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Friend Had An Affair With Pastor

I have a friend whom has an affair with the pastor. What kind of advice do I give her.

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 ---rocky_roah on 9/14/05
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Tell her to be more particular in the future.Our head should control our actions but so often we let emotions rule and when we do, we had best be prepared beyond the moment for the balance of joy and consequences.
She needs the love of friends now. Get her busy doing things that put this affair out of her rear view mirror.
---chuck on 1/20/08

The question I have for you is did she ask you for advice or are you being a nosy busybody?

Best advice MYOB
---NurseRobert on 10/22/05

He who sins externally must have sinned already against the H.Spirit internally. Since the nature of the 'affair' is unclear, it would not be wise for me to make a specific statement.Attraction may happen.It is human nature.Both parties must recognize this and bring it to the cross of Christ and ask HIS HELP for their weakness.It is NOT sin to be attracted, but it is sin when attraction becomes DOMINANT and RULING behaviour and thought in the person's life as a result of dwelling on it. Read Romans 8:5.
---Calvin_Kaya on 10/22/05

My Pastor and I are attracted to one another, he has never acted on it or approached me or said anything inapporpriate to me at all, but nonetheless, we both know the attraction is there. Being attracted to someone and taking action on the attraction are two different things. People of God are just that- People! People are subjected to the same feelings that you are. I'm not excusing it but you must use restraint and good judgement when faced with these kinds of things.
---Kelly on 10/22/05

I think there is some confusion as to the affair. a. was there sex? b. is he married? c. is she married. If the answer is "NO" to all three then there is no problem. If there is a "Yes" to any of them, then there is a problem.
---Madison on 9/18/05

i read Paua reply...we can't judge or condemn.. the holy spirit convinces us of sin.. when we are convinced we need to repent of that sin.. and submit ourselves and our bodies here, our mind , will and emotions to God and his holy Spirit, so that we will no longer walk in sin..
whether adultery or fornication.. it is wromng in the eyes of God.
---guyiyae on 9/15/05

What is this answer from paua3448, if he's not married there's no problem. Fornication,lust,adultry, flee even the apperance of evil. What bible are you reading??
---shawn on 9/15/05

paua what do you mean it's okay? are you reading only part of your bible and not the entire thing? Even if the pastor is not married it's fornication and it's still a sin
---erika on 9/15/05

Have her ask herself, if a pastor has an affair with me, how could I ever trust him with the other women he probably counsels. A pastor is supposed to be an example. What he is, is a terribly stumbling block to her, and a horrible witness to all who see. It is SIN she is indulging in, and I've found that sin hurts me and everyoneelse whose watching.There are no winners except satan.She needs to be honest with God, repent, and ask Gods help to disengage herself.
---bobba4344 on 9/15/05

i have got a question to you is this postor married? if not married then they is no problem. but if he is married my self i no longer consider him as a pastor.a pastor is a man of god. the pastor is the one who needs help also.
---paua3448 on 9/15/05

Was it an affair or flirtation or just gossip of what really happened? In either case, the pastor showed poor judgement. While I may be dead wrong, was this a case where the pastor was counseling with this woman without the usual counseling safeguards? There is always two sides to every story, so I'd make sure what she is telling you is accurate. Your advice to her is simple: back off!
---WIVV on 9/14/05

Tell her that sin separates us from God. Not only is she sinning, she is causing the pastor to sin (and vice versa). They should both stop, repent, and get on with their lives in separate churches.
---Nan on 9/14/05

I had a friend in the same situation, the only thing you can do is support your friend with the word. The bible says that the word is like a two-edged sword. It will cut! Don't pet your friend up and encourage it. Also don't condemn. But speak to his/her spirit by speaking the truth of the word. It will begin to break the desire. I know...I saw it happen!
---Danyelle on 9/14/05

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