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Did Parents Marry Their Kids

I come from a background of incest and abuse, would Adam and Eve not have to commit incest with their sons and daughters. This bothers me a lot, hope someone can find an answer for me.

Moderator - Brother and sisters had to marry each other; not parent and child.

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 ---BJ on 9/22/05
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.strongax, I have corrected you more than once. Know that your unscriptural words are not universal, but instead your moral measurements are worldly untruths. Your worldly standard which you uphold and God's standard which you do not uphold are complete opposites. That is the reason why you are unable to have a dialogue, as you say, with me: for as long as you choose to remain in darkness and to cleave onto the false worldly idealogy and ways, the longer you remain completely separate from the light and the truth.
---Eloy on 9/12/08


It is impossible to have any kind of dialogue with you. Everything I say is wrong, even universals (like "all we humans are fallible"), which of course doesn't include the two perfect beings in the universe - God and Eloy. The one time I actually agreed with you (on another blog) you stopped talking.

When I look at all the time I spend on these blogs, 90% of it is locking horns with you. This is an incredible waste of my time, your time, and everyone else's time.

You will continue to believe and say whatever you want, so it's pointless to try to talk to you, so I won't bother wasting any more of my time doing so.
---StrongAxe on 9/11/08

Flogging a dead horse will not make it get up and go again.Its History!Eloy did not God say "Increase and Multiply"would He have invited A-E to commit sin? so at that time the word,Incest did not exist Do not apply more advanced Rules to prehistoric Times.It is a moot question undeserving of our intelligence by todays standards.There are greater things at stake which need Our observance and with which we fail to interact.Besides we overlook the great Flood from which we really get our ancestory.
---MIC on 9/11/08

John ended his gospel by saying Jesus said and did so many more things that if they wrote all of them out, the world could not contain all the books needing to be written. My point, not everything in Genesis is complete. We don't have EVERY detail of the things God did. Could he have created wives for the two sons? Possibly...were there others already out in the world? Maybe...Cain was afraid to be cast away because others would look for him. (Gen 4:14-15) Of course, there is no timetable listed, so how many sisters to them were born, and how many children did they have? Cain could have been 100 years old by the time he killed Abel.
---Ken on 9/11/08

StrongAxe ... I have already done all that.

I don't need to reply further to Eloy ... what he says is it's own reply
---alan_of_UK on 9/11/08

.strongax, I reiterate, your "we" is not "me", nor does your "we" pertain to any true born-again Christian like "me": But your "we" pertains only to "you", and to other unregenerated and unholy nonChristians like you.
---Eloy on 9/11/08

.alanOfUk, The subject of this blog is on the 1st humans committing incest. Then you posted a nonrelated reply, of which I replied to according to the subject of this blog. Then you replied to my reply saying I misunderstood you, when in fact I understand this blog perfectly and I also understand "your error" in posting to the title over the blog instead of posting to the subject of the blog. Then when you tried to say I was in a misunderstanding when in fact I was not, but you were, and you also produced a few excuses for your false-witnessing. You misjudge me that I have misunderstanding of you, that I am upset, etc. None of these misjudgments apply to me: I have perfect understanding, I am not offended, and I am holy.
---Eloy on 9/11/08


"we" includes ALL fallible, imperfect, mortal beings. This includes all saints and sinners. The ONLY one excluded from this is the infallible, perfect, immortal God himself.

He alone is capable of directly percieving all, and knowing all. We are not. Even saved Christians do not have such insight (otherwise Jesus would not have needed to give the advice he gave in Matthew 18, nor most of his exhortations to the churches in Revelation, nor would Paul have had to write most of his letters).


Since Eloy believes it's a sin to forgive someone who doesn't repent first, I wouldn't expect a positive response until you first tell him you're wrong and that you won't do it again.
---StrongAxe on 9/10/08

Eloy ... I don't know what I have yet to repent about.

I apologised to you quite fully on 9/2.

I'm just wondering what else I have done that requires your forgivness.
---alan_of_UK on 9/10/08

.strongax, as you continue to confuse together saints with sinners, and AntiChrist-filled vessels with Christ-filled vessels, do not include your "we" when you are referring to yourself and others like you, which "we" is not "me".
---Eloy on 9/10/08

.alanOfUk, is your inquiry your apology of repentance? or still the tree without fruit?
---Eloy on 9/10/08

Have you forgiven me yet, Eloy?
---alan_of_UK on 9/9/08


God is aware of all guilt or innocence, we aren't. This is why Jesus described the procedure in Mt 18:15-17:
1) talk to your brother
2) bring 2-3 witnesses
3) bring it to the church
4) kick him out
You can't accuse without proof. It didn't work in the OT or NT. It doesn't work anywhere in the civilized world today.
Since your accusations are baseless and you refuse to defend them, THEY are idle words (per Mt 12). I am prepared to justify everything I say here (1 Peter 3:15), or if not, to recant. You, however, seem unwilling to do either of these things - you quote passage after passage condemning sinners without actually pointing out any SPECIFIC sin that you accuse me of other than "you err".
---StrongAxe on 9/9/08

.strongax, you continual to err. I do not have to prove any person to be guilty, because the guilty are condemned already by their own disobedience, even before I rightly judge them. Please Read- Matthew 7:19,20+ 12:36,37+ John 16:8-11.
---Eloy on 9/9/08


Sure one can be rich and spiritual. But riches provide great temptation - Jesus said it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than or a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

I have nothing against preachers being rich. I DO object to them being thinkng they are ENTITLED to be rich and acting like petty worldly aristocracts (and unfortunately, many of them do fall to this temptation). Jesus was certainly entitled but never acted like it.

Also, you accused me of misjudgment. It is not my job to defend baseless accusations - it is YOUR job to prove them or bring witnesses (Matthew 18). "guilty until proven innocent" worked at Salem, but it didn't work in the old testament nor the new.
---StrongAxe on 9/8/08

.strongax, your still trying to mix the carnal with the Spirit, and it does not happen. Many misjudge people according to "how much wealth" they have, or "how much money they spend", but let me say that God owns every thing, so God being rich can easily give of his riches to his own children. But many wrongly think that Christians, God's own children, should be poor and in want and in misery: and to what purpose and representation would this serve to the world? "Become saved, and you become wretched?" or "Remain carnal, and you become rich?" No, God is not about "money" nor "things" which are only vanity and temporal.
---Eloy on 9/6/08

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And in which group would you place an evangelist who has a genuine gift of ministry from God, saves many, becomes successful, his ministry grows, and soon he's a major celebrity, using his private jet to travel from crusade to crusade and mansion to mansion? A lot of genuine Christians get caught up in the celebrity culture. Do they cease to become Christians? Whether they do or not, they are still succeptible to dangers of temptation and the falls that accompany them.
---StrongAxe on 9/5/08

.strongax, Get discernment: for you are confusing nonChristians and their antiChrist behavior, with Christians and their Christ behavior.
---Eloy on 9/5/08


The reason there is a fine line is that many people THINK they are being bold, but in actuality are being arrogant, they think they are relying on the power of God, but they are in fact relying on their own resources. Kings who go off conquering, believing "God is with us" when in fact he is not (and it becomes evident when they eventually fall).

We also see this happen to great televangelists, who may have been moving in the power of God, but when they become famous, start to run on 100% ego (Mt. 7:22-23). The transition from one to the other is very subtle, discernable by others, but not by the person himself. Two signs are loss of humility and loss of love. Jesus was king of the universe, yet he never lost his.
---StrongAxe on 9/4/08

There is not a fine line between boldness and arrogance, not at all, for they are two very completely different things. Boldness is 100% confidence and power from and in and with God to do his work, and arrogance is a self will that is 100% devoid of God. Nope, no fine line at all, and not even in operation in order for the godly to cross. The worldly, yes, much arrogance: but the Spirit-filled Christian is 100% in Christ and there is no such thing as arrogance to the Christ-filled person. Many unregenerate misjudge the Almighty Spirit as arrogant, but that is because the unregenerate are not spiritually discerned.
---Eloy on 9/4/08

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strongax, you have comprehension of the words you write, therefore instead of asking what you know, read your own words and you will read your own misjudgment.
---Eloy on 9/4/08


And just what misjudgment would that be? I have not judged you nor accused you of anything. I marely pointed out the dangers of overconfidence (and that it's often a slippery slope). Saying "You fell" is an accusation, saying "Be careful that you don't slip and fall" is a wise exhortation.

I do not call you names, nor ever accuse you of apostasy, teaching error, etc. Yet in every single message of yours, you deliberately misspell my name (and in many cases ridicule it). And not only me, but others as well. If there is any Christian love, humility, or temperance here, I have not seen it. (Once again, I am NOT accusing you of not having these virtues, just that I haven't yet seen any fruit on the vine).
---StrongAxe on 9/3/08

.strongax, more misjudgment from the weakax?
---Eloy on 9/2/08

Some people never learn, even when they are older then 20, because they are stiff-necked and hard-hearted. I say "Yes", then they say "No": and when I say "No", then they say "Yes". Why? because they like to sit on the sidelines of the anointed arena of absolute Truth, and instead of gladly receiving it and becoming blessed, their antiChrist flesh rises up against the gospel and foolishly thinks that by blaspheming the Word they will somehow be vindicated for their antiChrist beliefs and antiChrist living.
---Eloy on 9/2/08

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.gracynluv, Eloy says: "Obey the 2nd Command, to Love your neighbor as yourself. You need to get saved from this sin: stop desecrating God's children, and start edifying them."
---Eloy on 9/2/08

Alan Of Uk ::-Sorry for getting you in hot water.although it was later disclosed as a comedy of errors to no avail.Shylocks pound of flesh must be extracted.The Good word says There are some who not, cant see but Don't want to see.
---MIC on 9/2/08

Alan Of Uk ::-Sorry for getting you in hot water.although it was later disclosed as a comedy of errors to no avail.Shylocks pound of flesh must be extracted.The Good word says There are some who not, cant see but Don't want to see.
---MIC on 9/2/08


There is a fine line between boldness and arrogance, and an easy one to cross. While the apostles are walked in boldness, there are countless examples in both the old and new testaments of leaders whose power drove them to arrogance and overconfidence and vanity.

The difference is that Jesus and apostles were bold, yet humble, while the other leaders were arrogant and proud and vain.

As far as accusing others of error, I find it much more effective to allow others to shoot themselves in the foot (for all to see) rather than me doing it for them (and thus making it about "me".)

When I was 20, I thought I knew everything. Now I know better.
---StrongAxe on 9/2/08

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strongax, I tread boldly, for God is with me.
---Eloy on 9/2/08

Eloy ... I am so sorry to have upset you so much. I had no idea that my very well known story (whih is absolutely true ... my pastor DID conduct his daughter,s wedding) would cause any reaction other than "Yes, Alan we've heard that before" or could possibly be understood.
I thought yours 8/26 showed you understood ... but it's clear you are still extremely upset, and particularly with me rather than the person who poked fun at you.
Anyway, I apologise humbly, and beg your forgiveness
---alan_of_UK on 9/2/08


This is why I tread softly. Since I can't presume to judge another's standing with God (nor can I claim inerrancy that only prophets can presume), I generally don't make accusations like "you're abslutely wrong" or "you're apostate" etc. to people.

Instead, I generally ask informative questions like "If you say this, and the bible says that, how can this be?", and then let the person's own words vindicate him, or condemn him without any help from me.

(And quite frequently, we may all also learn something useful in the process.)
---StrongAxe on 9/2/08

There is no where in the Bible that says that abam and eve comited any acts of incest. I do understand what you are talking about I had the same questions for a long time . The only answer I can give you is this if GOD took a rib from Adam to creat Eve as a mate for Adam. HE could have done the same for Adam and Eve's Son's. How ever this is not in the Bible. And all we can do is focust on is our lives and to stay in service to GOD. And remeber We are all sinners and must repent of our sins. We can't repent for others.
---joe on 9/2/08

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the wicked have zero power to persecute me unless it is given by God.
---Eloy on 9/2/08

mary, not sad and not true. I judge righteous judgment: and every weapon sharpened against me will not succeed: and every tongue opposing me in judgment is condemned. This the heritage of the servants of YHWH, and their righteousness from me, says YHWH.
---Eloy on 9/2/08

This is what I call a comedy of errors or 'Much ado about NOTHING'.Incest was a modern day word later introduced to show the difference IMHO of what was allowable.We question things which are so remote that it has no bearing on GODS THEN LAW.The question is therefore closed in my opinion, and not worthy of discussion..Gods command was in Genesis to INCREASE and multiplyThe question of "Incest"By our today standard cannot be used as a yard stick for Gods command .Its a futile discussion unworthy of merit.
---MIC on 9/1/08

.alanOfUk, nope, you bear witness, and thereby you judge yourself.
---Eloy on 9/1/08

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Sad but true: right now this should be called "The Excedrin Blog": gives me a headache lol!
---Mary on 9/1/08

Eloy ... do you feel I have persecuted you?
---alan_of_UK on 9/1/08

I understand the posters question perfectly, "Did Adam and Eve commit incest?" But You misunderstood this, for you replied to the title over the question, "Did parents marry their kids?"
---Eloy on 9/1/08

Eloy ... I suppose I should have explicitly said I jested.

But I had no idea that anyone would not understand my statement.

Peace. please?
---alan_of_UK on 8/31/08

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.alanOfUk, you should not compare my words, "...I jest", letting the reader know I was posting a pun, with your statement not posting any "I jest", Not letting the reader know you were jesting. And I Do Understand full well this Incest posting, however you did not, for you posted according to the generalized topic: "Do parents marry their children". But my reply was 100% in accordance to the topic posted: "would Adam and Eve not have to commit incest with their sons and daughters." Nope, no parent performing marriage ceremonies here, none. It appears that you posted from reading the title only, but neglecting to read the question posted under the title.
---Eloy on 8/30/08

Eloy ... I had seen your post ... "Mary, yes they ribbed each other lovingly and faithfully, but when Adam's wife learned that her beloved husband constantly left the toilette seat up, she wanted a divorce...I jest"

So I followed your example of not sticking to the exact question (and the arguments had strayed far from the original already) and adding a little jest myself.

And No Eloy, I am not related in any way to MIC. I do think that his post of 8/25 was rather insensitive, and it was a pity that he made fun of your misunderstanding of what I had said.
---alan_of_UK on 8/29/08

.mic, I know what the generalized topic was titled, but the poster's question was clearly asking about incest, and not at all asking about ministerial ceremonies of marriage. So my response to Alan's post was 100% right in accordance with the subject being posted on this blog, namely, "Incest". Alan replying with a different subject other than incest, has zero to do with my right response to his reply. If the question was about Ministers performing marriages for family members, instead of incest, then your take on my reply to Alan could be right: but nonetheless, you err in your judgment because my answer is 100% approriate and right to the question on incest, and has zero to answer to ministers performing marriage ceremonies.
---Eloy on 8/28/08

.alanOfUk, are you related to mic? Please stick to the subject being posted, in this case "Incest" by the first humans, rather then replying with nonrelated subjects as you have done, like ministers marrying-off their children. For Ministers performing marriages for their children have zero to do with incest.
---Eloy on 8/28/08

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alanOfUk, You misapplied a statement to the general topic, rather than to the posters question: for the topic of this blog is not about ministers marrying their children to other people, but instead the topic of this blog is about incest. This is called misapplication, and many people do this, for example, one well-known misapplication of the scripture is,..."the kingdom of heaven suffers violence." I have heard ministers misapply this to wrongly say, God's Word says that we the kingdom allow violence. But that is the wrong definition of this scripture. He actually was saying, that we the kingdom suffer at the hands of violence and wicked people. But evenso, God himself will take vengeance on those violent against his kingdom.
---Eloy on 8/28/08

Eloy:- I am with you 100% on the real incest-divorce and any other sinful interlude.But this was really one you walked into, while not suspectingit. I do not make light of things that concern the law of God.But this was an innocent Trap view it as such.Blessings.Its like a joke.Grin and bear it.
---MIC on 8/28/08

mic, you err. you may be embarrassed, and "ouching", but I am not. Light: On this blog subject about "Incest", and titled, "Did Parents Marry Their Kids" Alan posted: "My pastor married his daughter." Which statement on this "Incest blog" leads one to believe the truth of that statement, namely, incest. Then Alan came back and clarified his statement on this incest blog, saying, Eloy, I shouild have explained better!! The girl thought it would be nice for her father to conduct the wedding service. So he married her to her fiance. So No, you are wrong, there is no embarrassment, pain, nor running into any walls by me on this blog, however you will believe whatever you desire.
---Eloy on 8/27/08


I remember from my childhood an episode of The Beverly Hillbillies that relied on that very same ambiguity (I'm not sure if they ever showed that show over there):

A young man came to town, and Ellie May fell in love with him, and asked him if he would marry her. He said yes. Then everyone got vey upset when he announced that his wife was coming to town... until they found out that he was a minister (who had volunteered to perform a marriage for her).
---StrongAxe on 8/27/08

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Eloy :- Its not easy to walk into a brick wall but you sure did OUCH! the pain< not withstanding the embarrasment of shame.!Double OUCH:-)
---MIC on 8/26/08

alanOfUk, wh-e-e-w! that's better. I was going to say, any minster who takes his daughters hand in marriage has some serious problems. Thanks alot for clearing that up for me, I couldn't imagine you attending a church where your minister is married to his own daughter, the thought was mind boggling to say the least. I mean I knew this world has fallen away from the clear commands, but I after reading your post I thought, man O' days, this world is fast-forwarding to the fire quicker than I thought.
---Eloy on 8/26/08

Eloy ... I shouild have explained better!!

The girl thought it would be nice for her father to conduct the wedding service.

So he married her to her fiance, who is now her happy husband, and they have given her father & mother two grandchildren
---alan_of_UK on 8/26/08

.alanOfUk, really? yuk, that is gross. Please tell me what kind of church you go to, so that I can stay far far away from it.
---Eloy on 8/25/08

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As already stated, the problem isn't so much with where did the first people find wives for their sons, but, that you apparently suffered through something against your will. The situations are entirely different. God has declared that incest is an abomination, and most laws protect against this type of relationship. Ask God to guide you through your recovery from this and get good christian counsel so that you can move on. This is certainly a difficult situation to forgive, but, with God's grace you can. May God bless you and keep you.
---tommy3007 on 8/23/08

My pastor married his daughter.
---alan_of_UK on 8/23/08

Even today, when the genome is so much more downgraded and impure, there are cases when the children of a brother and sister are born without any noticeable birth defects. I believe that the first grandchildren were such children. As the family grew the necessity for incest would have decreased. Nowadays non-related couples have children with birth defects. So everything is pretty much up to God. Before the DNA was purer and defects less likely. IMHO.
---frances008 on 8/22/08

Hehehehe! Thank you Eloy, I needed a good laugh this morning! :D
---Mary on 8/22/08

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Mary, yes they ribbed each other lovingly and faithfully, but when Adam's wife learned that her beloved husband constantly left the toilette seat up, she wanted a divorce...I jest.
---Eloy on 8/22/08


God certainly could have created as many wives for Adam as he wanted (and as many Adams, for that matter). Yet there is absolutely no record anywhere of him having done so (nor have I ever heard any Christian scholars ever suggest this as a serious theory). Given how momentous their first two creations were, surely the Bible would have mentioned if there had been any more.

Of course, while I am sure that such a theory would appease the anti-incest crowd, (much as the "grape juice" theory appeases the anti-alcohol crowd), it would be a stumbling block to the anti-polygamy crowd. No matter how you slice it, SOMEBODY is going to complain about it.
---StrongAxe on 8/21/08

Eloy:-Adam having been ribbed!!by your arithmetic 7or 8 generations will have passed, before there was a daughter for you to marry,considering each generation is 20 years by present day standards,it would not work as by then you would be over200years old too feeble to tie your shoe,laces or find your sandals or even alive considering a life span is 120 years as is stated in the bible but it is the point that counts.!Thats what comes from being Ribbed.Right Mary?
---MIC on 8/21/08

Hi Eloy, good answer. I can't help this I gotta ask: do you supposed Adam and Eve ever "ribbed" each other? :D I know--a total waste of blog space but I couldn't resist :D God bless. Oh, and to the original poster, I am sooooooo sorry for what you've been through. Praying God will minister and heal completely. Love in Christ, Mary
---Mary on 8/21/08

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strongax, when God took Adams rib to make a wife, do you not think he could easily make another wife? He easily could speak, "Let there be a wife...two wives...30...60...100.
---Eloy on 8/21/08

catherine, you are right. Adam lived to be 930 years old. Now if I was a son of Adam, and my brother was also a son of Adam, then my brother had a son, and that son grew and had a son, and that son also grew and had a son, and that son grew and had a son, and that son grew and had a son, and that son grew and had a son, and that son grew and had a son, and then that son grew up and had a daughter, then that daughter grew up and I married her, that would not be incest because the daughter was a great and far off removed from being my immediate family. And when people began sinning their lives were shortened, and no longer do people live to be hundreds of years as the first humans have.
---Eloy on 8/21/08

The Can of worms is yours to open.The saying 'Dont look over your shoulder -Look ahead God put eyes in the correct place for you to see ahead, not behind TRUST in His wisdom,He Creates, He Judges.Satan puts thoughts in your little minds,whether for entertainment or what ?not for your benifit.The Goal is UP ahead for the pitfalls or abyss in the flames as you continue this walk.The past in this human regard will serve you no purpose.
---MIC on 8/21/08


Who were the parents of the first grandchild? Since the only people alive beforehand were Adam and Eve and their children, the grandchild's parents had to be Adam+daughter or Eve+son or brother+sister. No other possibilities exist.

Since the Bible specifically mentions Adam's descendents, either incest happened in Genesis (and God said nothing bad about it), or perhaps there were somehow other poeple around besides Adam and Eve for their children to intermarry with. This second possibility opens MUCH larger cans of worms than incest does.

Note that laws differed before and after the flood, for example, eating animals was permitted afterwards but not before. Perhaps incest was similar.
---StrongAxe on 8/21/08

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It is sad to hear about your personal background. The first man married his own rib, then God Commanded to be fruitful and multiply so he with his own rib had children, over the course of 930 years Adam had many children and his children had children and their children had children and so on and so on.
---Eloy on 8/20/08

Well, I can tell you in plain English, Adam and Eve did not.>>>sexual relations with one's relatives, a sin expressly forbidden by the law of Moses. I have a scripture which will back me up [Lev. 20:12, perversion], God hates it. The Hebrew people were called to a higher code of sexual ethics than was practiced by their Canaanite and Egyptian neighbors. Intercourse was forbidden, [this is disgusting, the whole thing}, with one's mother, stepmother, sister, granddaughter, stepsister, aunt, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, or stepdaughter/granddaughter. Boy, God covered everything, didn't He?
---catherine on 8/19/08

In the beginning it was not sin for sisters to marry brothers. Later it was sin because the Lord said not to. Leviticus 18:6-16
---Ulrika on 8/19/08

Trying to relate this to Adam and Eve to understand your past is not going to solve anything. I don't think. Have you talked to a good psychologist, pastor, counselor or mental health worker. Incest and abuse are very serious offenses and not easy to overcome on your own. A good spiritual advisor would be invaluable to you also. Be encouraged my friend. God knows what you need and desire. Don't forget prayer. If you have been born again seek God first, in all that you do.
---Robyn on 8/1/07

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I agree with all that Paul says below but why, Paul, is there a five month gap between your two posts?
---RitaH on 8/1/07

Continued. In time problems were created through intermarriage so they were told to have more distant relatives for husbands/wives. I am really sorry to hear of your background. These things should not happen and everyone knows it is wrong. There is no excuse. I hope you have received the necessary help and counselling regarding this and pray you will now lead a happy life with a good and caring life partner.
---Paul on 8/1/07

B.J. Adam and Eve had several children at least, we are not told the number but 3 males are named, Cain, Abel and Seth but we are also told that they had other sons and daughters. As they were the only people on earth they would multiply with each other. There was nothing wrong at all with that then because God had made everything perfect and He told them to multiply. He would not have told them to do something that was against His own laws. Continued
---Paul on 3/9/07

Part 2

In the book "Life of Adam and Eve", Cain was born with a twin sister. Abel was also born with a twin sister. One of the points of contention between the two brothers was who was going to marry Aklia, who was fairer than Lullula. Adam had settled on Abel to marry her and Cain to marry the other. When Cain killed Abel, Aklia was saved for Seth.
---David7647 on 10/28/05

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Part 1

Sly, there was a time before the Law was implimented. It was customary for blood to marry blood prior to that.

Genesis tells us that Eve was the mother of all living, this would include the wives of Cain and Seth (Abel may never have married).

According to Jewish tradition, as well as the name of Cain may suggest, there would have been older daughters to Adam and Eve.
---David7647 on 10/28/05

My question is; (1) If siblings had to marry, would not the kids end up severely retarded and deformed? (2) The Bible says God does not change. If siblings are now forbidden to marry, would this not be contrary to the word? The Bible does not make it clear where their wives came from. I think God created wives for Cain and Able, and it was not recorded like other things we know were not recorded in the Bible. If it were a sin at one time, but no longer a sin, then God changes his moral laws.
---Sly on 10/20/05

The Biblical time of Adam and Eve spanned over hundreds of years. Their family was so large (if they and all their children followed God's word)that many would not have even understood who they were kin to. That did NOT mean there was incest or abuse that we know today. Their customs were not ours nor were their laws as relaxed as ours.
---mike_fl on 10/7/05

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