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Dress Anyway To Church Today

What happened to the churches now a days that will let anyone dress as they wish and they think it is okay? Chruches have gotten liberal. Comments?

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 ---Rebecca_D on 9/23/05
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I believe that you should dress modestly for church, and that the clothes should be in presentable condition. I do have a particular pet peave. People that spend money to get their nails done, but wear old, stained sweaters to church (why?)
---Patti on 5/10/10

It's funny how people don't mind dressing up for the President, work, dinners but they don't want to dress up to go into the house of God.
---Angie on 4/15/08

I think you miss the point
---Dan on 3/31/08

Jana: "God wants your heart instead and not your dress." That's true, BUT... I think you ought to re-read the Bible about modesty. Wasn't it God himself that clothed Adam and Eve after their fall?

What happens if a women walks into your church with a low-cut blouse, miniskirt and high heels? Or a man walks in with a tank top, short shorts and sandles? As Christians, what are we to do?
---Steveng on 6/28/07

If you cant afford a flash dress, just come in what you can make do..God wants your heart instead and not your is most important that we know God more and come closer to Him each day, and He will draw nigh to us. Not looking at our dress code..thats for the pharisees...
---jana on 6/28/07

The Bible tells us how to dress. As a Christian woman, I am to dress modestly as becomes a woman professing godliness. I will not wear plunging necklines or short skirts, or anything that exposes my body to men. Personally if I did wear clothes that reveal, I am inviting men to look at me and not at Christ. I also realize that men are stimulated by what they see so I must be careful not to present anything that may entice them to sin against the God I love.
---Janie on 6/28/07

Matt 6:31-32 tells us not to worry about what we shall wear but to seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these thing shall be add to you. To the sinner,let them come as they are, minister and teach them and let God do the rest. Our church is going to the streets where the drugs, prostitutes, sinners are and we are bringing them to Christ. He is cleaning them up. God's word it powerful. But if Christians are inappropriately dressed, the Word has not penetrated their heart.
---jenna3864 on 6/27/07

I think it's a matter of the heart. What's your motive for dressing the way you do, in church or out? Follow God's lead, not man, in your decision making. And don't judge your brother for doing the opposite of you in this scenario. To a man's own master will he stand or fall, and God can help us all stand!
---Katie on 6/27/07

Well, lets don't make matters worse by misinterpreting the word of God. If you do not fully understand scriptures get you a Bible commentary. [Matthew Henry's]. Yes, God expects His people to dress appropriately not only for church but for all occasions. But while you have so many unbelievers sitting in church and so many unbelieveing preachers sitting up front. well, I rest my case.
---catherine on 6/27/07

didnt know there were churches like that
---mark_B. on 6/27/07

Yeah, what about all of those uppity-up churches who are populated only by those wealthy enough to dress for their fellow congregants and show off their piety by how good they can show or how much money their family makes? Do these people actually expect to go to Heaven? Especially when Jesus said, As you do to these, the least of men, so you do for me. The word is Do, not Look Pretty or Important. At least that is what my Bible says.
---harold on 6/27/07

Jay: "It is not the church who had gotten weak, it is you-the Christian."

The church IS the Christian. The Christian IS the church. The Bible does not separate them. Most Christians believe that church is a building chock full of sermons, activities and entertainment to develop the Christian mind. God commanded His people to have peace, that's why the fourth commandment was established in the beginning.
---Steveng on 6/26/07

jana: "Adam n Eve didnt mind seeing each others extra flesh exposed in Eden so why do we worry about what we wear."

This was before they fell into sin.They were like children. There is a big difference between what happened before the fall and what happened after the fall. Even God had to clothe them. In today's world, showing of the private parts is a spider's web of lustful thinking. Modest dress is commanded by God.
---Steveng on 6/26/07

Our dress should reflect the Christ that is in us. Where ever you are-if a Christian, you have Jesus with you. Does he approve of your dress (attire). It is not the church who had gotten weak, it is you-the Christian, trying to live both in the world and in the spirit. Won't work. Ask your heavenly Father in the name of Jesus. He looks at your heart, if it is right your attire will be also.
---Jay on 6/26/07

I purchased 5 suits "shirt, slacks, and coat" from Goodwill for under $60.00. They look real sharp and not a thing wrong with them. I don't think I could have purchased 2 outfits at Wal-mart for that price. Our Pride and selfishness is sometimes our own worst enemy. Ever since GOD has touched my heart, I will honor him any way possible whether that means wearing my best to worship him or lending a hand to a friend.
---Jay on 5/24/07

A man goes to a new church .He was dressed in ragged jeans, a stained ,wrinkled shirt and shoes they were very worn. People starred at him . He pulled the preacher aside and asked why.The preacher told him " we have a dress code. Go home and ask God what you should wear when you come to this church" . The man went home and said "God, whats the "dress code" at that church ? God answered and said " I have no idea, I have never been there ! "
---heather on 5/17/07

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Sue: Your heart is not right before God and your understanding is very little. You also need to learn the basics of christianity. Fellowship serves a very important place in a believer's life. If someone would dress up for a queen and not for Christ, something is definitely wrong.God has done more for me in one day than any dowdy queen will ever do.
---Robyn on 5/17/07

There is a place for everything & everything in its place.Clothes are an essential part of our character & describes who we are.Church is for Prayer but also the House of God.its like being invited to a wedding Feast of the Lord where we are called to His Banquet.Read Matt22:1-14 the wedding Banquet to get some insight.God Bless .
---Emcee on 5/17/07

Adam n Eve didnt mind seeing each others extra flesh exposed in Eden so why do we worry about what we wear..didnt God say look at the lilies of the fields, they dont worry about this and that. we r so like the pharisees of old who were so busy picking n choosing what they want and discarding the rest...jus as some today do to the 10commands of God.
---jana on 5/17/07

We are not to dress as we wish. We are to dress becoming and modestly as women and men of God. We need to use common sense in selecting clothes to wear to church and a good old fashion three way mirror, if we can find one, these days.
We should not look like we are going to a club or some other shameful place etc...go easy on the makeup and accessories. Our focus should be on the Lord, with as little distractions, as possible.
---Robyn on 5/7/07

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Maybe a Christian lady should start a new Church fassion for all. Especially the young girls. Mother's should teach their daughters to wear propper clothing not only to church, but in general. We do not have to follow what the world does. Body is House of the Holy spirit.
---Junia on 3/25/07

That is because you can not find decent clothing to wear. I have been looking for dresses to wear to church, I can not find anything suitable so I settle for pants and a jacket. Not what I like to wear to church. Again as long as they come why worry what they wear.
---jean on 3/24/07

As I have stated before, Why not stand in front of your Holy mirror and ask our Holy Father what He thinks, and go with what the Holy Father saids. Not only for the Holy church, but where ever you go is Holy ground, if your Holy Father is with you. [Jesus Christ is yours and mine Holy Father.]
---catherine on 3/7/07

I honour my Father by dressing respectfully and decently in His house. I also try to behave in a respectful manner - 1 Cor 11:17-34.
---lorra8574 on 3/6/07

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Having come from back East i was used to wearing a suit not only to work but also to church. After moving to the Southwest, I found that I was often the only one in the church building that wore a suit. But after leaving that church, nearly everyone in my new congregatin wears a suit. I think that it is a matter of social class - professional and non-professionals.
---lee on 3/6/07

I've been to church wearing a suit and also wearing jeans and t-shirt.

Re women, it doesn't matter what they wear as long as they wear decently.
---Caring on 3/6/07

With me being a Preacher's wife. I can tell you first hand, too many people focas alot on material things and not on spiritual things. I know people look at how I dress or my children. but I don't care if they don't like my attire or not. I dress decent, in order. I don't want the best that money can buy, I'm just thankful for what I do have. but others can't see that. because their focas is on other people and not the Lord.
---Rebecca_D on 3/6/07

We don't let people do anything. People come to church to get a word from the preacher, find comfort, peace and seek the Lord among other reasons. We should love people and stop focusing on what they are wearing. This is a very ugly and very unloving spirit. God want our hearts and not our clothes. Poor people cannot afford big hats and fancy clothes but they sometimes have more faith than any of those bigshots who wear big hats and fine clothes. Give me the poor anyday.
---robyn on 3/5/07

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Christ walked around in a suit that was the equivalent to an Armani suit, if that is how He dressed which also says he was quite wealthy, and you had the means to dress the same would you? Ask The Lord for an increase in finances to buy the clothing that He wants you to wear, and do not let the enemy steal your seeds.
---Stephen on 3/5/07

why not ask the Holy Spirit help you dress up? He is sent to guide us and lead us in all aspects right? we are from different backgrounds where something might matter to one and not to the other...but what does God say... i guess it would be right to ask Father what to wear... seems strange but believe me He cares what we wear, we are His temple, i dont think He'd want us to dress anyhow. I believe the Church of Jesus Christ should consult Father in everything, dressing code inclusive!
---melodi on 3/5/07

When dressing think of others, are you being a stumbling block to others? E.g If i wear a revealing top or tight skirt,I'm i she leading men to sinful thoughts?
While we should not be quick to judge, its wise to be conciderate of others. We are not all the same, some people dont mind. others do.
When you consider others, you will find that this question is easily answered.
---Juliet on 3/5/07

I do get shocked at the dress ethics of many young people,today.I would not expect to see Pope Benedict in ordinary torn jeans and tee-shirt, so why are we disrespecting and not revering God at Church? I read in Romans 7:22 "in my inner most being, I delight in God's law". If we Love and honor God in our hearts, then we must prove it in all manner of behavior.
---rosem4839 on 3/2/07

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greg== I know where you are coming from. Just as long one is neat and not ashame. Just in case, Jesus appeared at the front door, or the center of the room, or the back door, or through a window.
---catherine on 3/1/07

this is areply fromgreg9683. ido not atall feel comfortable in a church group wheremen dressup in blacck suits and where plain ties butwe need to be dressed suitably in cloathes that are acceptable and good but casual but if older people do that is fine but idonot believe that they should expect other people to dressas they are rarheraccept people as they are in the culture of the day .
---greg on 3/1/07

Our actions show our love, what is in our heart. As the old hymn goes, Your actions speak so loud, I can't hear what you say.

Our dress reveals a lot about us, yet never does Jesus turn us away--He brings us to His house and washes away the sins and clothes us with white raiment of character. Then we will show that love and respect in our dress. He is worthy of our best. My best may be worse than the cast offs of the rich. Jesus bids each to follow Him and not judge others, but rather encourage.
---Wayne87 on 3/1/07

tut tut tut..judging is terrible..I dress my very best for God n whose to tell me how I should dress. I dont care what anyone says about what I wear bcos I do it only 4God. If u think negatively otherwise, its your probelm, not mine. our church is very casual in what they wear n some people cant afford 2dress up so come in jeans..nothing wrong with that. its whats inside that matters to God.
---jana on 2/28/07

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my church is very casual and i think that is great! it doesn't matter what you wear, it matters who you're going there for! i'm not saying short shorts and things are ok...but yea, being casual is not what matters...people try to dress high society in the church to impress others, that's not right
---Stephanie on 2/28/07

By saying that it matters to you what others where in church, you are acting unlike Jesus would. Did he expect his followers, in his day, to dress their best to see him, no. Don't worry about what everyone is wearing, its so besides the point. What you feel is appropriate may not be the same for everyone. That's perfectly ok, but don't judge them for it. What's the point.
---alan_watts on 2/24/07

We should dress at least as good to meet with God as we would to meet with the President. It's a respect thing.
---jerry6593 on 2/24/07

Carol: "they may not have proper church attire." I preach the streets and I know a few homeless people who dress better than the people who go to church. But I think we are talking about people who come in holey (not Holy) jeans and a t-shirt when you know they have better clothes at home.
---Steveng on 2/23/07

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Doug - You are in church. Focus dude. Why are you busy judging what other people wear? Why are you letting it distract you. She's not distracting you, YOU are letting something distract you. Focus. Or you shouldn't bother being there....
---Alan_Watts on 2/23/07

Variety is the spice of life, and God looks at your heart more than your dress, however moderation is the key. Attending Church is attending the marriage feast of the Lord together with us his bride, so we should put on goodly clothes suitable to meet our groom, the Holy Lord inside God's House of prayer. In repect, we should not go to our Papa's House dressing like careless slobs nor expensive gaudiness nor skimpily revealing much flesh. Please read Matthew 22:11-14.
---Eloy on 2/23/07

jesus wore sandles, his apostles wore what they had...they didn't try to impress with their not about clothes...worship in what you are comfortable worshiping in...don't judge others, and don't allow others to affect your
---alan_watts on 2/23/07

I do not believe dressing up for church is all that necessary and actually could be part of vanity, however the way some attractive young women are attending church nowadays, with strong sexual appeal....honestly can be quite distracting. They can dress attractively without the sexual glam.
---Doug on 2/23/07

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the bible says to come as you are.once someone starts coming to church and recieving the word of God,and it gets down in their spirit they will change.also have you ever thought about the fact that they may not have proper church attire. maybe you should think on these things before you judge others, amen
---carol on 2/22/07

1 If Noah and his family had forsaken the assembling of themselves when commanded they would have perished with the ungodly. If the children of Israel had forsaken the assembly at the mount they would not have heard the word of God and died in rebellion to the commandment. If the children of Israel had forsaken David's call to assemble they would not have heard who he appointed to build a house for the Lord. A type and shadow of our salvation.
---Frank on 2/22/07

2 Had Lot and his family not assembled in a little city as led by the angels they would have perished with Sodom and gommorah. Had the household of Abraham rejected the commandment to gather for circumcision (a type and shadow of the word and Spirit circumcising our heart by faith) they would have lost out on the promise to Abraham. Forsaking the assembly is revealed in many places with devistating results of disobedience.
---Frank on 2/22/07

Rebecca: Yes, my family is saved. And I dont really have nothing against churches, I just dont go. Catherine, I love you! I can just picture you all dressed up at Walmarts! I used to like dressing up, but now I like comfort more I guess. Steve, of course I think of Bush as 'just a man'! Because thats exactly what he is! Just a man. I do respect his title though. And you bet I pray for him. He needs prayer bad.
---sue on 2/22/07

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Sue; You don't need more fellowship? We are told to fellowship with other Christians.Is all your family saved? I love my relatives dearly, but I'm closer to my church family. What is it really that you have against church? Steven; Bush is just a man, like you but with a higher power. I do agree that we need to pray for him, for he has a burden upon his shoulders that I don't want.
---Rebecca_D on 2/22/07

Sue: I feel sorry for you if you just think of Bush as only a man. It's the title that you are respecting. Besides, the Bible says, no commands, that Christians must pray for the people in power. If we don't pray, God won't help. Instead of complaining we should be praying for the Holy Spirit to guide Bush to make the right decision.
---Steveng on 2/21/07

Women,I have one questian for you. What have you got against dressing up? I wish that they would bring back white gloves and hat. I am serious. I still enjoy dressing up, even to walmart.
---catherine on 2/21/07

Hi Steve, I suppose I'd get a bit more dressed up if I HAD to meet the Queen. The President...hmmm, I dont know, I'd probably wear my good jeans, the ones with only a couple holes.
As far as going to church to have 'fellowship with others', I dont need more fellowship. I have lots of friends/family I can talk to. And I can learn about God in other ways than going to church. But thank you for your thoughts, God bless you.
---sue on 2/21/07

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Sue: How would you dress if you were to meet the President or a King or Queen of another country? Dressing up is showing respect for royalty and how much more royalty is God?

By the way, going to church benefits you two ways. One, to learn more about God and, two, to have fellowship with one another - something you can't have by watching TV.
---Steveng on 2/20/07

This is why I like staying home, watching 'church' on TV. I don't really like dressing up and I would never dis respect the other people at church. Call me lazy, but I love wearing my jeans or PJ's. as much as possible. I hate dressing up. Like I said, there is something wrong with me. Most people love getting all gussied up, not me.
---sue on 2/20/07

Honestly i would say that some churches honor this tradition wayy to much...remember what happened to the people that honored tradition(pharasee's)...
Its nice to wear good clothes but not required...i've heard of a church where they think that wearing a white collored button up shirt is more holy than any other thats going astray...
Churches have gotten to consertative(haha had to throw that in)
---mark on 2/20/07

Really, the only thing that God specifically told uis to do is for women to cover their head when in church. I think it is a good thing to dress modestly, and it is a good thing to wear nice clothes to church if you have tfhem, but frankly, God is much more concerned with what is in your heart that what clothes you are wearing.
---Rick_D on 2/20/07

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the only dress code in the bible is modisty. I get anoyed with people that think that just because a church dose not require you to put on a suit and tie or a dress that makes you liberal.
---Robert on 2/19/07

---r.w. on 9/5/06

I'm sure that God uses more common sense than we do. I believe I should look my best for God but my best is not your best. Also, imagine if I get ready in my 'best' and 5 minutes before leaving the house my grandson is sick all down my suit, I change quickly into what I wore yesterday. I'm no longer in 'my best', others will know that and not know why but God knows why and, to Him, it will be acceptable. We are too quick to judge.
---M.P. on 7/15/06

In our church, we often lay face down in reverence of the presence of the Lord. Kind of hard to do in a nice suit.
---Delmer on 7/14/06

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So Rebecca D: If a homeless person came in with raggedy clothes, or a prostitute came in with a skimpy outfit, do you think churches should say they couldn't come in, even if they were seeking help from Jesus?
---Alan_of_usa on 7/14/06

I don't see in the Bible where it says men have to wear a suit and ladies a dress to come to church. is what is in your heart that matters. The Bible does talk about morality, but as long as the dress is not immoral, I don't see any problem biblically with jeans, shorts, or t-shirts.
---sam on 7/14/06

we take people as they come in our church..accepting Jesus in the heart is what matters the most, not wht you see on the outer..many of our believers came this way and now they have added to the church also the same way...remember, its whats in the heart tht matters the most.
---jana on 7/14/06

I find it hard to believe that there was a Sunday fashion show at the Jordan but the Lord delights in an offering made by sacrifice. He is to be revered and feared. Nobody dared go before a king in drty clothes or half naked and disrespectful. The main thing is to wear your best even if it's not the fanciest. It's the thought of pleasing the King and not ourselves that counts.
---Frank on 7/10/06

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I am from the old school as far as my parents raising me. I still subscribe to dressing up to go to church. I understand that there are those who might not have more than the shirt on there backs. However; for most of us, we have clothes for work, play and partying. You take extra care when dressing for a social occasion; why not extra care to praise GOD. He above all deserves our best. If you have your Sunday Best, than wear it, if not most certainly come as you are.
---DEE on 5/12/06

Beth, I agree with you absolutely. If you, or anyone else, only have clothes with holes in then God knows this and will be happy you go to church wearing them. However, if such a person has one set of clothes that are better than that, then these are the ones to wear for church. Save the best for God. No-one would keep an appointment with the President wearing their worst clothes so we should not do so when we are going to meet someone far more important than the President.
---M.P. on 10/26/05

well i know that my church lets you dress how you want as long as its modest and I tihnk thats great! as a teen I hate dresses so if they made me dress up as other churches do i prolly wouldnt go, or maybe I would but i dont know cuz I dont have that problem!
---angie on 10/26/05

I have alway's been told that God don't care what we wear to church as long as it's decent. The main thing is being there to serve God.I very seldom wear a dress to church, depends on how I feel but wear decent clothes. Some people can't afford real nice clothes so have to wear what they have. Main thing is go to church. Even if you have to wear clothes with holes in them. I don't think God would care.
---beth on 10/26/05

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Tyrone, we are told to dress modestly. Suits, fancy hats,and minks do not constitute modest and are totally unneccessary. I believe we should attend God's house as clean and tidy as we can, given the circumstances that we are in (and God knows what they are) and not wear clothes that would make us look as if we were going to a sleazy night club.
---M.P. on 10/25/05

what about poor people who donot have sufficient clothing.such as suits ,fancy hats,and minks etc.
---tyrone on 10/25/05

Please allow me to say this...I am a pastor and I teach the leadership in our church to dress appropriately. We are to set an example for the young & old. God deserves our best. If I'm a royal priesthood and a holy nation, why shouldn't I dress like it?
---LaWanda on 10/20/05

I believe the meeting room of a church is the sanctuary, a place to be held in reverence to the Holy Spirit. It is the common place we as Christians go to be fed God's word. Therefore, we should not grieve the Holy Spirit of God by raucus noise, unholy mannerisms or dress. Respectfully and modestly we should dress, prayerfully enter and in awe of God be ministered to. Is that so much to give to God for His love of us? Many of us dress better to attend a funeral than the house of God, Why?
---mike_fl on 10/14/05

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Thanks Heather.
---bethie on 10/10/05

No problem, Bethie, it's a legitimate question. Things that are too tight (to borrow a dexription I fully agree with and thought forthright "...if you don't want people looking at it, don't wear clothes so tight you can see the outline of it...", too short (shorter than 1" or so above the knee for skirts/dresses), or too overall revealing. As far as wearing nice pants to church services, I don't do it myself, but I firmly believe that's a matter of personal conviction from God.
---Heather on 10/10/05

I generally always wear one of my chiffon gowns, with a tierra of course! J/K!
I live in a 24 hour city. MANY of our members come straight from work to church. Many men and women who work as wait staff on 3rd shift. We're just happy they are there! I blend well with the guys in tuxes in my chiffon!
---NVBarbara on 10/10/05

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