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Prayer Partner With A Man

I am a legally separated women who is trying to get right with God. I was asked to be a praying partner with the oppsite sex who is a christian too. I am trying to get the holy spirit will this stop me from receiving it.

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 ---DONNA on 9/16/05
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Why would praying with a man stop you from getting the holy spirit?
---Annie on 9/22/07

When You became a Child of our Abba Father God ,through Jesus Christ . You received the Holy Spirit .A brother in the friendship of the love and compassion of Jesus Christ . Pastor Danny
---Pastor_Danny on 3/24/07

Several of you think that this man who is asking the woman to be his prayer partner is really wanting an affair - at least that is how your answers look to me. Why ever do you think this? Is there anything in scripture that says a man must pray with a man and a woman with a woman. It's a very sad world for Christians if we have to think like this even when talking about being prayer partners. Donna ask God what you should do. He and you know this man - we don't.
---M.P. on 10/16/05

Only if you let it, it will. I myself see nothing wrong with it. If it is a prayer partner. We all need to seek the baptism of the Holy Spirit (Ghost).
---Rebecca_D on 10/15/05

If you are seperated and not divorced, you are still a married woman and you should not even entertain the thought of spending any time with a man. Believe me i have been there myself, and i regaret it!If this is the case, this man is trying to deceave you, and his intentions are ungodly, beware of wolves in sheeps clothing
---susanna on 10/15/05

yes this will stop you receiving the Holy Spirit,if you are still legaly married, not divorced. you said legaly seperated, are you saying you are divorced?
If you are and have biblical grounds, you are single ,
---susanna on 10/15/05

Donna, you're talking apples & oranges, it's all about your or his motives, or his anointinting [why did he ask you?]! Acts 2:37-39, I Jn.3:20-22.

If applicapable, "..don't let your good be evil spoken of..".

Bottom Line?

Reading [your bible], Fasting & Prayer. There's a due season for everything, KEEP YOUR EYES ON JESUS!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 9/25/05

, if you can't relate to the other gender in a non-sexual way, then how can you trust yourself in daily life? it's not who the prayer partner is, it's what your motives are.
---steve on 9/24/05

You want the Holy Spirit? Through scriptures, we are all sinners, Rom 3:10,23. We are all worthy of Death, Rom 6:23. God provide a gift for us, Rom 6:23. Believe in Jesus, Rom 10:9. We are sealed by the Holy Spirit, Eph 1:13. It does not make a different what we did in the past,but what we do in the future.
---geraa7578 on 9/17/05

I think it is wise to have a prayer partner of our own sex for the same reasons that a pastor should not counsel a woman unless there is a chaperone somewhere nearby. Don't give Satan the tiniest foothold.
---Paulette on 9/17/05

If you are saved you have got the Holy Spirit.
The problem is how much of you does the Holy Spirit have.
Who were you asked by to be the "Praying" partner of this man? If the man asked you maybe he is preying and not praying.
Be careful you don't need a man to be your partner like this. This is unusual and could cause problems for you. It sounds like a "fix up" of some sort.
---Elder on 9/17/05

If you are a saved Child of God, you have the Holy Spirit already within you. That is the only way to get the Holy Spirit.

As for the male prayer partner, I would recommend a female partner at this time. I do not think it advisable to be involved with a man this way if you are still legally married.
---Madison on 9/16/05

If you feel uncomfortable in having a male prayer partner, maybe you should ask to have a female prayer partner instead.
---Cathi_Catha5879 on 9/16/05

Are you implying that you are legally separated because of your sin? If so, and you want to return to your separated husband, then don't entertain any intimate affairs with men during your separation. Otherwise, there's nothing wrong with praying with someone of the opposite gender. Receiving the fullness of the Holy Spirit comes when we abandon all sin, and surrender ourselves totally up to the complete Lordship of Christ Jesus, and ask for the Holy Spirit to come and stay in us always.
---Eloy on 9/16/05

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