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What's Up Blog #3

How about another "What's up Blog? The old one is getting lost in the shuffle.

Moderator - I just think you want your name on the top of the blog :)

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 ---John on 9/16/05
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Did somebody say fishey? Good day for that! Now if I could only find my fishing gear...
---Josh on 7/6/07

Yeah, I did a little.
---John on 10/17/05

Barbara, I posted for a "What's up Blog 4", yesterday but I guess the moderator was sleeping.

Moderator - Try again. We are awake :)
---John on 10/17/05

We need a new What's Up blog John!
Get us back on the first list before we get lost!
---NVBarbara on 10/16/05

I'm so happy everything went smoothly John.
I can't imagine how it feels being a dad and giving away their daughter away. I imagine its much like when we moms see our sons marry. God bless the family, especially the newly weds!
Happy to hear you and your 'enemies' ironed things out!
OK truth! Did you cry??
---NVBarbara on 10/16/05

John: That is wonderful. I am thrilled for you and your family. Praise the Lord about being able to make peace with people too.
---Madison on 10/16/05

Praise the Lord! The wedding went great! God answered every prayer. Isn't He Good?
April looked absolutely beautiful! My enemies came to me and we made peace. There were two of them. I know it was because of some of you praying. Thank you! I even volunteered to get up and give a speech. Everyone had a great time. The weather was perfect and I danced with my daughter and it was wonderful! The penguin suit goes back today. Praise God!
---John on 10/16/05

Barb: I invited my sister over for dinner tonight with Mom. We then played some cards and had a good visit. Tomorrow Mom is going grocery shopping (she loves to read grocery ads and get bargains) so I will let her shop for me. The whole family is coming over for a turkey dinner that I am calling a rehearsal dinner for Thanksgiving next month. Like we need to practice eating. hehe.
---Madison on 10/15/05

Madison, just say 'uh huh' when she mentions how your apartment SHOULD be, and move to another subject. Feel blessed sis, my mom died in 1986, I miss her 'meddling!. I can hardly believe she's been gone almost 20 years.
I hope you have a good visit.
---NVBarbara on 10/15/05

John: Enjoy yourself and let us know just how beautiful the bride was as you walked her down the aisle.

Barb: Had a rough day yesterday at work. I am doing a little tidying and preparing for a visit from Mom. Can't wait to hear what else is wrong with my apartment. Love her dearly, but need extra special grace and strength for the criticisms.
---Madison on 10/15/05

Went to the rehearsal dinner last night and it went well. I could feel the love. Today is the day of the wedding and it should be something to remember. The wedding is right here in NC, but both families are Yankee's as well as the coordinator and the owner of the building where the reception is going to be. What's up with that? A lot of the guests are from the south though. The main dish is marinated pork roast and I'm not big on pork, but I'll manage. Maybe I'll pack a sandwich.
---John on 10/15/05

Madison, did you get your feet up after wrestling with the kids all week?
Take it easy over the week-end girl, some R & R! No furniture moving!
---NVBarbara on 10/15/05

We have to look after each other John, praying is my privledge.

We will be expecting ALL the details of the wedding once things calm down!! God bless all of you and may things go smoothly.
---NVBarbara on 10/14/05

I just found out that Bob had the operation and it was successful. They installed a preferred mechanical valve. This is supposed to be better than the original procedure that they were going to do. Pray that he heals nicely. His wife Zeta had an emotional breakdown on the way up to New York, but she's a lot better now. Thanks for asking Barbara.
---John on 10/13/05

How is your friend Bob, John?
He is still in my prayers.

Praying for you and your family too!! Yikes, only 2 more daze!
---NVBarbara on 10/13/05

thanks for all the advice and support about my rape, im gonna be talkin to my youht pastor about it tomorrow!pray for me
---angie on 10/13/05

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Sister N V Barbara

we are waiting to hear from you

---satya4656 on 10/13/05

If you remember WAY back to "Alice's Restaurant", Arlo was arrested for littering and was put with killers etc. He was teased, but was ok when he told them he was also disturbing the peace.
'You can get anything you want, at Alice's Restaurant', I'm humming the song....
---NVBarbara on 10/13/05

I had an uncle Joey who did time in a prison for passing a school bus. He was given a choice between a fine and jail, he chose jail. The murderers and rapists thought it was hysterical. The warden threw him out because he was on heart medication and didn't want him dying of a heart attack there.
---Madison on 10/11/05

Thanks, that really means alot. God bless you !
We don't have the wrench but we have a cousin vinnie.
We used to know a Joey. Yeah, Joey, the man with three names.
First he was called Joey the fish (because uncle Vito said he looked like a fish).
Then he was Joey the Rat.
Now he's Joey the Dead.
Just kidding. My dad's family was a little scary, but my Mom's family had a lot of compassion. I like to think that I take after my Mom's side of the family.
---John on 10/11/05

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John: I pray you have a wonderful time at the wedding. Don't worry about the enemies. Leave them to the Lord. Enjoy your daughter and her special day.
---Madison on 10/11/05

We love you too John, I pray your daughter's wedding is a glorious day!

Make sure you get pictures of all your "enemies" with your new camera, they may be needed for mug shots! Any of them called "The wrench" or "Vinnie da shark?"
---NVBarbara on 10/11/05

Madison, everything is going well so far. Some of my enemies are supposed to be there, but maybe this will open up the road to peace. I told the devil that I refuse to get nervious, so I'm going to have a great time! Just got a digital camera for the first time, so I intend to use it. The zoom works great! I know that my super blog friends will be praying for us. I really feel a closeness to you guys. I love you!
---John on 10/11/05

Please pray for our friend in the Lord. His name is Bob and he is going up to Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York city to have a valve replaced in his heart. If you only knew Bob's story. God already did a true miracle in his life but that's too long a story for now. I know God hasn't brought him this far for nothing. Thanks.
---John on 10/10/05

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I hope everyone is still praying for Elder and his wife, they lost EVERYTHING! All furniture, clothes, even medicines. The law won't do anything because most of the vandals were minors. Elder and Jeraldleen can neither work because of their medical conditions, they NEED us and our prayers!
---NVBarbara on 10/10/05

Hey everyone. Kind of quiet here. We had a rainy, grey weekend with some small stream flooding here. Now the temps are like they should be.

I had off from work, and slept in.

Hey, John. Less than a week away. How are the plans going?
---Madison on 10/10/05

I am finding out more about my wife's gravy. She didn't even use gravy master either. She puts bullion cubes in the water and makes broth. then she uses flower and... O man I get lost in these recipes. Anyway, It's out of this world! Love that gravy, baby!
---John on 10/10/05

John, when my daughter got married most of the bridal party was driving in from out of state the day before the wedding, over the Christmas holidays. We had to order the tuxes with the measurements from the groomsmen over the phone at the tux shop. My sis-in-law worked for that shop and was able to fit the groomsmen the night of the rehearsal between the rehearsal and the pizza we had for the dinner. It was such a blessing.
---Madison on 10/8/05

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Yeah, please pray that the Tux's (Mine and my son's) come in the right size. Would be nice to be able to wear an extra slim, but this isn't the Humor Blog. No buffets until after the wedding.
---John on 10/8/05

8 days and counting John!! Don't over eat or your tux won't fit!
---NVBarbara on 10/7/05

I never could get interested in knitting or crochet.
I do love to embroider, I've done MANY table runners, napkins etc. I have one table runner that it took me all one winter, and then some to finish. Its large and ornate, all done with candlewicking. Its a cream on cream color. I had enough lace that my G'mother made to go around the whole thing. Her lace is a heavy 'bell' design. Its very special to me, the lace is about 50 years old, in perfect condition.
---NVBarbara on 10/6/05

Hey everyone, I have developed a new addiction. Yarn. I have been crocheting for umpteen years, and have just started to knit. I have several projects going on, including a blanket for my son that I started 3 years ago. I hope to finish it before he gets married Dec.2006. Hehe. The good thing about needlework is it keeps me from feeding my face. It's part of my weight loss plan. Knit, crochet, don't eat.
---Madison on 10/6/05

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One day closer to the end.
---Eloy on 10/6/05

Cool Madison! We had a bonfire and celebrated Rosh Hashanah at our church last night, it was great. We have several completed Jews who are members and they walk us through some of the holidays. Shalom!
---NVBarbara on 10/6/05

Hi there. It's really quiet here today. I had two days off from work because of Rosh Hashanah. Next week I get Columbus Day and Yom Kippur off too. Love those Jewish holidays.

Hope all are well.
---Madison on 10/5/05

Barb and John: I am interested in surf and turf. The prime rib and the lobsters. Get those bottom dwellers into the pot and cook 'em.
---Madison on 10/5/05

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OK by me, I'm allergic to shell fish! How 'bout some Prime rib?
---NVBarbara on 10/5/05

You can come to the wedding but we can't have the lobster. This was supposed to be the main dish. The lobsters went on strike. They said that I was only trying to get them into hot water.
---John on 10/5/05

Did we scare Jan away?

BTW, John did I mention that we're all coming to the wedding?
---NVBarbara on 10/4/05

Yeah Ann, Elder told me the same thing about his coffee. Playing fetch with Elder, I don't think so!
It would be fun to throw something and then leave, it would give him something to do looking for us!
(You know we love you big E!)
---NVBarbara on 10/4/05

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Elder, I like my coffee strong and black, with NO sweeteners. I am sweet enough. It has to be high octane. My son bought me a coffee grinder for Mothers Day one year. He was moving in with me a month later. I think the gift was really for him.

I would love to teach my cats to fetch. Right now, though, my kitten, Ellie is content to sit at the computer and watch me type. She loves to try to catch the cursor when I type. Kind of hard to see the screen though.
---Madison on 10/3/05

Hey, Barbara, Elder tole me his coffee won't fix my roof, but it would make the rain turn around & go the other way. I'm willing to give it a try. I don't really know if I want to teach him to play fetch, you really want to risk what he might bring back?
---Ann5758 on 10/3/05

Barbara, believe me, you don't have to explain about Elder, he's special. We should take him to the park sometime, he needs to get out more. Maybe he can fetch a ball.
Jan, you should try out the Humor Blog also, but you have to have your crazy tude on. It's slaptacular!
---John on 10/3/05

You know we love you Madison....Meow...
And you have a very clean kitchen!
---NVBarbara on 10/3/05

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Ignore Elder, he's having one of his "senior moments."
Too much of his 'tar' coffee!
Patched up the roof with that yet Elder, or the pot holes in the street?
---NVBarbara on 10/3/05

John: My daughter got married four years ago this Christmas. I have to confess that I was not there mentally, as my husband had left that year and we sold our house three weeks before the wedding. Fortunately, my daughter had the wedding so organized it was like a battle plan to take Omaha Beach. Everyone was given an itinerary for pictures and the meal and everything else. She was able to plan the wedding for 150 guests under $5000.
---Madison on 10/3/05

Welcome Jan. If these people put up with me, they will put up with anyone, old or young.

I love this blog because I can be myself and don't have to act intelligent. Notice I said "act". Never said I was intelligent. hehe.
---Madison on 10/3/05

John..John............who's John?
I love cantaloupe more than elope.
---Elder on 10/3/05

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ALL, keep John in your prayers! I can tell he's still as apprehensive as a one armed paperhanger about the upcoming nuptials!

How are you feeling old friend? It'll all be over soon except for Daddy writing that HUGE check! Only 12 more days!!!
I always tell couples how romantic it is to elope!
---NVBarbara on 10/3/05

Jan4876 if you have made it this far you are already in.
I speak for everyone here, We are glad to have you.
We have one rule. We are like the Roach Motel, once you check in you can't check out.
Glad to have you in the Forum Family.
God Bless you and yours.
---Elder on 10/3/05

Welcome Jan! All are welcome here, and we can always use your input.
I love this particular blog, we can just be ourselves. Act silly, or ask for prayer and all in between.
We, as a group especially like to give Elder a hard time! He puts up with us because he knows we love him so much. I'm Barbara, the NV indicates I live in Nevada, there are about 4 other Barbaras on here, so there is less confusion. If you care to write to my penpal addy, it is ..barba7434. God bless sis!
---NVBarbara on 10/3/05

Welcome Jan! You just stop by anytime ol time. I have been away for awhile, but I'm back. Missed all of you, yeah even you Elder, God bless.
My daughter's wedding is coming up in less than two weeks. Her fiance says that he loves her. I asked him how he knew. He said..." Every time I'm with her I hear bells, whistles and sirens." I said..."Those are'nt bells , whistles and sirens, that's April (My daughter) wining! Get out now while you still have a chance!"
---John on 10/3/05

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Hello, I am new to the "what's up blog" anyone want to take me under their wing. lol sounds like you all are one big happy family, are you willing to have another addition? as in --> lil ole me ( I didnt say old.....cough )
---Jan4876 on 10/2/05

I moved my Fridge once but the bugs pulled it right back.
I dosed them with my coffee. Now no bugs, floor or Fridge.
---Elder on 10/2/05

I pull my fridge out and clean under it about once a month. That's the only way to retrieve all my missing fridge magnets!
Also I'm allergic to house dust, so I clean a lot. Especially with a Maine Coon cat in the house! I brush or comb him everyday, but he still sheds.
---NVBarbara on 10/2/05

I pull my fridge out and clean under it about once a month. That's the only way to retrieve all my missing fridge magnets!
Also I'm allergic to house dust, so I clean a lot. Especially with a Maine Coon cat in the house! I brush or comb him everyday, but he still sheds.
---NVBarbara on 10/2/05

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NVBarbara: I had told Mom that I would move the fridge at a later date, I did not want her trashing my kitchen while she was here. I like to have privacy in my home when there is upheaval of appliances. She will be delighted that I did it.
---Madison on 10/2/05

If I took my kitty's name, I'd be known as "Ruffles"...poor woman- named after a potato chip...or the person who comes in here and 'ruffles' a few feathers. Not a good name......
---Ann5758 on 10/2/05

Madison, have you told your Mom that you moved your fridge as she had suggested? Keep peace, don't tell her! :)
I pray that your allergies are all cleared up.
I'm glad I didn't take my cat's name as an alias, I wouldn't feel comfortable being called "Knothead"--even if some think it might suit me!
---NVBarbara on 10/2/05

NVBarb: Thanks for the thought that it may be that Ellie smells funny from being at the vet for four days. I hadn't thought of that. It makes sense.

I completely moved my kitchen around. I moved my fridge, freezer and microwave cart, mopped under all of them and rearranged them. Now, I have to clean off the dining room table, which has all the stuff from the kitchen on it. UGH!
---Madison on 10/1/05

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Cats will treat another cat that way often because they're mad at them for going away, and they don't like the smell they come home from the Vet's with.
Have fun cleaning the kitchen! Get some rest before Monday!
---NVBarbara on 10/1/05

Confession time. Madison is my screen name. I chose it because it is my cat's name. My kitten is home now. Madison is treating her like dirt, as if they never met. It's kind of like I hear her saying, "Thought you were gone for good. Why didn't you stay away?"

I am cleaning my kitchen tonight. Time to get it together.
---Madison on 10/1/05

The cat knows. They have a sense for it. Meow!
---Jeff on 10/1/05

You have a cat named "Madison?"
When a call comes in, how do you know which Madison they want? :)
---NVBarbara on 9/30/05

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Praying for the kids. God bless you Madison and all you what's up gang.
---Jerry on 9/29/05

Hi there family.

Had a rough week at work so far. Kids in middle school are really wild sometimes. Please pray they settle down.
---Madison on 9/29/05

Not silly at all Madison! Our cat "Knothead" is a member of our family! I pray for him daily, he's so sweet and fun to have around.
Ms. Ellie will be in my prayers!
I pray that you are feeling better real soon.
---NVBarbara on 9/29/05

One day closer to the end.
---Eloy on 9/29/05

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NVBarbara: Thanks for the advice and the encouragement. Doc has me on prednisone for the asthma. Lungs are congested and tight.

I know this sounds silly, but please pray for my kitty, Ellie. She is at the vet, coz she is getting spayed and declawed on Thursday. I miss her terribly. So does her big sister, my cat Madison. Thanks.
---Madison on 9/28/05

Bummer Madison, do a Vitamin C load! Hope you feel better!

I'm still away kids, I thought I would be home by now, soon I hope! Please keep me in your prayers!
---NVBarbara on 9/28/05

Hi there,
Guess what? Within 12 hours of coming home, I got sick. Sinus allergies and asthma. :(

Could use some prayers. Wednesday is Parent's Night at work, and I have to sound intelligent for the parents who come to find out what their kids will learn.
---Madison on 9/27/05

So good to hear what a wonderful time you had Madison. I pray you feel refreshed and renewed. God bless you and happy anniversary!

I'm still away, but have my notebook with me, hope to be home in a couple of days.
I miss you guys!
---NVBarbara on 9/26/05

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Madison, praise the Lord! I am envious of you girl, but in a good way in the Lord of course.
It is so wonderful when we are blessed in the Lord with other wonderful people of God. God bless you and bless you in your career to His glory!
---Mary on 9/25/05

Hi all. I have been truly blessed and touched by God. I was at Sandy Cove Christian Conference Center. The speaker was Priscilla Evans Shirer, her dad is Dr. Tony Evans. She preached on the manifest presence of God. What an awesome weekend.
---Madison on 9/25/05

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