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Anyone Here Play With The Occult

Before you were saved did any of you ever use an ouija board? If so, what happened and was it when you were saved that you stopped or did something else stop you?

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 ---Paulette on 9/30/05
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"What fellowship hath he darkness with the light?" NONE! Stay away - very far away - from anything that gives even the appearance of evil. You will never regret it!! You MAY VERY WELL regret playing with Satan's little "harmless" games! FLEE!
---Crystal on 5/1/08

When I was in my early teens, I received a ouija board as a gift one year. I played it once in a blue moon. Anyway, several years later, when I accepted Christ, my pastor told me to burn it and I did. You're not going to believe this, but it screamed! Glad it's gone.
---Cathy_Y on 9/1/07

In my teens as well as early to mid 20's I played with the ouija board, I had some bad experiences from it, it was the bad experiences I had that made me stop.Then later I got saved..mary4964
---mary4964 on 3/13/07

When i was in high school my friends and i would play with one while we were high. My nightmares became so real, so intense, and so frequent that I was scared to sleep some nights. It's just an open door to let the spirits of darkness come in. Many other awful things began to happen but I dont have enough space to cover it all. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!
---craige on 12/22/06

I've never played with one, but doing so can open the door to Satan & his demons to come and posses you. If you have, you might have demons in you because of it - even Christians can have demons in them. This is no game, but a way for Satan to control you.
---Leslie on 12/22/06

Girls, slumber parties and ouija boards. A girl in my class 'played' with one constantly. Her dad sat in the garage with the car running, I believe he was around 33. After his funeral, she continued to use it. I do not know what happened to her.
---Cindy on 12/21/06

I was saved as a young girl, so yes I did play with an Ouija board after being saved. BUT, it was seen and used as just a game. After I became a young adult and realized what it really represented we got rid of it FAST!
---ljt on 12/21/06

The one time I ouija'd my friends and I summoned Uriel. Only one of us knew who it was, having read Milton's "Paradise Lost". Years later he would feebly insist it was he who spelled all the answers that night. I asked Uriel about the Revelation, or the Apocalpyse. His answer: "Dream". I lived thru the end times in a dream that night by escaping into a church basement, where Louis Armstrong lived.
---Pozzo on 12/21/06

All threw the Bible we see the occult, Back to Satan deceiving Eve...Clearly..stay away..Far away..You open a door for demonic activity every time you dabble
---Lynn_Bedford77 on 12/14/05

I used to dabble with the occult a lot when I was going through a rough time in my life. The stuff does actually work but then it backfires on you later on. Satan is not a gracious giver. Please stay away from the occult. It is real and it is evil.
---Nock on 10/31/05

Nice play on words there. The reality is a bit more clear cut. One simply can't play or dabble in the occult. Look where dabbling in science got the United States- to the borders of cloning and science which is out of control.
---MrHasselblad on 10/30/05

We once had a Ouija board and I can recall from this day my sister getting very angry at me because I guided the board to whatever answer I wanted instead of permiting the spirit behind it do its thing. I think that one day it went out with the rest of the trash.
---lee on 10/30/05

I've never done anything occult but i look up that kind of stuff sumtimes. I heard that if u burn an ouji board it screams. Whoever hears it scream only has 36 hours to live. The proper way to dispose of it is to cut it into 7 pieces sprinkle it with holy water and bury it. So don't burn ouji boards.
---jackie on 10/30/05

I went to see a Christian counselor once and mentioned that I had played with a quija board many times as a kid. The counselor told me I should immediately repent because of generational curses that may be put on me and my offsprings.
---joe on 10/29/05

I too recommend a book. "The Challenging Counterfeit". It helped me see Satan so much wants to be God that he puts on His "clothes" in scripture, healing tricks, and prophesy but he (satan) is a counterfeit.
---mike_fl on 10/10/05

I played with Ouija boards and tarot cards in high school. My best friend was into all that stuff, including horoscopes. Praise the Lord, another friend invited me to church and witnessed to me. As soon I was saved, I quit it.
---Madison on 10/8/05

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It looked like fun when in the TV movies, so i bought one when i was young, but because it didn't make any noise or flashing lights, i found it to be a boring game.
---Eloy on 10/8/05

I was into all forms of when I accepted Christ as my savior something snapped in my chest,like my heart was sideways and was snapped back into place,after that a real battle started for years I had horrible clear vivid dreams,and when I turned 33 1/3 of all my hair turned gray from the the worst demonic attack I ever had were it not for GODs Grace I would have been killed. I now teach and coucil those who are having trouble renouncing the occult. GOD HAS ALL THE GLORY.
---willow on 10/7/05

I would recommend a book called "Inside the New Age Nightmare". It is a book that was written by a person who left this scene. I myself left this world after having horrible dreams. Sounds innocent enough but I believe that demons had access to my dream world. The Holy Spirit saved me and is still working on my life.
---Terri on 10/7/05

I got saved at 27.Before that I was interested in anything occult, used a o.board to communicate with "those on the other side"(acually demons communicating).DON'T give them entrance to your life.I was facinated & terrified!God spoke to me & said to "renounce the occult".I did & was mightily blessed and rec'd the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues.The demons never came back after the wonderful Holy Spirit swept me clean!Praise God.
---lovable_linda on 10/4/05

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Yeah, when I was a teen I was big into the occult. I had the tarrot cards ouija board, went to seances, the whole nine yards. I thought it was fun at first and then it just got scary, too real for me. My friends new i was into it and tried to get me to join a cult, where they actually sacrificed animals, I ran and never looked back. Thank God I realized He had the power I was looking for.
---bethie on 10/3/05

Yes, I sought this source determined to find the answers I wasn't hearing. I didn't realize until I was given a wonderful series by Joyce Meyers "How to Defeat the Devil and Win". It covered everyhing from witchcraft, ouji boards, tarot cards, any kind of occult and brought my understanding of what Satan was doing in my life than. I repented for this and have never been the same. Kathy
---kathy on 10/1/05

when i was about 12 or so my parents bought one and me and my friends played with it but i didnt see nothin happen.i am now 50.
---sandy on 10/1/05

Yes I played with one in my teens. It was my cousins and it wasn't long after that her parents got divorced and her dad was seeing demons. Never again did I play with it.
---Rebecca_D on 9/30/05

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As a young teen, my parents gave my sister and myself a oiuja board which we used several times. It "talked" to me once, when I was sitting with it by myself. I believe that this, along with an encounter with a "satan worshipper" caused me to fall further down the road toward destruction. By the grace of our Great and Mighty God, I have been redeemed from that type of lifestyle and I am now on my way to God's glory. By the way, I don't have a clue whatever happened to that oiuja board.
---tommy3007 on 9/30/05

You do not play with the occult. You summit to it.
Everything God has for you/us He has revealed.
Anything Satan tries on us is hidden. The word Occult means hidden.
All of these like items are not good for our spiritual of bodily health.
---Elder on 9/30/05

When I was younger someone gave me a gift of a ouijia board. I was an Evangelical pastor's daughter and I guess they wanted to see whaty I would do. I dod not want to give it back for them to probably use so I thanked them and told them I would be burning it.....It would not burn though. I finally gave up and gave it to my father to dispose of.
---Marla on 9/30/05

I have never played with a ouija board, nor been to a seance.
But I know someone who, as a joke, took part in a oiuija board session, and she found it terrifying. It really worked.
She has never taken part again.
---alan8869_of_UK on 9/30/05

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