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Esau Predestined For Hell

Was Esau predestined to go to hell? He sold his birthright for a bowl of soup, from his own choice it sounds but in Romans 9: 11-13 we read 'Jacob I have loved but Esau I have hated'.... so that 'the purposes of God according to election might stand.' Was there ever any hope for Esau?

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 ---M.A. on 9/27/05
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The story of Esau and Jacob is not one of one is saved and who isn't. But it relates later as a parable. If you trade salvation for earthly gains, at the judgment when we get our inheritance it doesn't matter how you cry or beg, you wont get it since you traded it away.
---Marty on 3/12/09

Steveng, I believe you are going to heaven. God bless you. God is merciful. Romans 11:32.
---SueQ7373 on 5/7/08

It was not a matter of Goo loving Jacob better than Esau.It was already determined of what will happen to Esau.It was just the purpose of God for thinks to be the way they were.There is hope for Esau at ressurection
---Lolo on 5/7/08

StrongAxe, very good point. And God richly blessed Esau - see Genesis 33.
---SueQ7373 on 5/6/08

SueQ7373: "I don't believe that Esau was predestined to go to hell. None of you either! "

On the contrary, many people in these blogs will not see heaven or a new earth for it's written that there are many anti-christs who are wearing sheeps clothing who teach a false gospel. There are many Christians today that lack one ingredient that guarantees a place in heaven - love. Sure, they can DEFIME love, but don't know HOW to love.
---Steveng on 5/6/08

yes they were made to go to hell,Jude 1-4,many people never have a chance they can't beleive,prov.20:12, they never have a chance, psalm 58:2-3,some cant even repent! Heb.12:10, sorry predestination is Oh So True! 1john5:4! Amen, Glory to GOD Forever!
---joe on 5/6/08

Jesus does not love everyone in the world, he said so in the 7th chapter of John He warned us of our Pastors that say things like "choose, freewill, give your heart to jesus and oh yea Accept christ" please read the 7th chapter of Matt.dont miss v.15, whatever happened to Rev.12:9? please study your bibles! they are not just for sun. morning! I leave you with this, Luke 13:24
---joe on 5/6/08

Whose act was more "evil"?

Esau's for selling his birthright for one lousy meal, or Jacob's for essentially blackmailing him into doing so (rather than just fixing him lunch, as any loving brother ought to have done)?
---StrongAxe on 5/6/08

God's word says,the ONLY ONE that is going to Hell as of now is satan.
I know many people say who is going to hell and who isn't.......where God says HE is the only Judge of that....I believe the Bible it is Gods' word and His word Never changes not one bit
---Gabby on 5/6/08

I don't believe that Esau was predestined to go to hell. None of you either! God bless you all. God is merciful. Romans 11:32.
---SueQ7373 on 5/6/08

words dont translate well. while the bible is infallible, the translations are not. some say jacob stole the blessing. jacob in hebrew is one who grabs the heel, others make it to be trickster. jacob no more stole the blessing then one who takes your money is a thief if you gave them an open power of attorney. esau thought he could do no wrong no matter what, he found out differently, he was circumcised and he could have believed as well as jacob. he was not in line for the blessings anymore.
---ron on 5/5/08

The word hate perhaps does not mean quite how we would mean it. Esau was the elder brother and he rejected the blessing which was really meant for him .Jacob got it by foul play in a way but at least God saw that Jacob really wanted that blessing so he got it. Perhaps it's showing us that we should accept what is on offer and not be ungrateful or waste what God has given us. As for what happened to Esau and if it were pre-planned I just do not know.
---F.F. on 4/28/07

Yes predestined to go to hell in GOD's mind.
This has to do with GOD'S foreknowledge of all things. He know what Esau would do before Esau did it.---mima 11/16/2005
---mima on 11/16/05

The question goes back to "Was Pelagious correct?".

We had these discussion back in the days of St. Germanicus and St. Patrick. Even the demons can tell you that they can not do anything without first seeking permission from the King of King's throne.

Too many examples are in Scripture to this extent. Even Pharoah was in obedience to Yeshua's command unto his death. Yeshua said that He would command Pharoah's heart to be hardened so he would not let the children of Israel go.
---David7647 on 10/28/05

It is interesting that Esau was physically born first (like Cain)but lost out to his brother. It is also interesting that he was more animal like in appearance than Jacob. Also note that the first born is of God... Which was of God? Is firstborn a physical thing or could it be genetics?
---mike_fl on 10/7/05

There is always hope...when Jacob & Esau met years later, Esau ran to him and hugged & kissed him. What I don't understand is, at this point, they made plans to travel together. Jacob told Esau to go ahead, he would catch up with him later, then he took his family & flocks and went somewhere else. That always sounded pretty rotten to me. Maybe I'm just not understanding the story here.
---Ann5758 on 9/27/05

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There was hope for Esau before he gave up his birthright. The key here is that HE GAVE IT UP. The manner in which Jacob got it is not the issue. It was in Esau's hand and by an act of his own will, he gave it up. No one forced him, he simply saw something he wanted more at the time, just as some Christians choose worldly things over God at times....
---david on 9/27/05

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