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Is It Bad To Use A Condom

My brother is a church that teaching that Condoms is bad and should not be use between Married People, because sex should be done freely without anything. In the Old test. people did it freely. Is this true? Is it bad to use condoms?

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 ---Condoms_is_wrong? on 10/6/05
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i think condom should not be use by married couple.
---jade on 11/19/09

False accusations and Ad Hominum attacks are quite common from certain quarters. I guess it means they are somehow threatened. Of course the RCC wants a lot of children to be available to go and serve the Illuminati in wars. The only way to do this is to have no contraception, no abortion, and no free choice. The RCC is about taking away all our freedoms. (I am against abortion, but I consider sending children off to war just another way of sacrificing them to the god of this world.) At the same time these soldiers can get rid of the enemies of the RCC. Heads they win, tails they win.
---frances008 on 7/12/08

Emcee ... "Thank you for your untrue findings of me" ... What untrue findings?

You say "yet you in a surreptisious way reintroduce the thought which you knew was not TRUE"
Please reread my original ... I did NOT know it was not true. I thought it was you that had said it, but made it clear that I was not sure and that it might have been another RC.

To my mind, your words "what you desire to accept is for your decision" are very like what Eloy has said to many of us about beleiving what we desire, and it sounded quite condemning, and dismissive of the honesty of belief.
---alan_of_UK on 7/11/08

My children are first foremost clean and well fed but God has also blessed them that we have given bin bags by bin bags loaded to the brim and still giving.

Yet my husband alone at this point works. So faith and works really does go hand in hand. I say with knowledge that not everyone is as mothering as I am, I just know I would never put sex/husband/contraception before the liberty I have in God.
---Carla5754 on 7/11/08

God's ways are best. Having a lot of children if you can afford them is wonderful, although hard on the mother (if she isn't cut out for it). But if you really cannot cope due to one being handicapped or something, or money being short, I don't condemn the use of preventative measures. Some women it would be dangerous to have more kids, like if they already had two C-sections. I cannot see how it hurts others. BUT I would not advice deliberately having a small family so you can live in luxury, because God could take one or more of your kids from you whenever He liked.
---frances008 on 7/11/08

Alan of Uk::Thank you for your untrue findings of me.If the truth Hurts so be it.
1The use of the word insinuate is because of the sorrow expressed by you previously yet you in a surreptisious way reintroduce the thought which you knew was not TRUE.and to bring further remarks against one who calls you equate my disagreement with the term Eloy like condemnation.
2What is a physical barrier if Not a man made contraption were you born with this Physical Barrier.Since its object is to prevent conception,then it is equivalent of casting the semen on the ground and this is not where God intended it to Go which ever way you argue or disagree the point.Hence I say its wrong according to Gods law.THIS IS THE TRUTH which must be told.
---Emcee on 7/10/08

"Because of the hardness of your hearts", Moses permitted divorce (Matthew 19:8). Do you give condoms to AIDS spreaders *because of the hardness of their hearts*, or turn them loose without (and pray for them, of course, if you do not condom them, and warn them that what they do is murder)?
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/10/08

Did you know that the AIDS virus is three times SMALLER than the holes in condoms?

So, making people think they are safe from AIDS by using condoms isn't the way to go either. They are not safe.

Two wrong doesn't not make a right.
Condoms only protects from some STD. Not all STD.
---Nicole on 7/10/08

Rmcee ... You do look for hostility, don't you?
You are unfair in saying I am trying to insinuate. I deliberately made it clear that I was not sure whether it was you or another RC who indicated that "to use a condom was the murder of a potential conceived child"

But apparently you did not say this, in which case why do you use Eloy-like condemnation of me when I say I don't accept that?

Where in the Bible does it say a physical barrier should not be used. You say that to accpet the use of condoms is "in Violation" ... but of what? Again I ask, "Where in the Bible does it say a physical barrier should not be used?"
---alan_of_UK on 7/10/08

Bill Billa::In answer to your questionDo you think Condoms will solve the situation OR education.Those who live by the sword die by the sword, evil is as evil does,What would Jesus say to one who refuses to adhere to His law.Would you aid a murderer
just because he is promiscous.Do 2 wrongs make One right.Why do they sometimes Fight Fire with fire -to contain it.There is no answer to your question.Agood tree bears Good fruit and a bad ne like a weed will be burnt in the Fire.God knows How and Best
---Emcee on 7/10/08

Frances, you can put a paranoid twist on anything.

It is a fact that in modern cultures, not agrarian, that as the standard of living increases, families grow smaller. Or the other way around, if you are looking for cause and effect.

This is not mystery.

We are not in some weird contest of baby making that must be won to maintain national integrties or to become the winning religion based on population.
---atheist on 7/10/08

Holly:: The statement you make brings out the affection in me for the gift of love we share although, sometimes sormy.Whle you divulge your personal life you also say you were not,then a christian.Would I rant on you for being Divorced? Never Dear lady I feel sorrow rather.We also had 13 Children lost 3 but still have 10 all grown up each in his/her own nook and cranny.God provided and we both worked Hard to make it Happen as He promised and Provided.That is why God wants us to have many Children which brings joy in later years.22 child bearind years is a drop in the ocean compared to the love which is irreplaceable.Its trust that brings out the sweetness in Life.God bless you Holly,for your trust and love,and a glimpse into your heart.
---Emcee on 7/10/08

Emcee . . . there are ones with AIDS who are not going to stop being promiscuous. You can choose to leave them without condoms so they produce sick kids and kill their partners, or give them condoms and *maybe* they will use the condoms successfully. For ones not officially Roman Catholic and who won't be . . . do you give them condoms, or not? And if not, what? Maybe say it's on them, and not your fault, and so you stick to your standard.

"Because of the hardness of your hearts", Moses permitted divorce (Matthew 19:8). Do you give condoms to AIDS spreaders *because of the hardness of their hearts*, or turn them loose without (and pray for them, of course, if you do not condom them, and warn them that what they do is murder)?
---Bill_bila5659 on 7/10/08

Emcee...when I was in my child-bearing years...I was very, very fertile. If I "indulged" as you say, at the wrong time of the month, I got pregnant. If I didn't use birth control I would have had a child every single year. Who do you think would have paid to raise all those kids? I was married almost 13 years, I would have had at least 13 kids when my marriage ended in divorce. And please, don't get down on me about being divorced, for I was not a Christian back then. Nevertheless...I am grateful for birth control. Having 13 kids would have been torment for me and I probably would have ended up on welfare or possibly homeless, using government programs to raise my kids. And my family is NOT the type that would help me with anything.
---Holly4jc on 7/9/08

Atheist, it is One World Government, European Union, and other organizations that have advanced the interests of large corporations and industries, so that farms are no longer able to survive if they are run by families. So people are forced to go to cities where there is overcrowding. I have said time and time again, that Japan is full of space, flat space. I have often flown over, driven through, and been on a train through all the land of Japan and it has plenty of space and a bad problem of below zero growth, for which Japan is going to pay a huge price. We will have to import workers from abroad very soon, already do with nurses from the Philippines to take care of the elderly. It is a sad, desparate situation. A fight for survival.
---frances008 on 7/9/08

Alan of UK::Friend again you use words which I do not Comprehend-"copmection"2.Again you attempt to insinuate what I never once said.This I vehemenently Deny #3 what you desire to accept is for your decision. I merely reiterate Gods Law in this conection.There are many who like you are of the same opinion,which is in Violation.Dont believe Me You Have Catholic Priests where You live ask them.Sins of the flesh occour in a married state as well.
---Emcee on 7/10/08

Athiest::To argue the law and the word of God is only Possible if You have all the Facts of Gods law since you do not believe in the existence of God Both You and I are at a disadvantage to bring this to a succesful conclusion.John B. Calhoun is NOT GOD- so useing Him as a yard stick is impractical.Learn Gods laws,FIRST.
---Emcee on 7/10/08

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Atheist there are two spirits who could be referred to as 'god'. One, is the God of Heaven and Earth, the Creator God, Father of Jesus Christ, and the other is the god of this world, prince of the powers of the air, Lucifer or Satan. Which one are you referring to? God the Father always has good plans for humans and the other one always has bad plans for them. All other gods are idols.
---frances008 on 7/9/08

"The reason the illuminati want to cut the population of the world through genocide, biological weapons, vaccinations, poisons in food, banning nutrients, etc, is that they want the WHOLE world for themselves"
If that were the case, who would do the work?
And just who are all these illuminati? There must be a few billions of them by now if they reckon to take over all the world.
And do they not also suffer from the benefits (or disadvantages) of vaccinations, poisons in food, banning nutrients?
---alan_of_UK on 7/9/08

Emcee, you wrote: "...increase and multiply" was for advancement.Zero growth Population thwarts His plan...".

John B. Calhoun was an American ecologist and research psychologist noted for his studies of population density and its effects on behavior. During his studies, Calhoun coined the term "behavioral sink" to describe aberrant behaviors in overcrowded population density situations and beautiful ones to describe passive individuals who withdrew from all social interaction.

I hope god's plan for humans is better than the one he has for rats.
---atheist on 7/9/08

Emcee ... You very use of the word indulge puts a sort of sinful copmection of the act.

Where in the Bible does it say a physical barrier should not be used.

In the past you have I reacll (maybe it was anoother RC?) that to use a condom was the murder of a potential conceived child, which I cna't accept, unless there is something in the Laws or what Jesus taught.
---alan_of_UK on 7/9/08

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Atheist "Abstinence does not always work". Of course it works. When you abstain you do not get pregnant or get someone else pregnant. The problem is that many cannot abstain. It is for those people that condoms are intended.
---RitaH on 7/9/08

There is plenty of space on this planet. The reason the illuminati want to cut the population of the world through genocide, biological weapons, vaccinations, poisons in food, banning nutrients, etc, is that they want the WHOLE world for themselves. They don't want to share it. Imagine the biggest bully in the sandpit. That is what Satan, your cut-the-world-population leader is like. If they used free and Fair Trade, and did not stockpile food and put prices up arbitarily, and tax people into the ground to pay for wars in which the taxed people lose their children, then we would all have more than enough. But Satan came to steal, kill and destroy. Some of your minds are already given over to depravity for thinking the way you do.
---frances008 on 7/8/08

Phil the Elder::My reply was not personally against you but what you were advocating bringing the status quo back to 1964 policy levels as you quoted.This limits God and His ability to deal with an advancing situation as He intended.God's policy "increase and multiply" was for advancement.Zero growth Population thwarts His plan.I am sure You will agree with me that He Has His ways of population control.ARE we as humans asked to interfere with HIS Process?or would it be His adversary whom we aid and abet.
---Emcee on 7/8/08

Antoa:: God has already spoken for all times Read Genesis-38:8-10.Be it a condom or the ground the effect is displeasing to God.You want Gods answer THIS IS IT.Take the information and spread the TRUTH.If you do not want the Responsibility DONT indulge.
---Emcee on 7/8/08

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Alan ofUk ::As a married man of Many years you know as well as I do every encounter does not produce a child So therefore its the thought and the pre determined act of containing and defying Gods wishes, which is disobedience which make it wrong and therefore a sin.Nicole is not married .The answer to your question If they agree then it is collusion and BOTH are guilty.Look at the pleasure as a reward For obeying Gods law.Would you Have indulged if it was a painful act,every time!!
---Emcee on 7/8/08

Many teeanage girls get pregnant. Abstinence does not always work. Which is the most acceptable?:

Using a condom, getting pregnant and having a baby, getting pregnant and having an abortion?

In many countries AIDS and poverty are rampant. The spread of aids, and the birth of children who are guarenteed a short life of hunger and disease can be reduced through education and the use of condoms. Do you think it wrong for the poor in such countries to be given condoms and taught their benefits?
---atheist on 7/8/08

No, its not bad. If the couple wants to use condoms, then they should. Married couples should be the ones to answer that question. Go to God in prayer. That's what they really need to do. Ask God is condoms are bad? He has the answer, not people.
---antoa7855 on 7/8/08

Emcee, it was not my decision to have only two children I only advocate it as a means of assuring zero population growth.

In my case my father was an only child, I am an only child, my son is an only child, and my son has no children. My family has done our part toward zero population growth.

To others my concern for US immigration quotas is because I live in the US and it our taxes that have to pay for infostructure. California will have to open a new school every day in perpetuity to deal with the demand, and the problem will move to other states if US immigration quotas and birth rates remain unchanged
---Phil_the_Elder on 7/8/08

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ALL WOMEN::You all know your situation better than I ever can.What I cite is for a healthy Happy God inspired Marriage .A wrong can Never make a thing RIGHT.But there are other sources available if a man does not act in a Godly way and acts like WORSE than an animal.One should not break the law of God to serve a purpose.Apply the correct Remedy.
---Emcee on 7/8/08

Nicole ... if both husband and wife agree to use the barrier method os contraception, who is abusing the other ... who is refusing to give or receive ALL of what the other wants to receive otr give?

Is there any biblical instruction about this? (second request)

The only reson that I can think of that your say the condom is a sin, is that you don't accept the sexual act as a God-given pleasure, but say it is a sin, which is only excused if yuo take the consequences (a child)
---alan_of_UK on 7/8/08

Alan of Uk::It is ok My friend.Excuse me if I seemed terse.
---Emcee on 7/8/08

Carla5754. Yes, wise choices if they are of God. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.
I won't care if it is the 35th Century. Choices of life is true today, as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow.

No one tells people to breed like rabbits. This is the excuse some make to justify their own selfish will to do what they want to do, not do what God wants them to do.

Love is the key and Love is greater with Life.

Abuse women will do whatever their husbands want them to do.

Do you think an Abusive Husband will use a condom?

Contraceptives isn't the answer for Abusive women.

Ecapse if possible is the answer.
---Nicole on 7/7/08

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Emcee ... Sorry, my recollection was wrong.
---alan_of_UK on 7/8/08

Alan of Uk::Abstainence Is NOT a sin. To abstain is to forgo,keep away,it is Not an action. I have never attributed to the statement of what you say "I Think".Your views are based on the common today trend of understanding.Mine is based on Matt19:10-12.How can you make a SIN if you avoid the occassion of sin. If this be true then every Temptation is a sin which you Know is NOT.Jesus was tempted 'Be gone satan'
---Emcee on 7/7/08

AlanofUK, I am not married and have no children. You misunderstood my blog.
Abstinence is an sin within married persons if both DO NOT argee. Not because of life not being used, buy because of denial of oneself from the other.

I said, using a condom is an sin because you are not accepting ALL from your spouse. You are deciding to ONLY TAKE from your spouse-pleasure. Stopping the possibitity of life. If one is sterile, one is not making a decision, it is already made for them. The only act is Pleasure which is OKAY. Pleasure is made by God.

Natural Family Planning is valid and WORKS. This helps couples to have children when they are ready. The couple are working, assess and reading the wife's body. Abstinence certain days.
---Nicole on 7/7/08

It is ignorant of anyone to suggest that one should not have the option to use Condoms.What happens in the event of life threatening situations for the mother/baby.


Ever thought about women who have abusive husbands more and more women are faced with the responsibility of not getting pregnant today howbeit A Very, Very, Difficult subject and having to choose methods that they're having to close their eyes/hearts and simply forget the consequences of some of the method.

Never mind some bible basher telling them they have to breed like rabbits Please! this is the 21st Century or the 20th however it's about godly love and wise choices.
---Carla5754 on 7/7/08

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Emcee ... I think I asked you whether yuo considered abstinence was a sin, and I think yuo said it was.
Abstnence on the part of a man does not waste the sperm he produces, because it remains fertile in his body.
But a woman produces eggs each month, so unless a woman is fertilised whenever she produces eggs, I assume she and her husband sin?
Seems daft to me!

"Go forth and multiply" Does anything in the bible say that is a continuimng commandment rather than one for the particular circumstance of the time.
---alan_of_UK on 7/7/08

ALL::The word of God is to increase and Multiply.Attacking someone on their Beliefs is ungentlemanly and uncalled for.Any Form or device action or intention associated with the act of copulation with intent to Prevent conception IS AGAINST GODS LAW.The OT is proof of this when Onan was put to death by the LORD for "Spilling his semen" on the ground.Genesis38.8-10. Man wants the pleasures associated with Gods Creation,but is wont to accept Its responsiblities and Gods will.The sins of the flesh is as abundant as the birds of the air. To thwart the law of God is a wilful sin, punishable by death.The truth will bear Witness,as TOLD.
---Emcee on 7/7/08

I believe that it is something that married couples shoud decide upon. Back in Bible days no contraceptives around. People had ten, or twelve children or more too. Some 100 of them. Perhaps, they do not want children and are afraid of the pill. [Better to not have them than to abuse them]. Abortion, is absolutely a no, no. As always for believers, pray and follow your heart. If no conviction from God, then you are okey.
---catherine on 7/6/08

I know of two couples who believed that whether or not they would have children was entirely in God's hands so they did not exercise birth control. In other words if they had children it must be God's will and if they did not, it must be God's will.

8 and 9 children and skyrocketing cost of living later, the husbands have had vasectomies.

Mmmm. Sounds like someone finally had a reality check.
---BRUCE5656 on 7/5/08

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Nicole ... I presume you have children?
Would you want more?
If not, does that mean you and your husband both have to deny each other of the pleasures of physical union?

If the desire not to have children is mutual, your arguments fail.

I can't find any reference in the Bible to birth control being wrong. Clearly there are some b/c methods which are wrong, but there is nothing to say that every act of union should have the chance of producing another life.

Now, there is one RC here who states that for a married couple, even abstinence is sinful, because the means of creating new lives is not being used!
---alan_of_UK on 7/5/08

Ok I do not believe that using condoms is wrong. It's responsible. God gave us the intelligence to help ourselves. He gave us the means to use the intelligence to help ourselves. For example If we aren't supposed to help ourselves than DON'T go to the doctor,God will me you in due time. DON'T pay your taxes or your bills,God will send someone else to pay them for you. shoot don't take a bath, God sends the rain for that. Yes I know that got off the condom subject but the point is he wants us to help yourselves. Condoms are not hurting a life. It is responsible planning.
---Dayce on 7/5/08

Phil ... I accept most of what you suggest ... but yuo seem overly concerend about the national US interests, rather than the whole of God's creation.

In the UK, we have some "families" who make their income just by having lots of babies ... no jobs, just babies ... provides a good living!!
---alan_of_UK on 7/4/08

Phil the Elder, not long ago Canada was begging for migrants to come over and join them. I have been to Canada and it is a very difficult country to live in compared to England (which is bad enough) and certainly to Japan (city centres). If there are no people there are no customers and consumers, so there is no creativity, services and economy. You have to drive miles to a restaurant or cafe. There are not enough people to make public transport supportable on taxation, or fares. Life is more difficult for everyone when there are not enough people. If you are too young to drive, distances are too far to walk, and you have to get a parent to drive you hither and thither. Visitors from foreign countries have to wait to be taxied about.
---frances008 on 7/4/08

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Phil the Elder, Zero growth is the opposite of the Bible instructions. War, famine, accidents, illnesses all take away children from families- as well as the grown ups caring for them. Zero growth leaves no room for any other losses as shown in China when those with only one child lost their only child in the earthquake. No aunts and uncles to take care of orphaned children. I say 'Ignore the government naysayers and believe the Bible which says the success of a country depends on a lot of natives of that country, to protect and help it to grow strong.'
---frances008 on 7/4/08

Phil the Elder::Sir ,I disagree with you as by your own decision to have 2 children, You limit the capabality of God OUR Creator to Provide,showing lack of Trust,and whose instruction were and IS. to increase and Multiply.It is irresponsible to thwart the law of God.The carnal world has disregarded this edict and the resultant effect is Increased Immigration to maintain population Growth and Supply.You cannot flaunt Gods law, in exchange for the derived Pleasure which is His reward for obedience to Him.Nicole speaks truth which must be told.The flesh of this world will be Mans Ruination.
---Emcee on 7/4/08

It is sin for one to "spill his seed" in the Bible and we are COMMANDED to be fruitful and multiply!
---James_P._Davis on 7/4/08

Phil_the_Elder, your position just isn't true.

Western Europe is in the neg.
USA is not in the neg because of the immigration. In fact Caucasians people need to have more children. They are the ones who are in danger the most.

This planet is big enough for everyone.

Planned reproduction is deadly and causes more defects in Society.

Just look at China. Their one child rule as has caused havoc. Now they have switched the men to women ratio. It should be 14 women to every 10 men. They have 14 men to 10 women. Now men are kidnapping women from their own and other Countries. China now has a special police force for kidnapped women. Men in the 50's if are widow, can not remarry. Not enough women.
Total chaos!
---Nicole on 7/4/08

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I have provided scripture about someone in the Old Testament not wanting to have children with his brothers wife after he died and split his semen on the ground!

However we live where technology is supreme and if your choice is not to have children just means as a couple you use condoms why should your liberty be snared by someone elses conscience.

Birth control with the use of Contraception which prevents life through hormones causing a volatile situation in the womb so the egg don't plant now this a Different matter so to IUD's, Abortion.
---Carla5754 on 7/4/08

Unplanned human reproduction is being an irresponsible Christian

The object is zero population growth

1. Limit your number of born children to no more than two

2. Remove all tax deductions for more than two born children full tax deductions for any number of adopted children.

3. Impose punitive taxation on families with more than two born children no penalty for adoption if they can afford to provide for them.

4. Restore US immigration quotas to a pre

1964 policy levels.

If you dont you will destroy the US economy, you will not have enough resources to support the population.

Look at the video Immigration By The Numbers on the Internet.
---Phil_the_Elder on 7/4/08

Yes, using condoms is wrong. Because you are not ACCEPTING THE FULL PERSON OF YOUR SPOUSE.

You are saying, I only want the pleasure you can give me, but not part of you that combines with myself and Unites our love into another Human Being.

This is a state of Selfish.

This is what Emcee is saying about killing. In the sense of stopping the possibility of life.

A man using Condom is saying to woman. I do not intend for this Union to be complete. I only want something from you - Pleasure and nothing else. I do not want you to have all of me.

All this from using a Condom.
Actions speaks louder than Words.
---Nicole on 7/3/08

AlanofUk, the world has plenty of spare space, it is just that some people want us all to live in cities so that they can own all the countryside for their GM crop experimentation. In Japan for instance, there is plenty of space all over the country, just outside of Tokyo. Nobody at all for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles. And Japan is an example of an 'overpopulated country' who right now is wondering if it will survive at all into the 22 nd century due to lack of PEOPLE>
---frances008 on 7/3/08

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Yes, I believe it is wrong and I stopped using them early in our marriage. My wife and I realized that God's perspective on children is that they are a blessing. If the blessing came in the form of money, no one would want to stop it - correct? Psalm 127 talks about "unless the Lord builds the house, those that labor, labor in vain." It's talking about children. The rest of the chapter says "blessed is the man who has his quiver full". There was no birth control used in Scripture. What God has put into place, no man or woman should interfere with. We should never use the world as our model to live the Christian life. Please read Psalm 127.
---Ron on 7/3/08

Emcee: Do you know what condoms do? They prevent sperm from entering the woman's reproductive system. The only thing dying is sperm. Not a fetus. Since when is it murder to kill sperm?
---Madison on 7/3/08

Emcee.....where does this question ask anything about the 5th commandment? What does condoms have to do with killing, especially between a married couple? Maybe there are medical reasons for using them and it is a private decision between a husband and wife but certainly there is NOTHING wrong with them between a husband and wife...
---Fran6775 on 8/29/07

Emcee you say "Alan::the "AD INFITITIUM" is your addition"
OF COURSE it is my addition!!! I was saying that God did NOT say this!!! It is YOU that interpret the instruction as if it was for all time, i.e. ad infinitum.
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/18/06

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Emcee ... I know abstinence is not a sin. I know also that contraception by other means is not a sin.
The instruction to go forth and multiply was given at AND FOR a time when the world had plently of spare space. The situation is different now.
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/18/06

Mary, It seems like you believe God only wants married Christians to have sex, when they want children. When they don't want any more children, they should pray more instead of having sex. That is not want I understand from scripture. I agree prayer is important, though. 1Corinthians 7:2-5
---Ulrika on 1/18/06

Regarding my last posting I didn't mean to say limited. I meant to say inconsistent, sorry.
---M.A. on 1/18/06

Alan :: Abstinence is not a sin it is like fasting because you are denying yourself of a gratification in the normal ciromstances.If your partner is unwell or even not in the mood would you Force yourself on him Or Her.Its self denial.
---Emcee on 1/18/06

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MA the absolute strangest thing about it is that we should ALL be using condoms to avoid AIDS.
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/18/06

Mary that has to be the strangest answer I have ever read here. Condoms are O.K. to avoid AIDS but not O.K. to avoid babies - right? Don't you think the condom will avoid both at the same time? However in a 100% faithful relationship AIDS will not be feared but a huge family might be. If we can pray to God to avoid conception why not equally pray to avoid AIDS? Your faith appears to be very one sided and limited.
---M.A. on 1/18/06

Emcee - "... not to mention abortions which has reached mammoth proportions."

The effective use of a condom or other birth control measures, even the natural metholds means, would reduce or eliminate the need for abortions.

There is nothing in scripture that would prohibit a couple from limiting the size of the family.

The lack of resources in some parts of the world - Africa for instance where hundreds are dying from starvation necessitate birth control.
---lee on 1/18/06

Mary are you Catholic? Cause it sure sounds like you are. After I had my son, me and and I had to use protection so I wouldn't get pregnant again so soon. Same with our daughter. I see nothing wrong with using protection. Now I have my tubes tide and don't need to worry about having more babies. Well I don't worry as much.
---Rebecca_D on 1/18/06

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When God said " Go forth and multiply" I don't see birth control mentioned.. God is the giver and taker of life, unless you think to be as God.
---Lynn on 1/18/06

Mary ... everyone should carry condoms to protect against HIV and AIDS? !!! Now why should I need to do that? Do you?
Can you explain why contraception is wrong for married people??
---alan8869_of_UK on 1/18/06

no i dont think that it is right for christian married couples to use any form of contraception, if they are worried about how many children wnats to give them they should pray more instead of having sex and concentrate more on God which is what christianity is all about any ways. but everybody should protect themsrlves against HIV and should carry condoms with them
---mary on 1/17/06

Emcee OK let's say that "Go forth and multiply" is a permanent instruction to everyone for ever, it prohibits not only contraception, but also abstinence.
By abstaininng, we are preventing the multiplying, so it is sinful.
I ask again, where does the Bible say contraception is sinful?
---alan8869_of_UK on 11/8/05

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I stand corrected. The word "gestation" does indeed refer to the time from conception to birth. When I was referring to was the time of the month that a woman was likely to conceive.
---lee on 11/8/05

MP::OOPS I stand corrected meant ovulation slip of the tongue--Thanks mind must have been wandering.
---Emcee on 11/7/05

LEE::tTo quote the moderator show scriptures to validate your claim of Use of artificial mean to prevent conception.the only word I know is ABSTINENCE--even in Vatican Roulette if you study the game you can come out a winner.
---Emcee on 11/7/05

The gestation period for human beings is 9 months. It is the time it takes from conception to a fully formed new life. I don't know what word you two (Lee and Emcee) need although I do know WHAT you mean, but gestation isn't the word you are looking for.
---M.P. on 11/7/05

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Emcee - that gestation period of 2 to 3 day can vary significantly. I can easily see why they call the rhythm method, "Vatican Roulette" - you may win more often then you want to! The condom can be considered as one of Gods gifts in family planning.
---lee on 11/7/05

Alan::the "AD INFITITIUM" is your addition--its a strange thing man has always been trying to improve on Gods work aided by the master of deceit.It started in the Garden of Eden.
---Emcee on 11/6/05

Lee::The type of contraception I mentioned was by natural means in which self restraint plays a part.a form of self denial.Any other mechanical chemical & medical procedures would be thwarting the plan of God.IF Jesus denied himself & gave his life to save humanity the least we can do is for the 2 or 3days of gestation & fertility period avoid the pleasures he has given us with the man or woman of our choice.That said & done there is no further arguement as I see it in my mind but that was my choice.
---Emcee on 11/6/05

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