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Wicked Actors Have Problems

What do you think could be the long lasting effects of young actors playing the parts of Harry Potter and other similar characters. Do you think this could affect them mentally or spiritually?

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 ---M.A. on 9/26/05
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I wot that i rather think of the effects to the viewers, especially the young, rather than the actors. Afterall, the actors know they are only acting thier part and perhaps dont see the scary, watever, final view as seen on the screen while thay are taping!. Its the money for acting that affects them greater-mentally and spiritually! On the otherside, it could affect them with guilt if they know they are acting out something that would affect the viewers negatively and stil do it!
---cesar on 3/6/08

Only if they allow it to affect them.
---Rebecca_D on 5/15/07

Some of my friends won't even let their kids watch old shows with witchcraft, such as "Bewitched" and "Sabrina". I struggle with "Bewitched" because I grew up watching that show, and now wonder if I should see it. I don't know if it is any more innocent than watching harry Potter, which I never have done.
---drew2902 on 9/28/05

...And Sally, what kind of parents would allow their child to act in these damaging demonic movies?
---NVBarbara on 9/27/05

Just a note about Gary Busey, he came out of a life of alcohol and drugs. He accepted the Lord as Savior and so far he has not wavered from that. I saw him in an interview recently and he's not taking much work, or being offered much work because of his stance of not talking and working the way he used to. He was in "The Tribulation" with Margot Kidder, another 'Hollywood Christian.'
---NVBarbara on 9/27/05

To take the original question to a slightly different angle should a Christian actor actually accept a contract to play a part that would involve him/her in using filthy language or cause him/her to be blasphemous? I can't see any doing this with a very clear conscience. Regarding the original question I think actors must be affected by the roles they play.
---F.F. on 9/27/05

Amen Barbara! I've even heard parents who call themselves Christian say that there is nothing wrong with their kids reading Harry Potter books. What are they thinking?
---Sally on 9/27/05

Yes, they are dabbing in the occult and witchcraft, which are of the devil. They are open to demonic activity taking hold of them in their lives. They will be under demonic bondage. There needs to be deliverance of God. We are warned of what witchcraft can do in the lives of those who open the door to the powers of darkness. The hope is that they come to know and accept Jesus as their personal savior. Then the bonds of the devil will brake and they can be free to live the life Christ intended!
---Denece_Thomas on 9/27/05

I read once that playing in "The Exorcist" had a very disturbing effect on the then, 13 year old Linda Blair.
It was also noted that many odd things happened on the set while the movie was being made. A couple of people died when a huge stand of lights fell on them.
The devil knows where he's welcome.
---NVBarbara on 9/27/05

With all of the filth, four letter words, damning and taking the name of God and Christ in vain, we can call Gary Busey a "very strong Christian"?
What on earth do we call a weak Christian?
Don't tell me he has contracts to fulfill.
He doesn't have to take them in the first place.
I know a Christian Police Officer who almost lost a case because he would not repeat the foul language he heard.
His stand ended up adding creditability to his testimony.
---Elder on 9/27/05

Mirna ...
I think I agree with you on this to an extent. A Christian could play an immoral person... in a moral play
But do you think he should do that in an immmoral play?
---alaan8869_of_UK on 9/27/05

When you are contually around evil, it must affect you mentally. As far as spiritual, there is no spirit there except evil spirits.
---shira_5965 on 9/27/05

I would never judge an actor, by the parts they play... It is just a job after all. Take actor Gary Busey. He often plays very evil and vile characters, in movies, but he is a very strong Christian! Just like you cannot judge a person who works giving lethal injections to prisoners, you just NEVER know who is a Christian or not. Unless, we all start wearing signs on our foreheads!
---Mirna on 9/26/05

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