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Artificially Inseminated Biblical

If you were not married would it be permissible to be artificially inseminated so you could have a baby esp. if you are getting up in age and marriage is nowhere around the corner or if you just want a child of your own and don't wanna wait.

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 ---andre9789 on 9/19/05
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If there are two things that are linked, it is marriage and children. Children were never intended to be conceived or born outside of marriage. Yes, the phenomenon of children being born out of wedlock quite common these days, but it's not something that should be normalized or celebrated or purposefully caused. It is a tragedy that should be avoided.
---Jed on 8/15/13

i just do not think that the two are forever tied together.

the desire to be married and the desire to have children are two distinct issues

Women have a short window of opportunity to have children, If after 40 years no mate comes along and you aer alone. It is a consideration

I think it would be best have a father that you know, even if you are nmot married to him.

I am not a woman, so I cannot image what it is like to have the desire for children go unfullfilled

I woudl not judge any action to have a baby
see Tammar and Judah
---francis on 8/13/13

Being unable to conceive and, therefore, being 'given help' to be inseminated with one's own husband's sperm is, I believe, acceptable. Science is helping the woman become pregnant with her own husband. It's no different from using science to have a kidney donation or a heart operation and other things never thought possible centuries ago.

Being artificially impregnated by anyone other than one's own husband or when single is, i.m.o. wrong.

Adoption would be far better and the child would be able to accept that truth far more easily than being told about a sperm donor when older.
---Rita_H on 8/13/13

---Lidia4796 on 8/12/13
---Jed on 8/12/13
You both make good arguements in yoru favour

Good job
---francis on 8/13/13

---Lidia4796 on 8/12/13

Point taken, accepted and commended!!

Francis, none of those women in the Bible were artificially inseminated.
---Jed on 8/12/13
Nope they just shared One MAN and God was friends with each of those men
---francis on 8/12/13

Oh! Wow! Respectfully ,Bro.Francis just happen to see you post -" do like the women in the bible marry a man that already married.."
Well, got to tell you - all those "plural wives" My own daughter in such a cult but yes, they are legally married & he got I guess 3 wives now..

it's NOT working.... have known years ago,muslim women..wife1 she like a "goddess" if the subordinate wives Do anything such as a wrong look! Out on the street .

I have #1 that why I am by myself. No share a man plan!
Jesus is my Lord... anyway, best for me.
---Lidia4796 on 8/12/13

Francis, none of those women in the Bible were artificially inseminated. Sarah gave birth to her own son from the seed of her husband, as promised by God. Ishmael was a result of Abraham's unbelief, and he went against God's will. It was not good enough for Sarah, hence Isaac. Hagar and Ishmael were later exiled from the family. Furthermore, family structure was completely different in the Old Testament. No child deserves to live fatherless in order to satisfy a womans desire to have a baby without having to first get married. You get married if you want to have kids.
---Jed on 8/12/13

To Bro.Jed, yes, you are right in that yes, when you already
got issues(myself) got to
admit ( speaking for me) all I knee was "yeah,Mom on my case, you get married

2. I think yes! I am in love with
him ( alot of young girls "frozen brains" soap opera junk you know young girls & some guys think - going to change this person they marry! .

... I will admit was very immature, stars in my eyes..

You explain it very well Bro.Jed your complete post to Bro.Francis
With all respect.
---Lidia4796 on 8/12/13

---Jed on 8/12/13
All that being said:

If it was good enough for Sarah, Hammah, and Bathsheba, it is good enough for you
---francis on 8/12/13

Francis, there are over 7 billion people on this planet. There are prospects, no matter who you are. Most people choose not to get married for self-centered motivations. They don't want someone to tell them what to do, or to interfere with their career, or they don't want to be tied down to one mate the rest of their lives. Sometimes it's because they can't find someone that they feel is "good enough" for them, or they simply can't maintain a long term relationship because of immaturity. Whatever the reason is, if you can't handle a lifelong commitment, then you can't raise child. Also, if you would purposely create a fatherless child in order to satisfy your own desire for a baby, then you aren't fit to raise a child.
---Jed on 8/12/13

If it was good enough for Sarah, Hammah, bathsheba, it is good enough for you
---francis on 8/12/13

I can image a woman wanting a baby on her own

Wanting a baby, and wanting to be married are two distinct and separate issues

It is better if she is a Godly Marriage and raises kids with a Godly man who loves, protects, and provides for her and her children? Yes! That is teh ideal for every family

But not having a husband, does not take away the desire to have children

See Genesis 38,

But what is a woman to do if there is no man, in her life and no good prospects and she still has a desire to be a mother?

My first suggestion is to do what hundreds have done in the bible: Marry a man who already has a wife

yes I said it
---francis on 8/11/13

Hello,All respect to Bro.Jed, I agree baby alone NO father !it really Very mother raised us kids alone,then she met my stepdad who never been around kids! Chaos!

Mary you got a valid point!

I should have never got married. Some people do not seriously realize exactly what that "I do" means, or at least one of them doesn't / or both.

Can't imagine - woman want a baby on her own but, I have seen shows on tv,
it really hard alone to take all the responsibility a child entails, you have to work, do everything -- my late mother helped alot!
Thank God she helped me out, God blessed her live long enough till her grand daughter became a grown woman.
---Lidia4796 on 8/11/13

To all, also in recent years,haven't there been legal issues??

Men who donate their "deposit.." for women to be get artificial.... for get pregnant, there are cases where SOME states actually, make her go after the father!!!

If she apply
for STATE aid ( welfare benefits)

reason ( why now alot of men, DO not wish to do this..anymore!)

So now, what men have done as perhaps " a good deed" they are faced with this "child support" after them. I see it as unfair..
---Lidia4796 on 8/11/13

Mary, where do you get that I said being in an abusive relationship makes a person immature? I never even insinuated that. We are talking about a girl who wants to have a baby, but doesn't want to have a husband.
---Jed on 8/10/13

Hi Jed, for the most part I agree with you but I must take issue with the "if you are not mature enough" comment. Being in an abusive marriage does not make one immature, it is simply an unfortunate circumstance, often due to the mistake of saying "I do" in the first place but the victim should not be considered "immature", am I making sense? Thanks, Mary
---Mary on 8/10/13

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Why would you intentionally get pregnant without a husband?
---Jed on 8/7/13
Genesis 38:
---francis on 8/9/13

Why would you intentionally get pregnant without a husband? And why would you intentionally bring a fatherless child into this world? Mistakes are made everyday which create fatherless children, single mothers, and broken families, and it is a tragedy when it happens, but intentionally creating a child to have no father and live in a dysfunctional family? This is a perversion of God's design for a family. This is no different than two same-sex partners raising a child. The child will grow up confused and without a complete family. If you are not mature enough to handle a marriage, then you certainly aren't mature enough to properly raise a child.
---Jed on 8/7/13

Hi, I went through this for years, including the abusive husband and went so far as to send $ to a "donor"--and never got the sperm! Either that or my husband threw it out, anyway am glad now I have no children as I have panic disorder. But I know how it feels--awful.
---Mary on 8/5/13

What if a young lady was in a abusive and unfaithful marriage is now divorced and does not have any children..would it be wrong to be artificially inseminated?
---mommy_without_a_baby on 8/1/13

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I am considering artificial insemination with a donor for myself. I see it like the situation of Tamar in the Bible. It was sort of considered a right to conceive in those times. She tricked her father-in-law into sleeping with her, and her offspring was part of Jesus' geneology.
---B on 9/10/07

I am considering artificial insemination with a donor for myself. I see it like the situation of Tamar in the Bible. It was sort of considered a right to conceive in those times. She tricked her father-in-law into sleeping with her, and her offspring was part of Jesus' geneology.
---B on 9/10/07

I am considering artificial insemination with a donor for myself. I see it like the situation of Tamar in the Bible. It was sort of considered a right to conceive in those times. She tricked her father-in-law into sleeping with her, and her offspring was part of Jesus' geneology.
---Bethany on 9/10/07

Who said the Holy Spirit inseminated Mary!? The Holy Spirit overshadowed her and she was found to be with child. Do not reduce God to a mere human.
---C.S. on 11/1/05

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M.P. You're right..."not even 'remotely close'". I stand corrected. :-)

The only thing artifical between Onan & Tamar was Onan's deceptive lack of commitment to raise up seed to his deceased elder brother. He wanted to play; but, didn't want to pay. I believe it may've had something to do with Onan's coveting & being unwilling to share the inheritance he anticipated he'd receive when his father, Judah, died.
---Leon on 10/23/05

Leon, what God asked Onan to do was not artificial insemination, not even 'remotely close'. It was perfectly 'normal' insemination (man with woman not a surgical instrument with woman). This was a normal practice in those days when widows were childless.He changed his mind and didn't want to father a child which would really be his yet would be considered to be his brother's. I agree 100% with your comment to Sly regarding Mary's conception.
---M.P. on 10/23/05

God's way is best, where the 2 become 1 flesh in order to have childre. i don't like anything artificial, as in foods they have artificial flavorings, artificial colors, etc. They're just not as good as the real things. Even the sound of a "test tube baby" rings of science and sounds rather cold and passionless. Creating children should not be done in a laboratory by a third party, or in a test tube.
---Eloy on 10/22/05

Sly: Not the same thing! You can't compare unnatural (artificial) insemination, a medical procedures performed by man, to the supernatural perfection (Immaculate Conception) of God in flesh.
---Leon on 10/22/05

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Mary was not married at the time the Holy Spirit inseminated her. If it were a sin, he would not have done it.
---Sly on 10/19/05

This is new, and untried "territory". There is no specific scripture that a I know about that would address this situation. The closest thing that comes to my mind is it's a form of fornication, which is addressed in the Bible as being a sin. Another thought that comes to mind is, "if you have to question it, don't do it." And another one is, "Does it glorify God?"
---WIVV on 10/18/05

Ditto Nan!!!

Andrea9789: Genesis 38:6-10 is the only place I know of in the Bible that comes remotely close to artificial insemination, i.e., Judah tasked his son, Onan, to marry his brother's widow, impregnate her & "raise up seed" (an heir to the dead brother). I mentioned this story because it seems the Lord approved of the process exception for the part about Onan spilling his seed on the ground.
---Leon on 9/25/05

Ann5758: Artificial insemination obviously isn't the normal (natural) way of making babies. Could it be called adultery, i.e., married persons, having sex with persons other than their spouse? (Lev. 20:10-12) Initially, I don't think so.

But, what if the married woman is inseminated with the donated sperm of a male acquaintance of whom she has previously lusted for in her heart or vice versa? That might muddy the water. (Matt. 5:27-28)
---Leon on 9/25/05

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Wait a minute, Ernest. I'm adopted and, if I were to go strictly by what you're saying, I should have questioned the circumstances of my conception years ago (because it was out of wedlock). Those questions aren't generally asked. To us the only thing we know (or need to know) is who raised and loved us (our "real" parents).
---Heather on 9/21/05

Artificial insemination is something I do not recommend for a single parent on a psychosocial basis for a child growing up. It is certainly not in any form a religious issue. Artificial insemination is a medicinal technique that can provide children to other wise childless couples. Most of the problems and issues are legal: rights of inheritance, grown children wanting to know who a donor was and the like.
---Phil_the_Elder on 9/20/05

2. Three months later, she gave her heart to the Lord and came out of her sinful lifestyle! That was 14 yrs ago, and she's still serving the Lord. I firmly believe that my beautiful neice Emily was born specifically for that purpose, to "lead" her mother to the Lord. It hasn't been easy for her, raising 3 kids on her own, but they have been such a blessing to us, and I wouldn't trade them for the world! Just something to think about :)
---MH on 9/20/05

1. I'm not saying that I agree with it or that it is biblically "OK", but my sister, before she was saved, decided to do that for the very same reason. She did it twice actually and the second time, she had twins! Her oldest daughter told her when she was 5 that she wanted to go to Aunt (MH's) church on Easter, so she brought her- the Lord dealt with her strongly that morning, and she kept coming to church...
---MH on 9/20/05

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It is a sorry state.Marriage is God arranged institution. Child by artificial insemination, in some strange union seems unbiblical. Socially, the child will in no time question the morality of his existence and the result might be disturbing.
---Ernest on 9/20/05

I heard that it would be adultery to be inseminated with the seed of a man you were not married to. What are your opinions on that?
---Ann5758 on 9/19/05

I agree that it wouldn't be right to consider artificial insenmmination outside of marriage. However, I know someone who wanted children badly but, due to many medical procedures and hospital stays, he is sterile. He and his wife decided to utilize artificial insemmination and now have a wonderful little girl that they love with all their hearts. In circumnstances such as theirs I believe God would approve (well, maybe "approve" is too strong)of artificial insemmination.
---Heather on 9/19/05

I am a single mother and I can tell you in no uncertain termes that a child NEEDS both parents. A father plays a major role in a childs life. My son is a teen and has grown up with no male role models and believe me it has effected him. what you want is not always good for a child just because you do not wanna wait. If God wants you to have a child he will bring a spouse in time.
Many bible women thought thier time past to concieve but God gave them a child.
---Marla on 9/19/05

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It would not be a good idea at all. The baby would never know it's father. The child would grow up to know that you never knew the father and therefore there was no love between you. The child would just be a product of your desire to be a mother before you got too old and the child would eventually work this out unless you told it a pack of lies. Single people can now adopt, foster or care for the children of other people who are finding it hard to cope. Direct your love for kids in another direction.
---Xanthi on 9/19/05

Why not consider adoption instead? There are many, many children in the US and other countries who need a home and love of a family, and though the ideal home is that of a mother and father, a single woman, with God's help, can be an excellent parent.
---Nan on 9/19/05

My opinion is no, it wouldn't be permissable. God said for man and woman together in marriage to populate the earth. Besides, I believe artificial insemination would be like playing God.
---Melissa on 9/19/05

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