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God Speaks Through Prophets

The people didn't believe the great prophet (Elijah, Elisha, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and others), look at what happened to them. The Lord sent a voice out through the land from these prophets. Does God still speaks to us through the prophets?

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 ---Felicia on 9/28/05
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Heb.1:1 God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, 2 Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds,

How does his Son speak? Thru the word, how could you or why would you want to add to that?
---michael_e on 8/21/10

Lea, A-men. I am never intimated by losers, for my God has given me all power over the enemy, not some power, but ALL POWER. And I know how to vanquish him, maim him, and destroy him. Each day that goes by we draw closer and closer to that literal day when we all will see his worthless self burning and wreathing in his own foolish agony and torments unspeakable. The fool of fools to think he can stand up against the Almighty Creator of All and take his throne, yes, he definately is a self-destructive fool.
---Eloy on 8/21/10

oh WoW you are so elegant with words Eloy ! God sure dropped that in your mouth !

i just love it when Gods Anointed speak and the truth at that ! Some just post to be heard but im one that if it is idle chatter i wont waste my time and there is clearly a lot of it here.

If God has So Anointed you as a Prophet weather you be male or female don't be intimidated by the ones used by the devil for they are sent to stop or slow you down . Just quote him(satan) a powerful scripture in Gods word. And he hates the name of JESUS.........
---Lea on 8/20/10

Catherine, a lot of it is that people have not learned how to properly communicate with other people, they are basically little undisciplined children in grown-up bodies: many are rude, crude and obnoxious foul-mouthed blasphemers full of the spirit of antiChrist, and they hate all all of us saints and born-again Christians sent from Christ. But soon their tongues will rot away within their heads and their rottenous will be remarkable to all the world, for their worm will not die nor will their fire be quenched.
---Eloy on 8/20/10

In Rev 19 an angel tells John that prophets speak the words of our Lord. Truth, is the test of a prophet rather than religion thus any son of Adam can speak relevant to the human story of salvation for Adam/Earth (the Hebrew word has meaning of man/earth). David Wilkerson's controversial 1973 book The Vision is a good example of a relevant prophetic message factually outworked in the generation to which it was delivered. But the intense criticism David got for that book ensured that he would rather say the same thing directly from the bible. Jesus said Yahweh Hak (I Am Truth)
---paul on 8/20/10

Well, here's one. I come to you people all friendly like and you start throwing stones. Jesus, I am sure same thing. Walk up to people all friendly like and they too would pick-up stones and try to throw them at Him. DUMMIES, DUMMIES, DUMMIES. Why don't you go ahead and jump in hell, and be a dummy in there, forever. Hallelujah. Thank You Jesus, for your words. Ahh. Ha, ha, ha ha.
---catherine on 8/20/10

Yes there are Prophets today but most Christians dont know them or acknowledge them for a true Spokes person from the Lord wont bring attention unto them self. If a Pastor ,Teacher, evangelist , apostle comes to bring you a message you will recieve it but if a Prophet comes You want to Automatiically banish him/her ....We are here among you today doing what he (Jesus) leads us to do and all Prophets dont operate in the same Calling.
---PROPHET on 10/1/05

Amen Prophet Amen ! a real Prophet is not accepted in the Church today........Why? because there are to many Pastors puffed up and intimidated by a Prophet.A Prophet Anointed by God is taught only by God to do his will.
---Lea on 8/19/10

There are good people today who are moved by the Holy Spirit. Some preachers too. But that doesn't mean they can't mix in dearly loved (false) tradition with true doctrine.

But there is a living prophet today. The authority to speak in God's name, to definitively declare God's doctrine died with the last Apostle. But it has been restored by the laying on of hands by those ancient apostles who have been resurrected.
---Lorin on 8/19/10

Yes, but to the hard-hearted and stiff-necked, it is like talking to a wall.
---Eloy on 8/20/10

I am a Saint and I am a sinner, I have spoken to God on the very inner he lives within me he never says much, but evertime im down he picks me up he tells me that everything is going ok and tells me not to be swayed the wrong way. The devil is out there he walks this earth hes waiting for the right time, the right time to give birth. With all of the prostituion and all of the Drugs and all of the executions and all of the thugs. But fear not all the people out there with a clean soul you have no weight to bare, its only a matter, a matter of time and then its the truth that you will all find. So keep your faith and always beleive, keep your faith and you will never be in need.
---Geoff on 8/19/10

You better believe He does. And noone is listening to us. Oh well! Our job is to deliver the messages. we are not responsible if noone listens.
---catherine on 7/16/08

None need to go to hell if they will listen to the Prophets. GOD had them write their words in the Bible to show us the truth. All today who claim to be prophets must speak in accord with all the prophets who went before hand.

Jim you do not have to be a prophet to use the words of the bible to warn others. That is called being an evangelist or preacher or teacher. All of which are needed today.
---Samuel on 7/14/08

If you don't think that God can save you, why would you pass that message of doubt onto anyone else?

You're making the word of God of none effect.
God doesn't need false humility, He only wants your heart.

If He can save Saul, He can save anyone.
---elisabeth on 7/14/08

Yes there are MANY false Prophets today just as Jesus (Yeshua) said there would be He also said you would know them by their fruits. Are they saying what our Lord said?WOE UNTO YOU WHO ARE RICH." " BLESSED ARE THE POOR FOR THEIRS IS THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN does that make me a Prophet? I am not a Rightous man I'm known to swear & I have smoked cigeretts for years, I've commited fornication & Adultry in my younger days but if I am to be judged & wind up in Hell if I get one person to hear my warning & turn from his wicked way & not join me there it is worth it. I can tell you a stove is hot or you can be a dummy like me & put your hand on the stove & YOU WILL KNOW IT IS HOT.
---Jim on 7/13/08

Absolutely He speaks thru His chosen people/prophets..whom are we to say whom God should choose? whom are we to even question His works? Stiffneck Israelites, you who say there aren't any today..Believe in His Word .. dont believe man
---pam on 1/26/08

The proof is in the PUDDING.NOT BY WORD OF MOUTH.Some have eyes,but cannot see.Ears they have, but cannot hear.When a person speak from what they think,and not from what they know,they are like a face without a
mouth,and a brain without intellect.
Let one believe in what comes to pass,and
not what they think might come to pass.
Seeing is believing,that is what justify
the means and the ending thereof.
---Jack_8773 on 1/24/08

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In sundry times and diverse manner God spoke to the people by prohpets,in these last days by Jesus Christ.

A true prophet is one that God spoke directly too,truths that He wanted revieled to his people,never heard before.

If one prohpecy on what's already written,and call himself a prophet,sounds like ego.

---lionel on 1/24/08

As a PROPHET,i was given by GOD the process
Each of the 12 represent certain time-spands
and activities of world existence.
All life is measured under these events of
HUMANKIND is now in the 10th occurrence of
these 12 systimatic measured world major
events thereof.
The first 5 of the 7 hidden seals of revelations shall bring forth THE 11TH OF
---Jack_8773 on 1/23/08

In one word YES. But in other words no one in going to listen. Unbelievers won't listen. Never have and never will. Our responsibilty is only to deliver. That is where it begins and ends.
---catherine on 1/23/08

If by REPEATING what's ALREADY written by the Prophets in The Books of God makes a man "A Prophet" I Guess I'm one(36yrs.), However i DON'T believe that makes a man a Prophet,BUT a very Well-Learned Student of the Lord that understands some mysteries of God through the revealing Spirit of God.
True,Your Prophesizing when you repeat whats written, BUT that don't make you a Prophet, ONLY A MESSENGER OF THE TRUTH. The Lord says you shall inheiret a Prophets Reward...
---Duane_M on 1/23/08

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To believe is to be blessed.Prophecy is one of my gifts of the spirit.The prophecy that
i was given by the Almighty GOD CONCERNS
---Jack_8773 on 1/23/08

True Prophets HAVE to stay close to GOD to relay His Divine Messages. And the part of today's Church that does not believe that GOD has Modern Prophets are missing a very important part of it's relationship with GOD. I believe that there are certain things that GOD wants to tell His Church but, that He will ONLY speak those things through His Prophets. NOT the pastors, NOT the evangelists, NOT the teachers, etc. The Church NEEDS to heed GOD's Prophets. Find out WHO THEY ARE and heed them.
---Gordon on 1/23/08

Yes, and they are coming now, out of many nations, kindreds and tongues. But be careful they line up with the word of God.
---melinda on 1/22/08

Only if you read their Books can we seek the mysterious things of God, Only in the Spirit can we find those hidden Mysteries of our Father, My Bible says that the prophets in the end times will be put to shame for the Falsehoods they have helped spread. Hear him in our Hearts through Scripture? YES! IN our Ears? NO Man living today has heard the Actual voice of God in Their ears!YLBD
---Duane_M on 1/22/08

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Well spoken Eloia N.That is the bottom line and I could add nothing to that.
---Tsuanne on 1/22/08

I just cant believe that some of us think they know all about God's servants and that they dont exist today..Lord have mercy..I am sure there are prophets today but not called as so, and unknowingly, noone wants to listen to them ...If God want them to be His mouth piece, He will make sure they are here to do His work...
---jana on 5/26/07

There are no new prophecies today. But God does SPEAK through His prophets today. There is not many God called prophets around. Just like there is not very many God called preachers around. To be able to stand up, the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you open your mouth and words comes out of your mouth, it's fun. True prophets are very close to the true, living, holy, God. Makes one wander why He chooses us. ++
---catherine on 5/21/07

Now I have heard everything. "The word of God is complete." I guess you would have said that fifty years after the crucifiction too and ignored the five new books added to the bible in 347 A.D. Revelations being one of them. Since when did Jesus die and no longer talks to his children to guide them. I read God is alpha and omega. without beginning or end. When did he desert us when we need him the most. He spoke to his prophets from the dawn of time.
---ashley on 5/21/07

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ONLY as they proclaim God's written word. No new prophecies are being given. The WORD of God is complete.
---Eloia_N_KS on 5/21/07

we sure still have prophets today but we are crucifying them by saying they're not. Instead of praying for them we persecute them. many of us today unknowingly support the evil one by saying we dont have God's prophets amongst us today.
---jana on 9/11/06

Felicia: Yes, prophets similiar to; but, unlike the Old Testament prophets who foretold (spoke) words spoken DIRECTLY FROM GOD, thru them to the people of God.

Today's prophets "forth tell" (SPEAK, GOD'S WORD/voice*) DIRECTLY FROM THE PAGES OF DIVINELY INSPIRED SCRIPTURE (the Holy Bible: Gen. - Rev.). (*John 10)

Persons who speak apart from Scripture are false-prophets, "false teachers" "who 'SECRETLY'" teach heresies). Please, don't listen to them. (2 Peter 2)
---Leon on 10/9/05

The Church had better listen up soon, or they could be in the 'whale of a belly' for ignoring those whom God annoints with delivering blunt messages straight from His throne room.

We are in end times, and very soon the 'Church' will beg to hear a 'true' Prophets message.
---bethany on 10/7/05

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Prophets are widely misunderstood, the meaning of a Prophet is difficult to explain, let alone understand.

Personally I think the Church is less embracing of Prophets than God would hope for.

Prophets are very insightive, perceptive and sensitive to the things going on in the heavenlies (the battleground unseen)

The walk around with God constantly in their mind and thoughts alike.
---bethany on 10/7/05

Yes there are Prophets today but most Christians dont know them or acknowledge them for a true Spokes person from the Lord wont bring attention unto them self. If a Pastor ,Teacher, evangelist , apostle comes to bring you a message you will recieve it but if a Prophet comes You want to Automatiically banish him/her ....We are here among you today doing what he (Jesus) leads us to do and all Prophets dont operate in the same Calling.
---PROPHET on 10/1/05

It is a given that the original old and new testament written record is unchangeable, however, God does give ongoing prophecies on what will happen in the future. If you are a born-again Christian then you should be hearing his voice pertaining to your own individual life, and his directions on what he wants and tells you to do. Also, there are prophecies which have not been opened yet, but remain sealed to man until the right dispensation.
---Eloy on 9/30/05

If it doesn't flow out of the Lamb slain from before the foundation of the world (what God intended all along) and out of God's original purpose (to have a man in the earth in dominion, Jesus Head and body), then it is false. Indeed, there is no NEW revelation but the revelation of Jesus Christ may seem new to some folks. Let he that hath an ear to hear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.
---Linda_Smith on 9/29/05

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In this dimension, where God dwells, the virtuous woman is the soul (mind, will, emotions, and thinking faculties) of each individual member of the body of Christ. That is why Paul, in Romans 12, tells us that we are transformed by the renewing of our minds. So, when I use the word "revelation", I am simply using it to describe the unveiling or disclosing of Christ in His body...not as a word describing something God has never intended.
---Linda_Smith on 9/29/05

In this light, the Proverbs 31 woman is the church because she is the bride of Christ, married to the Lamb. Then, in the Most Holy Place, there is the greatest light of all, the glory of God which is the Lamb. This is the light spoken of in the REVELATION of Jesus Christ as given to John. He pens, "There will be no sun there (in that city) for the Lamb is its light."
---Linda_Smith on 9/29/05

In the Inner Court (which represents Pentecost), there is the light of the Golden Candlestick which is shining light on the bread and wine on the Table of Shewbread and on the white linen covering directly overhead. The light on the table gives us understanding regarding the broken body and blood of the Lord Jesus. In that white linen covering, there are cherubim interwoven within and that speaks of those in union with Christ our Righteousness.
---Linda_Smith on 9/29/05

There are three different rooms to the Tabernacle of Moses (which is an earthly picture of the true tabernacle of God, which we are) and each one of those rooms has a different type of light. The Outer Court has only natural light where the Word is viewed in only a natural way. An example would be Proverbs 31 and the virtuous woman. In the Outer Court and its natural light, that is a book about finding a good natural wife. That's great and there is light there but that is not all the light there is.
---Linda_Smith on 9/29/05

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Everytime a tabernacle or temple was completed in the Word, God moved in not took the tabernacle out. Behold, the Tabernacle of God is WITH men. Where is men? Heaven is His throne and earth is His footstool. Where is His house and where is His place of rest? We are His house and earth is the place He rests His feet...and can the Head say to the feet, "I have no need of thee?"
---Linda_Smith on 9/29/05

There have been things that God has said in His Word that man, with his natural understanding (which cannot conceive the things of God), has molded into manmade doctrines and people have worshipped those "idols". God is not obligated to do what we thought He said. He is consistent with His nature and intends to move into His Tabernacle in His fullness.
---Linda_Smith on 9/29/05

God is not saying something new...He is clearing up what He has been saying all along and we must be willing to cast down our crowns (mindsets) for the crown of life (His mind). It may sound new to us because of the doctrines and traditions of men that have made the Word of God of none effect, but it is not new to God. What has been is what shall be, and there is nothing new UNDER the sun. However, all things are made NEW in the SON.
---Linda_Smith on 9/29/05

The word "revelation" is being thrown around a lot in this blog and I believe some things about that word needs to be cleared up. True revelation by the Spirit of God is not "something new". It is simply the Holy Spirit shining light on the person and work of Christ for the purpose of "opening the eyes of our understanding". Even Paul prayed for a spirit of wisdom and REVELATION in the knowledge of Him.
---Linda_Smith on 9/29/05

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Who judges prophets true of false??
---chuck on 9/29/05

Chuck the Word of God Judges them. Then we as Christians judge them as to their true relationship to the Word and how their statements match up to Scripture.
---Elder on 9/29/05

Yes, God does speak to us through prophets. But as Linda Smith said He speaks to us through Jesus Christ. there is no new revelation. If one claims new revelation be suspect. If as Alan UK says they are waking us up .....if you have an ear to hear do not harden your hearts
---rache on 9/29/05

Mr. Webster defines prophet as (1)One who utters divinely inspired revelations, the writers of the prophetic books of the Old Testament. (2) One gifted in more than ordinary spiritual and moral insight.(3)One who foretell future events (4)An effective or leading spokesman for a cause, doctrine, or group.(5)Christian Science a.Spiritual seer.
Now-are all or only a few or none of our spiritual leaders and ministers prophets?
Who judges prophets true of false??
---chuck on 9/29/05

"This know also, that in the last days perilous times will come. For men will be having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away." II Timothy 3:1,5.
---Eloy on 9/29/05

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NO! We do not have prophets today that tell the future. Everything we need to know is written in the bible. We have prophets or preachers that tell forth the word of God, but many of them are false prophets. If anyone clames to be a prophet today and can give a new revelation from God, He is a false prolphet.
---Rev_Herb on 9/29/05

Not sure if you're referring to a specific "denomination" but both the LDS/Mormons & RLDS/Community of Christ claim to have a "prophet" who give "Prophesies for today." They believe God is ever changing with the times. This is totally false and part of a cult! Beware of FALSE prophets!!!
---Marilee on 9/29/05

Yes, God gives me messages to give to others, and not just in glossalalia or in their interpretations, but also he speaks to me in other ways and he tells me what to say. The Lord both speaks his words and works his works through the Spirit-filled.
---Eloy on 9/29/05

yes i know he speaks though prophets now!
---INNA on 9/29/05

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God speaks to us through His Son.
---Linda_Smith on 9/28/05

Yes. Prophecing is a gift from God.
1 Cor 12:10. But be aware of false prophets. If what was said doesn't come to pass you know it wasn't of God.
---Rebecca_D on 9/28/05

Prophets not only made prophesies about future events, but they also woke people up from their sin.
Maybe we do need prophets now to wake up our nations!!
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/28/05

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