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I Want Some Penpal Friends

I would like to meet people for pen pals only.

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 ---carol on 9/16/05
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---edward on 10/6/07

hi, im sam from india, i want to know more about you, im 24 male student fo theology, listen from you soon
---sam on 9/28/07

hhi there im lookin for penpals only also for friendship its really hard to find good friends on the internet most ppl want more but we only wanna offer friendship soo would luv to be friends
---kristina on 9/28/07

Hi I am looking to meet new and fun people. I want to make friends from all over. I am a christian.
---Mary on 9/15/07

i like to have friendship who can share ideas together and culture
---linda on 11/25/06

iwould like to join the penpal groupe
---AMOS on 8/7/06

I am a 19 yr old Christian College student. I reside in Tyler, Texas USA. I would like to broaden my horizons and penpal with people from all over the globe. I also like to trade. I am an outgoing person who likes to enjoy life. I hope to hear from you soon.
Peace. Gracie
---Grace_Anne_Denson on 11/14/05

I also would like some nice, honest Christian pen pals. I love God first and foremost so that is the most important thing with me. I also love animals A LOT...especially cats! I have three...

Anyone is welcomed to write me as long as you are a true Christian and put God first!!!
---Janie on 10/5/05

I want to be your penpal to exchange and share the word of God together .Also of matters concerning our location[Country].God Bless you.
---Courage on 10/5/05

All of you seeking penpals, don't forget to add your ChristiaNet penpal address! No one can write you otherwise! God bless. barba7434.
---NVBarbara on 9/23/05

if you are sincere then write me andre9789
---andre9789 on 9/19/05

to jose,
i pray that you will recieve healing in jesus name and know for sure that BY HIS WOUNDS WE ARE HEALED< and that Jehova JIREH IS our provider-iam currently going thru hardship finacially and ive been tempted to do a lot of bad things(but iam standing by HIS WORD TOO COME TRUE IN MY TIME OFF NEED), yr not alone in this fight-hope to get a good report from you.
---sara on 9/18/05

I onl y wan t to meet poeple for pen pals .
christian men and women between the ages of 25 & 35 years. Thanks
---Jane on 9/17/05

I am also looking for penfriends. I am interested in meeting people from all over the world to learn about their different cultures. I have a deep interest in finding out how my brothers and sisters live in other parts of the world. I haven't seen any age limit but on the 21st October, 2005, I will be 47 years old...Love to be your friend if you will have me.
---Ingra on 9/17/05

I would like to meet old christian women
---NamataGatrude on 9/17/05

---linda on 9/17/05

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I would gladly be your penpal.
---Jim on 9/17/05

I am in search of religious ,intellectual penpal
---kenneth on 9/17/05

I would love to be your pen pal Hope to hear from you!
---michele on 9/17/05

Yeah, I am ready to receive numerous pen-pals so please get in touch with me and i believe that by the grace of God we can become very good pen-pals.
---Yvonne on 9/17/05

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hi carol . how are u im leah .
---leah on 9/17/05

My name is martin Luther.My age is 33. I am married with one daughter. My hobbies are bible reading,doing social service.I am doing as a manager in a christian high school.I am living in andhra pradesh ,india. Thanking you very much,
k.martin luther.
---martin on 9/17/05

i want to have the penpals for mchating only
---beatus on 9/17/05

Also interested in penpal only; can be interesting and uplilfting way to coummunicate now and then. . .God bless you with a great day!
---June on 9/17/05

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hi carol,
hope you are having a wonderful day. i would like to be your penpal,
---mitsy3736 on 9/17/05

Hi Carol, I too would like to make penpals, would you like to be mine.By the way I am not a guy!
---anyem on 9/17/05

what exactly do you want in a penpal?
---Jim on 9/17/05

I would like to correspond with people of all races regardless of gender type.
---Gladson on 9/17/05

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Hi Carol, I'm an old chick with several penpals, and a couple of very special ones here on CN.
If you care to chat, my penpal name is 'barba 7434.'Welcome to CN!
---NVBarbara on 9/17/05

You can mail to me. I would like to have penpals like you.
---saju6993 on 9/17/05

Use your christianNet penpal
---mulug9895 on 9/17/05

We are family.
I am admited in hospital for a Heart iam taking rest.
our family facing finacial problems.
in the hospital expences was high.
so prayer partener and penpal friends
Molly Jose
---jose_Molly on 9/17/05

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i want some penpals. contact me those who are interested to join me and helping me how to live real christian life
may god bless u....
---tekla3899 on 9/17/05

Hey! I'm always looking for new Pen Pals. Just write me at dawn-3656 and don't forget the "-" after dawn! Hope to hear from you soon! Dawn-Marie
---Dawn-3656 on 9/17/05

Dear Carol,
I too, would like to have a few email friendships. Do you have an age in mind that you would like to chat with or not? I am female and just turned 61.
---Cindy on 9/17/05

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