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Faithful Husband Before Marriage

How did you know that your husband is going to be faithful before you get married?

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 ---sherry on 10/5/05
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You don't, none of us know the future but if you are having doubts before, don't go ahead with the marriage.
---M.P. on 9/11/08

Hi, I've learned that when you date it is best to date for a while because however a man acts before the marriage is how he is going to act after the marriage. In other words if he cheats before he'll cheat after.
---Dianne on 11/15/07

this is a tough question but the true answer is you never can be sure but you need to be able to trust him and trust God in the situation that you will make the right decision when saying i do you have to have trust in the relationship in order for it to work you have to open your heart and not dwell on the negative of is he being faithful you have to take a chance or you will never know
---andre9789 on 3/17/07

Didn't 'know'. Trusted Abba for all circumstances to be in His Sovereignty. Faithful of not, obedience to Scripture requires my own faithfulness that while in Truth cannot be shaken. G_d is Faithful, He is absolutely the only One Who Is To Be.
---j on 2/11/06

Let's reverse that to "how did I know my wife was going to be faithful before we got married?" Two reasons: first, she loves the Lord and second, she loves me. End of story! (We've been married 42 years.)
---WIVV on 11/4/05

Lily ... how sad that you are so bitter. A man should be faithful because he loves his wife and his God, not because he fears God.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/9/05

I prayed before I got married that if we would end up in a divorce from some odd reason, then don't let the marriage happen. I put it in God's hands and left it there.
---Rebecca_D on 10/7/05

The Lord wants to bring a mate to those who will ask Him and have the patience to wait for His choice.

The Lord wants to bless marriage unions and see His plans fulfilled in both mates' lives. What a glorious plan He had from the beginning for both male and female. We can trust Him in this important decision. If we will totally commit to do His will we will never be disappointed in the one He sends into our lives.

Be blessed!
---kalig8456 on 10/6/05

My opinion is that faithful men are scarce to find these days. Same as it is hard to find Virgins even in the church! I tend to think that if they didn't do 'stuff' at one time, they'll do it at another time.People who are mature tend to be faithful than the young and restless. People who have 'known life' can be faithful when/if they decide to settle down. Pray to find a man that loves God, At least they will have the fear of God in them.
---Lily9364 on 10/6/05

There are most definately faithful husbands "out there." It's just a matter of truly seeking God and letting Him lead you to the right person - and then keeping God at the center of your marriage. Pat, you sound like you were hurt very badly. I'm sorry for that. I have been too. Healing takes time, but it happens so keep your eyes on God & have faith.
---Marilee on 10/5/05

Pat, yes there are a lot of faithful men! However, indeed they are really hard to find. All my friends are cheating on their gfs and these girls think that they are saints. I used to be a really faithful guy, but then my girlfriends (3) cheated on me, so then I said "no more"! Now, I am trying to change and next time I will pray to God to give me the wisdom to be faithfull once again without any fear.
---Tom on 10/5/05

Is there such a thing as a faithful husband these days?
---PAT on 10/5/05

You don't. That's where faith in the vows and his commitment to God comes in. If he did a lor of running around while dating, then that could be a bad sign, but then most men did that and are faithful to their wives after getting married.
---Steven_Wilkey on 10/5/05

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