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Giving Makes Me Feel Guilty

I seem to have a calling to help people in need, I love the way it makes me feel. I do my good deeds in secret not expecting anything in return, just the warm feeling it gives me. Then I feel guilty for feeling good because that's a reward and I don't need to be rewarded. Does this make sense?

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 ---Anonymous on 9/20/05
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It makes perfect sense. I have had a lot of problems with this. Do not keep your eyes on your good works but keep them on God. Don't worry, God shall let you know when you sin. Do good works, you must. Some of us it may mean more work than perhaps others in keeping things in perspective.. It does not mean that we are worse than anyone else. It just means some of us has to contend with Satan a little more than others may have to.. Ask God to help you. Have a good life in the Person of the Holy Spirit.
---catherine on 1/7/08

Maybe it is the Holy Spirit in you leting you know that you have just done what the Father wanted. He could be giving you that inner feeling of happiness.
---Judith on 1/7/08

I think that you are making something out of nothing! I see absolutely nothing wrong with you feeling good about doing good things, especially since you are not doing them for show.
---sam on 5/25/07

There is nothing wrong with giving. The bible says that God gives seed to the sower. Continue to give and rejoice when you do and expect to be blessed. Luke 6:38
---Rickey on 12/7/05

Grace, I too get negative responses from some regarding giving, even of time. It's usually 'you could have charges for that' 'you shouldn't have given all that, you could have kept some for yourself' etc. These are unbelievers though and we just don't see eye to eye on many things. I now don't mention much about what I do or give. I think that is the best way. The saying 'giving is good for you' is very true and I'm sure I'm more blessed than those who receive what I give or are helped by what I do.
---Xanthi on 9/28/05

You are doing the right thing, my sister in Christ. Your giving in secret is what God honors most. Keep on giving your tithe, time, encouraging words, free-will offerings, help at church, those ministering at your church or where you are ministered. Give when God and the Holy Spirit says and to whom. That's how God taught me 41 years ago! I'm on the trial end of life now! I want to be back where you are to bless others more.
---Darlene on 9/27/05

I know how you feel. I have been blessed and I am able to give,however, my family usually responds negatively to any response I give other than volunteering my time. I explained to my family that on Judgement Day, God will ask us if we clothed him, fed him, mourned with him, etc. I am making my best efforts to have the right answers for him. Others have much greater needs than I do. I hope that others make this realization soon.
---Grace on 9/27/05

..'for God loveth a cheerful giver..I do& love to help others, in secret..don't feel guilty, you are not doing this for selfish reasons..think of your "reward" of warm feeling as a blessing from IS a joy, giving IS loving,giving IS a gift.. how can you NOT feel happy making someone else happy.keep enjoying to give.. "It is more blessed to give than to receive"(acts20..35)but blessings come back from God..enjoy Him.
---karin on 9/26/05

I agree with Rebecca's statement.satan will steal your joy and want you to feel guilt so that you will stop helping others.Continue what your doing and let it be known that your doing this in Jesus'name!
---missy on 9/22/05

Have you ever thought that "Feeling good" was a byproduct of your obedience?
There is nothing wrong with feeling good about what you are doing.
We cannot base our ministries or faith on how we feel but on the fact of what God says.
When you read Matt 5:7 that SHOULD make you feel good.
You are showing mercy continue on and enjoy yourself. Let others learn of the Joy of Giving.
---Elder on 9/22/05

You have stated clearly, "I give so that those in need might see the love of Christ thru me." In Mt 25, Jesus stated that giving to the needy is equal to giving to Him. I do believe that Jesus is happy about your gift because it meets the needs of others and this shows Christ's goodness. I would say, "Rejoice!" Your guilt is undeserved.
---seble on 9/22/05

Alan, I'm concerned about your boss. He said that giving was only done so the donor could feel warm and comfortable. How would he know?
We'll be praying for him! strange thing about new creations in Christ, there isn't a Scrooge in the lot.
---John on 9/21/05

To Seble: I'm not sure where the guilt comes in. I know that I give because it makes me feel good, but I also hope it pleases God. If I were doing it for praise or to increase my "self-worth" wouldn't I be telling everyone? I give so that those in need might see the love of Christ thru me. May God forgive me if my motives are selfish, it is not how I intend it.
---Anonymous on 9/21/05

Paul said when I do good, evil is always present. Meaning the reason why you feel guilty is because that is Satan's job to make you feel that way. He doesn't want you helping anyone, he can't stop you but he can work on your mind, emotions, telling you what you did, didn't matter to anyone. When the fact is, your doing something good and he doesn't like it.
---Rebecca_D on 9/21/05

My boss, a rabid anti-Christian, used to condemn all charitable giving. He said it was only done so the donor could feel warm and comfortable.
I do not know if this helps the discussion ... just thought I would mention it. He particularly condemned medical research and famine relief because these just reduced deaths and so increased the number of people who were competing for food etc in the world
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/21/05

That good feeling you experience is called being blessed by God. We are called to give, dear Anonymous, and whenever we are in the perfect will of the Father, He gives us a deep sense of inner peace or at-one-ness with when I respond to these Blogs - WOW, am I blessed!!! In Jesus, our Lord and Savior, through the grace and mercy of our almighty God and power of His Holy Spirit!!
---Elsie on 9/21/05

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Where does the guilt come from? Are you giving to make yourself feel good, or increase your self-worth? Or is your feeling good related to pride "I'm such a good person!" If not, we need to rejoice in good and feel bad about wrong things. I see no reason for feeling guilty about good deeds unless pride creeps in.
---seble on 9/21/05

I know exactly how you feel and have had this guilty feeling myself. I've never heard anyone bring up this subject before so I am really glad you have done so. I'm sure many of us have felt this way but havn't known quite how to voice it. I agree with what Sam and Judith say. Perhaps we are given this 'buzz' after helping as an encouragement to do more. Continue to keep your good works secret.
---Xanthi on 9/21/05

When we give, we get more love in return at some time in our earthly journey. Some give for others, while others give for the glory it give them. Yours is unconditional love, that God knows of and loves you for it.
---chuck on 9/21/05

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