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What Age To Start Dating

Which is the acceptable age for christians to start dating?

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 ---Remigius on 10/4/05
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alan_of_uk: God our Father does not want us to stumble, worry or fear. HE knows our need & has answers ready. Ask, be assured of an answer but do not try to guess what HIS answer will be. Have the disposition that, "whatever God show/tells you is the best and what you will do'. If you don't understand what GOD says 1st time, ask HIM again to confirm. If you understand, don't go and ask the same ques again. ~ my life-partner, God showed me a big building/position in which I will meet/discuss with her without showing me her face (in a dream). 3rd day: the dream happened life but i was not aware. 4th day: God confirmed to me that the dream has been shown to me physically yesterday(then i recognised her).
---Adetunji on 2/6/10

Adetunji ... That's easy to say. but in practicee, what sort of thing would youe xpect from God toe SHOW what He wanted?

I can't think of anything that any friends of mine have SEEN which SHOWS them Gods will.

Can you give an example?

What was it that SHOWED yuo from God that your wife was intended by Him to be yours?
---alan85656_of_uk on 2/3/10

alan_of_uk: You know God does HIS things in various ways. That experience you had MAYBE of God or not. Please discuss the experience and the lady with God in prayer (before making casual or formal convenants with her). Ask in prayer that God should SHOW you whether she is your life-partner(HIS choice) or not. An answer from the Lord will really help you, nothing else can substitute God's answer. I know a guy & lady who admired/liked themselves because they shared the same birthday but that did not help them.
---Adetunji on 2/3/10

Adetunji ... "HE will arrange your meeting & choice of your life partner"

That logic should apply at any age, not only if you are young. But how do you know the meeting was arranged by God?

I met, by chance, a lady at a secular function. We are both Christians, which is why I later sought an introduction. We have started seeing each other, and it's turned out we were both widowed on the exact same day seven years ago.

But can anyone say that HE arranged the meeting? Or that he did not?

---alan8566_of_uk on 2/2/10

I am not sure that dating that you are talking about is a Christian thing to do, because it means trying on your own to find an acceptable life partner for yourself(shadow-chasing it can be). My advice, follow the Lord Jesus with the best of your ability and HE will arrange your meeting & choice of your life partner for you, the one you will not regret having.
---Adetunji on 2/2/10

I'm a sixteen year old, and I'm rather mature for my age (I think anyway). I think that dating is fine for teenagers, as long as it's not dating for the sake of dating someone. Those relationships are dangerous, physically and emotionally. I think as long as you keep God in the relationship, and be dating for the sake of finding a husband/wife... that it's fine. But that's just my thinking.
---sarah on 1/31/10

Good question! As a mom of teens, I am really interested in the answer. My children seem to go out in groups rather than dates in couples, so this has not really come up much at our house.
---Annie on 5/30/08

I Find It's More Than Just Being A Certain Age To Date. I Think That You Neet To Be Saved, Sanctified & Filled With The Holy Ghost Before You Even Think About Dating. Then, And Only Then, You Pray And Ask God To Send You The Right Mate In His Timing When The Time Is Right. But Other Than That, The Right Age Usually Is From 18 To 21. (Depending On Maturity Of The Person). God Bless You!!!
---john4658 on 4/14/07

Why can't He just take my rib and make me a wife?,, would be easier than having to strike up conversation or socialize with most women today.
---Brian on 9/6/06

Steve, I don't respond to anyone in a blog except the orginator. But, I'll make this one exception. My wife and I were missionary's in a Spanish speaking culture for 33 years, and it was socially acceptable in Christian and non-christian society to start dating at 13. However, there were guidelines to be followed. Also, when I was 23 and dating my wife to be, we had to stay overnight at her Aunt's house, and she champoroned us until we went to bed. (This was in PA and this was part of their culture.)
---WIVV on 4/2/06

, i have to admit that i am in favor of arranged marriages, as that's the only way someone like me can find a wife.
---steve on 11/17/05

, wivv, i have to disagree. if someone is young enough to need a chaperone, they are just too young to be doing any dating.
---steve on 10/6/05

Matthew: Arranged marriages are a horrible idea. No place in the New Testament does it say that marriages are to be arranged. Marriages are arranged only by God. Bring parents into the picture and you have a recipe for disaster.
---Madison on 10/5/05

Actually, curfews (since they've been brought up) should depend on the child (maturity, responsibility, etc). I never had a curfew at any point from the time I started dating. There were physical as well as other reasons involved, but the biggest reason was the simple fact that I was trusted to do the right thing. Every parent knows what their child(ren) is/are capable of handling.
---Heather on 10/5/05

Matthew; Parents arranging marriages for their kids is horrible! That will be the parents choice yet they're not the ones that will be living with these people! Note, We can get things from our parents but a good marriage partiner is from the Lord! Everyone has their taste and preference hence people should be allowed to choose their own husbands and wives with help from God.
---emma4399 on 10/5/05

We've always told our kids (4 sons), if you're old enough to get married, you're old enough to date. We encourage them to have friends of the opposite sex and hang out together in groups but dating during the teen years is definitely discouraged. For the most part they've listened ... so far.
---DoryLory on 10/4/05

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At the earliest, 13 but with adult chaporones. Here are some suggestions:
1. You should always double date or be in a group. Especially in early dating or for young teenagers.
2. Always have a curfew & inform your date.
3. Always have a cell phone and check in with a parent or guardian or a regular bases.
4. If your date escorts you to the door, stop him/her at the door.
5. It's nice, and practical, to end the date with a joint prayer.
Opps, my 85 words are gone.
---WIVV on 10/4/05

Well in my view should be at least 16+ but, more important is Christian and personal maturity. Most 16 yr olds are not mature enough to say NO! to pressures and temptations of dating. One NEEDS to be mature in their knowledge of right and wrong in God's eyes before dating.
---Marla on 10/4/05

My mom said I couldn't date until I was 40. I am 41 and still don't know how to date. I figure it is a big game. I won't play. I am too real. so I just will pick one and wait for him to figure I am a good catch.
---Julie3763 on 10/4/05

If God wants you to be with someone, then you do as GOd says....regardless of age. My wife and I went on 1 date before God told me to marry her. That was 9 years ago and I am 54 now. You should not date if you ask me. Parents should arrange the marraiges for the child. That is the Biblical thing to do.
---Matthew on 10/4/05

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At my house, if you old enough to get a driver's liscense, you're old enough to date.
---Cathy_Y on 10/4/05

I was allowed to start going out with groups when I was 14 and "car dating" (actually having the guy pick me up at home for a date) when I was 16.
---Heather on 10/4/05

We have 3 boys, two of them teens. From the beginning we decided not to let them date until they were 16. And then to only be together with the parents. Our oldest is 16 and found a wonderful Christian girl through a friend at our church. He respects the rule and doesn't go anywhere with her unless we(my husband & I) or her parents will be with them. This way it is sort of a "courtship".
---Melissa on 10/4/05

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