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What Does Unequally Yoked Mean

What does unequally yoked mean? Neither one of use were Christians before we were married. I found Christ, well he found me about 4 years ago and my husband despises my faith a belittles it and time he can.

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 ---Vickie on 9/10/05
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If a farmer tries to plow with,say,a horse and an ox together in the same yoke,the one will fight against the other, and each will want to go its own way,and the work designated for the animals will never get done.So it is if a Christian marries a non-Christian.It may look safe,but put them together,and the non-believer will fight against the believer,and often the believer will turn away from the right path.A Christian must marry a Christian in order for Christ's work to be fulfilled in their lives.
---Ann5758 on 4/5/08

Ann5758: Sometimes the believer will turn back because of the unbeliever.But it shouldn't be this way. We(christians) suppose to be salt and light. We should let our light shine and make the unbeliever thirsty(salt) for the Word of God. If anyone gives in, it should be the Unbeliever.
---Robyn on 5/21/07

To be married to an unbeliever. If you are saved and your spouse is not. You and he are unequally yoked. Going in opposite directions. Things will begin to happen, as they are happening in your marriage now. I was in the same situation over 19 yrs ago. It is a tough place to be in. Just continue to speak out for Christ and let him see Jesus in you and who knows? He may change his ways and come in. God bless. Don't give up.
---Robyn on 5/21/07

For the most part it means to be married to someone of different faith, not belonging to same church. There is quite a high statistic that many mixed couples initiallly seem to get along fine but after the newness wears off, more such couples are headed for divorce court.
---Pierr7958p on 5/20/07

If we think of two yoked oxen, they must be of equal stature and strength to effecively pull the plow. If one is not pulling in the same direction then they pull against each other. Your husband can be saved, pray pray and pray. There are good books out there for wives of unbelieving partners. It is hard I know, but don't give up. Let your words and actions witness to him as much as you can. Ask the Holy Spirit to hover over him all the time.
---Maxine on 9/12/05

The Scripture you are referring to, does not apply to your situation. It means those who are ALREADY Christians, should not marry non-Christians. (I'd go a step further, and state that should also have a like interest.) Your situation is referred to in Mark 10:12
You cannot divorce your husband - period. Your best bet is to pray for him, and live a life that would glorify Christ.
---WIVV on 9/11/05

You are unequally yoked but since you are already married Paul advises in 1 Corinthians chapter 7 that you should honor God and remain in the situation until or unless your HUSBAND leaves you not vise/versa. I am in similiar situation, I know your probably lonely but you have to remember that the witness of your behavior is his best chance of finding salvation.
---Linda on 9/11/05

A Christian marrying a non Christian, nothing more, nothing less.
---Melissa on 9/11/05

These responses are good but I need to add something. Two christians can also be unequally yoked. This should be the first guideline we use to determine a parter, but not the only one. Christian unions are experiencing strife, adultery, selfishness and deceit on par with non-christian unions. Be very careful.
---ralph7477 on 9/11/05

Unequal yoking with unbelievers can refer to marriage, courtship, business partnerships and even close friendships but it does not refer to a marriage that started out equal, as yours did, but is now a mixed marriage of a believer and an unbeliever. God knows the situation and wants your husband to become a Christian too so pray for him, be loyal to him and, unless he gives you biblical reasons not to, stay with him through thick and thin. Through your witness and prayer he will see Christ.
---M.P. on 9/11/05

That means a believer being married to a nonbeliever. Please read I Corinthians 7:10-16-27.
---Eloy on 9/11/05

Ask a farmer. A yoke is the aparatis (?) that holds the plow team together. If it is crooked, broken, or uneven, he won't get much plowing done or the rows will be so uneven there will be mass confusion. When a believer either marries or "links themselves together" in any close relationship with either the ungodly or one who follows false doctrine, this is the situation- nothing but confusion.
---Sissy on 9/10/05

Christ uses examples of things people were familiar with I the text you speak of, He is talking of oxen who if they are not working together, pulling the same why more harm is done. the job not getting done. so if a couple is not working together,more harm then good being done. then God tells you, that... it is frustrating and not good.
---Laure5469 on 9/10/05

My understanding of unequally yoked is it refers to a believer marrying a nonbeliever.
---Heather on 9/10/05

It also means a Christian should not go into business with a non-Christian partner.
---Rev_Herb on 9/10/05

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