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ChristiaNet Ceo On Hurricane Rita

Please keep the residents of Texas in your prayers as well as ChristiaNet. As many may know, we are located 30 miles north of downtown Houston, Texas which is the current projected path of hurricane Rita. Winds are estimated to reach 75 mph in our headquarters location. Already the gas stations and grocery stores are almost deplete of goods as of this Mid-Wednesday. If our oil refineries get hit, expect $5 at the pump as this is the oil refinery of the world.

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 ---President on 9/21/05
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I live 3hours from houston. my mother is in sugarland,tx & dad& his mom & sister in houston.they are staying, I pray they're safe. I also hope we in austin donot get much damage here since I am located by Lake travis the biggest lake in austin.

President - I will keep you in my prayers. I would guess its manditory to leave Sugarland?
---candice on 12/3/07

Bless all of you and God keep you safe. Is it fair to presume its possible that ChristiaNet could be offline over the next few days? What is important is that the staff is taking every safety precaution! Not to be rude Mr.President, but do you have a name? May we know it? You will be in our prayers.

President - The website will be unaffected because the website is run off of our New York server. However, there could be delays in posting blogs or answering emails due to Houston, Texas evacuations and power outages. So far this is the third most powerful storm on record coming right our way.
---NVBarbara on 5/2/07

Thank you everyone for praying for the Houston, Texas area. Our city and peoples were greatly protected. Please pray for the people in Louisiana as many are still missing and many have lost their homes. Also, please keep the people in Texas in your prayers as around 1-2 million people come back to Houston. There is very little gas or food around Houston. In The Woodlands were ChristiaNet is located which is a town of 60,000 we have only one grocery store and gas station open as of Saturday night. This will cause great problems as people come back from Dallas, Austin and San Antonio with little to no food or gas in the towns along the way. Many people are tired and scared from the long trip and not knowing what they are coming back to.
---President on 9/24/05

Candice,sorry to hear about Moms car trouble.They will be in my prayers.
---Darlene_1 on 9/23/05

Now they downgraded it to a level 3 instead of 4. & they say that Galveton will not get hit as hard as predicted for it is headed more toward Pt.Author& beumount. My mother got stuck after traveling 2hours, she thinks her alternator went out& her fieances dad&him toko another 2to3hours to come to tow her to their house back in Sugarland,so they are waiting it out there.
---candice on 9/23/05

Heavenly Father, in Jesus's name, we plead the blood of Jesus over every man, woman, and child situated in the path of Hurricane Rita, and we pray for their protection.

We call upon our God-given authority and we speak to this hurricane and command it to dissipate, in the name of Jesus. We call upon the power of the prayer of agreement ... Lord, Your Word says that the Church is the salt of the earth ... salt is a preservative and we ask, Lord, that our prayer presence ...
---DoryLory on 9/23/05

... would be used to protect & preserve what is otherwise open to destruction. Father, we thank You that it does not take much salt to do the job.

We thank You, Lord, that You are a very present help in trouble. We thank You, that You are powerful & that calming any storm is not a problem for You, it is not too difficult for You. We thank You, that You hear the prayers of Your people and You act mightily in their behalf, that Your arm is not too short to ransom and rescue, in Jesus' name.
---DoryLory on 9/23/05

I just took my family out to look for food. All places are now closed until at least Sunday. I-45 going north to Dallas was the world's largest parking lot. The cars were not moving at all. The temperature is around 100 and people were having to push their cars as there is no gas anywhere now. The police were monitoring all traffic coming into our city of 60,000. Please pray that the hurricane is downgraded and moves northeast as the least amount of deaths will occur. The Houston metropolitan area has 5 million people making it impossible to leave except for maybe a 1 to 2 million people.
---President on 9/22/05

My prayers are with you all in the lower states of USA as you face these huge devastating storms. I pray that you will all be kept safe, and that the blood of Jesus will cover you all.
I know that Christians in New Zealand are also praying for you all.
---Margaret on 9/22/05

I'm in San Antonio. We have thousands of evacuees here from the Katrina devastation & are presently receiving more from Houston, Corpus Christi, Galveston, etc. God bless, keep & have mercy upon all who're trying to get out of harms way. A special prayer for the CN bretheren in Houston who will be staying there. I pray the blood of Jesus will cover & keep you all safe as the Rita passes over your city.
---Leon on 9/22/05

My prayers are with you.God is able to preserve all those who put their trust in HIM.God bless.Isaiah 43:1-3
---April on 9/22/05

Thanks everyone for your kind words and continued prayers for the Houston, Texas area. Our city is too large and the majority of the people including the ChristiaNet staff will not be able to leave. The Interstates are moving at 5 mph and many people will be left with no gas or food on the Interstates. We are 30 miles north of downtown Houston and they have increased the wind gusts forecast to 120 mph by late Friday. The gas and water is running low and out as far away as Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.
---President on 9/22/05

Well I think Sugarland is under an evacutation,but not manditory. my mother,2sisters& the dog is on their way here, they say with traffic it'll be 12hours instad of 4.
---candice on 9/22/05

Please use this word in prayers,God will "DISSIPATE"-means breakup,scatter,vanish,the storm.I've prayed that many times and God answered,please do it for prayer of agreement. My prayers are with the people of all the storm area,it's still suspose to be a Catagory 1 Hurricane all the way to Dallas area,winds 50 to 60 mph.Candice,I live 60 miles north of you ,people have bought all the bottled water here,especially if babies in family for formula.May God move in might and power for everyone.
---Darlene_1 on 9/22/05

God bless you all and keep you safe is my prayer.
---Sam on 9/22/05

I have a preacher friend and his wife around Houston. Bro.Archie Jackson and Ms. Archie. Pray for them. My daughter in Harker Heights. She is 3 hours from Houston, but pray for all these and everyone in the path. Is God trying to tell us something??????
---shira_5965 on 9/22/05

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Yes, we are and will continue to pray.
---John on 9/22/05

My heart goes out for all Americans who have to leave behind their homes now, and those who have lost it already because of Katrina, esp. those who now have to be evacuated for the second time. Be assured that my prayers are with you, and I hope God will have mercy and let good come out of all the suffering, that many will seek Him and find help and salvation through Him.
---Gretchen on 9/22/05

God bless you all at CN. We will be praying for you.
We have a big (Empty, ha, ha) house if yours gets blown away. God will take care of you at CN. We are here if you need us. I pray for your safety and also that the oil refineries are not what is foremost on peoples mind. We trust too much in things. Does it not amaze us how God is working His purpose and will? It is all part of the plan.
---Elder on 9/22/05

God bless CN, Texas and all of God's children along Rita's path. The cyclone "Labuyo" (meaning hot pepper) that hit the Philippines two days ago has just taken his exit, leaving several deaths and desctruction behind. May God bless us all!
---bebet3754 on 9/22/05

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In Canada we have been watching hurricane Rita as it progresses. Are prayers are surely with you and everyone in the vasinity of this huracane as well as those rebuilding after Katrina. God is our strong tower and our shelter in times of storms. We just need to keep our eyes on him and leave it all in his hands. Our prayers are with you all.
---Marla on 9/22/05

---Walter on 9/22/05

God is acting now. The evacuation of the coast is a hardship and tests the patience and faith of all concerned. This is only a few miles from Louisana in distance but a world away from the scenes of New Orleans. We have been warned, we have listened, and we have acted on our own without getting a hand-out. Stations as far away as Austin are running out of gasoline and water and motels are filled up to Lubbock. God does not want us to panic or pout. There is work to do now and when the storm is over.
---chuck on 9/22/05

Ok, I will pray for you and the rest. Continue to trust God (Prov 3:5-6).
---Karen on 9/21/05

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I'm not in Houston, but not far from there. I too will be leaving. Everyone out there!!! Say a prayer!!!

President - Yes, and we need to keep the evacuations in prayer because this is a city of 4 million people and it can be dangerous to leave in these conditions also.
---Peggy on 9/21/05

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