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What Is Christian Courtship

What is Christian Courtship?

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 ---Melissa on 10/3/05
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There is alot of confusion about what courting is or isn't. Check out the new book "Leave Dating Behind" by Christina Rogers. It really makes courting "real"!!!
---tamara on 9/16/08

To date or to meet is to set a time aside to be with a person or join in an activity with a group. We Date Jesus, our friends and family. Satan is the leader in Perversion, please don't allow him to do that to your mind. Courtship is with intent, sometimes it ends with no marriage because you have to be realistic on who you are compatible with. Understand that you will not know what is right and wrong in Gods eyes unless you take the time to indulge in God's word, inquire of him and ask him to speak to you and with as much faith as you have in God he will respond to you with answers.
---melia6434 on 8/1/08

I think courtship begins after enough casual dating that the couple are getting serious. Then is the time to discuss the issues that may lead to a compatible marriage. How they feel about having children, how their work schedules would mesh, where they would want to live, what about church attendance, how they feel about money matters, how to spend their free time together or apart.
---Virginia on 7/31/08

Christian courtship is handling the courtship period of a relationship in a Christian manner (the way God explains it in the Bible).
---Heather on 2/23/08

Well it isn't a "cleaned up version" of dating. It is two people who have taken the time to get to know each other and have sought god about their relationship. If God hassaid they are to marry then the coutship begins. The best book on courtship is Chhosing God's Best. and I'm sorry I don't recall the author. He says dating leads to divorce. After dating and being divorced I must agree.
---rache on 6/6/07

The book is by Josh Harris. I have listened to the follow up book Boy Meets Girl and cannot recomend it strongly enough. As I understand it, I Kissed Dating Good By is written from a theoretical point of view while Boy Meets Girl is written from personal experience.
---Bruce5656 on 10/31/05

Dory Lory... Who is the author of the book you mentioned? Please, if you would, give me your ideas about the book.
---David7647 on 10/31/05

Christian courtship is not having any sex till marriage, pure and simple!
---joe on 10/31/05

Janie, I am smiling!! Your friend may be very interested. Yet, he may want to be sure that you will truly be happy in his company and he in yours. He may be "making haste slowly." God knows. If your love to him is true, founded in divine love, then instead of thinking of how he isn't meeting your expectations, you will be thinking of how you can be a blessing to him. Let the Lord direct and lead each step of the way either toward a lasting marriage or simply a true friendship.
---Wayne87 on 10/8/05

The only way to send a personal note to someone is if they use their ChristiaNet user ID as their name here. You will recognize it as a combination of a name followed by numbers such as my own. Bruce5656.
Secondly, you have to sign up to be able to log in under you own user ID to be able to send or recieve personal notes.
---Bruce5656 on 10/7/05

I am still trying to get used to this website! It is nice but can't quite figure out how to send someone an individual email..

Anyway, I was hoping I was possibly going thru Christian Courtship with the nice man from my church whom I have really grown to like but I think he has just decided he isn't interested...wouldn't you even in Christian Courtship at least talk to each other at least once a week and go out more than just 3 times in a year????? This man has frustrated me very much!!!
---Janie on 10/7/05

You all are still calling Christian dating COURTSHIP and they are NOT the same at all. That's whats do not get to know someone in real courtship you already have gotten to the point of knowing you WILL marry them and then you enter courtship.It is almost a betrothel. The commitment is already there before you enter courtship. there are many goodsites bruce and I can reccommend them if you contact either of us.
---rache on 10/7/05

Make sure the person whom you are dating is a COMMITTED Christian. Some people lie about their faith in order to continue the courtship. It takes much time to REALLY get to know a person. Never marry "unevenly yoked" nor hurry the dating phase in order to be married. Ask God for His guidance. Don't be afraid to ask for your friend's input either. Find out who their friends are; this is not being distrustful; it's being trustfully watchful!
---Elsie on 10/6/05

janie,contact me at my c-net adress i posted it with my name this time.I prefer to talk to you privately to avoid opinions from every side.
---rache7576 on 10/6/05

I wonder if this is what I am going through with this really nice man from my church. We have gone out with a few times now for almost a year. He has never even held my hand. It gets very frustrating and I am hurt but perhaps this is what he is doing? Any hints on how I can know for sure without flat out asking him? Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!I know too he could just think of me as a friend but it seems at times he may show more interest in just friendship.
---Janie on 10/5/05

In 3 years, I have not even held my girlfriends hand.

A sucessful courtship ends in either friendship or engagement. Either way, with no regrets.
---Bruce5656 on 10/5/05

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We aren't allowed to give outrweb addresses here BUT there is a site I went to on courtship with a testimony of a young couple who when the minister said you may kiss the bride that was their first kiss EVER in a 4 yr courtship. they had never even held hands except to pray. They had nevcr riden alone together in a car. I would love to have that pure of a mindset and attitude toward my intended one! It is not a matter of avoiding anything it is a matter of preserving something.
---rache on 10/5/05

Hey, a friend just gave me a copy of the the book "I KISSED DATING GOODBYE" a few days ago! It's next on my reading agenda. :)
---DoryLory on 10/4/05

Look for "dating" or "relationships" in your Bible. It's not called "dating", obviously, but the correct way for a man and woman to conduct themselves in a relationship is there.
---Heather on 10/4/05

I'm not familiar with the book Rache mentioned but have you never noticed teenagers with their arms around each other like they're melted together? Have you ever noticed that the following week half of them are "melted" to someone new? That would be my idea of how "dating" might be a prelude to a divorce-type mindset. This modern day idea of dating, with it's bouncing from one partner to the next, teaches the kids the opposite qualities required for a lasting relationship.
---DoryLory on 10/4/05

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Anyone interested in studying this subject would do well to get a copy of BOY MEETS GIRL by Josh Harris. It is an excellent and well balanced treatment of the subject. It is a sequal to I KISSED DATING GOODBYE. While I have not read the first book, I cannot recomend BOY MEETS GIRL strongly enough. It should be required reading for every Christian young person.
---Bruce5656 on 10/4/05

Well that got all twisted out of proportion!By my apparant misuse of the words "Cleaned Up" I was not calling dating Dirty. And you'd have to have read the book to understand what the author meant about divorce.So I wasn't implying anything. I still recommend CHOOSING GOD'S BEST and the I KISSED DATING GOODBYE andthe BOY MEETS GIRL books.There is a difference and we are called to a higher calling as Christians
---rache on 10/4/05

, christian courtship is just dating with an awareness that Jesus is Lord of our lives and we will all have to answer for how we lived our lives someday.
---steve on 10/4/05

Dating someone else while u`re married can,and mostly likely,lead to divorce,u see once u`re married that person should become the person u want to spend/share the rest of ur life with,and the person u want to share EVERYTHING with no matter what,dating robs the other person of that!!
---Ryan on 10/4/05

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I think there are quite a few of us who are confused here. Dating is not dirty unless you wish to make it so and why does dating lead to divorce? Whoever wrote that in a book will not find me queueing up to buy it. Either there is a language problem between English English v. American English or someone has got their wires crossed here.
---Xanthi on 10/4/05

Heather, where is courting explained in the Bible? Marriages in both OT and NT were arranged. But even arranged marriages where you had no say so in your spouse, are supposed to be forever. Rache sorry about your divorce but would you have been happier if someone picked out your husband for you? Arranged marriages are what take place in most Islamic societies. Just because arranged marriages have a low divorce rate that does not mean that they are happy unions.
---randy on 10/4/05

I am confussed. Since when is dating dirty? I thought dating was 2 people enjoying one anothers company and getting to know them better? Dating is only dirty if the 2 people in the situation make it so.
Christians dating could be mini golfing, movies, going to a christian concert, Fun christian activities for a date. And NO dating does not cause divorce......selfishness causes divorce.
---Marla on 10/3/05

I agree. Dating is going out and getting to know one another. It's not dirty. Unless you make it that way. And this "dating leads to divorce", are you telling me that the 50% of American married couples that aren't divorced never dated? I can tell you that my parents dated as early teens, they got married in thier 20s, and are still married 30+ years later.
---Becca on 10/3/05

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Rache ... why assume that "dating" is dirty?

Or is this some American euphemism for sleeping together?

To my mind dating is going out together to get to know one another.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/3/05

Rache ... why assume that "dating" is dirty?
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/3/05

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