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Birth Pains Of The End Times

Do you think we are feeling the birth pains of the end time with all this weather lately and do you think God is trying to make a point to get us to turn from our wicked ways?

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 ---Dianna on 9/25/05
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I know this is an old blog,
However, one can clearly see the change in the Intensity, Frequency and in different places that usually don't suffer such storms.
500 & 100 yr. storms are happening every 5 yrs.
The Earth is about to give Birth!
I've been told to Watch, I've Watched, And it comes, So lift up your hands unto God, Our Redemption draws Near!
Praise be to God, ALL is as he said it would be!
War, Pest, Famine, Israel a Nation, old Roman Empire is Rising.
---Duane_Dudley_Martin on 6/15/08

In the days of Noah they said exactly the same questioning Noah about his boat in high summer and and refused to acknowledge that they were being warned hence they perished in the floods. God punishes the people for their disobedience or the flood is a lie!
---Carla5754 on 6/14/08

Frances ... "causing a war in Iraq really did not do much to help the planet unless you think, like the Pope, that reducing the population is good"
The Iraq war is a big mistake, conceived for wrong reasons, and executed without regard for the people it was supposed to be "freeing"
But I don't see the Pope seriously wants to reduce the world's population. He talks about it being too high, but why does he still ban contraception? That is one of the worst things about the RCC.
---alan_of_UK on 2/19/08

Of course, causing a war in Iraq really did not do much to help the planet unless you think, like the Pope, that reducing the population is good. Then all that oil (purpose of war) kind of belies their vocal support of Environmentalism and the Global Warm Scare which is much akin to the Bin Ladin Al Quada scare. Fear to breed more rules to destroy more small businesses, make more bureaucracy to burden people with.
---frances on 2/18/08

I believe we are in the Beggining of those birth pains (Matt.24:8.)
Think about it: The two situations about giving birth?
They are...
1.)More frequently Experienced,

2.) Increasingly INTENSE!

3.) Many events have happened this way?

Wars, Rebellions, Quakes, Diseases, Immorality, Violence, & Storms, AND... The Gospel.

What if it circled the globe when it didn't use to? Look at how accepted it is now, and if true, you can predict the future trend-now.
---timotheus on 2/18/08

Astronomer, or astrologer? or AstroNOT? They all kind of blur together in some occultic secret society, probably a rather recluse one like Skull and Bones.
---frances on 2/17/08

yes,I listened to an astronomer say strange
eruptions are occuring on the sun. The
temp. is increasing. "And the eight angel
poured out his vial upon the sun and it
increased with intensity and scorched men
and they blasphemed god".
---Micha_3634 on 2/17/08

The weather today is no more volatile than at any other time in the past. We just hear about it a lot more. God has always been warning man to turn from his wicked ways. A more prounounced harbinger of the end times is the technology we now possess. Everything described in Revelation can now come to pass via computers, satellites, I.D. chips, etc.
---ralph7477 on 2/17/08

The weather for years has been bad in other parts of the world ... floods, droughts ... so what is happening now is not new except that it is happening to the USA.
And other countries have turned away from God, (the percentage of Christians in UK is much lower than in USA) and have not had destructive weather. So, I think not a punsihment.
But perhaps a wake up call to the USA and other developed and developing countries ..."Start looking after our planet, or you will destroy it"
---alan8869_of_UK on 7/18/07

I'm sure that God is trying to get our attention with all these happenings but every generation has thought they were living in the end time. We are told that we will not be able to work out the time of the end so we should be always ready.
---M.A. on 10/30/05

It's not just weather disasters that are more frequent. Earth quakes are more frequent and severe. Much of Australia is in drought. Mud slides in South America. These are clearly the birth pains, and we should be awake and ready.
---Anthony on 10/29/05

Looks like most agree that we are living at the time of the end. Wouldn't it be prudent then to DIGEST the very prophecies that were given for such a time as this? The book of Daniel was written specifically for this time. You should seek to understand exactly what Daniel's prophecies were, and how they relate to THIS TIME. If your church isn't teaching it, find a church that is, or research on the net! God Bless.
---casey on 10/25/05

Yes, we are living the "End Times".....We should be expecting to be Raptured at any moment. (Then might be a couple years). Watch GOD's Beloved Israel! Israel is the "fig tree" JESUS gave us to notice, that we might predict the times.
---Jgee on 10/24/05

---WIVV on 10/22/05

What is false will be made manifest by the light. In Exodus, there did come a time where there was such a difference between Israel and Egypt that folks noticed it. Three of the plagues came on all the people but, beginning with that fourth one, the plagues that touched Egypt touched Israel no more. Peace because of circumstances is a false peace and will fail as soon as something goes wrong. The mind of peace never fails.
---Deborah on 10/22/05

"Christ may very well come when people are enjoying a time of peace."

I agree. There is a peace that the world offers and is limited and the mind of peace that Christ offers that is unlimited. The world's peace is dependent on what is or what is not going on around them. The mind of peace is independent of circumstances. Those who have the peace that the world gives and those who have the mind of peace dwell together until there comes a time when there is an obvious difference.
---Deborah on 10/22/05

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God uses nature. This is not to show us our wicked ways however. God is pulling his protection from this Earth, so Satan has more influence. IMHO, the winds of change in the political/religious arena prove the end times scenario is at hand. And if you are counting on being raptured before the tribulation, or have a "second chance" after, study harder. The three Hebrews were saved THROUGH the furnace. Noah was saved THROUGH the flood. God will keep His remnant people safe THROUGH the trib.
---casey on 10/22/05

Ice samples dug in the Antartic seem to indicate that there are cycles that the earth experiences. So the ice caps are melting, and there are earthquakes and hurricanes, it simply reflects the cycles that the earth is experiencing. We should not believe that this type of things are necessarity an indication of the end times. Christ may very well come when people are enjoying a time of peace.
---lee on 10/21/05

It looks like Crystal hit the nail on the head with her forecast of another catastrophic event. It is looking like 2005 the contractions have increased in time and intensity. In less then 30 days there will probably be another catastrophe of some kind. I'm guessing a large quake in California is due. How can we, the United States escape the big picture? My eyes are wide open. I'm alert and watching. It is awesome to see prophecy unfold before our eyes! He is coming soon!
---John on 10/11/05

Well, Alan, I must say that my collegues and I have been "noticing" since the early 80's at least. Just imagine! The polar ice cap is melting!! That is irreversible and God's hand is in it! We WILL see frightening things before the trumpet, but I'm awfully glad that we will be taken before the Great Tibulation. Woe unto those left upon the face of the earth when the Anti-Christ comes. Scary!!
---Crystal on 9/30/05

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Crystal ... I agree.
I suppose I was making the point that over the centuries and last century they have been happening all over the world inlcuding earthquakes killing tens of thousands.
It is only now when something happens in the USA, that the "developed" world really takes any notice
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/30/05

America, Israel, nor any nation is exempt from end times birth pains.

We're the last of a long succession of nation's paying the price for moving away from God, & from under His [Echad's/God's] protection.

"Offences must come, but woe to them by whom they come".

Like Israel past & others, this "gentile promised land", has sown the wind, & will reap the whirlwind. {enemies on our soil, [& protected] unheard of!}.

THE GOOD NEWS? IThess.4:13-18, ICor.15:35-58.
---bob6749_[Elishama] on 9/29/05

No, Alan, they have not! Not to this degree or as often. I can say this with authority as I have studied and worked with an organization that deals with the atmospheric and weather patterns. Jesus said that catastrophic weather events of this proportion would increase in severity and in frequency. That is happening now / today as it never has before!! Watch and mark my words, there will be another event in only a matter of weeks.
---Crystal on 9/27/05

Crystal .. These things are now happening to the USA, but over the centuries they have happened all over the world, and to other nations and empires.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/27/05

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Sorry, Ralph! I should have read more carefully, but I do think that the weather is ONE of the signs. Jesus said that "'s hearts would faint within them at the tossing and turning of the seas." The last tsunami is evidence of this phenomenon spoken of by our Master. He also said, "When these things begin to happen, look up for your (our) redemption draweth nigh." I'm looking up these days!!!
---Crystal on 9/26/05

Crystal, if you read carefully you will understand that I am inclined to believe the end times are near. I just don't think the weather is much different than it ever was. Advances in technology are what lead me think that the times described in Revelation are not far away.
---ralph7477 on 9/26/05

ABSOLUTELY!!!! Read Luke 11 and Mark 9. If we aren't living in the last days described there, I will eat your socks! The other two responses are typical of people who do not WANT to see or heed the signs Jesus clearly warned us to look for.
---Crystal on 9/26/05

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