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I Want To Be Cremated

I am leaning strongly toward the idea of being cremated and having my ashes buried in a cemetery near our home. My husband says he doesn't think he can allow this. How can I persuade him?

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 ---Abby on 9/21/05
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I told my wife & kids to just take me outside and let the coyotes have my body.
They won't do it, so i think that if i have a chance of knowing that i'm dying(cancer or such things as that)i'll make that trip outside on my own ,like some of my family did in the old days.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 7/9/08

Say you will come back and haunt him. No, really, ghosts are demons, and you cannot come back. However, it says in the Bible that husbands should love their wives, and that should show him that he ought to respect your wishes concerning your own funeral arrangements. It is such a small thing to promise someone.
---frances008 on 7/8/08

I don't think you can persuade him in to agreeing to cremate you. I tell people all the time, Look unto Jesus. HE is the only one who can persuade your husband to cremate you. But you have to ask yourself is it what Jesus really want for my burial? Maybe your husband is trying to tell you to first look unto God in Christ first.
---antoa7855 on 7/8/08

You could try telling him that it would be the last thing he could do for you in love, to go along with your own wishes. If he insists that he cannot, perhaps you could carefully remind him that you might not the one going first and if you were not, would he like to think that you would not go along with HIS wishes.
---Paul on 7/8/08

My parents had bought plots and had planned for thier funerals for yrs. This last yr due to finances and such they sold the plots and decided on cremation as well. Our bodies are not what goes to heaven to be with God it is our souls. Our bodies are just for on this earth. We where created by the dust of the earth from the start. Basically it is your choice how you want to be buried. Many decide on cremation due to finances nowadays.
---M. on 5/21/07

I have made it known that I wish to be cremated. My husband is opposed to the idea but he tells me that he will do that for me out of respect for me and my wishes.
We just lost our son and had him cremated. We rented a casket for the funeral (found out the hard way that prices differ between funeral homes - check that out early if you can) He is being buried in his grandfather's plot with a separate marker.
The viewing was good for the friends and family, and the cremation was good for Stephen.
---nancy on 10/2/05

Abby, If you were to predecease your husband, and if your husband can afford a traditional burial, then why not let him do what brings him the most peace? The thought of someone being cremated is so undignified and unsettling to me. I think marital harmony while you're alive is more important.
---Kim on 9/24/05

Though that is a personal descision, I would check and see what God has to say on this subject.

Bodies or bones burned in the Tenach/Brith Chadash or Bible was never a good thing to do [kinda like being hung on a tree].

They'll come together again somehow at The "Rapture", or "Great White Throne Judgement Of God"!
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 9/23/05

To Ed: Check with your local funeral director. It is still possible to have a "regular" funeral service complete with rented casket before having a body cremated. Just thought I would pass that along.
---Abby on 9/22/05

Cremation only speeds up the process that nature takes years to do. My husband & I both agree that it's a waste to spend so much money on a body (for burial) that no longer has life in it. That money could go to help people who need things to live. We want our ashes scattered and our entrance into heaven to be celebrated!
---Marilee on 9/22/05

As a theologian I have no Biblical problem with cremation. Some of the Jewish kings were cremated. I can see no problems for God in the resurrection. He will raise martyred saints. My wife wanted cremation and I respected her wishes. The only problem I have is it makes it hard to say "good-bye" to the loved one at the funeral service. This is a cultural problem, not a spiritual problem.
---Ed on 9/22/05

Perhaps the law is different in U.S. but in U.K. it certainly used to be the case that the deceased 'belonged' to the nearest of kin and that person had the say. The n.o.k. could send the body for medical science or anything they chose. I'm sure it's rare to go against a persons wishes about what happens to their body but at death it is not your property and you have no say so if it's really important make your wishes very clear whilst still alive and hope that they will be respected.
---Xanthi on 9/22/05

I think what is really sick is our preoccupation with trying to preserve the body. Talk about unscriptural, embalming the body is from Egyptian culture. Christ was placed in a tomb and they went to anoint him with oils to prevent the stink. He was not put in a suit, made up to look like he was asleep, put in a box so people could gawk and then placed in the ground. Cost of average funeral in us is $8000, cremation is $1500.
---randy on 9/22/05

If you read where King Saul fell in battle, after the Philistines took his and his son's heads from their bodies, some of the Israelites took their bodies and burned them.
Phil the Elder, I hope you're not an elder in a church, giving this woman that type of counsel. She and her husband are one, not separate, therefore, to counsel her that it is "her decision, not his" is wrong. They should reach an agreement if at all possible.
---tommy3007 on 9/22/05

It will be my old dead carcass and I believe its up to ME what is done with it at the time of my death.
In my Will it states, I WILL be cremated and my ashes scattered in the mountains that I love so much. AND my loved ones are to have a great party with fireworks to celebrate my life! No morbid send offs for me thank you!
---NVBarbara on 9/21/05

I think Jesus showed us exactly how we should be buried his body was not burned was it ? Think about it ! Many are watching their money as far as funeral expense is concerned, but go buy a brand new vehicle and never think twice, As far as my opinion i think cremation is wrong.
---nancy on 9/21/05

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Achan, the son of Zerah was cremated, Joshua 7:24-25, Saul and his sons were cremated 1 Sam 31:11-12, priests of the high places were cremated 2 kings 23:19-20, the King of Edom was cremated by Moab Amos 2:1-2. But to say it was right or wrong, I don't know. To me it wouldn't matter because the flesh goes to dust anyhow and the spirit goes back to God. Therefore giving a new body.
---Rebecca_D on 9/21/05

May I ask WHY you want to be cremated?
---Jan4876 on 9/21/05

I dont remember anyone being cremated in the bible. so I am not sure it would be wise. wouldnt it be in there as well? they buried bodies and put oils and perfumes on them, so for some reason there was a PURPOSE for that.
---Jan4876 on 9/21/05

In Genesis 18:27 Abraham speaking to God, says of himself, "which am but dust and ashes". I have also heard many preachers at funerals say "from dust to dust and ashes to ashes". Therefore I assume that the two words mean practically the same thing.
---Sam on 9/21/05

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The bible says our bodies will return to dust,however during the ressurection is when we will get our perfect bodies so it doesnot matter if you're buried whole or cremated, in Gods eyes he can return us to perfection more better then when we left.
---canda5398 on 9/21/05

Abby: The only verses P.Danny has are at best 'conjectural' and maybe from a 'popular' book one of my relatives is reading; wouldn't surprise me at all if it were funded by funeral homes and cemetery owners. Thousands of 1stCentury Christians and others such as Wyclife had their bodies burned, but it will have nothing to do with their heavenly bodies. It's because of those persecutions, that some find it distasteful or want desperately to see your body one last time.
---danie9374 on 9/21/05

Hello Abby, Did you explain to your husband that once we die, our spirit leaves our body's. We are not in them any longer. They are a shell really that holds the spirit within as we are living on earth. The only thing I personally have found in the bible about being buried is when we are baptized. Fully buried in water. I also am getting creamated and so is my husband. My dad was and he was one of the most spirit-filled people I've ever known.
---Esther on 9/21/05

My husband & I are committed Christians, and we have prepaid cremations. We will have "Graduation to Glory" services at our church, at a convenient time for family & friends, even coming from a distance. Gen. 3:19 does not tell us how dead bodies are to be disposed of, only that they will return to dust. Ashes are a form of dust. Most important is that we are ready to meet Christ. May God give you peace about this matter.
---Miriam on 9/21/05

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1. Find out why he doesn't want you cremated
2. Find out if the cementary you want to be buried in will allow it.
3. Check out the cost and compare it with a regular furneral.
If his objections are Christian based, show him in Bible, there are no guidelines for cremation - either for or against. One of the main reason Christians object to cremation is it's normally associated with non-christian events. Others object because they feel God can't find all the parts if they are burnt.
---WIVV on 9/21/05

Of course I could put it in my will, but I don't want to make my husband unhappy with my decision. He says he is "not sure he can go thru with it." And, Pastor Danny, cremation is not eternal burning, it is merely disposal of the earthly body and Jesus can resurrect it from ashes as well as from dust. What is your scriptural back-up?
---Abby on 9/21/05

I prayer that my thoughts on this issue may bring about more discussion,I have often pondered this.I know the Bible speaks of burning 1)The final end to sin,2)That same fire will be the purefication process.I Know if someone understand the importance of the salvation plan through Jesus Christ,to save us from being burned, living a CHRISTIAN Life,WHY CHOOSE to be Burn? I can understand traped in a Fire. I don't want to be burned no time I want to live FOR and WITH JESUS and pray we all want to! God Bless
---vince6944 on 9/21/05

Pastor Danny:
There is no biblical injunction vs cremation and I think it is fair to consider ashes as a form of dust.
M: just a slight correction/reminder
When you head for heaven YOU WILL BE A LIVING SOUL with breath and a NEW BODY-a real 10!
---Pierr7958 on 9/21/05

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It is your decesion not his, specify it in your will. And your husband does not have to be your executor of your will if you expect problems. If you have insurance make your own arrangement prior to your death and pre-pay the funeral director to comply with you wishes.
---Phil_the_Elder on 9/21/05

Make it part of your last will and I don't think that he could challenge/change it.
---Pierr7958 on 9/21/05

Abby :Even if you persuade your husband . One can not change our Abba Father God word of the bible .It tells us from dust you can and dust we go back . Fire repersents God 's judgement on man disobeance ,with there eternal in the lake of Fire . Pray about it .A brother in the friendship of the love and compassion of Jesus Christ .Pastor Danny
---Pastor_Danny on 9/21/05

What is his reason for objecting?
---Bruce5656 on 9/21/05

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