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Katrina Victims Getting Big Money

Is it true that everyone whose home was destroyed by Katrina, wind or water will be getting $250,000 from FEMA? Does that include the shacks in N.O.? If so..stop the fund raising. They will be better off than us working fools.

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 ---Wanna_be_informed on 9/12/05
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All I've heard here in U.K. is that everyone will be given $2,000 dollars initially which doesn't sound much at all. However, I can't imagine anyone, even those 'working fools' being jealous of people who have gone through what these people have gone through. I'm quite apalled at the attitude of some of you on C.N. towards these people who have lost everything, yes, even their SHACKS.
---Xanthi on 8/21/07

83 years old and I want everybody to know God spared my live. I lost all my world goods in the flood and gain a better understanding of the love of God and the plan he has for me.

God bless
---Myrtle_Harold on 8/22/06

I am a Katrina evacuee. I was a freshman at the University of New Orleans. I have since relocated to Az and am attending ASU West. I have lost all of my belongings, and have not seen a dime from FEMA. No one is getting $250,000.00 from this, I didn't even receive $500.00 from this. No car, no pc, and $188.00 total to my name. At least I still have my life to be thankful for.
---Ethan on 10/17/05

Hi, I'm a victim of Rita. So far, all i'm getting is the run-a-round!
---Kim on 9/28/05

I hope for the best for everyone caught in this disaster..and hope their lives are much better and richer. Have any of you received information from someone who lives in that area? They are scared for their lives from the mobs & gangs of criminals running loose. Best we think of these people..and the rescuers. Some people don't want your help. They want no hinderance to their life of crime and drugs. It's time to wake up to reality in this situation. This is a civil war on AMerican soil.
---HW on 9/13/05

No amount of money can replace a home where you grew up or the family heirlooms washed away and destroyed.

These people didn't just lose their homes they lost a sense of belonging anywhere. I thik America should dump it's wallet on these types of situations.

Please take time (at least) to help homeless people; this was a tradgedy long before Katrina came to the big easy.
---Pharisee on 9/13/05

I heard on the news that each family would get $2000. But what if they was getting $250.000? I would be happy for them.
---a_friend on 9/13/05

It is an American Red Cross debit card. My source is the shelter at my church.
---Annie on 9/12/05

How many people read over or think of what they post?
HW, your post sounds like the flood made sluggards of everyone.
As for the money, how many would be willing to trade all you have to someone from there for all of what they will receive from FEMA?
I will start a list right under this line______________________
Sign up now before it is too late.
---Elder on 9/12/05

If some of those people did live in shacks, Wouldn't a caring christian be glad that they now have a chance to not live in one??? Wouldn't a caring christian want to see them in a brick home. BTW...The bible's definition of a fool is someone who doesn't believe in God.
---Barbara on 9/12/05

I agree 100% with Xanthi. I wonder if we all had to stand in front of God tomorrow how He would react to our thoughts. These are God's people, and not all have made wise decisions in their lives, but we as supposed Christians should be willing to help them salvage their lives and set them on a better track. I have heard (but have no 1st hand knowledge) that FEMA has abandoned the card. Stop worrying about the money, and let's pray for all concerned.
---Erin on 9/12/05

I heard $1,000 per family.

Gossip is incredible. However I imagine some of those people are covered by private insurance. However, the clause risk is "an act of God". Some insurance does not cover for acts of God -meaning weather chaos of any kind.
And as for shacks - seems incredible that one man built to stand up against hurricanes and even most of his has gone forever. Even brick doesn't seem reliable anymore.
---barbara67 on 9/12/05

Annie is right, according to news reports. A $2000 debit card that can only be used for clothes and other essentials is being issued per family.
---NVBarbara on 9/12/05

What is your source for this information? I know of no FEMA allotment for that. Cite your sources.
---Madison on 9/12/05

They are getting $2,000 per household.
---Annie on 9/12/05

Wouldn't you WANT someone to be better off than before? Imagine your whole way of life, rich or poor, being wiped away in one day, family and friends scattered to all parts of the country, some dead or injured. No job to go back to, nothing. Do not be so concerned with what the next guy is getting to where you lose your compassion and love for them. Do not let your heart be hardened by selfishness and self pity.
---Katie on 9/12/05

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