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Which Church Do I Give To

I'm a member of one church, which I've been tithing to. I believe I'm being led to go to another church, & have been visiting another one. Am I supposed to continue tithing to the church where I'm a member (haven't been there in over a month), or do I began tithing to the new church I'm visiting?

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 ---Sharon on 9/17/05
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Tithing is giving back to God and it has to be to where you were being fed spiritually which means the church that you attend regularly. When you give back to where you are fed, you will be more blessed.
---Christina_Lau on 7/16/07

Make sure God is leading you.The seven churches in Revelation had its praises and admonishments. Dealing with the personalities of the saints will get hard and frustrating, none of us have it all together, but if this is a bible preaching and teaching church that God had led you to, don't give up on them or Him. This is our battlefield and our cross.Pray without ceasing until a change comes and pay your tithes to God. He WILL work it out
---Stacie on 7/16/07

You can give an offering to both churches, if you wish. I don't pay tithes anymore. I just give to further the Kingdom of God. I give to different ministries that are helping the poor and needy, as we should. I support ministries that I feel are fruitful and are doing the work of God. I have a special love for ministries that feed the hungry and work with street people(homeless) That is where most of my money(support) goes. But do give to your church. It takes money to pay the bills.
---Robyn on 7/15/07

Tithing is giving back to God what is God's. Tithing does not mean to just give to a church because you attend there. If you see someone in the community that needs help, that is tithing. Giving of your time for God's work is tithing. Give wherever you attend if you want. Wherever you get blessed give them a blessing in return. what programs in church do you want to give towards? Missions, youth work? qhich church has the programs you believe in and want to participate in through giving?
---M. on 7/15/07

Sharon, I believe you should give to the church you attend. You could even switch membership, if you feel this new church teaches the Word of God.
---Ulrika on 9/25/05

Moderator, why is it that I am the only one on this entire website that you ALWAYS accuse of "getting emotional"??? It seems there is something in THE TRUTH that I proclaim which disturbs you...greatly. I know what the word says- the WHOLE WORD, not just the New Testament which is aparently the ONLY part you think is important.

Moderator - If one was not being emotional, one would research the information given versus attacking the messenger. I still don't understand why someone would refuse to read the Bible to learn more, but instead would feel more confortable attacking?
---MH on 9/24/05

3. God doesn't have to MAKE those that truely love him, serve him- gladly. It is those of us who honor the Holy word of God and seek to obey him, who keep the local houses of worship operating. There would be no churches today if everyone felt like you do about YOUR money.

Moderator - As stated before, reading the scriptures will help one to grow versus becoming emotional. It all belongs to God; not a 10% tip. God gave us everything in His Son Jesus Christ.
---MH on 9/24/05

2. Whether or not it's in the N/T is totally irrelavent- Those, like me, who CHEERFULLY pay their tithes AND offerings and suppport their local house of worship by doing their part in it's fundng, upkeep and outreach ministry, do so because we are HONORED TO BE ABLE TO DO IT, not because we're obligated by some "outdated" law (outdated in YOUR opinion) which we MUST keep for fear of getting struck by lightning if we don't!

Moderator - One should read the scriptures instead of becoming emotional on a topic. This is an opportunity to learn and if one doesn't God does hold them accountable at this point because they would be making a decision to ignore studying the Word when their beliefs are confronted.
---MH on 9/24/05

1. The Scripture is in Malachi, which is in the OLD testament. I'm not going to argue about this. Honoring God by taking care of HIS house with the firstfruit tenth of what HE has blessed you with is a GOOD THING. Those who fight as hard as some of you to prove one doesn't have to pay tithes, USUALLY don't give much of anything.

Moderator - That scripture is for the Jews Temple which doesn't exist today. Usually those that will not study "Grace Giving" give only a tithe or less versus giving more. Under "Grace Giving" it all belongs to God. Why would anyone be timid in reading the Word of God and understanding the OT tithes and offerings equaled 28%? Why would anyone not want to read the NT to understand what the scriptures says about money?
---MH on 9/24/05

MH: If anyone is "twisting" the word it's you! You're implying the the "tithe" is still an "obligation" for the Christian. You need to study before makeing brash statements! Show us from the NT where Titheing is mandatory for Christians!
---1st_cliff on 9/23/05

Tithe to the church where you are a member if you will go back, if not, you should officially inform your former church that you are being led to a different place of worship and you'll be tithing there, I believe we are still the same body of Christ don't flee without giving information, be organized and Christ-like.
---Lily9364 on 9/23/05

LOL whatever- if a "guilt trip" is what one feels after hearing the TRUTH of the WORD OF GOD, then maybe THAT person ought to take it up with GOD himself, because he is the one who said it, not me. People have been twisting the word for years to satisfy their own minds into believing the LIES the enemy has lulled them into believing.
---MH on 9/22/05

MH; Your statement that it's "God's commandment that one supports the LOCAL church" is NOT scriptural! Mal.3.10 is referring to the physical "temple" that no longer exists. Neither does the "tithe". Laying on a "guilt-trip" does not encourage anyone to give freely,with a cheerful heart!
---1st_cliff on 9/21/05

To answer YOUR question Sharon, the Christian is commanded BY GOD to support the local church. "Bring your full tithe TO THE TEMPLE TREASURY so there will be ample provisions in my Temple" (Mal 3:10, The Message Bible) It is not only our duty to support the local church we attend, it should be our priveledge, and we should do so with joy, and thankfulness for what God has blessed us with, especially here in America where we take freedom to worship openly for granted
---MH on 9/19/05

2. Where in the US do you see people walk all day to get to church and then stay for hours and hours praying, worshiping, hearing the word, fellowshiping? How many American churches have dirt floors, no A/C or heat, wooden benches....? I hear constant reports from friends and other ministers who go to these foreign countries, of the hunger and love for God these people have. To only see the AMOUNT OF MONEY one gives to God as the most important thing is proof that pharisees are alive and well in 2005
---MH on 9/19/05

Moderator: I was not talking about AMOUNT OF MONEY. I was talking about AMOUNT OF SACRIFICE. Jesus made an example of this very thing when he said that the widow who gave only 2 mites had given more than the rich people who had given great amounts at the temple, because she gave all she had. Local American churches EVERYWHERE are struggling because people won't give in tithes and offerings. Or they'll drop a dollar or two in and think they've done God a favor.
---MH on 9/19/05

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5. These things are simple, these things will be done without argument by those with hearts of cheerful givers, who are DOERS of the word and not just hearers only. Bottom line: IF YOU LOVE THE LORD in the way the greatest commandment says, you will WANT to be in his house, you will WANT to give- more than 10% too, and you will WANT to do everything else that you know to be true and right. You will NOT try to find ways to prove you don't have to follow God's word
---MH on 9/19/05

4. How it must grieve the heart of the Father when people who claim to be HIS people can't even manage to keep the commandment that Jesus said was THE MOST important one of all- to love the Lord our God with ALL our heart, soul, and mind. That's impossible if we don't even love His house enough to worship him there on a regular basis, or give him what is His for the purpose of supporting that house, THEN to give above that in order to be a part of that house's outreach to the world around it.
---MH on 9/19/05

3. The American 'Church' is one of the most selfish groups of people around. We are blessed with SO much, but poverty stricken third world christians outgive us so much in all areas, we ought to fall on our faces and beg God's forgiveness for our selfishness to Him, and our disobedience and disregard for what His word says!

Moderator - Which countries? The USA Christian out gives all. At least 70% of all missionaries and money come from here for Christian work.
---MH on 9/19/05

2. It is HE who gave us the jobs whereby we earn our livings and pay OUR bills in the houses we live in, that HE gave us, but yet we don't feel it's OUR responsibility to give God ONE MEASLY DOLLAR out of every ten that HE'S blessed us with, so that the bills can be paid at HIS house. My husband preached a message recently entitled "Selfishness, the root of all sin"- one of the most eye-opening sermons I've ever heard....
---MH on 9/19/05

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1. Once again, as with Church attendance, we see evidence here of people who claim to love God, fighting and kicking with everything in them against what common sense tells you is right and pleasing in His sight. God gave us EVERYTHING- It is HE who gave us 168 hours this week- and He's lucky if we choose to give him ONE in his house, hearing a message He gave the shepherd He placed over us to deliver to us especially....
---MH on 9/19/05

Sine most church bugets are based on the tithes and faith promises of the current year, you should write a letter to the pastor/deacons/church board and tell them you will continue tithing for the remainder of that year. After that, tithe to your new church. (A simple way to figure that out, is you tithe where you are getting your spiritual food. You don't buy your groceries at one shop, and pay for them at another.)
---WIVV on 9/18/05

If you are seriously thinking of moving permanently to this other church then one would assume that you will also move your membership there. If so, that will be the time to give your tithe or offering to the new church. I hope you will be very happy whichever church you decide will be your spiritual home.
---Paul on 9/18/05

As Cliff has said, tithing is not the same as giving from a generous heart. When I left my last church, I ceased giving to that church when I left, and began giving to my new church immediately. I have also sent donations to missionary friends as the Lord has led.

Pray and seek the Lord in this matter. He will guide you better than we can.
---Madison on 9/18/05

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Whether or not people believe in 'tithing' (which is giving a tenth, or more accurately I think it means the first tenth) we are told that our giving should be in secret. I am amazed at how many Christians I know personally who will brag about what they give and then run down those who give less. They should not be telling what they give nor should they know what someone else gives. God knows and that is all that matters.
---Xanthi on 9/18/05

Since you believe in tithing I suggest you pay it to the one you are a member of.
---Pierr7958 on 9/18/05

Why is it that here in 2005 no one understands "tithe?" Tithing was introduced so that the 11 tribes would support the tribe of Levi(who had no land) It has absolutely no relevance to Christians. Give as charitable gifts,as you are moved or as you're prospered, but forget the word "tithe" because it implies obligation!
---1st_cliff on 9/17/05

Tithing is giving to God what is duly His; it's not to a church. In addition, your Pastor labours in the Word and goes before God so that He can hear from God to feed the flock. Hence the congregation has a responsibility to look after his welfare. Here is where tithes play a part. We have to be careful about this church membership thing. Church membership does not save us. You should be bold enough to inform the Pastor about your feelings, get his blessings and leave for the other church.
---agnea7396 on 9/17/05

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