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Where Did God Come From

Daughter 8 asked "where did God come from?" I said "He simply was". None made Him He just was, he wanted to share his love so he created us. Any other Idea's on what 2 say? I also said that since earthly things where born/made humans find it hard to understand that God just was.

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 ---Judit4846 on 10/5/05
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He is the beginning and the end-to beginning and the end-from beginning to the end-God eternal.
Alpha and Omega-Aleph to Tav.
In the beginning was the Word-Jn1:1
I am the first and the last,and beside Me [there is]no God.
---char on 7/7/10

Judit: God always WAS, IS & ALWAYS WILL BE,He has no beginning & no end; the alpha & omega.A supreme Being.I am who am.
---Emcee on 4/7/08

sorry,for the late responce, i might be wrong but if you read habakkuk 3:3 you might have your answer.
---j-r on 6/16/07

God is. God was not made like humans are made. He has always been there.
---Helen_5378 on 4/5/07

I was asked that very question by a child & after saying all the pat answers I finally, in exasperation, prayed & asked God to help me. God then showed me a perfect ring, a circle. I then made my fingers a circle & asked her pretend this was a perfect circle ok. Now tell me where did this circle start &/or where does it end? She said she didn't know. So it is with God, He is like this perfect circle.
---PJ on 4/4/07

Nobody; If God came from my imagination, man I've got a really good imagination. And thank God for that. It takes faith to believe in the unseen. 2 Cor 4:18, While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things that are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.
---Rebecca_D on 4/4/07

Read the Bible & you will then know where God came from. He gives us a clue when he calls Himself the 'I am', as Jesus also did. Do a little research on the meaning of 'I am' and you will see He is telling us he is eternal.

So much written on this site shows professing Christians are ignorant of what the Bible says, and isn't the Bible to be our guide not human opinions?
---Warwick on 4/4/07

Ps 41:13 says God is from "everlasting to everlasting" Some other verses are Ps 90:2, 93:2.

Is 40:28 "Hast thou not known? Hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? There is no searching of His understanding."

Hey, nobody you really are somebody. If you are (get) saved you can be-(come) a son of God.
---MARK on 4/4/07

Do not tell me there is no God, I need God. God has always been. No beginning no end. Tell your little girl. He is not a made up God. He is real, my life is proof. Only a fool would say there is no God He is evil and He never does any good. Since there is a God there is also a Devil. Most people don't even know that. There is also a hell and a heaven and most people don't know that. Accountable, wicked people shall be.
---catherine on 4/3/07

Hey, I am glad that Nobody is dumb, and it shows.
Now, what did I say?
Ha, use your imagination.......
---Elder on 4/3/07

God just didn't come out of nowhere. He came from some where but yet nobody knows where. He was made up so that people have something to believe in. So if you really want to know where he came from he came from your imagination.
---nobody on 4/3/07

ashley, you sound like a defeatist. Go back and read what you wrote. TOO MUCH NEGATIVITY IN YOUR RESPONSE. Just witness Jesus and let the Holy Spirit do the rest and don't worry about it, but continue to pray and be a good example in Christ. The Word of God never comes back to Him void. Christianity is not like fast food. Have Patients, it doesn't happen in our time frame, and God is not restricted by time. He always was.
---Rich on 4/3/07

I understand all that Ashley, but if you have verses and know something I don't which it sounds like you do, I'm interested. I do know He says He is the Alpha and Omega.
---Cynthia_1 on 3/30/07

This question is answered so clearly in the bible. I could answer and write all the verse references, but why bother. Everyone has made up their minds that the heavens are closed and God no longer exists. Every verse that answers a question is ridiculed or people say it is wrong. Since when did Jesus make mistakes. Never that I know of, but many here say He did. They have elevated themselves above God. Let the scribes and pharisees answer. Teachings of man are more important than truths from God.
---ashley on 3/29/07

From nowhere. Isn't that interesting? I love Him so much. And He has always been. Oh my goodness.
---catherine on 3/29/07

Nothing else to add. God just always was, is and always will be. And it IS very hard with our earthly mentalities to understand Him. One day we will know all. Right now, it just takes faith, and what little bit of knowledge we can glean from Scriptures & talking with other believers.
---Ann5758 on 3/29/07

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This is as hard a question to adults as it is to children.

How can we explain someone that is outside of time and space? Do we even know that is beyond both well enough ourselves to understand where God comes from? (philosopher speaking tonight)

Would an "I don't even know myself" be an appropriate answer?
---David7647 on 10/30/05

Judit4846: Good response! I'd take it a step further though. You may want to tell your children that one day they can ask God themselves; but, first they must really get to know Him personally thru His Son Jesus. :)
---Leon on 10/9/05

Judit: The children entrusted to us are very precious.But their minds hearts are malleable. So I understand your concern; to them you say "God is love" can you explain LOVE.Like mom Loves you he does too.Its the seed you plant & this grows.
---Emcee on 10/6/05

Scripture says that God is the beginning and the end, the first and the last, the Alpha and the Omega. And because God is the very Beginning, therefore there is absolutely nothing before him. God's name YHWH literally means, "for ever existing".
---Eloy on 10/6/05

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I know this. Was looking for an easier way to explain it to my children 8, 9 & 13. I guess God just was works a bit. I explained to them that because as humans we are used to things having a beginning that it is hard for some to think of God as the beginning that he wasn't made or created. I know as they get older they'll understand a bit more.
---judit4846 on 10/5/05

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