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Baby Not The Father's Child

One of the young men at my church got married early this year. His wife just gave birth barely six months after their wedding, meaning she was expectant before the wedding day. She slept with someone else two months before the wedding, the husband is not the father to this child. Your advice?

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 ---pkay on 10/5/05
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How do you know her husband is not the father? If this is just hearsay, then I would disregard it....even Christians can fall victim to the trap of lust. Also, what concern is it of yours? Just let them be, and accept them and the child as members of your church family. They're married now and the child is legally her husband's....biological or not.
---Ann5758 on 2/20/08

Did her husband not know she was pregnant when they married? If he did then there obviously is not a problem. If he is willing to raise baby as his own then what advice is needed? If he did not know she slep[t with another before the marraige than that is up to the couple to get councelling and try to work things out if they can. You do not say whether baby was surprise to him or not.
---Marla on 4/1/07

It is their life ... your interference can only ruin it.
---alan8869_of_UK on 10/9/05

This is how rumors begin to circulate. Stop the gossip before it starts.

My advice: butt out and find a hobby which does not result in breaking a marriage, or destroying a child.
---anon on 10/6/05

How is this any of your business? Are you the husband or father of the child? How do you know that the man and wife have not already settled this amongst themselves. Find a hobby!!
---Jane on 10/6/05

Unless this has been said openly can you be absolutely sure that he is not the baby's father? If this is something they are discussing and part of that discussion states that he is NOT the father then anything else, whether he stays, goes, brings up baby their business. As a couple they will be able to work out the future much better if no-one interferes or offers any advice that has not been asked for.
---Xanthi on 10/6/05

God bless you mama
Ru the boy's mother or relative/. have u talked to them concerning this? did they need advice from outside. Everyone of us is filled with something and whatever fills you moves you to speak. Let us persue righteousness for that is important.
grace and mercy to you
---stephen on 10/6/05

Anyone can father a child, but it takes a real man of God to be a daddy. If he choses to be this childs daddy, then God Love him, because there should be more men like him. That family just needs prayer like every other newly wed couple! Idle gossip will just cause hurt people, so be careful.
---Patti on 10/6/05

Why do YOU need advice about THEIR life? They are married and having a child I am sure they are capable of figuring things out on their own. Many people get married and raise other people's kids is not a new thing.
So what? Pray and ask God to bless their union and give them a full and happy life with him as a firm foundation. Gossip is sin. Do not look for sin in every situation, better spend your time helping others instead of talking about them.
---Shaz on 10/5/05

My advice is to pray for them, love them, and show them kindness. Pointing fingers & whispering behind their backs will probably happen enough as it is. They will need a friend and prayerful support.
---Marilee on 10/5/05

Why does this concern you? Is the young man your son? Is the bride your daughter? Then it is none of your business. Butt out and get involved in more productive things at church other than gossip.
---Madison on 10/5/05

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