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Considerations For Marriage

What should be the most important consideration before agreeing to marry someone?

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 ---Dennis on 9/17/05
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First and foremost both must be surrendered to Christ and seeking to be in harmony with Him, with His will. Divine love in the heart is a principle wholly from above. Only in divine love can human love find stability, an anchor, common ground. If this is truly there, then both will only do what He would want them to do. Just because both are saved, loving God and man, this is not sufficient. As each is unique the Creator knows just how to complement each need and strength.
---Wayne87 on 7/31/07

i wonder why you want to change your fiancee? why you do not want to change yourself? flies could not stay long on a perfect egg. santan will not enter a families if love is full in it.
"like" will not be eternal. but love is eternal. everything is changing but love does not change.
---dsda on 9/18/05

The one and only most important consideration is commitment. How committed are you , how committed is your intended? Love will wax and wane , arguments will occur , disagreements will arise , fit and trim bodies will fade and opinions and convictions may change - but with commitment a couple can perservere through any and all of this!
---BeckyH on 9/18/05

You need to love and like them the way they are now, because changing someone after marriage is next to impossible. And during dating and courtship, men and women are usually on their best behavior.
---Annie on 9/18/05

First, and foremost, make sure that he is indeed a Christian, and a Righteous man of God, after His own heart! My husband and I met online and knew very little about each other, and had very little finances, too! But we knew almost immediately, that God had plans for us! We married within a month of actually meeting! Now, we have two great kids and have been together 15yrs!

Moderator - You met online in 1990? How?
---mirna9444 on 9/18/05

There is no one thing more imporant than the other. One: Make sure you LIKE the person and not just love him. Two: Make sure you are on the same page on things of importance. (Financies, number of children you will have, when you will have them, will both of you work, if just one of you - who, etc.,) Three: Make sure you can talk to each other, this is important so you can deal with various situations that come up during marriage. Ephesians 4:26
---WIVV on 9/18/05

love each other. with love, everything is possible.
---dsda on 9/18/05

Great answer, but 1 more thing. The person we marry should be considered as 1 of our best friends. Someone you can always talk honestly with. Have a lot in common with each other. Having common goals also is good to consider, like having children, animals, and job/ careers. Again, keep God #1 in the marriage.
---geraa7578 on 9/18/05

There are important reasons and considerations to get straight. Many things like lifestyle, ability to support, thought and faith chemistry, expectations children, and compatible families. How will you handle adversity? What is a strength of each and as well as the weaknesses(love may be blinded). You must answer is this the person I want to see every mornng of my life and how can WE build a better life for each other. Do not take it lightly. It is easier to marry than to separate for not planning.
---chuck on 9/18/05

Consider that you will be voluntarily giving up your freedom. You will be handing it and everything you have over to somebody who may or may not be the same person in the future that you marry today. Consider that a divorce rate of over 50% applies to everybody and that love will not conquer all. Other than that, go for it!
---ralph7477 on 9/17/05

Amen to that answer!!! I totally agree!
---Marilee on 9/17/05

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