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Is Intolerance Of Sin Wrong

If I refuse to condone a 45 year old man living with and committing adultery against his wife with your 16 year old daughter does that make me intolerant? Is intolerance wrong?

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 ---Elder on 9/27/05
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The devil is clearly at work here. You have every right to feel as you do. What you need to do is continue to go to God in prayer. Sometimes when we voice our opinion or views in matters like this, we appear to be the one who is wrong. God knows all and sees all! Place them both(along with this horrible situation) in the hands of God. and pray for the wife of this man. She needs it! Intolorence of the things that go against the word of God can never, ever be wrong!
---Denece_Thomas on 10/6/07

Jana, This is an old question based on another blog.
If your husband abused my 16 year old daughter sexually I would certainly be "tolerant" enough to forgive and love him. I would also be wise enough to see that he would be punished for his actions directed toward a minor child.
His biggest worry would be how to cope with the emergency surgery he would receive at my inexperienced hands.
If he is big enough to commit the sin then he is big enough to pay the penalty also.
---Elder on 1/5/07

Elder, if my husband commit adultery with your daughter of 16, would you truly find it in your heart to be tolerant and love my husband at the same time, but not love what they do? Honestly? I for one will have intollerance yet forgive but never forget.
---jana on 1/5/07

According to the Bible, we are to love the sinner, NOT the sin.
---Leslie on 1/4/07

Okay this isnt a matter of religon, its just more of a matter of what you think is right and wrong. Some people will tolerate it because they think its none of their bussines. But seeing how its your daughteer, or I'm guessing it is, no you don't have to tolerate it.
---private on 8/14/06

To ask this question is to answer it. Paul did not condone a similar sin in I Corinthians 5. Where sin is concerned, (especailly like the one under discussion) it is tolerance that is wrong (Isaiah 5:20 and 21). You are intolerant, and right to be so.
---Walter on 10/6/05

, nobody would ever condone such blatant sin. however, intolerance has become what many show toward things that are not sin, such as different viewpoints on politics, etc.
---steve on 10/4/05

Tsuanne ... but if we condone sin, and fail to condemn it, we are guilty of allowing it.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/28/05

Tsuanne ... "Condone" does not mean "embrace"
It mean "forgive" or "overlook"
In other words it means that although you do not approve, you do not condemn it.
If we do not speak out against sin, we condone it. It does not mean we embrace that sin!
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/28/05

To condone sin is to compromise. Compromise damages your character. Truth becomes irrelevant to you. You will start living by your own standards instead of the standard of righteousness that is based on God's word.
---ann_G on 9/28/05

Bible clearly tells us to speak out against sin. To condone sin means you embrace it and you become a partaker of that sin and will be judged accordingly. Love the person and pray for them.
---Tsuanne on 9/28/05

As long as it is the sin that is being hated, there is nothing wrong with intolerance. The sin is when it is the sinner who is being intolerated.
---mike6553 on 9/28/05

Intolerance is different than judgemental. So, "no" you aren't wrong to not condone such action. However, it is NOT your obligation to tell the wife or anyone else. You may want to talk to the man - but if he's not a Christian you are limited in what you can do. (You might point out to him he is committing statutory rape - assuming this is the correct age in your area. You might want to check that out before making any "noise".) You certainley should be praying for both of them.
---WIVV on 9/27/05

No, in this case intolerance is not wrong.
---Ulrika on 9/27/05

Was Jesus tolerant of sin? We are not to be tolerant of false teachings. Who was the priest who tolerated gross sin among his children but did not discipline them? What did God do to him?
When we are tolerant of sin in the lives of fellow Christians, we are guilty of sin also. To know to do good and do it not, to him it is sin. The guilty parties MUST be confronted with what God says about such conduct.
---Eloia_N_KS on 9/27/05

The answer is NO
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/27/05

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If I knew someone like that, I would turn them in to police for child abuse. That is how tolerant I would be. I would also tell his wife.
---shira_5965 on 9/27/05

If you are saying the man is having sex with his 16 yr. old daughter, that is immoral sin, illegal, incest, detimental to the girl's emotional well being. That girl should be taken away from him. As far as the wife, she should take him to court for the daughter's sake. For the wife to sit back and not try to get leagal constody and restraining order on him, would be like going along with it.
---Ulrika on 9/27/05

No, not condoning the sin is not wrong. The trick is to remember to hate the sin but love the sinner.
---Heather on 9/27/05

No that doesn't make anyone intolerant to stand up and come against not only sin but,abuse of a minor,and breaking the Laws of the Land.Any Christian who sets back and says nothing would become a party to the crime/sin and just as guilty as the one who did it.It isn't intolerance,it is knowing the Word and Laws and obeying them by refusing to not condone the crime/sin through silence.
---Darlene_1 on 9/27/05

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I take this as a hypothetical question. You don't have to condone the actions of someone to be tolerant. You can tell the man his actions are wrong and show it in scripture, and also pray for him and the young lady, but it wouldn't be your place to judge. "Hate the sin, love the sinner."
---Allie on 9/27/05

Condone: Overlook, forgive, disregard without protest or censure.
Intolerant: Unwilling to tolerate difference in opinion, practices or beliefs.
Seems that from these meanings, if you don't condone something, you are intolerant of it.
---Nan on 9/27/05

Intolerance of this sort is not wrong
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/27/05

Not only should you turn this over to God, you should also turn this jerk over to the authorities. He is committing staturtory rape since your daughter is still considered a minor.
---Sam on 9/27/05

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Elder...You are so good at making a point!
---Sally on 9/27/05

Intolerance of sin and wrong doing I beleive is not wrong. We as Christians are to stand for what is right and not tolerate the wrong. We are God's children and in so must act accordingly and not stand for such sinfull actions. But at same time we must act in love. As the Bible says we are to be in the world but not of the world. We show people the right way by our actions.
---Marla on 9/27/05

You know very well Elder that the sin would be in condoning not in being intolerant.
---F.F. on 9/27/05

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