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How To Open An Orphanage

How do i get over my own selfishness? Its weighing heavily on my heart to give up my my whole comfort zone and open an orphanage in Africa, just outside of South Africa where I live. I do trust in God. How do I know when the time is right or if its even right? Will God make it clear to me?

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 ---Natasha on 10/2/05
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God will always reveal his plan to you, Its just weather or not you choose to hear his call. A lot of people these DAYS are blinded by their own greed.Its the enlightened few that actually make a difference in this crazy world. I hope that you succeed in your endeveures. God Bless you and may the Lord be with you.
---Joseph_Riley on 9/7/15

sarah_solomon: //I have a leading from God to start a home for persons with disability and orphans in Nigeria//

May God give you all the grace necessary to fulfill this vision in God's will and time. Amen.
---Adetunji on 2/2/14

\\I have a leading from God to start a home for persons with disability and orphans in Nigeria,I really need Gods grace to set it up.Currently as a way of starting I began to reach out to those in already established homes\\

That will be the best way--first work in an already established orphanage, even as a volunteer.

This will give you an inside look at what all is needed, as well as practical experience.

Maybe God is calling you to simply work in one, as opposed to founding one on your own.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 1/29/14

ModeratorPermit,thanks' Prayer for
... ... .Darlene1
Our FatherGracious, commend you knowledge,grace,wisdom - realize you ordain the doctors - repair even minut but skillfull procedures,eyes
let your magnificent hand be insinc with the doctors,we know you be there we shall not fear but we trust only in you.

In the saviours care.. give our sister Darlene1 a very safe surgery and allow safe recovery,too!
Keep Darlene1 safe & the driver safe! coming bk from the hospital.Let your angels en camp around them.
Love of Jesus!
---Lidia4796 on 1/28/14

To Sis.Sarah,all respect to you! How wonderfull you want to help orphans, I will include you in my daily prayers! May the Lord bless you in your endeavor and bless all Nigeria. Love of Jesus! Lidia4796
---Lidia4796 on 1/23/14

I have a leading from God to start a home for persons with disability and orphans in Nigeria,I really need Gods grace to set it up.Currently as a way of starting I began to reach out to those in already established homes.
---sarah_solomon on 1/22/14

I want to open an orphanage in the Philippines. Have you started one yet?
---steven on 11/13/13

First test this idea by working in an already established orphanage in your country.

This will give you needed experience if indeed God is calling you to open one later.

However, in the USA, orphanages are out, as it has been found that generally foster care of small groups of children is better for them than an institution.

Glory to Jesus Christ!
---Cluny on 4/7/13

Gory be to God. From my child hood i have had a natural liking for people and i have never liked to see any one suffering. I got a vision that one day in life i could start an orphanage home and a hospital and i am still seeking for God's guidance and help. At my age of 23ears i have tried to help the few i get. Need assistance from those who could tbe having he same vision. God bless you
---Ronald_Mulandayo on 4/7/13

Watch "The Inn of the Seventh Happiness." It may help you.

Paul Newman began a non-profit and also a charitable organization "The Whole in the Wall Gang." I read his book on beginning them. They said there are THREE RULES and they broke every one. Yes, there has to be a bit of politics. Just begin as best as you are able in faith AND DO IT!
---born on 4/5/13

I also want to open an orphanage home in my country , Namibia and i need help and advice.
---maria on 4/4/13

I am also interested in starting an orphanage in the Philippines. Would love to get to know others with the same heart. Have a fair amount of finances devoted to the task but would love to get more details and pool funds with others. God bless - JB
---JoshB on 3/27/13

Id like to connect with others who are interested in starting an orphanage in the philippines. I read through some of these posts and am wondering if "John" and his wife have already started their orphanage. Or anyone who has successfully started or are in the process.
---Wayne_Supnet on 4/17/12

My brother, if you want to know when to open an orphanage, it is now. The African child is crying out for help. If you are thinking of a good place to it, come to Tanzania.
---Rev._I_shaya_Abdulmalik on 12/29/11

i wish you al the best and i will pray for the orphans of the world. tell me can i do something for orphans
---febi on 12/28/11

I think its great that you would want to help our brothers and sisters in Christ. I myself am dreaming of opening an orphanage. I grew up upper middle class and really want to give back and help those who weren't as fortunate. Good luck with doing so, you will be in my prayers. Right now is the right time. There is never a time to sit back an do nothing. I'm sure God and Jesus are happy with your decision.
---Kaitlin on 9/4/11

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I don't think there is anything like the right time..the time is now. God was ready to do that work from the time he inspired you to open the orphanage. God is just waiting on you. You need to first understand what the will of God is. The will of God is His word nothing else. He says I will be with you always and He will order your steps.The worst thing you can do is procrastinate. Start working towards the orphanage. Do the paper work and everything and when you've done it all look to God and He'll perfect everythng that concerns you and your purpose
---Evelyn on 8/19/11

This is great that you want to start an orphanage in Zimbabwe! That is exactly what I want to do! My life long dream! Yes go for it!!!! You can do it the world needs a change and with God you can do all things! God has placed this dream in your heart don't ignore it or put it out but instead build on to it! Keep relying on God he will make a way for you- stay strong-persevere- and trust in him with all your heart!!!!! You've got potential use it for his glory!..... We should chat and talk about Zimbabwe this is sooo cool! God bless!
---Leah on 7/18/11

AND IF... All those who shared this vision on this blog would ghet personal contact with eachother, and start cooperating for an orphanage together... i believe This would be a great work of God, and go for it
as CARMAN says in a song Your desire is the confirmation...
---andy3996 on 7/11/11

garald_bouwer. Cool. Go visit an orphanage. I would also start small aka go work for an orphanage find what works and what does not. Are you good with kids? Are you resourceful? Are you emotionally and spiritually stable? Go for it.
---Scott on 6/28/11

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I received a vision from GOD to start an orphanage. I have buildings.I'd love to know how to start.HELP ME
---garald_bouwer on 6/28/11

I encourage you to open up an Orphanage in South Africa. I just read something today that said according to surveys, 17 million children in the Southern Africa region do not have parents. They are also susceptible to violence, hunger and other abuses. Gods timming is perfect, so just continue to trust in him, he will give you guidence. My church is in Haiti right now building an orhpanage and my husband and I are going in Nov. to help finish building. My passion is to build an orphanage in Africa as well, I am trusting God to show me his will in this! blessings to you
---Krystle_Kenfield on 6/4/11

to Jada,i am seriously considering opening an orphanage in Burukinafaso,i do not know how ,but I have to do it.i am getting information from all angles and intend to travel there in August,i need any help I can get on how.God bless.
---Marthe on 5/22/11

My church has started a couple of orphanages. I beleieve working through a church may be best if you don,t personally have the means to do it yourself. What people in the church can do a body is more then 1 person can. You may want to start by visiting/helping existing orphanages in the area of interest. Some orphanages are struggling to stay open. You might be the extra hand needed to keep an orphanage from closing.
---Christina on 5/6/11

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Chan, go to an orphange and learn from people who have experience doing this for many years.
---Scott on 5/6/11

I wish to open an orphanage in the zamboanga del norte someday with God's will. There are many children who are in need of help. I still don't have the fund but I know God will provide. What are the requirements? How many worker do I need for the organization? Please help...
---chan on 4/29/11

Im in the same predicament. But Im more concerned about how Im going to get funding?
---leeanne on 5/10/10

Does anyone have info. on
how to start a orphange in the USA?
How much would it cost?
what steps to take to run it?
I love kids and Yes i think this is god's plan for me to do.
I am praying that God will help me and guide to do this.
---Amber on 4/29/10

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I am very interested in starting an orphanage in South Africa. Does anyone have any information or suggestions to how to begin this process, where to get the finances, etc. I feel this is the Lord's plan for me and consistent prayer has lead to the doors beginning to open, but I am still lost in how to get the process started. Any help would be great!
---Ashleigh on 10/5/09

---Megan_Witt- please contact me through penpals I am mima 3783
---mima on 9/29/09

I am looking at opening an orphanage in Guatamala. Any suggestions.
---Megan_Witt on 9/29/09

Its amazing to realise you have the same dream like me, im alos burning with this dream of starting an orphanage in zimbabwe, Its haveay in my heart and feel i should start sooner not late coz l love little kiddies and l know my help will make a difference in their lives.
---luki on 9/21/09

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Hi I think it is a wonderful idea. I feel the exact same and I am currently trying to away to get an orphanage started in Zims. I don't know where to start, perhaps we can help each other along. Who can argue with the Will of God. God will definately make it clear to you, it's a question of taking step by step and heading to His call. God bless Nadia (UK) Zimbabwean
---Nadia_Rudschuck on 9/16/09

I completely understand the pull of wanting to help children. I myself have had the same question on my heart for an orphanage in east texas. How do i know it's from God? Well first of all when he does something for me theres no question , so my response to you would be start trying to line your self up with the right people who can guide you in the right direction. If it's God's will it will happen so easy. God bless you
---febra on 7/12/09

Hi Tawanda

I saw your blog abiut building an orphanage in Zimabwe. Would have any information about the cost of such an undertaking?


---Ruth on 5/8/09

Hi natasha ur blog states that u are interested in opening an orphanage outside of South Africa. My sister and i are very interested in opening and orphanage in Zimbabwe. because its standards of living have decreased so much due to its political turmoil we have really found an urgent need for an orphanage there. The orphanage is just a starting block for the plans that we have for kids in Zimbabwe if you are interesed please email me. I live in South Africa however i have family in Zimbabwe and frequent there.
---Tawanda on 4/24/09

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To the person who wants to open an orphanage in South Africa, that is my vision as well. It has always been my dream to move to Africa and help in any way that I can. Quite recently, the idea to open an orphanage popped into my head and has remained there, I feel that this is my calling. To anyone with information on how I can begin the process of building an orphanage in South Africa, please speak up. And to anyone who is interested in and serious about helping in Africa, please contact me. This is my 1st time on this site and I do not know how it works.
---Jada on 3/5/09

I am very interested in starting an orphanage in South East Asia. Do you have any info on how to do that?
---Rebekka on 2/24/09

I am very interested in opening an orphanage in the US. I am currently going to school for Child Development and Social Work. If anyone has information about the requirements and ways to get started please let me know.
---Lisa on 2/24/09

Has anyone found out any information on how to open an orphanage in the US? I would like to consider bringing babies to this orphanage from international locations in order to make adoptions easier and more economical for US parents. I have a lot of experience with children with disabilities, so that I possibly could take these blessed little souls in too. Now that Obama is making international abortions more available with US funds, I would like to be able to receive unwanted children rather than have them aborted. Thoughts? Ideas? God bless. Pray for the unborn.
---Susan on 1/26/09

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John - I couldn't believe that there is an Islamic militant group in the Phillipines. Did you hear Gracia Burnham's story? Wow. Everyone on this site needs to cover you in prayers because of your good work and to protect you while you are there.
---kate on 7/25/08

My wife and I are in the process of starting an orphanage in the Philippines. We have land ready to build on and will start in September - the Lord willing. We do not have the finance, but He has not let us down in the two years we have been preparing . We have completely surrendered the vision to Him, which is your first step and then let the Lord open the doors for you. We never ask for money and thus all the glory goes to the Lord. We have a foundation set up and the paper work done. The rules are very strict in the Philippines and require you to employ a social worker per 25 children, we already have Christian social workers who have volunteered. Just step out of the boat by faith - one day at a time. God Bless, John
---John on 7/21/08

I want to open an orphanage here, in the US, but I don't know where to begin. Any advice?
---Vanessa on 5/5/08

I understand where you are coming from I have the sudden desire to open an orphanage in my home town. I am wondering the same myself.
---Whitney on 3/6/08

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I too want to open an orphanage in South Africa... I would like to talk to you. Please feel free to contact me on here. I am laura5776.
---Laura on 12/31/07

Life gives to the giver. I think you should do it, because even if you fail (which I doubt will happen), you will still be more successful than most.
---Mikey_B on 7/23/07

YES YES YES! God will make it very clear for you. Pray and ask God for confermation.Things will happen in His timing,and if He wants things to happen now it will happen now,if He wants things to happen in 10 years it will happen in that time.Be blessed that He has put this on your heart,and continue to pray about it.God Bless
---Missy on 4/12/07

I would love to open an orphanage. I stayed at one in Guatemala and since I've been back, I want to open one. What does it take?
---Nicole on 9/6/06

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Hi - i'm just trying to read the blog. I wanna open an orphanage
---Diana on 9/4/06

thanks for the info you sent me about what Christ is doing in india but i think little steps first for me.. :) struggling to leave south africa let alone the whole continent.. i will pray for the orphanage there..
---natasha on 10/3/05

thank you jan.. :)
---natasha on 10/3/05

Sister Natasha,

I am praying with you. We are having some orphan children in India and also six widows who need help. If the Lord we love and serve leads you, please contact sister Methepa Theladi or Sister Ruth
---satya4656 on 10/2/05

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as a christian if it doesnt stop nagging at you, I would listen to that voice . satan wont tell you to do 'good' and this project is for the good of the children for YOU to bring love and GOD into their lives and he will supply ALL your needs-> Philippians 4:19, so ask him to bring it your way, you will know..always listen to the FIRST quick thought, its from the Lord ..any thoughts after that is satan trying to steal it away, by showing you the negative side. God bless the field he is putting you in.
---Jan4876 on 10/2/05

as for thinking it through. its all i think about. im suprised they havent fired me at work for staring aimlessly out the window for lack of concentration :) i am in contact with a lady running orphanages in swaziland.. just that fear man!! ha ha.. am 24 yrs old and this has been on heart for about 8 yrs.. was just saved 4 months ago though.
---natasha on 10/2/05

financially i think i will be ok.God revealed the purpose of my job is the building of relationships with these huge co-operate giants for the last 3 yrs and that could be the funding.its not so much the money as the fear and the "what ifs".people say,you can never fail with Gods hand over you but its easier said than done.fear of failing is a powerful feeling sent from satan himself i think. sorry to have bothered everyone.haha.i kind of answer my own questions sometimes.:)
---natasha on 10/2/05

God will make it clear to you. This does not mean you will see positive things happening immediately. You might find many negative things will happen which could make you think 'I must have got this wrong' but if you still feel determined after the negative and plod on God will show you in His time. If it is His will you will have no desire to give up, your desire will be to continue until the plan falls into place. You will then see why some things could not happen as they would have hindered God's plan.
---Xanthi on 10/2/05

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If it is such a burden to you it may be from God indeed. I recommend though, in addition to prayer and thorough Bible study, to seek to gain from the knowledge and experience of others who started an orphanage (or continue it); they may perhaps also be of help by sharing their own story on how God led them. It is wonderful that you are having such love to Christ and the orphans in your heart, dear Natasha! Jesus bless you!
---Gretchen on 10/2/05

What training and skills do you have to operate an orphanage? What would be your funding source? Have you thought these things through? If God calls us, He also equips us.
---Madison on 10/2/05

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