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The American Church Spoiled

Anyone else agree with this? The church in America is spoiled rotten! Christians in foreign countries walk miles to assemble for worship, prayer, and to hear the uncompromised word, and they stay all day! Some of us won't drive 15 minutes to sit in comfort for TWO hours. What's wrong?

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 ---MH on 9/13/05
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Depends a lot on which foreign country you're talking about! I've seen a wide range of practices in the countries I've lived in (which are many), and some seem more appropriate that the US ones, others less
---peter on 12/21/10

It is not just about church, most Americans are spoiled about. The list is as long as the earth is round. Where else can someone get paid millions to play ball, where someone who is out saving lives gets paid $30-$45,000 a year.
---geraa7578 on 4/27/08

This overflow of blessings is no more than was promised in scripture. Making heroes/idols out ball players/TV preacher wolves is just a sign of how weak we are becoming because of these blessings.
O.T. Israel did no less. Idolators will find themselves in an awkward position before GOD.
Preachers don't have Truth/Gospel...Christ does. I wouldn't sit 10 minutes in front of 99% of the liars either. I'd rather ask Christ personally.
---Trav on 12/13/10

\\The church in America is spoiled rotten! Christians in foreign countries walk miles to assemble for worship, prayer, and to hear the uncompromised word, and they stay all day!\\

The uncompromised Word of God has always been preached in Orthodoxy, where frequently the services last for hours.
---Cluny on 12/12/10

We have a lot of smaller and some larger churches here in the US who are very poor and have no members. Churches compete for members also, you know. People make their choices. Who would want to sit in the heat and on boardbenches if they had other choices? People in foreign countries just have it worse. It is not our fault. I am just thankful I have choices and can attend the church of my choice here in the good ol' USA. I am thankful. I don't apologize for that.
---Robyn on 12/12/10

///"Don't you realize", he says, "that you are ALREADY blessed beyond measure"///

Amen Donna66, past tense is past tense

Eph. 1:3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who HATH blessed us with ALL spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ
---michael_e on 11/15/10

It is better not to complain that 'the church' in general is anything, because in places like the US (or almost anywhere) defining 'the church' is itself a difficult thing.
---peter3594 on 11/13/10

yes, I agree. And to add insult to injury, there are churches where, if you are strangely satisfied with your older Ford automobile, you are lacking in faith because God wants to give you a Cadillac!

Most churches, however, do have more godly values, but still they are self centered.
My Nigerian Pastor friend says he's always amazed that our prayers are predominately "bless me and bless mine".
"Don't you realize", he says, "that you are
ALREADY blessed beyond measure"?

If we had to live lives of hardship, as many do, we might consider a whole day of worship
a delight and a luxury. "Spoiled"? I don't know. But surely we are ungrateful.
---Donna66 on 11/11/10

You are correct. I too, believe that the church as a whole is spoiled, and I get rather jealous over it. God knows it. I have complained enough about it. But, I am rather happy in the fact, that God is teaching me some valuable lessons. I have learned that God is going to stick with His plans. You know He is a planner. What are you gonna do! What can you do? God is most determined, and oh so POWERFUL.... I have heard one other preacher comment on the church in this country being spoiled rotten. They shouldn't be like that.
---catherine on 11/9/10

I won't say spoiled. Perhaps blessed may be a better choice of words. We live in a rich country.Opportunites are better. We cannot help that. Churches here in the USA can afford better everything than in the poorer countries. We should be grateful. Sitting on hard wooden seats in church in sweltering weather does not mean we are better christians. Being dirt poor does not prove anything. Walking miles to church does not mean anything. What dwells within our hearts and our love for Christ and others is what matters. Some people here in the states travel miles to get to church. When they get there, they are cold as ice and evil as the devil,himself.
---Robyn on 11/9/10

It is not just about church, most Americans are spoiled about. To get in a car to drive a 1/4 mile to get bread. To spend 10-15 minutes looking for a close parking space. The list is as long as the earth is round. Where else can someone get paid millions to play ball, where someone who is out saving lives gets paid $30-$45,000 a year.
---geraa7578 on 4/27/08

America is a very diverse country. That is why foreigners risk life and limb to migrate and get over here, illegally, if necessary. We are a blessed country, in many ways. Yes--we are spoiled, to a certain degree. As far as our choices of churces are concerned. We are responsible for finding a good bible teaching church, where the preacher is teaching the uncompromised Word of God. Ultimately, we will be responsible for our own salvation. Not some church or preacher. I am glad to be an American.
---Robyn on 6/17/07

America has also so many types of churches that you can join one that tickles your ear, that sounded good.

American is not only spoiled, but would only have a fraction of the Christians we have today if our government was under the same regime as in India, China, and other anti-Christian nations. Most Chrisitans in America would fall away from the faith if their lives were at stake. It's unfortunate that Jesus died for us, but most Christians would not sacrifice ourselves for Him.
---Steveng on 6/17/07

I think there is no doubt that the American church is spoiled. I think that is why in poorer countries there are more on-fire Christians. They realize Christ is all they have.
---maryj9396 on 6/17/07

I agree 100%. I have a good friend in Pakistan they have no chairs, they sit on the floor in a tiny room packed full of ppl and no cooler and it is not unusual to be 130 there and in a packed room would be even worse.
They can't open the windows where the persecuters can hear them worshipping Jesus. Christianity is their life, not a sunday morning thing too, as it is so much here. And they dont close church for "super bowl"!! But, will americans help them to have a cooler and chairs?? NO!
---PAT on 6/17/07

It is up to each individual how much they love God and how much they hunger and thirst for him. People turn away from the churches of America because they have become apostate and are not preaching the uncompromised word of God anymore. Many are more concerned with worldly pleasures and solicitations for money, then with following Christ and doing his will.
---Eloy on 9/18/05

PatI do not agree. As for American churches having multimillion dollar churches. It's untrue because I been to churches in America where they only have fans blowing air. I bet in other foreign countries they might also have air conditioners, chairs, etc. It only depends on what church you attend to.
---sun on 9/18/05

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Churches in america are not way better off because it must be a challenge to get money in order to get air condtioners, chairs, etc.
---sun on 9/18/05

yes, people in America think they need a multimillion dollar church building with air conditioners to freeze them and nice padded seats and a preacher to tickle their ears. Yet, when you mention helping a church in a poor country, they snub their noses at you. Love of Christ? yea right!
---pat on 9/17/05

Pat- exactly. That's what I meant. Let me say it again. People in foreign countries are hungry for God at a level in which most American Christians have never known. I was COMMENDING them for their hunger, saying we here in America SHOULD be as hungry as they are. Didnt mean to confuse anyone. :)
---MH on 9/16/05

Sorry, guess I wasnt clear enough. The is WHY they will sit on the floor in 130+ and go to church even though they know at any time their persucuters could bust in and start shooting, which happens much. It IS BECAUSE they are so hungry for God. We were finally able to get them Bibles, the Pastor had tried for 10 years and finally now they have them. They are precious people and so hungry for God!
---pat on 9/16/05

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Really good comments, I can see I'm not alone:) However, I was really talking about something a lot deeper than physical comfort- I was referring more to the spiritual hunger level of people in foreign countries. I know people personally who claim to be hungry for God, but haven't been in church in weeks, and only pay thier tithes when they "can afford it" -and cant remember EVER having been to an all-night prayer meeting! The American church don't know what hungry is!
---MH on 9/13/05

Pat, I agree completely with you that being a Christian is a 24/7 committment. I really would like to know more about being able to purchase a cooler for your friends. I also agree with you about the SuperBowl. Our church has a SuperBowl party that night. The game is projected on a big screen. Anyone that is not interested in the game can play board games. Also, the men have a contest for making the snacks. ie: one year we had a chili cook-off.
---Patta4379 on 9/13/05

When it comes to church, it is so accessible that I think we are prone to backslide. Also, the same folks who complain about not getting a close parking place at church will walk blocks to see a college football game.
---Annie on 9/13/05

Amen to that. I try to walk to close errands and have walked to work before (about 2 miles) and get really odd looks about it from others. Americans will ride an elevator up flights of stairs to use a Stairmaster or drive to a gym to use a treadmill. Go figure.
---Annie on 9/13/05

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I hear you, the more technacal America got , the mre spoiled it's people were,at the church I go to it is a 10 min drive w/o traffic& a 15 min with. We have movie theatere seats, but no childcare, for we beleive the children can learn while sitting with the parents & some children I noticed are more disciplened when with the parent.We still sit there for 2hours & learn Gods word & throughout the week we count from home or where ever the Lord leads us.
---Candice on 9/13/05

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