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Segregates The Blog Topics

As of today there are about 2,000 bloggs postings. Examining each, I could say that these postings can be categorized into two major topics (I) Christian Life (II) Christian Doctrines. Is it difficult for the webmaster to have program that "segregates" topics?

Moderator - Yes, it would be extra work. However, the next person would want things done differently.

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 ---bebet3754 on 9/19/05
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This site USED to categorize the topics- when you posted a question, you had to put it into one of several categories. Then you could click on whatever heading you wanted to view. I really wish it would go back to some sort of format like that.
---Ann5758 on 11/10/07

I've been experimenting on Google. If I type in Christianet followed by a key word for the thread I'm trying to find, most times I find it. It takes me straight to the page. Give it a try.
---Xanthi on 9/28/05

I'm new to blogs, "ChristiaNet," not computer literate, nor own one. Your prayers for husband's job loss 05/04, new debts $20,000 just for family's needs, & a house are a blessing. I'm concerned we haven't assets in our 50's most have (home-equity, etc.). I'm disabled. Retirement: 8 yrs away!, own very old cars broken down or need repairs. We use apartment's dumpster for furniture, & shop clothes Goodwill. We don't complain! I'm a Big Giver/Good Money Steward-prefer anonymity!
---Darlene on 9/27/05

Very nice suggestion, Darlene. But there is one one way to search as suggested by danie9374. I have tried it. It works!
---bebet_3754 on 9/22/05

An even better way and easier would be to have a search tool for the Blogs.I am sure though if this had been feasible and could have been done without a lot of trouble they would have done it already.I just am happy we have this site no matter how it is presented to us after all who gives anything for free in the secular world,we are blessed.They are wiser about the operation of this and you can't know all the ins and outs unless involed in it.Thank you ChristiaNet and all workers.God Bless You.

Moderator - Thanks! You are correct we are experts in reducing the work load and costs associated with the site, otherwise we would have to charge a fee.
---Darlene_1 on 9/22/05

I do like the site but sometimes when I got too busy the many topics listed just got in my way to go to the topics that interested me most... well, I would just consider that to be able to "get the best", one must exert effort!
---bebet3756 on 9/21/05

There are so many wonderful people who are christians on the site. We can agree or disagree with tact(Try it). Differences are normal, let us not be judgemental-God should handle that. We have seen other sites change their system often and there is no "best" way. This method works-I like it and hope you do too.
---chuck on 9/21/05

(Part 4) Nancy, Am sure you noticed the degrees of freedom that CN gave us. I hope we won't end up abusing such freedom.
---bebet3754 on 9/20/05

(Part3) Nancy, If you think that the postings is different from what you believe, then have some patience. The reactions others are having is dictated by their belief systems. If you can share, then do have a heart to share. But if you would just post to fuel the "trouble", without seeing any positive outcome but just more hurt and pain, then, please, don't. For those people who left CN, then we can no longer do something about them.
---bebet3754 on 9/20/05

(Part2) Nancy, We know that different Christian Churches have different beliefs. I am a Christian but I don't believe on the capability of Mary to save me. I am a Christian but I don't go for speaking in tongues, too. But I go to this site for me to learn. I am approaching CN positively. That is, for me to learn, I have to look at both sides. Let us just "shift through" the different arguments.
---bebet3754 on 9/20/05

(Part 1) Nancy, the moderator must play his/her part. Let us understand that this site is maintained by a Christian Organization that have some specific doctrines to follow. The moderator must put some kind of restrain to some blog postings/responses that is having the tendency to go off-hand!
---bebet3754 on 9/20/05

i have seen these blogs go from good to bad then smoothe out but i have noticed in the last few months a lot of strife and division on here ...i think the Moderators need to do their jobs and not play Refrees because people are leaving the web sight because of too many biased opinions and some that think they are God and only their answers count.
---nancy on 9/20/05

Melissa, thanks for the suggestion. According to Chuck, let's have the horse that follow the trail gets going. The Moderator has explained to us why it is not possible to segregate topics. Let us consider that finding good topics within the the many postings (that seems to be a repetition of the earliers ones)as an effort to find gold that's hidden in the sand.
---bebet3754 on 9/19/05

My suggestion is to leave the blogs the way they are. Let the moderators do whatever is easiest for them. When people start getting picky, problems start happening. That's just my humble opinion
---Melissa on 9/19/05

Thank you, Danie9374, for the suggestion! I'll try that with this Blogg question.
---Bebet3754 on 9/19/05

Ummmmmm, Dave....I don't think this quite counts as "power-controlling dictators"...and I see no "falling away"- why would you say such a thing?
---Ann5758 on 9/19/05

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I never saw the BLOGs before, and although I do prefer categorized logical arrangments, this method does get many to look at questions they might never look at otherwise. However, finding something later is very difficult.

I suggest ALL, try this: GOOGLE in "Advanced search" mode allows you to enter "" (just like that) in a URL box, then even phrases in the search box. I've found it very useful when looking for a past BLOG here!
---danie9374 on 9/19/05

Dave, I don't get your point. I was just asking for for segregation of categorized bloggs postings. Why should Thesalonians 2:3 come into the picture?
---bebet3754 on 9/19/05

Thank you,Mr. Moderator, for the response. I understand. It is okay with me. Ann, thank you for the info. When I joined the Blogg the format is already like the one we are using now. It was not so difficult by then (four months ago) because the list of blogg postings is not that much yet. Chuck, thanks for the words. I agree with you. Let's just keep the horse get on going!
---bebet3754 on 9/19/05

I agree with Ann absolutely. It was much better then and easier to find questions that we were trying to keep track of.
---Xanthi on 9/19/05

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Dont look like things will ever change here folks......Many are being fooled by getting their ears tickled by Power Controlling Dictators....Only God can change man and i thought disaster would help some to grow closer but yet many are falling away...hmmmmmmmmm Could this be the Falling awayspoken of in Thessalonians 2:3
---Dave on 9/19/05

I love the old blogs better because you can choose where you wanted to place your topic, I too wish it would return back to it.
---Candice on 9/19/05

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