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Should I Keep Seed Faith Giving

Should I keep seed faith giving... time, church offices, tithe on lost income, free will, hurricanes & homeless, etc.? Praise God for you sisters/brothers praying. Age 14 to 55, I've been a great steward.

Moderator - It is a false doctrine so no.

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 ---Darlene on 9/27/05
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While none of my group(five men) are poor by any means two of them happen to be millionaires. Both appear to the outside world to just be normal givers but in reality they give enormous sums of money to good causes, home for battered women, missionaries that they know personally. I find it very strange that some of their closest friends have no idea of their giving.
---mima on 6/15/09

I don't know about seed faith giving but it is a blessing to give as we are able to. I like to give to help the homeless and poor,college scholarships in our church,general offerings and so forth. God loves a cheerful giver. I don't like grudge giving and force giving. Tithes are voluntary not mandatory. But if someone wants to tithe,its ok by me. I like freewill offerings,love offerings to visitors(at our church) and our pastor is ok with me,also. But only as I am able to give and what I have purposed in my heart. Giving is between me and my God.
---Robyn on 6/14/09

Good Answer!
---danny_howell on 6/14/09

A Christian should be charitable, but not all charities are genuine. Many line the pockets of dishonest preachers who only want to line their own pockets. (II Peter 2 and Jude). The best place to give is to your own church. Getting the gospel out is more important than anything else. That must come first.
---Walter on 5/25/08

Linda, I see that you were "Darlene" on this particular blog.
Andrea gave a similar testimony not too long ago.
To the Darlene from Texas - are you different from Linda here?
---Bob on 9/3/07

Linda -

" I am born and raised in Central Texas,near Ft.Hood Army Post.I have lived in Harker Heights,Texas, for 30 years,which is one town from the Post. I am blessed that all my family lives near including greatgrandchildren. I have traveled all over the USA where I have seen beautiful places. Roots go deep. Good to meet you all. God Bless "
---Darlene_1 on 8/25/07
---Bob on 9/3/07

" My family was in a Mennonite Church 1 of 9 others: Lancaster Reading-Pottstown, Pennsylvania. My son was dedicated there. We never experienced so much love, caring, true brothers/sisters & friendship in our 33 years of marriage. Job move and health took us to the Bible Belt. I miss them!
---Darlene on 10/10/05 "
---Bob on 9/3/07

I agree, we should give as our Father in heaven
expecting nothing in return. For he rains on the sinner as well as the righteous, All my debts were paid by Jesus, we do not owe God, the debt is paid. out of love for what has been done for me, I am happy to give where there is need.
---Exzucuh on 4/26/07

The Bible does not teach "seed faith giving". We are to give expecting nothing in return (Luke 6:35). Also, God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7). It is false doctrine, so stop.
---Helen_5378 on 4/26/07

No, we should not.
---Bob on 4/26/07

The person who 'accused' you of seed-faith giving was wrong to say that. She might just as well have said "I see you are only giving to receive". You obviously were not BUT even if you had been, she handled the situation badly. I do not like the seed-faith giving idea and movements involved in this. Just let your giving be between you and God, generous as Her leads. If others watch what you give, they are the ones in the wrong for looking. Keep doing what you know is right.
---M.P. on 10/11/05

Oh my! "Praise God for you brothers/sisters praying" & "age 14-55 been a good steward" goes to other questions. They joined with the question above! I'm new to blogs last week. One person said I'm "a poor steward" "the internet would be 1st thing to go". Others told her people use the library. I don't have a computer. Please be patient with me. God isn't done with me, yet. Are you? Maybe I'm old enough to be your grandmama or mama. I learned :-) & LOL.
---Darlene on 10/6/05

Part 4:
I love giving/reaching others for Him. 350 of 500 of us left our beloved AOG Church (moral issues) for other churches. We fellowship together-Christian concerts/fund drives/seminars/speakers/etc. Our teens are together Praise-Worship Band & Drama Team never asking for money. God provides their needs. Young/old receive Jesus as Saviour Lord/in Bible believing churches. Our team's original human videos/ hymns/dramas/contemporary music/ bring tears to many. They learn giving.
---Darlene on 10/6/05

Part 3:
I'm sorry for an impression that I brag. May y'all & God forgive me. Mama always taught we should give time, toys, talent, etc. no matter what, no cast-offs to Jesus' children not keeping nicer things for ourselves. God always gives His best. Mama, 9 brothers/sisters were taught that early 1900's, anonymously gave except when church leaders told. I'm the 3rd generation. (mama/siblings 1st born-USA; parents-boat Ellis Island, N.Y. late 1800's); mine, homeschooled practice Jesus 1st.
---Darlene on 10/5/05

Part 2:
That lady said she couldn't give "being a single mom." Later it was about her new van (2nd vehicle). Christians paid for the 1st van's transmission and paint job helping her out (again.."single mom"..her words). Her teenager will drive to school when he learns how! Other words that night was I shouldn't be giving to Katrina fund drives or visiting churches. Then it was, "OK! I see, you're 'seed faith giving.'" I didn't want to seem ignorant and ask her.
---Darlene on 10/5/05

Part I:
Oh, dear! I think I used the wrong terminology!! A Christian lady I see time to time was visiting, as welll as myself with my church family, another church. She said I was "seed faith giving" because my husband lost his 10 year teaching job (I've not changed anything.) as she saw me place new items I bought clearance and cash in their "Katrinia" room. My church family and I gave cash in the plate for the speaker, too.
---Darlene on 10/5/05

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The only reason anyone should ever give is without expecting anything in return. You will always be blessed if you give of yourself in anyway. But, you should never give just to get.
---Sally on 10/4/05

One of our popular television preachers used to emphasis 'seed faith giving'. The first wife of his son wrote a book on the subject and that tv minister along with his son attempted to buy all of her books to prevent people from finding about what was happening with seed faith giving. It is truly a false doctrine; with the love of money being at the root of it all.
---lee on 9/28/05

If you can't find it in the Bible don't believe it. the spirit and the word agree always.
Giving that is blessed is when it is given in a genuine attitude of gratitude and in faith. Motive of giving to get is greed.
We get back so that we can give more not so we can spend it on our flesh.
---Tsuanne on 9/28/05

Seed faith giving sound as if it is based on self interest rather than love for God or others.
Giving should be sacrificial and not expect anything in return
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/28/05

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sort of sounds like you are bragging about what you have done. How about all the ones who do everyday and never say a word about it.
---shira_5965 on 9/28/05

Give as the Lord leads you, not as others tell you that you should. No-one else knows what God is telling YOU. There are some very wealthy televangelists who have become so through their 'preaching' about 'sowing a seed to meet a need'. It is a teaching of greed.
---Xanthi on 9/28/05

I agree - definitely a false doctrine. Thye seed does not apply to money - look at the relevant bible passages in context. Unfortunately its peddled by many , many churches and seems to me to be creating a materialistic, narcasisstic and generally mean group of christian people who want some temporal blessing from God instead of loving him and serving him for who he is and what he has done in the life of a regenarate person
---eric on 9/28/05

The Lord loves a cheerfull giver,not a bound one.It seems you are stretching yourself thin to please other peoples views and maybe getting a little puffed up about doing it.If you don't know in your heart you are to give to something,it does no good to give.We do live under the principle of sowing and reaping,but you do it unto God's Work not to receive.Give as God leads you and enables you with resources to give.Watch out you're not giving for show and praise. Pride goeth before destruction.
---Darlene_1 on 9/27/05

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I don't understand what is a false doctrine? What is seed faith giving?

Moderator - False doctrine is doctrine that goes against the Bible scriptures. Big picture seed giving says - I want a new car so I must give a car away and then God must give me a new car or I want a 20% raise at work so I start tithing as thou I already got the 20% raise and then God must give me a 20% salary increase. It is Word of Faith or Properity Gospel doctrine.
---Annie on 9/27/05

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