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How Do You Stay Pure

Unmarried at 36 and when it comes to ovulation period sometimes sexual desires are so strong, making it difficult to resist. What do others do during the tough periods especially when you are not even sure when you will get married?

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 ---purity on 9/20/05
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It is a good question. Such feelings is natural, due to hormonal built up.But a word of advice is that one has to overcome it by prayer so that the emotions does not let one loose the relationship we once have with God. If it does, still prayer is needed to redeem yourself , never allowing the feeling of condemnation to rule over you.
---Ernest on 4/1/08

Give your whole burden over to the Lord, empty yourself into His hands. He knows every feeling you have and He alone can give you the strength you need. Ask Him to remove the temptation to sin, to lead you in the direction of His will, to fill your life so full of joy and opportunities to serve Him... and read your Bible at least daily!!!
---Marilee on 7/21/07

Draw on the Lord for strength He will help you resist temptation, my husband and I are on hiatus now,we are separated, but I will keep myself clean because I am loyal to God FIRST, but I am aware that if my husband cheats I am free in God's eyes to remarry. What will I do if he cheats? Only time will tell, I will definitely forgive him, but not sure if I will stay with him. But I have God's peace in this matter, It carries me through. --Mrs. Morgan
---Mrs._Morgan on 8/23/06

Jesus Christ is great because he taught us two greatest things in the world: love and forgiveness towards everyone including any enemies (I may also add 'respect for all'). These qualities make us fearless. I believe, desire for sex increases when we face fear or anxiety. Therefore, if we reach out to others with love, forgiveness, and respect our desire for sex is likely to decrease.
With love- brother Subhash
---Subhash on 8/23/06

there is a blog on this page on cooling off desires, that may help.
---Laure5469 on 9/22/05

I can't be with other people cause I would hit on a rock. I read song of solomon cause I am able to release some tention and realize that it was normal than as well as now. I am going on 42 and keep telling my self that if God wanted me to feel this way I would have some one to share it with, so as He doesn't give us more then I can bare I shouldn't torture my self. I read the bible alot. watch non-romantic movies.
---Laure5469 on 9/22/05

I am a man, made of flesh and first born into sin. I call on my Savior Jesus Christ several times a day to help me because we are human and we do have the desires of lust. Pray and Pray and Pray My God (Our GOD) WILL deliver you. I promiss you.
---eric on 9/22/05

Purity: Since you mentioned ovulation period, then I know you are a woman. The best way not to focus on sex is not to think about it. Get physical. Go to the gym (exercise), to the pool (swim),if not to the oval (to run) or to parks (to play). Be sure to be around with people at all times. Do not seclude yourself. It is when you are alone that this feeling torture us! Focus on your work. With all excess energy used up, I don't think sex would ever enter your mind!
---bebet3754 on 9/20/05

Your predicament is normal and natural. But, our solution is the Holy Spirit of God living within us. The harder the temptation, the more we have to pray, and fill ourselves with the Word of God, and sometimes, just cry out to God. It isn't always easy to get through those times, I know. I struggle too.
---Me_too on 9/20/05

Sometimes, I struggle with this myself. And I think the solution is when you start to feel like this reach for your Bible and read until you know you are exhausted enough to just fall asleep. read whole chapters or read about Bible characters David, Samuel, Saul and you will soon find that your attention has been removed from what you were feeling then.
---kebeh9933 on 9/20/05

It's true, it's natural for such emotions to come; but God has made a way out for you because you're not alone in it and it's not new to you alone. Please occupy your mind with the things of God and those thoughts will not find a way. Eph 4 Vs 8 will help you greatly. God bless you.
---malvis on 9/20/05

"HOW can a young man keep his way pure? -- I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you." (Psalm 119:9,11)
---DoryLory on 9/20/05

Pray about it, rely wholly on God for guidance in His will and way, and pay close attention to the pull on your heart (it's God leading you) when you feel too weak to resist.
---Heather on 9/20/05

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