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Spirit-Filled Sinful Woman

A woman that I work with, says she's a Spirit filled christian has started dating a man.(who is separated from his wife and not a christian). She has asked for me to pray for her. So what do I pray for? What could be her motivies?

Moderator - Pray the relationship stops.

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 ---wayne on 9/25/05
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Tell her you are praying for her to follow the word of God and not her flesh. I doubt that she is Holy Spirit filled if she is doing this. I would believe she was filled with the spirit of lust if she is going out with a married unsaved guy.
---john on 11/12/07

I pray that the Lord will use you to minister to this lady. Give her words of wisdom and share with her to continue in that relationship, she would be deceiving herself.
---Lanese on 11/12/07

I'd say start praying that she will begin to behave like the spirit filled woman she claims to be, that she will start to read her bible and see that it is wrong to be unequally yoked and that the relationship she is now in could lead to adultery. I think her motives might be that she wants your approval. Don't give it.
---M.A. on 8/8/07

I agree with Moderator and Mary.
---Ben on 2/21/07

It appears that your friend is under conviction for her behavior. As her concience will, she is hoping that with a few prayers from others that she can justify what she is doing, or hopes that her behavior will slide by, without notice.
---mary5984 on 2/7/07

The bible says my people are perishing for a lack of knowledge. This lady has the same problems all of us has. No knowledge,rebellious spirit, pride, wanting to do her own thing. But she is going to run into a lot of problems,as we all do when we do not heed the word of God. We have the freedom to do what we want but we must pay the price for our sins, eventually.
---robyn on 2/6/07

It is not black and white. I wander how long she has been saved? You hear preachers sometimes getting into all kinds of trouble like this. I just need God too much. I will leave it right there. Not perfect by no stretch of the imagination.
---CATHERINE on 2/6/07

The tempter is busy. By the time a woman christian or not becomes involved in a situation like this, we must remember the deception that takes place prior to the decision to continue. This man may have appealed to something that was empty in her and although the word is right, the deception occurred. It is not black and white!!!
---Wendy on 2/5/07

It is called subtle seduction - i was caught in that same situation and IM SPIRIT FILLED. If it was not for the little strength i had left of the Holy Spirit i would've fallen captive. Remember the bible says for us not to look down on her, lest WE be tempted likewise - but it says to help restore her in love. There is a book that I recommend that the dear friend, Wayne, get her - written by - Beth Mooore called 'What happens when godly people do ungodly things'. God Bless!
---anonymous on 5/15/06

True she may be spirit filled, but which spirit. I have to question it someone telles me they are spirit filled yet there live is not Christian.
---Rev_Herb on 9/27/05

No woman should be dating a non-Christian - especially one who is not even divorced. Along with prayer for this relationship to stop, show her 2 Corinthians 6:14
---WIVV on 9/25/05

Pray that she get saved and know the difference between right and wrong. I would seek the Holy Ghost on her and her friend.
---Rebecca_D on 9/25/05

She's not getting my approval, I told her it was wrong.
I know her motivies are 1. romance. 2 to see him saved. in that order. I've never had a friend in that situation before. She introduces him as "her feller". Just didn't know how to pray for her. Thanks for all the advice. I appreciate all of you.
---wayne on 9/25/05

Pray Eph.1:17-23 over her...daily.
---Linda_Smith on 9/25/05

Wayne, you're either a [good] Baptist and/or of [good] Holy Spirit "influence". Good delivery, good follow through, STRIKEEEE ......!

She's Spirit Filled? Gal.5:22-24, 6:1.

Gotta be a reason "Christians" still listen to smooth talkers like the (d)evil one, in the serpent, did to Eve in The Garden in Eden" [Or Samson, etc]! (We) must be born again"!
---bob6749_[6749] on 9/25/05

You should pray for her. Even spirit filled Christians need prayer. The enemy is attacking right now and she's not seeing things clearly.
---Rachel on 9/25/05

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Ask her, what you need to pray for. If it is relationship, then how could she be spirit filled and decide to have a relationship with a separated man and on top of that he is not a christian. If her motive is to win him to the Lord, she is puttin herself in a risky place. I think you should talk to her about her motives, then we can move from there.Her desire to help may be genuine but these can not be known unless one talks to her. Just my thoughts.
---nika5465 on 9/25/05

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