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Who Is Kim Clement

Can someomen please tell me who Kim Clement is, and why my cousin should/shouldn't listen to him/her?

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 ---danie9374 on 9/17/05
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Kim Clement is not a true prophet of God. The guy paid himself $403 an hour, 54 hours a week, for 52 weeks. He fleeces the flock. His accuracy is horrid and his 'prophecies' are obscure enough that if he sees something in the news he can relate it to, he does. Osama still hasn't been caught though Kim prophecied it would happen in 2004. There are countless other prophecies that are simply a waste of words. Kim tells people what they want to hear instead of what they need to hear. One thing you won't hear from Kim is any preaching about repentance, a topic the bible covers exensively.
---Darren on 6/3/09

I've been in pretty close contact with Kim for years (since 1992?). The one thing you can say about him is that his heart's desire is to encourage every believer in Jesus to not give up in the face of difficulty. He ministers to a lot of people who don't (yet) fit into the typical church, so his language often dosen't sound like the way bible believers typically talk. But I'm confident he is directing his hearers to put away sin, resist the devil and walk in obedience to Christ. Kim takes chances, sometimes he misses, and he is not ashamed to admit it. I wish every believer would take more chances, that is to say, walk with dangerous and risky faith--like Kim.
---Mark on 5/22/09

Mr. Clement told my aunt that my uncle (her brother) would be healed from a "blood disease". He died less than a year later from AIDS.

And if you say in your heart, 'How shall we know the word which the LORD has not spoken?--when a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing does not happen or come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him (Deuteronomy 18:21-22).
---Josh on 12/27/07

Many people have Charismatic personalities and part of the reason why Satan was able to deceive Eve is because because of how he made her feel. If she had set herself to hear ONLY God's word, she would not have been vulnerable. How you feel is not a good test of spirituality in any case. THe only reliable source of TRUTH is whether is lines up with God's word, not how one "feels." Feelings can be manipulated by thoughts and emotions..but the only true standard we have is God's word.
---Shiloh on 5/24/07

The Biblical standard of a prophet is 100% accuracy. From Hebrews: "God, after He spoke long ago to the fathers in the prophets in many portions and in many ways, 2 in these last days has spoken to us in His Son, whom He appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the world." God waited 400 years until John the Baptist...then Jesus Himself spoke to us. Now, if there are any prophets of God, they should be 100% correct because that was the standard in the OT.
---Shiloh on 5/24/07

Dont compare Noah to kim. Noah did as he was told, the people DID repent therefore God did NOT destroy the city. Wasnt about a prophecy as much as a warning to turn from your wicked ways and follow Me.
---Drew on 3/4/07

Kim Clement told my girlfriend, Mary that her sick father was going to live and that he would be healed of cancer. He died two months later. You decide. What does SCRIPTURE say about someone who claims to be a prophet?
---lisa on 12/29/06

Please be careful saying who is a prophet and who is not. Sometimes the timing of events happening according to God's Furthermore, Jonah's prophesy to Ninevah did not come to pass did it? And God told him tell them that they would be destroyed. Read your Bible and find out why it turned out opposite to what God told Jonah to prophesy. Kim don't know whether is is real or not based on your Big Investment conclusion...
---geraldine on 12/28/06

Jeanne...If any mean and hateful words came from me...please forgive...I do not want to be the cause of your hurt

I won't be going to Florida...but I was tempted to...just to see the hat and rose...nice style and romantic...but let your man carry the rose...isn't that traditional...HE bites the rose...then gives it to you...?

Lawyers have struggles like all other human beings...people tend to judge lawyers [and doctors] if they are born [not made]...

---Reiter on 12/15/06

Hey Rachel just want to say bye it was fun we disagreed, fought, laughed got a long etc. I am just sick and tired of standing up for the underdog even if I dont agree and getting really blasted I mean hateful things. It was even brought up that because I am a lawyer all the bad stuff God brought me out of sort of doesnt count and my money struggle was not real. We all know of even those w/millions went broke. I am just tired of the mean spiritness of so many. U were fun, wanted to say bye, sis Shalom!
---Jeanne on 12/15/06

Rachel will U be here? If so I would love to go w/U or meet U there I will wear the big floppy hat w/the rose in my teeth! If I dont have to work I will try for it & update U 1st hand & tell U what it was like except the prophecy part right-- that is the future..duh. I think that is Marc Chironna's church and I think he just moved or is moving to another building- so I will have to check. I have never been there or heard Marc preach- but know where it is or was. Shalom bat Yisrael, tov ma ode.
---Jeanne on 12/14/06

Shalom Jeanne:

On the 19th and 20th of January, the Prophet will be in Orlanda, Florida [unless there is a change in plans] at The Masters Touch.

---Reiter on 12/14/06

Rachel Reiter I dont know Levi but the train of thought is not ours it is the Biblical qualifications. But like I said I hope he is real because I like you we have blogged off and on, agreed/disagreed so for you I hope he is right. I will tell U this because we have become semi-net buddies I will watch him a couple of times just for U to actually see for myself hows that? I am from Orlando so does anyone know what channel he comes on?
Shalom bat Tzion, peace sister of zion!
---Jeanne on 12/14/06

I have personally seen Kim Clement three times. I have always had some very awesome Spiritual experiences during the service. I believe in my Spirit that Kim is a true Prophet of God. All of his prophesies have come to fruition. Every time I saw Him, the Holy Spirit was so strong in our church and in myself. I have always cried tears of gratefulness to my Lord. When my Spirit is joyful and at peace, that is my confirmation.
---Julea5498 on 12/14/06

Jeanne...seems like you and Levi are on the same train of thought...i understand your way of thinking...i just fail to agree...peace...rachel
---Reiter on 12/13/06

Reiter I never attacked this guy U like I said IF he doesnt follow the qualifications of the Bible that are clearly stated then it speaks for itself doesnt it? I can dress like a cop, have a badge use the codes of a cop doent make me one. I read the other blogs and a lot say he doesnt U say he does. I just said IF he doesnt then..he doesnt have to prove himself to me his words must be proved by Gods rules. I dont know him enought to say I like him or not, just that his words must stand as others stated.
---Jeanne on 12/13/06

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Reiter, Jeanne never said he was or not her statement said that he must follow the ordances set down by the Bible,whats wrong with that? Thats fair and balanced. Many bloggers or here have said that he is not right on the mark as a prophet must be, there is not grey with prophecy Reiter- not at all as there is in many things, it is black and white this is hard but-actually it is love, love for God to His people that they do not get "taken, hurt" emotionally or otherwise by wrong prophecy.
---Levi on 12/13/06

Reiter, I do hope he is "real" since you like him and many others like him. I hope he is a real prophet- he comes from a great family & his testimony of his mom is beautiful. But his prophecies must stand again I dont know if he is real or not & I commented on the other blogs. I do know however what the Bible says the qualifications are & I do know it is a hard calling & people will & rightfully so inspect them under a strong microscope due to the strict Biblical guidlines on this gift. Shalom!
---Jeanne on 12/13/06 don't know IF Kim is a True Prophet b/c U don't watch him??...well...I promise you he is...the news media has confirmed many of his prophecies...but if that is not enough for you...what will be?...peace...rachel...
---Reiter on 12/13/06

A prophet does not control future events but God does and if he says Thus saith the Lord then the Bible says it not me -He must give account and be correct. It may be harsh but that is the reality. If I quote someone merely as a writer I must quote them word for word that is "human" standards or can be sued so God requires the same, it must be correct.
---Levi on 12/11/06

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Reiter, it does seem harsh/impossible high standards but Levi is right that is the qualifications for saying U are a prophet. If U are speaking on behalf of yourself U can make mistakes but when U say God has said this or that-then it must be 100% right. That is why being a prophet is a hard calling not easy. As U well know many things "seem" harsh in the Bible but it is a fact. I dont know if Kim is or not I dont watch him-but if he says God says then it must stand up.
---Jeanne on 12/11/06

According to Levi's Impossible standards...ALL prophets are false...And john...well...don't forget the Key of Timing...Time is of the Essence...and Seasons [on the Prophetic Time Line] can Always be altered...either via acceleration or delay...a Prophet does Not Control Future Events...he just sheds light upon them...much peace...rachel...
---Reiter on 12/11/06

A prophet must always be right when he says he is speaking on behalf of God. If he is wrong once the Bible says not to listen to him he is false and speaks from himself.
---Levi on 12/11/06

All we have to do is read his last 10 prophecies on events that were supposed to happen and you can see that he is not hearing from the Lord. The Big E investment is one of the latest bloopers. Oct. and Nov. have passed and the prophecy of Christian investors getting a huge landfall of money like never before has not happened.
---john on 12/10/06

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...Right On...Ted...

---Reiter on 12/10/06

Kim is a awesome prophet of God! I have seen his prophetic gift in operation many times and it really blesses people. Kim receives clear and accurate words of knowledge with names of people's loved ones and details of places where people live and years and months when situations happened in peoples lives.
---Ted on 12/9/06

Kim is creating a studio in Hollywood Calif. and will be prophesying to the world on GOD TV starting Feb.23rd. You who call Kim's gift false beware because there is no stopping the real thing! You who put him down are part of the group that just don't have this gift and do not operate in it because you do not believe in it. St Paul asked us to desire the gift of prophesy. All those who do not do this "have a form of Godliness but deny its power."
---Ted on 12/9/06

anonymous...if chanting is acceptable [in Native American & New Age circles]...i don't see an issue w/ tongues...i don't see a problem with a Language of Mysteries...whatever the Spiritual origon may be...rachel...
---Reiter on 12/6/06

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any preacher or teacher tells you more about how you should live, what you should think than any prophet does.

whatever a man of God says, if God has not already told it to you. then you need not heed what any man of God says.
however. if you cant hear God for yourself. then read your Bible.

non are to be led by teachers, preachers, or prophets. but by the Spirit of the Lord.
---JaeR on 12/5/06

Chandra, people tend to despise anything that has to do with the prophetic. They would rather run over you with a car than have or hear any of it. Churches will tell you tongues are not for today, but it is now acceptable for those with 'alternate lifestyles' to be ordained. Satan's strategy is to confuse the use of spiritual gifts so greatly that the operation loses its effectiveness, credibility in the eyes of the church. He works hard to quench all operation of the gifts.
---anonymous on 12/5/06

Kim Clement is not another God, he does not claim to be. I was a bit sceptical before hearing him prophesy, but he is a prophet of God. You can feel the power of God in the church! He doesn't claim to be God, he works for God. He was called to be a prophet and help guide God's people. There were prophets to guide people in Bible times, what makes us question prophets now? Everyone is so worried about false prophets that they judge everyone who claims to be a prophet.
---Chandra on 12/5/06

I do not know if U should listen or not I know that story I told due to I know his cousin when I worked for Pastor Benny she worked there too and I met him briefly but I never heard him preach/teach or his prophecy.But I loved the story if tells of how a mother loves and sees with different eyes then most do. I do know as I said some of his cousins/family and he has a Godly heritage but as we know God is "one on one" not thru our family.
---Jeanne on 11/26/06

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Kim Clement came from a Godly family in South Africa. He loved music & played keyboard. He backslid in his teens & became hooked on drugs. But his mom would not give up on him, he could be high as a kite & she would say "man of God" come here, or "man of God I love you" she called him that all the time even w/his wicked friends. It got into him & he repented no desire for the drugs & got saved. His mom said she did see a man of God & not a drug addict thru the eyes of faith & love.
---Jeanne on 11/26/06

Now Robert...Kim Clement is Not a Priest, Puffed up Pastor or a Pope. He is a Prophet. You are right that we should not allow any of these to dictate Truth to us...since we are free-thinking individuals. You are call Kim a "false prophet"...there would not be so many confirmations regarding his spoken words...he would not be an inspirational voice to great leaders...neither would proof of his prophecies be in the news...if he were false...rachel...
---Reiter on 11/25/06

Kim Clement is a false prophet who promotes himself and his master.

The Lord says we MUST be born again. Test everything as did the Bereans.

There is a demonic teaching, coming out of many mouths. It's core teaching is about "little Gods", something inside each of us. The goal of this teaching is to subtly lead sheep away from the pure Gospel. The right path is to go to God yourself, personally. Do not allow the priest, puffed-up pastor, Pope or any other to interpret God for you.
---Robert on 11/24/06

It is a compliment to call someone a "Man of G-d" for what it means to be a "Man of G-d"...

"There is no one without faults, not even men of God. They are men of God not because they are faultless but because they know their own faults, they strive against them, they do not hide them and are ever ready to correct themselves." ~Gandhi

---Reiter on 11/13/06

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Kim is a man of God. You would do well to read his prophecies ans seek God regarding them.
---Mike on 11/12/06


No, don't irk me; [neither does Shana]. It takes a whole lot to really irk me. And even then, I love my adversaries.'s your choice to believe or not to believe that Kim Clement is a True Prophet. I respect your choice; [but, you haven't changed My Mind about Kim Clement]. I still Honor Him as a True Prophet and I Always Will.

---Reiter on 11/4/06

I agree with Marina. I don't believe Kim Clement would want anyone to hold him up as an idol or god. Because I know him, too. I've known him since 1988. For RReiter, it is the Holy Spirit that touched you through this man. The words of Shana and myself have probably irked you. I had the guts to ask you point blank about your defense of K.C.; on a Christian site that proclaims Jesus Christ is Lord.
---Shiela on 11/3/06

I met Kim Clement many years ago, when I was a child. My parents introduced Kim to a friend of ours that became Kim's manager for many years. God gives people talents and if fame, fortune and reverence come with it then so be it. Kim is a humble man and how people choose to perceive him is really only something that they will have to answer to themselves one day. Kim is a brilliant pianist and vocalist that loves the Lord. If people make an idol of him they themselves must answer for that one day.
---Marina_-_Durban_S.A. on 11/2/06

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Would you like to support your opinion with something substantial?

---Reiter on 10/27/06

Kim is a false prophet
---eazy on 10/27/06


I hear you. Get close to the front [if you want a Word]. At his next concert, when the music is playing...make your way to the first row. The odds are better for you.

He is amazing...

I don't know if you REALLY want to close though...b/c I felt the whirlwind. I didn't know if I could handle it...but it's all good. I stood on my feet.

---Reiter on 10/25/06

Kim is an amazing example of God's hand bringing him from darkness to light. For more about Kim his new book is "Secrets of the Prophetic" Though I have never met him in person, his prophetic voice flows from the Spirit of Christ. What a blessing to have a modern day prophet like Kim.
---joshua_cu on 10/24/06

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Dear Linda:

Jews aren't seeking to be "born again" and I am respectful of that.

As far as defending prophets...I have only placed myself in front of one so far. The majority of them, I would pay no mind to.

I've inked it out before and I'll ink it out again, that you do not offend me. You sharpen mind as iron sharpens iron and I hope you will keep it up. I thrive on opposition.

Ra Ch El
---Reiter on 10/20/06

I think everyone will agree, this quote below alone speaks volumes, and silences the ignorance of requiring perfection from any ministry. 1 out of 4 Words fulfilled... do you think He was false, or was this just a bad teaching? Check out MARK 4:14-20
---EscMatrix on 10/20/06

14 The farmer sows the word.
15 Some people are like seed along the path, where the word is sown. As soon as they hear it, Satan comes and takes away the word...
16 Others, like seed sown on rocky places... have no root, they last only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes they quickly fall away.
18 Still others, like seed sown among thorns... choke the word, making it unfruitful.
20 Others, like seed sown on good soil, hear the word, accept it, and produce a crop...
---EscMatrix on 10/20/06

For some reason, Rachel, you seem to think I am dogging Kim Clement. I'm not. I haven't said anything negative or contrary about him. I merely exhorted the people not to follow stars. They can lead to bad places. I made that statement in general, not in reference to Kim Clement himself.
---Linda6563 on 10/19/06

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Rachel, I don't speak that to anyone else except that I speak it to myself. I am mindful of the fact that His appearing may not look anything like I have ever thought. That keeps me prayerful and watchful. By the way, Jesus was hard on the Pharisees. He spoke several "woes" to them and called them hypocrites. They get born again just like we do.
---Linda6563 on 10/19/06

Why does my statement regarding Jesus appearing in an unexpected way bother you to the place that you felt the need to refute sound Biblical example? You seem more interested in defending the prophets instead of seeking whom they point to.
---Linda6563 on 10/19/06


You are hard on the Jews who did not accept Jesus as the Messiah. He lived the life of a Liberal, Rebel can you really blame them?

It's easy to point the finger, but would YOU recognize Truth, even if he came in different religous garments than you are used to? What if he came dressed as a Hindu in the form of a Gandhi? Would YOU have the insight to SEE Truth...even if Truth was not wearing the garments of christianity?

Ra Ch El
---Reiter on 10/19/06

We need to understand that prophecy can and usually is interpreted by the hearer incorrectly. Interpreted according to the carnal mind of man, it would seem a prophecy doesn't come true. The bottom line is that Jesus doesn't always show up the way we expect Him to. For example, in the book of John you have Jesus showing Himself to His disciples three times after His resurrection. Twice He revealed Himself to them inside houses behind shut doors.
---Linda6563 on 10/19/06

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The third time He showed up on the shore of the Sea of Tiberias and none of them recongnized Him until there was a result of a catch of fishes. It troubles me greatly that these disciples who had already witnessed Him twice since His resurrection were totally ignorant that it was Him when He showed up the third time. That tells me He doesn't always look like what we think He looks like...
---Linda6563 on 10/19/06

...and more than likely our ideas of how He is going to show up are usually wrong due to our own ignorance of the "goings forth" of the Lord. Look at the Pharisees~~knew the OT prophecies, had them hanging in phylacteries on their foreheads because they had them memorized, having been taught them from their youth. Those religious folks looked their Messiah right in the face and missed Him because He didn't come like they expected.
---Linda6563 on 10/19/06

I would take that as a warning to us who get our preconceived ideas and won't accept "in spirit and in truth".
---Linda6563 on 10/19/06

The Bible says to check the spirit. Sometimes a prophet misses it, but it doesn't mean he hasn't heard from God. A person has to receive the word from the prophet too. As a Christian, I am still accountable for my actions and it is my responsibility to check the spirit and decide whether I should believe it.
---Leigh_Ann on 10/19/06

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Food for Thought:

There is a hole in the boat of christianity caused by the cross which has been used unrighteously. There is still time to walk out onto the worldly waters for those who can be 21st centaury Sant Paul's and the Jews I'm a the Hindu's I'm a the Muslim's I'm a Muslim and so on...

sa ge ra ch el
---reiter on 10/14/06

A word can NOT be fulfilled without agreement. That would be a violation of a person's free will.

ra ch el
---reiter on 10/14/06

Rene is encouraging.
Let us stop judging.

ra ch el
---rachel on 10/14/06

Prophesy is "speaking those things that are not as though they were" and voicing GODs view about a thing. Whether a thing happens are not depends if there is AGREEMENT.True Prophesy can inspire us greatly, but it always requires a response on our part. GODs declarations of blessing for HIS people whether through the WORD or through the prophetic office are contingent upon our obedience. Stop judging each other; remember what Jesus said "those who are not against are for us" Be Blessed!
---Rene on 10/13/06

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Thank you, Brandon, for defending the President against slander. Rumors go far. They sometimes infiltrate the press.

---Rachel on 10/13/06

Wheather or not you like GB or not Kim Clement is helping people to come to Christ and we should not be negative against anyone of God's people, but we should always question and serch the word for ourselves. GW is not in a cult. He is a man of God.
---Brandon on 10/12/06

George W? Cult??
Nobody made that Accusation so don't start a rumor. If you can refer to a specific quote that one of us made, then clarify yourself.

---Rachel on 9/12/06

I get it, you don't like K.Clement because he supports George Bush. But you're turning question about K.C. into political debate about G.W.B. What are your sources for these secret meetings? I don't want to know, because it sounds like kids at the cemetary having a seance.
---Spike on 9/12/06

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Two Rachels, other Rachel more informed about Kim Clement's ministry. I'm not aware of George W. being a part of some secret cult. I hardly think he has enough time to take a walk in the Rose Garden, let alone go to some dark meeting.
---Rachel on 9/12/06

Should we question Kim Clement? Just because he is accurate sometimes means absolutely nothing. Fortune tellers can be accurate. my biggest beef with Clement is that George Bush is a member of Skull and Bones, an occultic secret society as well as attends the Bohmemian Grove once a year where members of government worship an owl idol.
---Matt_Parker on 9/12/06

I have been to one of his concerts and the things he says and does are wonderful, but know it's not him that speaks, but the LORD your GOD. The answers you seek can not come from us, but the LORD, all others will still leave you with doubt. Seek your answer from the LORD and remember to be open and have patience, for he does things in his own way and his own time.
---rebecca on 9/8/06

Kim Clement's teachings are rooted in the Word. Therefore, you are not straying from the Word by hearing and understanding Kim Clement's words. Everyone benefits from reading the Word [this we know], but also it is important to follow before being able to lead. If it is not a man [or woman] that we follow, then who? If there is one on earth in this age, who is worth following it is indeed, Kim Clement...but decide for yourselves.


---Rachel on 8/18/06

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We need to really be careful when you follow after man. God gaves us his letter (the Bible) this is what we should listen to if you are a Christian. Remember, Satan can perform miracles also and will perform miracles in the sight of man to deceive them. Jesus told his disciples "I have foretold you all things." I say read the Bible and talk to your heavenly Father not this man or any other man.
---Kevin on 8/17/06

He is a prophet from South Africa who is so on target with his prophetic words - he has prophesied to me personally more than once when he visited our church and was extremely accurate and what he said came to pass exactly like he said it would.
---Gail on 8/9/06

I am a different "Rachel". But I have met Kim Clement, also. 20 years ago. He gave me a word for my father who was in midst of lung surgery. My father is still alive. He's 78 now. It was a powerful and true word about my Dad, I am so grateful he's still here.
---Rachel on 8/9/06

The Lord touched my body, the pain went away and I could barely walk back to my seat. The next morning, first thing, the pain tried to come back.. and I said with my mouth.. NO.. that's a lie, I am healed in Jesus' name. The pain left AND HAS NOT COME BACK ! HALLELUJAH!
---belinda on 7/20/06

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Next year, 2004 I had been having a certain severe pain to the right of my center stomach area. I almost didn't go to the Kim Clement meeting, but forced myself to go. I sat on the back row.. weak and in pain. Kim ask who had a pain in their stomach..of course I always think it is someone else. After much time, he pointed to the exact area of my pain..cont
---belinda on 7/20/06

I knew he was hearing from Heaven, so everything else that he said, I could take it to the bank, or so I thought. We got awesome personal words of things to come. We profess them almost daily, and water the seed with thanksgiving. I know that Kim hears from the Lord.. It's us that can kill the seed with our mouths and words. cont..
---belinda on 7/20/06

As we stood there, he literally read my mail from 1989. He ask where the other child was and after a bit of going back and forth I told him that I had a miscarriage in 1989. He ask me what happened in the middle of the summer with my husband... he left July 15th 1989. My dad committed suicide Oct, 1989. God had showed him my entire 1989... continued
---belinda on 7/20/06

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