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How To Witness To People

What is the best way to witness for Christ to someone you do not know, for instance, a clerk in a store? I often give people a good tract when there is no opportunity to talk at length about the way of salvation. What more could I do?

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 ---Rosemary on 9/17/05
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I personally like those little hell booklets that you get at the bookstores...I like to leave them in the bank terminals, grocery stores, libraries, bathrooms, etc.etc...And these are very good to have around just in case there may be a J-Witness or Mormon who might want to darken my door with their little New Age garbage.
In all Loving Candor...
---Elisabeth on 5/23/08

Be yourself wherever you go. God doesn't change, so we shouldn't. I see way too many people that act so Christian like in church but if you see them in a store, they are a different person. I'm the same person wherever I go. I don't put on a front for anyone for any reason. Wherever I go, I shine a light to others, by being myself and letting God shine through.
---Rebecca_D on 5/23/08

You can put your name and phone number on that tract and tell them it's there if they want to call you to ask any questions.
---jeff_jansen on 5/23/08

When you are brought before kings and princes, do not rehearse what you are to say to them. Let the Holy Spirit give you the words to speak.
---edith8886 on 5/11/08

This is exactly why I choose to LOOK like a christian. I dress in long skirts modest tops and keep my hair long. People watch how I act, treat people, what I say. They are looking to see the Chirst in me. Everything I do is a witness for my Lord. I don't have to go up and say "Hi I'm a christian" I just show Jesus's love and kindness. And sometimes I get to throw a bible quote or a "Praise Jesus" in there.
---granola_christian on 5/3/08

When God's power is in it, I will go through a store talking to Jesus like this. "Thank you Jesus". "May I buy this Jesus?" I donot care what anyone thinks. I take my only friend shopping with me, so it stands to reason I will talk to Him. Don't you talk to your human friends? I talk to my friend out loud. Don't you talk to your friends out loud?
---catherine on 3/18/07

Not sure if it's possible to tell a clerk at a store about Jesus, unless maybe you go get coffee with them or have lunch together. I mean, just going through the line while buying gas or whatever...what can you say in a few words that is going to be a good 'witness' for Jesus?!
---sue on 3/18/07

Concerning Rebecca D.'s answer; she is absolutely right. It is for this reason(letting God convicted the person you're talking to) that I use a defining question, a shocking question, a arresting of the mind question. Experience will teach you who is under conviction and who is not. I would plead with any person to try my method. And decide for yourself.
---Mima on 3/18/07

Having a person repeating you is a good thought but, if God isn't convicting them, you're wasting your breath, and theirs. Cause without conviction from God, they can repeat after you all they want, and still die lost.
---Rebecca_D on 3/17/07

When someone asks me how am I doing? I don't say, I'm doing fine or go into my physical problems. I tell them, "I'm blessed, and how are you"? That throughs them off big time and they say, "Hua"? It gets their attention, and plants a seed.
---Rebecca_D on 3/17/07

Give your testimony might be a way to start.
---june9556 on 3/17/07

what verse says we need to accept Jesus into our heart? It's JESUS who needs to accept us. use the Law to show them their sin. ask if they ve ever lied stolen blasphemed committed adultery in their hearts (lust)
---r.w. on 7/31/06

Here is the sinners prayer that I Lead them to repeat. Lord Jesus, thank you for coming into my life,forgive me of my sins,save my
soul,I accept you now,amen!! I then ask them to state back to me, I have just accepted Jesus Christ had my personal savior. I then ask, do you think God lies? If God doesn't lie then you must, by the word of God,be saved! Do you agree? You'll receive wonderful answers.---mima 11/4/2005to
---mima on 11/4/05

You say; are you absolutely, positively sure you're going to haven when you die? Regardless of what they answer you say the Bible says,"whosoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved" now my question to you is do you want to call? If they say yes (and something like 75 percent do )you then lead them in a sinners prayer.---mima 11/4/2005
---mima on 11/4/05

One thing I do at stores, is when I am asked How are you today?, I answer with I am blessed. That opens up a whole door to explain why I am blessed.
---bethie on 10/3/05

Matthew 5:16; James 1:22-25. Be a living testimony for Christ! Unbelievers aren't the least bit impressed by what we say. Rather, they're watchful of what we do. Action speaks louder than words.
---Leon on 9/20/05

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if your church group is having a function open to the public or something special going on, invite them to come,, let the Holy Spirit lead and pray,, you never know what can happen if they come,,,
---michele on 9/18/05

Danny do you actually say to people you don't know "have a Jesus Christ filled day"? If so, what kind of responses have you been getting to that - interest, abuse, laughter or what? I'm interested to know because I just cannot imagine those words - pre-planned - having any good effect. If the Holy Spirit told you to say it to a particular person O.K. but otherwise, the only good response to that would, I think, be from another Christian.
---Xanthi on 9/18/05

First be Christlike in that you do and say and think and you will be a powerful sermon for Christ, the kind people see and appreciate often more than the one they hear in church.
---Pierr7958 on 9/18/05

Ray Comfort has some good tips on witnessing, do a search for him of living waters.
---Rev_Herb on 9/17/05

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RoseMary : Just tell the person to have a Jesus Christ filled day . A brother in the friendship of the love and compassion of Jesus Christ . Pastor Danny
---Pastor_Danny on 9/17/05

If you do not have much time then the best thing to do is either hand out a tract , or just use language that will identify you as a christian- Say God Bless , or something like that.Try to start a conversation , maybe? If you do have time to talk I find the method presented by "The Way of The Master" ( website and t.v show) is very productive! Check it out!
---BeckyH on 9/17/05

I think it is better to make friends with the targeted person. You should be prepared to love that person and to invest your time on him/her. Pls write to Lilye6343, I would like to discuss this further with you but there is no sufficient space here. God bless. Lily
---Lily on 9/17/05

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