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What Is A Reformed Baptist

I started attending a Reformed baptist church because of it's traditional values. From what I have read about their background they seem fine to me, does anyone else attend there or know about them?

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 ---jen on 10/5/05
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I think reformed churches are great and dig deeper into the Word of God, they know how to assemble the puzzle (interpret the Word of God correctly) There's so much more to learn than what most churhes are willing to teach.
---Tony on 8/15/10

What I read & hear, they didn't get reformed enough. You canNot serve God & the devil together.
---Lawrence on 8/13/10

I find that labels really don't do much other than make divisions.The leadership should be directing the assembly through the Holy Spirit, not by the dictates of a name or denomination. I quit being a Baptist and started being a Christian. I don't see labels in the Scripture except in 1 Cor.1:11-13. You might say that I'm a reformed Baptist.I've given up denonminationalism and consider the body of Christ as one. God bless you in your service to Him. John
---John on 8/26/08

Generally speaking a Reformed Baptist Church is a Baptist Church that holds to the 2nd London Confession 1644 (revised 1689). They also believe and teach the five Cannons of Dort aka the five points of Calvinism. There are at least two Reformed Baptist Associations working in the US, and the Founders movement in the Southern Baptist is also a Reformed Baptist group.
---Gilbert on 8/22/07

They believe in the soverinty of God. and stress that it is God who calls a seeking person to find christ. it is God who created salvation and He know we need him. And He works in peoples hearts to see Him.
---H_john on 6/26/07

irene, jen, anyone: I'd like to share Net resources (danie9374); already did with Lupe, and he appreciated them. Basically, we're an independent Bible church believing in the Triunity of God, Believer's baptism, communion, Eph 2:8-10 salvation (the work of the Spirit), election, Authority of Scripture, heaven/hell, Sovereignty of God and also the rapture, tribulation and Millennium detailed in Rev. I guess we could be labeled 'Reformed Baptist' if you wanted, but I'd rather just call it being Biblical.
---danie9374 on 11/10/05

thankyou everyone for your thoughts. Yes I like it there because spiritually I am fed Gods word. am not there for "parties",though meeting nice wonderful friendships.
---jen on 10/6/05

2. I attend Bethany Baptist Church and it is a wonderful church, teaching ALL of Scripture. I am glad you made the choice to go a reform church. You will not be sorry and will learn so much, things you could not figure out before will come into the light. I suggest to take a study on God's Attributes, His character and Nature. After learning who God is you will see the verses so much clearer. Blessings in your journey.
---Lupe2618 on 10/6/05

Hello H John, I wanted to comment on what you stated. You mention that reformed baptist stress that it is God who calls a seeking person to find Christ. First of all no one lost is seeking Christ. They have emnity towards God. Jesus says, seek and you will find, but they don't seek. labels many times make divisions. Even within the same denomnination many churches don't teach the same. I looked for a reform baptist church when I moved from another town and found out many Baptist churches are teaching
---Lupe2618 on 10/6/05

I am also attending a Reformed Baptist. And I am glad that I have found a Church where God's Word is the sole source of doctrine concerning the being of God, man, relationship between God & man, sin, salvation in Christ, God's sovereignity, etc.
---irene on 10/6/05

There is a huge difference between religion and having a relationship with Jesus. Just find a church that supports your walk with the Lord, studies the Bible, and follows what Scripture says.
---Marilee on 10/5/05

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