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I Don't Believe In Divorce

My husband isn't a christian and I found out that he has had an affair, lied to me numerously and have taken money from me. I'm hurt and I want to leave, but I don't believe in divorce.

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 ---angela on 9/28/05
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My sister in Christ, This was one I am going through as well as I am married to a none believer and I spent 2 hours praying to God before the answer was reveled to me in Scripture. I ask that you take a few minutes and read 1 Corinthians 7: 13-17. It was there that God gave me my answer. I hope you find yours.
---Robert on 5/26/10

My sister that is like saying I don't believe that carrots are good for me because I don't like the color orange!

Please don't accept advice in this room, this problem is an important issue. You must receive counsel from a mature Christian female leader. Go there to listen to their advice, tell them everything.

It is likely that your husband is now repentant and therefore the situation is complex.

Read Psalm 1 and book yourself in for Godly counsel

God Bless
---Tim on 4/4/07

Kick him out. You do have biblical grounds for divorce sister. You'd rather keep him and continue being played for a fool? I think you need to seek wise councel from your church's pastoral staff. Are there children involved? Pray to God and ask Him for wisdom and strength. Read Psalms 91, it will give you strength and lift you up. Continue to be involved in your church, and get involved with womens bible studies. You need positive christian women in your life at this time in your life.
---Cyndi on 4/4/07

Seems your husband shares many qualities that my ex did. I did not believe in divorce either. I prayed and put marraige in God's hands. Told him I could take no more but could also not leave so I needed him to take control of situation and change it. 6 months later my husband walked out and never came back. I did not divorce him, he did it himself. I believe it was God's answer to situation. I did not have to be one to divorce. Life goes on after divorce. In fact God forgives and gives second chances.
---Shaz on 10/4/05

I did not believe in divorce either when I was Married. But God showed Me where He would forgive Divorce. And so, I Had To Make That Decision To Either Divorce Or Stay In The Mess I Had Gotten Myself Into. So I Got A Divorce. And God Forgave Me!
---John on 10/4/05

Jesus did allow divorce in the case of adultry. We can change our hearts through Christ, and if the liar and cheater is willing to change, and both are willing to forgive and move forward, I believe the marriage is salvagable. I don't believe the saying, "Once a cheater, always s cheater". That tells us there's no hope for us to change. A sin is a sin, and we need to repent.
God doesn't expect us to go through our lives with partners that are damaging to us and our children, either.
---Ramona on 10/1/05

Divorce is like closing the gate after the horse has bolted, or crying over spilt milk, or yet when a bed of roses turns into a bed of thorns:-)Marriage is a life long contract before Almighty God, one must seek all avenues & like a fine print on a contract read the words.look for signs, if both is compatible & in tune with the Lords desire then marry or one is left rushing in where angels do not dare to tread or marry in haste & repent at leisure.Unequally Yolked.Angela there is hope he's unfaithful.
---Emcee on 10/1/05

The problem with advocating separation instead of divorce is that the separated may very well look for another to fulfil their needs and find themselves with a new partner. I would suggest prayer, consulting and keeping the communications lines open as much as possible.
---lee on 10/1/05

I & Marla had much in comon. I didn't beleive in divorse either, but as my husband did I was involved in one. seperation is a choice. my ex has other kids then ours and his life is on a down word spin, I don't belive God wanted me to go there with him in his sinful life style.
---Laure5469 on 10/1/05

I have never been married, but if I ever get married I will like it to be forever. Now, that doesn't mean that I will stay with my wife if I find out that she is cheating on me. My advice: You don't believe in divorce, but unfortunately you only have 2 choices 1) Divorce 2) Stay with him and suffer... because he will do it again, again and again!!!
---Mark on 9/29/05

Divorce is a reality of life. Whether we believe in it or not, it exists because of human selfishness and sinful practices. God hates it and we hate it too for it disrupts our life, and that of the children. However, in times like this, we need to think which one is lesser evil: Divorce or endangering our daily life? Jesus allowed divorce in case of adultery. The unfaithful partner already practically divorced the spouse by action. The legal paper work follows if desired.
---seble on 9/29/05

I feel for you. I was married for 10 yrs to my husb. and all his women. My Husband also took money from me wh8ich I needed to feed and cloth my son. I did not believe in divorce either so lived in pain for yrs and ended up loosing so much more than I had to.
Pray and ask God to deliver you and give you peace. God can give you the answer you seek.
Once a cheater always a cheater. The lies don't stop either. They become way of life.
---Marla on 9/28/05

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