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I Want Some Penpals

I am very disheartened as I was hoping to have some pen pals and no one ever responded, so what is the sense of being a member? I feel I have a lot to share and love the Lord with all my heart,, maybe its the Lords will I don't have any, what do you think?

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 ---michele on 9/16/05
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hello betty
am mastewal and i found you to be my first pen pan friend. and i know you get 0 votes but shure that you will have many. am just open the way know.
betty i need to share you many many things, pleas do not forget me and am always searching for you. pleas reply to me, and describe a littl bit about your self and i will do letter. God bless you.thank you.
---mastewal on 10/7/09

i'll be your pen pal jesus loves us all he would not do that to you. My names daje
---Daje on 9/28/09

Hi- I recently just signed up for the penpal thing, too. How about dropping me a line sometime?
---betty4974 on 9/28/09

Forget about getting penpals.

There is nothing better than face-to-face friendships. Do an online KJV bible search for "one another," "each other," and "encourag." And I'm sure that if you apply the verses that you read to your own community, you'll have plenty of people to share your love.

Besides, these blogs are detrimental to a maturing christian. A newly born christian would be totally confused about what to believe on these blogs because everyone have conflicting opinions and interpretations of what the bible says. This even holds true with denominational "churches."

I pray that you will find your needs in personal, one-on-one relationships.
---Steveng on 9/25/09

I know exactly how you feel, Michele. I have been a member here and am a member again, but the only contact I get is from "webmaster" "president" and all those "helpful" volunteers, until I got those birthday greetings on the 16th. I try to limit my personal contact to men who are interested in sharing about the Lord, since I am a married man and don't want to riski any impropriety. God bless you and hope you get many replies from this post.
---tommy7376 on 9/25/09

Yes , I'd like to be your pen pal , email me .
---Phuong on 9/25/09

do you have any now?
---patie3447 on 9/25/09

Michele - I would love to be your penpal. You can reach me at lesla6369. God bless.
---Leslie on 8/27/09

I believe that it was the will of god for you to create this blog.And that through patience in keeping this blog site it was only matter of time someone would find your site and respond.I hope that i can continue as penpal in sharing the word of god with encouraged in the lord,bye
---monique on 8/25/09


hay! am looking for a penpal as well. i look forward to being your friend.
---ruth6546 on 5/28/09


You're expressing exactly what I'm feeling. How I missed you is beyond me, but...

Hi, I'm looking for a penpal, can I be yours?
---Maui on 2/7/09

Ithink that no matter what your going through God has it all under control i guess i'm speaking from experience Iwas married to a man tyhat wasn't a christain and he was abusive to me and my children my children all ended up in fostercare and i was left all alone i seemed no matter what i did it wasn't good enough, long story short the Lord sent this man to speak to me and he showed me that no matter what was going on he was still there for me that he never left me i left him so beileve it God really has your life planned
---Nancy on 2/4/09

Sorry, to here you are discouraged over no one contacting you. Just wanted to send out a hello and see if you still visit this site (as your entry I have responded to may have been a while). I came on this site because I was interested in reading some on Kathryn K. A book I read, some time ago now, expressed how much she loved her husband. It must have been so hard for her to give all that up in order to fulfill the call of God on her life.
In Christ Jesus - there is neither male nor female (as Paul taught) but pertaining to the natural elements the man is still considered the head of the home - this will not change as it is the way that God designed it from the very beginning of the creation of the world.
---Sharon on 12/9/08

I would like to be your pen pal.Please send a request to my email for my address.Iam in prison, I hope that dosn"t matter.
---STEVE on 1/12/08

Oscar, the love of God will lead you to the truth, read Acts 21:9 (KJV) The evangelist Phillip, not disciple had four daughters which all did prophesy, (meaning preached)where Paul, the apostle did visit and make his abode with for days and not once did he tell them not to preach. I love you in Christ Jesus and God loves you more.
---Mary on 1/5/08

hello michelle,would you like to be friends,i am kevin5874
---kevin on 11/20/07

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gee that is unusal have you found some one close to your age look for people in your age group , sent them a card, a little note, may the lord bless you
---irene7395 on 3/18/07

i am very happy to write u this letter please i am a boy who want to know more about God i like to hear from u soon Goodbye
---Emmanuel on 12/2/05

so many times i get frustrated not mad or angry but i dont understand you put these blogs saying you want penpals but you dont lis a member name we put our name for you and you never write us i want someone who is sincere to write me if you are sincere here is mine andre9789 i would love to hear from you if you are sincere
---andre9789 on 9/19/05

Oscar and others, no one can write you if you don't put your penpal address on your blog! Write me anytime, I may be slow to get back to you, am keeping very busy right now, but I will write!
Eloy, my precious brother, put your e-mail addy in your private penpal info. CN will send you an e-mail when you have mail in your penpal box. God bless all...Barba7434
---NVBarbara on 9/18/05

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well leslie, i emailed over 10 people and it seems with a lot of people they have yahoo,, my computer has aol and thats all it can handle at this time,, so i do feel i have put in, i am not lonely only wanting to share and hear what others have to share, possibly make friends, so if anyone reads this and really wants to be a penpal, i welcome you but just drop a line ,, Gods blessings on all,,

Moderator - Michele, signup to be a penpal on the homepage of . You stay in the system and you don't need an email address to write to people.
---michele on 9/18/05

Hello brethren ..... My name is Oscar, friendly,no malice,humble. Attend a Christcentered church. My best wishes and good luck in Jesus.Hope somebody drops me a line. Truly Greetings from Peru
---oscar on 9/17/05

What does 24 x 7 mean?

Moderator - 24 hours a day for seven days a week.
---barbara67 on 9/17/05

I love sharing God's word, also enjoy fellowship with believers. Write me anytime. geraa7578
---geraa7578 on 9/17/05

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I would like to be your penpal. God loves us all and he knows what is best.
your new penpal
---mitsy3736 on 9/17/05

Hi Michelle.

It sounds almost impossible for you not to get penpals on ChristiaNet; you must reach out. Remember: You get out what you put in!!!

God bless you
---leslie_ruiters on 9/17/05

hi there dont be so sad ok perhaps soon u have pen pals
---cristalyn on 9/17/05

Hi, is there anybody who wants to be my penpal, i would love to hear from you. I love to correspond people around U.S.A and Canada. Your friend in Christ.
Love, Carl
---Carlito on 9/17/05

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Hey! I'm always looking for new pen pals. Just write me at dawn-3656 and don't forget the "-" after dawn. God Bless! Dawn-Marie
---Dawn-3656 on 9/17/05

Michele, the Lord commanded as to love one another. It is not the Lord's will for you to have no penpal. If you have used in this blogg your CN ID, then am sure by now you would be receiving emails from us. Write me.
---bebet3754 on 9/16/05

Hi I am new to this site but I do would like to find some pen pals
---mary on 9/16/05

Hi, Michelle,

I love to meet you and enteract with you.. Hope to hear from you soon.

God loves you,

---Suzzie on 9/16/05

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Write me anytime,I would be happy to answer.
---Gert on 9/16/05

You can also write me. I have had the same problem.

God Bless
---Karen8735 on 9/16/05

Hi Michele, we can be penpals - marga6874
---Margaret on 9/16/05

Hi Michelle, You don't have to wait for someone to write to you. There are probably many more that feel the same as you and would love for you to write them first. Also, if you will post your Christianet I.D. here I'm sure you will receive more mail that you can believe.
---Sam on 9/16/05

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The Penpal email is a different page on this website so i think people don't think about checking it. Perhaps if there was a Penpal link on this page it would be easier to check in our emails. i have my own ISP email, so i don't check my Penpal email on this website as frequently, but with this in mind you're welcome to email me at eloy3776. Just keep in mind that it may be awhile before i get to respond.
---Eloy on 9/16/05

you can email me pam4474
---pam on 9/16/05

Hi Michele!!! My name is kim. I wouldn't mind being your penpal. Kimbe8898

God Bless ya
---Kim on 9/16/05

I'm Catha5879. I will be a penpal to you. Write me sometime, I love getting e-mail! :))
---Cathi on 9/16/05

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hey do you know anybody on here who is married to blind people.
---esther on 9/16/05

I know how you feel and if you had written me I most certainly would have responded.
---Marla on 9/16/05

Hi, I know what you mean. That's happened to me too, although at some point I did get some reponses. I'd love to be a penpal with you Michelle, Denim9885. Hope to hear from you soon.
---Deni on 9/16/05

Hello Michele,
You can write me at Eliza6765
I love the Lord and would enjoy hearing from you.
---Elizabeth on 9/16/05

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Sorry, I accidently put the wrong number, its Peggy3873....hope to hear from ya!
---Peggy3873 on 9/16/05

Post your address, I'll be a penpal! Sometimes it takes time. Penpals come and penpals go. Just hang in there!
---Peggy3973 on 9/16/05

Hi, Michelle! You can write me. annie4863
---Annie on 9/16/05

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