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Separated For Over 30 Years

A woman left her husband before she came to Jesus and have been separated for over 30 years. He was living with another woman but is not now. He does not want his wife back. Can she divorce him now?

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 ---Ruth on 9/27/05
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God hates divorce, but the Pauline Doctrine gives one being deserted, freedom to live one's life. My sweet sister, he committed adultery. Not only did he defile the marriage bed, but he left you hoping, waiting, maybe praying he'd come back. Your children, if you have any, were affected by his poor life choices. Please consider either consecreting your life as Jesus being your first love or feel free to ask God for His marriage choice partner to make your later years a blessing.
---Darlene on 3/10/08

Oh my Yes! Go ahead and divorce Him. Second thought, Better talk to God first.
---catherine on 3/23/07

she could have divorced him long ago
---Marla on 3/22/07

Well Duh!!! I just had to say that... read Mt5:32 Mt19:9 and follow the chain references. Once they have slept with someone else divorce is Biblical. She can remarry but he never can...he really blew it huh??? If he ever remarries he will be committing adultry on every encounter of the physical nature with his wife...
---Mark on 9/28/05

Yes she can, he does not want her back and what she did before coming to Jesus was forgiven and washed away on the day she gave her heart to the Lord. She needs to move on with her life if there is no reconciliation possible, I hope she finds happiness.
---Maxine on 9/28/05

She left him originally, we do not know why, but if she is now a Christian she will, presumably, have asked forgiveness for that, so it's in the past. He has lived with another woman whilst legally married, that is adultery. I'd say she could divorce him for that reason. If he doesn't want her back he's not likely to contest it either.
---Xanthi on 9/28/05

Based on Matthew 19:5, while you can divorce your husband, you can't remarry. (I'll assume he's had sex with someone besides you.) If you do, you will cause the person who marry's you to commit adultery. But, I've seen divorced Christians remarry and have very succussful Christian life.
---WIVV on 9/27/05

Adultery is grounds for divorce.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/27/05

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