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Blood Squirting Toe Demon

I know this is weird, but has anyone ever heard of a demonic manifestation involving blood squirting out of someone's toe in massive quantities?

Moderator - No. That sounds strange.

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 ---Patti on 9/29/05
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What makes you think that it is a "demonic" manifestation. I know people who credit anything bad to "demons". That includes physical anomolies.
---Bruce5656 on 3/17/08

I would think blood squirting would be something the doctor should look at soon. Perhaps an Injury occurred and has broken a blood vein/ vessel in that area. It would try to heal up but slightest thing would start it again?
---CHER on 5/21/07

There are all kinds of demonic manisfestations. You are right not to make that the focus but also would be the fool to ingore it. Especially in dealing with legal rights through generational curses, ungodly beliefs, and soul spirit hurts. All these can leave doors open to the demonic world.
---monte on 2/27/06

I agree with those who said blood thinner is dangerous, and needs to be checked often.
Also, I think Christians give demons too much chedit. We should keep our minds on good things. Phil. 4:8
---Ulrika on 9/30/05

This is Patti, the one who wrote the question. I guess I thought it had been demonic because of the obvious phenomena and also because I have made great strides in overcoming fear and timidity and so I thought the enemy was trying to scare me to retreat through this episode. It was like he was mad (as hell) and was using anything in his arsenal to try and cause me to give up the land the Lord had won for me. I'm talking about 50 years of bondage.
---Patti on 9/30/05

I was wondering if she was wearing shoes? Also, is she diabetic? This might account for an injury that she couldn't feel.
---Sara on 9/30/05

Had a patient like that 2 weeks ago. Just woke up and her toe was squirting blood all over. Older people have thinner skins that break or tear easily, followed by being on blood thinners does not help. If it squirts, it is aterial and may need a doctor to treat the wound. As for Demonic, I highly doubt it, never see demons work that way. They only effect our weaknesses.
---geraa7578 on 9/30/05

i know of nose bleeds, but i suppose it could be possible. It sounds like it was just a cut though, you know like when children bang up their knees and they bleed, but they're totally oblivious to it until the end of the day.
---Eloy on 9/30/05

I'd say that, as she was on a blood thinner and you didn't call a doctor when this happened, you should be extremely grateful that she didn't bleed to death. If anything similar happens again and your mother says she doesn't want a doctor, ignor her and get 'phoning. If you don't the next 'phone call might be to the undertaker.
---Xanthi on 9/30/05

I dont know about demon possession, but not calling her doctor (especially if she was on Plavix!) is borderline stupidity.
---NurseRobert on 9/30/05

There must be something more to this if you think it has anything to do with a demonic manifestation. If nothing else has happened except the blood then the person affected needed a doctor. Can you tell us more?
---Paul on 9/30/05

Anything is possible and so is blood coming from different parts of the body. Examples may be blood being too thin, naturally or because of medication(plavex or Cumadin). This will take the easiest path to relieve pressure and escape. Demonic??? Doubt it
---chuck on 9/30/05

(con't) She is taking Plavix (a blood thinner) but Ihave never in my entire life seen or heard of such a phenomena. If was as if her toe exploded all in one gush. It covered about a 12"x9" area under the table. She was a Rainbow girl which means she has taken some kind of Masonic vows. That is why I was asking about demonic manifestation. She wouldn't let me call the doctor, but she was embarrassed that it happened.
---Patti on 9/29/05

I am the one who posed the question. This happened when my mother and I were eating lunch. I was sitting across from her and all of a sudden I hear what sounds like a water balloon dropping and splatting open. We look on the floor under the table and all we see is blood from her chair to mine. We looked to see where it came from, and after wiping blood from her toe we see a small (one-fourth inch long) cut on her toe, but the floor is full of blood. She didn't even feel it!!
---Patti on 9/29/05

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