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Is My Family Cursed With Cancer

My mom was just diagnosed with cancer as well as my aunt, two uncles, grandmother great uncle, cousin, grandfather. Not all at once though. Is my family cursed will the whole family end up with cancer including me & my sis & our kids this needs to be broke right away please help pray that it ends here.

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 ---andre9789 on 9/14/05
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Cancer is caused by different toxities, some are environmental, some are caused by weakened immune systems, and so on. Researches say that it is clearly manifested when the cells in the body grow either too fast, accelerating beyond the steady replenishing rate, or else the cells in the body are growing too slowly, and they say that this is why cancer is prevalent in the young and the elderly. Environmental toxins also poison the body which may cause cancer and tumor cells. A healthier lifestyle is suggested, a good prayer life, more natural foods not processed with chemicals, moderate exercise, and adequate daily sleep, and abstinence from drugs and alcohol and smoking.
---Eloy on 4/26/12

Hello,Like they say "join the club you Not alone!"... most nearly,all my family had cancer,me this 2nd X for me..ours hereditary,most lived many years...dr's told me "you are strong lady! 11 yrs. Had it! Before find out for sure. I have become adjusted but,not 'n despair....there are bad days,but Not bad when I think years ago 'bout people/cancer took into my home. I trust Him. I stay busy at church & on here :) love of Jesus!
---ELENA on 4/26/12

I agree with Darlene. Knowing that cancer "runs in the family" should be an incentive to get regular checkups and blood tests. Be sure to let your doctor know which relatives have cancer and what part of the body it is located, as some are genetic and some aren't.
---Nan on 3/26/08

It would not harm if you prayed that all bloodline curses would be removed from yourself, husband and children, renounce them in the Name of Jesus Christ. It can be spiritual, but it is also genetic. Otherwise Jesus would not have died on the cross also for: 'by His stripes we were healed. Those that do not live by Gospel, third, 4th generation curse.
---Junia on 5/10/07

Those Rebecca Brown books are strange. Most Christian bookstores do not carry them anymore. They were popular about 20 years ago. There are some off the wall/offbase teachings in those books. I would steer clear of those books.
---Lori on 5/5/07

No,it isn't a curse,but it can be genetic.There is a test to see if you are predisposed to get cancer because of a gene which is passed from generation to generation.It is strictly biological not spiritual.Even when the gene is the cause it doesn't always show up in every person in the family.It's important to not let fear overtake you and run your life.Emotional health is important to your physical health.Pray for wisdom and peace.May God be with you and yours to keep you all.
---Darlene_1 on 5/5/07

Last week my wife completed her part of a 5 year research study into the prevention of cancer,(not cure.) While she doesn't have cancer, she's considered high risk because so many members of her blood family either have or have died with cancer.

But, it's not a curse - just a simple matter of fact. While there is no evidence cancer is passed from generation to generation, they think there is a higher risk of getting cancer if a member of the blood family has it.
---WIVV on 9/14/05

It is probably more genetic than anything else. I knew a gentleman who refused to have children because of the cancer that ran in his family. He did die of cancer.

The same is true of heart disease. A lot of that is genetic as well. It runs in my family. Mother, all her brothers, her mother, all had heart disease. Mom and one brother are still alive, the rest died of heart attacks. I have a few cousins with heart disease too. So far, I have been spared.
---Madison on 9/14/05

Cancer cannot exist in an alkaline body! Meat is very acidic. There are chemicals in processed food which cause cancer. Eat plenty of beans (for protein) Eat green leafy veggies and stop eating meat!
---stephen on 9/14/05

In a book written by Rebecca Brown
(Unbroken curses).I've learnt families can inherit curses from their grandparents, and it has to be broken.Asking the Lord to forgive the sins made by the grandparents, breaking the curse and removing all demons associated with it in Jesus name.
She aslo wrote this:How do u know that u are cursed, and the answer is, ask the Holy spirit.
Ask the holy spirit if u are cursed and also to give u the strength to break the curse if there is.
---Gee on 9/14/05

As Darlene has pointed out, your family is not "cursed". There are many causes of cancer, some known, some unknown. Some environmental, some genetic. Some are self inflicted - lung cancer, mouth cancer etc. from smoking for example - and others are unexplainable.
---Bruce5656 on 9/14/05

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