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How Should A Boyfriend Treat

How should a boyfriend treat you!

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 ---tiffany_reynolds on 9/30/05
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Like Christ would treat you. And that's how you treat a boyfriend. but I'd drop the worldy lables and just treat each other like the brother and sister in Christ that you are
---rache on 4/27/07

Part 2:Any relationship that causes you to feel unworthy,unlovely, unacceptable, undesirable, or that you have to work for love,is too expensive! God has called the man to cover, protect, and provide not only materially for a woman, but emotionally and spiritually as well.You should be richer in mind, body and spirit for your union with the man of your dreams. The man in your life should make rich deposits into your heart and spirit, not withdrawals.
---George on 10/29/05

Part 1:Check out his relationship with his mother.How does he treat her? This is your preview of how he will treat you.There are lots of men who,because of a negative relationship with their mothers,really don't like women,yet say they do. Unresolved issues between mother & son continue between boyfriend/girlfriend...husband & wife
---George on 10/29/05

Tiffany are you being treated badly by your boyfriend,is this the reason for your question? I treat others the way I would want to be treated. If you need prayers we will all be here for you..God Bless
---Missy on 10/2/05

First and foremost, with respect. Should also be caring towards you and have your interest at heart. Of course, you should be treating him likewise.
---JR on 10/1/05

First, with respect!
Two, like he would want to be treated by you.
---WIVV on 10/1/05

look at the way he treats his mother and you will know how you will eventually be treated. Mostly, be careful, careful, careful. I know of many who were treated very nice before marriage, but were battered after marriage. Like I said, watch how he treats his mother.
---shira_5965 on 10/1/05

Do not worry how a boyfriend should treat you because God will decided.
---sun on 10/1/05

like Christ treats us <><
---Charissa on 10/1/05

With the same love and respect YOU should treat him.
---NurseRobert on 9/30/05

With love and respect at all time just exactly as you shoould also treat him.
---Marla on 9/30/05

With the love of Christ, truly as a treasure of God, in purity and holiness, with a servant's heart, and always in love as it says in Ephesians 5.
A boyfriend should have enough integrity towards our Lord, as well as the girl, to know that she is set aside for someone. If God says he is not that one person for her, then he should honor this and NEVER TOUCH THE GIRL!
---Rae on 9/30/05

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