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Read About My Miracle

Recently I was bitten by a brown recluse spider. The bite had the "bullseye" look, and was about 3 inches around. I couldn't get to the doctor, so I prayed and had others pray for me. Two days later the bite was completely gone! Praise God! Has anyone else had a miracle healing?

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 ---Melissa on 9/14/05
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Praise Jesus my miracle has come to pass!!!!
---Kris on 10/2/07

A Benedictine monk / teacher in my old school said that he became a monk in thanks to God for saving his life in a miracle during the second world war. His ship, after been bombed by the Germans, began to sinkk, slowly, whilst filling up with water. He was actually pulled up a ladder by the power of God, and felt overwhelmed, afterwards, with the peace and love of God. He said that many people doubted his story. But he didn't care. He know what he had experienced. And became a monk.
---Ed on 7/24/07

When my youngest son, Brennan, was 23 months old, he fell into a campfire and received 3rd degree burns to the back of his little legs. His prognosis was negative and discouraging. While in the hospital we played healing tapes 24 hours a day. You could literally feel the difference in the atmosphere when you walked into that room. Brennan was healed without surgery (impossible according to the doctors). He just turned 14 and his scars are almost completely gone!
---DoryLory on 7/11/07

Praise God! That WAS a miracle,because my (past)father-in-law was bit by one & was in ICU hallucinating and never fully recovered from it.
---lovable_linda on 3/9/07 pen pal id is linda9974. Sorry I forgot to put that in my last response.
---Linda_Smith on 10/12/05

Tapes and CD's that speak the healing word are wonderful. I have one called "Healing Meditations" and two others called "In Christ" meditations and "Righteousness" meditations. If you are interested in hearing those, contact me.
---Linda_Smith on 10/12/05

This is long overdue! I had been in a relationship that I should have NEVER been in. For 7yrs I lived wrong, I had went outside of my moms place to smoke(I don't do that anymore) and hated my life. I cried with all my heart that God would help me, and 3 weeks later I was set free. I now know he has always been with me and loved me, and I praise God for what he has done for me, He had set me free, I am now saved and living so much better.
---Michelle on 10/11/05

Too many to mention. But the first one was while my mom was giving birth to me, we both died. She (her spirit) saw a man robed in white holding a little blonde girl's hand. She said, I can't leave now Lord. Her veins already went flat, and it took the drs. 4 minutes for me to get my heart started. My mom lived until she was 55 yrs old. And I am 30 now, married with two kids. God is still moving.
---Rebecca_D on 9/15/05

(Part 7)Jesus has laid down his life to redeem us our sins and has done the job the lord required of him as to spread the good news of the lord. I praise GOD through Jesus Christ the Risen Son of God and ask for this to touch someone that may be where I was at in my life, I pray that someone may receive the gift that Jesus died to give.Amen
---eric on 9/15/05

(Part 6)Dont live your life like he will keep you from dieing before you accept him, Accept him now before it is to late. For GOD loves us and wants us to be with him in Heaven but we were put here not to live life and do what ever we want to do but to do the job he has set before us. Just as Jesus came to us and did the will or job of the lord so should we do that job.
---eric on 9/15/05

(Part 5)Only recently have I truly accepted Jesus Christ into my heart and took the gift that he had set aside for me all those years ago. I know how truly blessed I am for the love of Jesus and for his many Miracles in my life. Let me say this to anyone reading this that may not be saved, If it were not for the mercy of GOD Almighty I would be in Hell right now. Jesus performed a miracle that hot summer day for me.
---eric on 9/15/05

(Part 4)After the wreck I new I loved GOD and Jesus for getting me through everything but I still refused to submit to what I knew I needed to do. I was still on a fast track to hell. I had broken both hands both feet both legs very badly and ripped my elbow out of the socket in my left arm and broken it in several places, I also broke my neck.
---eric on 9/15/05

(Part 3)At that moment I knew GOD had sent this man to help me. After twelve surgeries and eight months in a wheel chair I could finally walk, not good but I could walk. I knew who GOD and Jesus were before the wreck but I didnt have time to get to know them because that would mean I would need to give up the world something at the time I did not want to do. I was a Thief a Adulterer a sinner of all sorts and I knew it.
---eric on 9/15/05

(Part 2)It was a very hot Louisiana day around 95degrees. As my blood pooled around me and the heat boiled it I looked up and noticed a black man poring ice-cold water on my head and arms. ( I was somewhat prejudice before this day)
---eric on 9/15/05

(Part 1) Sept 2002 I was on my motor cycle and was hit head on, I was going 45mph and the car who hit me was going 60mph (thats what the driver said) he came into my lane and hit me. I traveled a distance of 75ft in the air and struck the pavement then slid another 50ft. As I lay on the pavement I cursed and cried and knew the end was near. Drifting in and out I could see a lot of the damage to myself.
---eric on 9/15/05

i was hit by a car when in 5th grade it fractured my wrist with a hairline fracture was told they would prob have to break it and reset it for it to heal went to a surgeon dr. the next day and was completly healed except for some moderate bruising which all i had to do was wear like a splint for two weeks
---andre9789 on 9/15/05

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After my accident (I was hit by a car when I was 12) my doctors (neurosurgeons and all) said I wouldn't survive 24 hours, but my story was made public and people around the world prayed for me. More than 19 years later I'm 8 months away from getting a Master's degree and living a life much closer to normal than anybody thought possible. The power of prayer is a key part of survival.
---Heather on 9/15/05

I was 12 weeks pregnant and started hemorraging. After examination by the doctor, I was told I had miscarried. A week later, I had blood work done and they were "odd" so the doc had me come for an ultrasound. It was discovered that I was still pregnant!! The baby was fine and healthy. She was born 5 weeks premature, but was perfect in every way. She is now a precocious 18 month old!
---Debbie on 9/14/05

Xanthi - AMEN!! We serve an awesome God! Many ministries sell healing tapes (or CD's). The cassette tape we played for Brennan had John Hagee reading Bible verses and passages to do with healing. I believe healing tapes are powerful because God's Word is living and active (Hebrews 4:12) and is the power of God (Romans 1:16). I have a longer version of Brennan's testimony uploaded on the Internet, write me at Dory7973 if you'd like the website address.
---DoryLory on 9/14/05

My mother-in-law was healed several years ago in a similar way. She was scheduled for gall-bladder surgery within days when she decided (for some unknown reason) to travel the 300 miles to come up to visit us. She spent the 3 or 4 days continuously listening to different ministers of the Word. She went home Monday morning completely healed. She cancelled her surgery and has never had another gall-bladder attack since. Praise God!
---DoryLory on 9/14/05

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Those stories are wonderful to read Melissa and DoryLory, praise God. May I ask DoryLory what do you mean by healing tapes? Are they tapes of prayers for healing or something else? I've never heard of healing tapes before.
---Xanthi on 9/14/05

Praise God!! My long overdue testimony. I had a car accident about 2-3 years ago. My then 4 yr old son, Caleb, was at passenger seat beside me. A crazy car made a sudden surve which caused me to hit the brakes. His head cracked the wind screen infront of him. Thank God he is lively 7 yr old precious lad today. Glory to my God Almighty!
---Yur on 9/14/05

Thank you for sharing your story. It is encouraging to know that we serve a caring God who takes care even of our smaller hurts if we ask Him and believe that He can do it!
---Pierr7958 on 9/14/05

The Lord God healed my son at age two of TB. Confirmed by 3-5 doctors he had it. Praise God.
The Lord also gave me another child when the doctors said I would not have another Child. My children are 11 years apart. My sister could not have children. Several doctors told her to give up. After praying by FAITH several months, she became pregant for the first time at age 38 and birthed a beautiful baby boy. Yes, the Lord still does miracles and desires to get all the glory! Praise be to the Lord!
---linda3939 on 9/14/05

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My pastor had 'lime disease'no cure , you get this from deer ticks) and he was dying and the church prayed over him ( baptist) annointed with oil and did what the NEW testament said, James 5:14 , he was healed and is preaching wonderfully, 2 women in our church had cancer and is cancer free now. I personally havent been healed, I havent had any illness that is untreatable, but, I am 50 and am not on any medication and working double shifts right now, so my health IS a miracle.
---Jan4876 on 9/14/05

PRAISE GOD!! He is STILL in the miracle business. I'm so happy for you and your healing testimony.
---Crystal on 9/14/05

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