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Scripture For Satan Listening

Can anyone give me any bible references about Satan hearing or not hearing our prayers?

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 ---Deana on 9/20/05
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Job 1:6-12 and Luke 22:31-34 are interesting conversations regarding the desires of Satan and his control.
We also evidence the all knowing knowledge of God and the ability of God to control Satan.
---barbara67 on 1/6/08

Part 2

Good observation that someone made about God's control over Satan. Satan had been used by God in several incidents in Scripture which may suggest that Satan is under orders to do what he does (cf. Isaiah 45:7; Exodus 4:11).
---David7647 on 10/30/05

Part 1

Satan is not omniscient, it is an attribute of God. He is also not omnipresent. If he were around you, he would be able to see behind your mask at your thoughts, but he would run himself too thin if he tried to get to every person in the world himself. He is too smart to even make that attempt.
---David7647 on 10/30/05

Pray constantly in an undertone NT
---David on 9/23/05

For your own peace of mind plead the blood of Jesus over your prayers/conversation with God.When you pray the word of God it is sharper than a two edged sword.It has power and it will not return to God without achieving the purpose for which it was sent.
---sherry on 9/22/05

I purposely pray out loud when I can just in case Satan is listening!
I know he winces and it makes him nuts when I call on Jesus in prayer. I always make a habit of telling the devil that he has no control over me, that I am washed in the blood of Christ, and that he is a defeated foe and to go back to hell where he belongs.
---NVBarbara on 9/21/05

Keep yourself pure and it will not make a difference if Satan hears your prayers or not.
When Satan attacks I like to voice my prayers just to remind Satan he is a defeated enemy. Speaking our faith has power when we stay in Gods will and away from our "pet sins."
Fight the fight of faith and rebuke Satan through the Blood of Christ.
---Elder on 9/21/05

We know that he can hear words spoken out loud. See Genesis 3:1.
---Eloy on 9/21/05

I'm not sure if there are scriptures for this but satan is not all powerful, he is not everywhere at one time. He does have limits yet he also has many 'helpers'. As Willa has said if you pray silently he certainly won't hear but God will.
---Xanthi on 9/21/05

Jesus knows your thoughts and satan does not know them so pray silently
---willa8985 on 9/20/05

---Sean on 9/20/05

Jesus knows your thoughts and satan does not know them so pray silently
---willa8985 on 9/20/05

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