into place.
---ralph7477 on 9/14/05

They have no father in their lives to validate them as girls or women when they grow up, so their boyfriends do that in having sex with them. For the boys, getting a girl pregnant proves he is a man in his circle.
---Madison on 9/14/05

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Ralph: A study I read shows that for a lot of teenage girls in the inner city, having a baby out of wedlock is like a trophy, proving that she is loved and to be admired. It gives her some value and worth in her circle and that is the beginning of a lot of the problems. We are talking about young people with very low self-esteem and little parenting.
---Madison on 9/14/05

Yes the males and females who conceive all these children are both responsible. The fathers leave because they know the government will provide money so he doesn't have to hang around and be a provider. As far as the problem being complex, how hard is it for these women to say "NO".
---ralph7477 on 9/14/05

You are absolutely right...I should specifited, the fault lies with the men who fathered children and left them to the loose women and tax payers to raise. NO wonder there are so many rapist and criminals loose on society. The surgery needs to be for everyone who has a child out of wedlock and on the tax payer. But NO abortions.
NOW....I'm done with this subject and movin' on.
---HW on 9/14/05

It was reported there were 4500 sex offenders among those brought to Texas from New Orleans alone.Texas is trying to get them registered.Officials in this part of Texas warned people here,when people started arriving from NO,La.,to not take evacuees into their homes.The news plainly showed some of the NO people were criminals and rapist.We live in a world where taking people at face value can get you robbed,rapped and even killed. They act how they want you to see.We are warned in the Bible to be wise.
---Darlene_1 on 9/14/05

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HW I think the more decent thing you could have written would have been "I am totally shocked at the large number of fathers who are never in attendance to care for those children that they have sired." Absent fathers are a much bigger problem that present mothers. In fact the mothers are not a problem at all, they are left WITH the 'problem/s' to care for and most do so admirably, with little support.
---Xanthi on 9/14/05

HW these women didn't have 'immaculate conceptions!' Where are the men who want to be there 'at the beginning' then disappear from their children's lives?
I wasn't clear on your answer, but if the men had surgery this wouldn't be such a problem!
---NVBarbara on 9/14/05

I live in North Texas, and for the 2nd time this week, one of the hurricane evacuees has been arrested. The first one for molesting the 13 yr old daughter of THE FAMILY WHO TOOK HIM IN, and the 2nd one today- for attempting to abduct a teenage girl on her way home from school. I'm sorry, but I have to agree with Dee
---MH on 9/13/05

HW: Why do you attack the women with children? Why not the men who father the children?

I have studied the problems of the inner city, and am aware of the reasons for the children being born. It is very complex, and both parents should be responsible.

However, there is no way to legislate surgery.
---Madison on 9/13/05

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My point is....BE GOOD STEWARDS. There will be no end to this helpless pholosphy. It's a custom, a lifestyle. NOW it's time to teach them to help themselves and expect it. I'm totally shocked at the women with many children...but no fathers in attendance. Seems they need some immediate surgery. Tax payers need to tend to that urgent need along with the meal tickets and roof over their head. They didn't come to your community with any morals either..
---HW on 9/13/05

HW: your cold. It is your attitude that gives christians a bad name. No wonder we can't win people over to Christ. The bible says to help the poor, help the needy. You said your all for helping those in need. But poor people you treat them like lepers. You better watch what you say cause you will surely reap what you sow.
---Rebecca_D on 9/12/05

"As of 1997, 7.3 million American families were officially poor, and in 66 percent of them at least one person had a job. At the current minimum wage of $5.15 an hour, someone who works full-time for fifty weeks earns only $10,300 a year-below the national poverty threshold for a family of two. A "traditional" family of four with one wage-earner falls nearly 40 percent below the line." The Nation
---Madison on 9/12/05

cont: Years ago, Alan Greenspan was quoted as saying it was necessary to keep a certain percentage of our country living in poverty. He said it was good for the economy. Would you like it if you were part of that planned percentage?
---Madison on 9/12/05

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HW: You obviously graduated from college with a social work degree, NOT. You have no clue what you are talking about. Your facts are generalizations made about 10% of the welfare recipients in this country. The other 90% are trying, but are disadvantaged for a lot of different reasons.
---Madison on 9/12/05

Ican tellyou from witnessing the mentality of ALOT of poor is to expect someone todo something for them. Most don't have aclue about gratitude. Have proven they can't budget a from welfare check to check and won't do a job when offered. MORALS...HA!! They lay around and breed which increases the monthly check. This is fact..that's clearly revealed in court cases. Many NEED overseers....SERIOUSLY. NO MONEY IN HAND. They've NO clue how to economize, but kids have all the video game!!!
---HW on 9/12/05

Dee, I do understand your feelings. The Bible does make it plain that humanity deserves nothing from Him. Yet, He gives us everything. Those who blame others for their problems, demanding that the government, others, churches, etc. help them, do reveal that they do not know Him or His love. Yet, our Savior has given us the privilege to be doing good--even to those who are relating wrongly. Most of all, people need Jesus. There are many heroes we hear little about. We can pull together with Him.
---Wayne87 on 9/10/05

WELL said Jerry,
I'm all for helping those in need and many from this disaster certainly are. I've given to our denomination which will help those wiped out in Biloxi. Those in N.O are better off now than they've ever been in providing for themselves. Maybe they will stay out of the hell hole of paganism. I understand Dee's concern. I'm very opposed to those debt cards...better not go there!!!
---hw on 9/10/05

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Drew, That is not the way the Lord told us to treat eachother. I agree with Barbara.
---Ulrika on 9/10/05

Drew, that is an abominable way to treat a person! That's not a church, that's a country club! You're better off without that group.
God bless you brother, I pray you have found a loving church family. Please don't judge all by a few.
---NVBarbara on 9/10/05

I got a VERY decent one g/f, don't give up hope, if a hubby is what you want.
In reality, I can usually be found in shorts and a T shirt. If 'sweet thing' came home and found me in heels and a dress with a crinolin (sp?) and pearls cooking in the kitchen, I pray he'd have the sense to rush me to the hospital!
---NVBarbara on 9/9/05

It is an unfortunate truth that we have made a generation of government-dependent Americans by our socialist welfare policies. It seems that to some, government is their God. Our Constitution was written so that government would have as little influence in our lives as possible. Many, however expect government to be there for them in every time of need. Isn't that God's job?
---Jerry on 9/9/05

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NV Barbara: I used to wear those heels and pearls, and bake cookies when I owned my own home and had a wedding ring on my finger. Now, I am a wanton woman. Plus I am destined to loneliness, for who would want a woman like me, divorced and not owning my own home. No decent man would want such a woman.
---Madison on 9/9/05

When we help, it should be done in secret in the name of Jesus. Matthrew 6:1-4
We should continue to pray for the phisical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the hurricane victims. Pray that class, race, and lifestyle, do not keep people from having compassion on them.
I am saying these posts to myself as well.
---Ulrika on 9/9/05

Yeah Madison, I was a divorced women raising a son living alone until 2 years ago when I remarried.
Thank God some poor sap took pity on me and made "an honest women" of me!
Now I'm 'June Cleaver' and make cookies everyday and stroll around the house in heels and a string of pearls! Bad things, poor people?
Can't touch me!
---NVBarbara on 9/9/05

I don't think ALL fundamentalists are judging - but there's more intolerance for people who are not like them, and I'm not necessarily talking race - more like economics, marital status, family situation. I was actually asked to leave a very wealthy SBC church in Brentwood TN because I was out of a job for six months. They thought I was too "poor" for them (their words) plus I was a single male, so they "suggested" I go to a homeless shelter. They never truly were my friends.
---drew2902 on 9/9/05

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NVBarbara: You know how we divorced women are who rent an apartment, we just go drinking and drugging and into rock music and pillaging into all those rich, snotty neighborhoods where people actually own their own homes, and don't want us icky city people to touch them.
---Madison on 9/9/05

Here in Philly, the mayor invited those poor people to come live here. By the thousands. We should be receiving up to 5000 people. The kids will be attending the school district I teach in, but I don't know if any will be bussed to my school, as it is far from the neighborhood where the evacuees are being sheltered.
---Madison on 9/9/05

Matthew7:12Therefore all things whatsoever ye would men should do to you ,do ye even to them;for this is the law and the prophets.2 Corinthians9:7Every man as he purpoposeth in his heart,so let him give,not grudgingly,or of neccessity;for God loveth a cheerful giver.2Corinthians9:6 he that sows sparingly reaps sparingly,sows bountifully,reaps bountifully.1John4:7-8 Beloved let us love oneanother;for love is of God;everyone who loveth is born of God,and knoweth God.He Loveth not,knoweth not god;.
---Darlene_1 on 9/9/05

Owwww Madison, you don't own a home, and divorced too!
Do you go out pillaging and commit drive bys? I'm overwhelmed by the depravity!

God bless you sister for being willing to work where few want to go. The dumbing down of America is due to these who are 'too good' to reach out to the underprivledged.

Its like the old question: 'What is worse in this country, ignorance or apathy?' A. I don't know and I don't care!

As you can see, we're all with you John helping however we can.
---NVBarbara on 9/9/05

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Thank you Madison. I didn't have room for a comment about "these" people. Dee you're speaking as if they're lepers.
Dee if you're ever in a jam, I pray that someone is there to give you assistance. Only then may you learn how the Lord expects us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked as if we were doing it unto Him.
---NVBarbara on 9/9/05

I'm for helping them out. Whos with me?
---John on 9/9/05

Are these Born Again people, complaining about the attitudes of people who have lost everything and some lost family too.
How are our attitudes?
Jesus said to love one another.
Luke 6:27-28 \ 10:27-37
John 13:34 \ 15:12,13
Galatians 5:14
Matthew 22:39
Mark 12:31
God loves a cheerful giver.
2Corinthians 9:7-9
---Ulrika on 9/9/05

Dee, you sound heartless.
---Jimmy on 9/9/05

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Wow, I agree with Madison. So many people are caught in institutional racism and poverty. Those institutions are the federal and state governments which have usurped the duties of family and church in caring for our neighbors. These folks have become so dependent on government for everything that it's no wonder their anger is misdirected at the President.
---ralph7477 on 9/9/05

NVBarbara: There must be something wrong with me. I used to own a home, but it was lost in a divorce, and I have been paying rent since 2001. I must be some kind of immoral, depraved person because I am not a home owner.
---Madison on 9/9/05

Dee, what does the price of gas have to do with the people who have lost everything?
THEY didn't cause the oil derricks to be ripped apart, Katrina brought them down.
I will pray for you, you have a heart of stone.
Do you see it as some sort of sin that a person doesn't OWN their own home? Even the ones who do can't rebuild until the water contaminated with feces, dead bodies, and other poisons receed and they come up with a program of getting the disease laden soil cleaned up.
---NVBarbara on 9/9/05

I have worked in a major US city for the past 15 years, teaching the children. Most people who live in the inner cities are law abiding, good citizens who are caught in institutional racism and poverty. The idea that all of these people are that way is just ludicrous.

I have attended a major university in the worst part of the city, and have been fine.

You need to grow a heart and let God soften it.
---Madison on 9/9/05

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What I saw demanded was to be rescued from stinking hell holes where stealing,guns fired in NO,looting, raping,starvation,dehydration, dying including babies,bodies put over to one side as though they were part of the trash, and feces building up all around people.Shame on them for wanting to live like a human being,when they knew they had nothing,and had to have help to live at all.All of that still lives in their nightmares,and can't be removed by moving them.The help is small compared to the lose.
---Darlene_1 on 9/9/05

Dee, I cannot believe you are a Christian with the words you posted about the poor people who have lost everything in the hurricane. Your generalization of poor people who live in the inner city of any city is just the most prejudicial thing I have ever read.
---Madison on 9/9/05

Dee, i think you do not understand life and take everything for granted. I am in Zimbabwe where petrol(gas) goes for one dollar per litre & a gallon is like 5lt. Here even if you have the money you will spend a week queing for it. Your economy is no where near bankruptcy, when it does there won't be electricity,gas,food, unemployment benefit, tax cuts etc. If we could trade places you would see you have enough reason to praise the man above.
---runya9977 on 9/9/05

Dee, I understand your concern, but you need to put yourself in their shoes. What if it was you who lost everything and was put in another state where you didn't know anyone or where anything was? Who said they're gonna rape, kill, and take over? They are under a state of confusion and shock. You are taking this way out of proportion. We need to show these people love & kindness.
---Melissa on 9/9/05

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Dee I'm not too sure why you aimed that at me (along with a few others) but you might be interested, or surprised, to know that here in the U.K. petrol (gas to you) is now over one British Pound per litre in some areas which makes it close to 5 BP per gallon or over $9 in your currency. That does not make me less sympathetic or less willing to help those that this question was about.
---Xanthi on 9/9/05

4. Lets see how quick you are to be such a bleeding heart when it's YOUR child one of them rapes or beats up and steals from at their once peaceful school, or you come home to find YOUR house vandalized and robbed in your once peaceful and safe neighborhood. Mark my word, the 'devestating effects" are nowhere near over!
---Dee on 9/9/05

3. And not only that, but most of them don't know how to conduct themselves in a civilized manor, and they are invading our cities by the droves to set up permanent residence, bringing with them all the lawlessness and animalistic behavior they were used to living in New Orleans.
---Dee on 9/9/05

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