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Why Do Bad Things Happen

I am asked 'Does God love everyone He created, if so why do some countries have drought and die of starvation, others have excessive rain and drown or left homeless?' I do believe God loves everyone but how do I answer this question?

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 ---M.A on 10/7/05
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Yes, God does love everyone, that is why He sent his Son to die for our sins. Mankind brought suffering on himself when he turned from God. Look at the life of Paul and how he suffered. As long as sin is in the world, mankind will suffer till Jesus returns.
---Rev_Herb on 3/22/07

Rain comes from the ocean. The water evaporates and is reformed in clouds. The clouds run into mountain ranges and dump their water. Some countries are surrounded by mountain ranges and get very little water. It also has to do with the prevailing wind currents.
---gregg8944 on 3/5/06

Because of SIN in the world!
---geraa7578 on 10/10/05

yes God loves everyone. as we can see throughout the history that God has used disasters to get peoples attention. these didasters that happen are Gods way of saying hey there remember me.
---edward on 10/8/05

Jesus said: "The thief comes only to steal & kill & destroy. I have come that they may have life, & that they may have it more abundantly." (John 10:10). The thief is Satan. Anytime there's loss or destruction Satan is behind it. God's will for our lives is abundant life. We can see this clearly in the Garden of Eden. God's desire was that His people live in paradise. According to Acts 26:18 & other verses, there are 2 powers on earth. Satan has power to cause harm & destruction.
---DoryLory on 10/7/05

God loves everyone(John3:16-17)but sin is a reproach to any nation,when God is left out of anything,chaos begins.Can't expect to live one's life contrary to The Word of God and still prosper.
---April on 10/7/05

we bring bad things upon ourselves and God uses these bad things to bring out good..i was in a car accident and broke both legs, hips,pelvis and got saved during my recovery.God loves us like a dad. just like a dad allows us to hit our heads, so does He. we become closer to Him through times of trouble and grow spiritually. we have also asked God to stand out of our lives,not allowing Him in our schools etc.. i think He sometimes stands back to let us see how wrong we sometimes are..
---natasha on 10/7/05

Man is the cause of his own destruction. (It goes back to Adam.) As humans, we are under the influence of Satan, who (according to the Bible) has the ablility to makes things "uncomfortable" for all - Christain and non-christian. We are subject to the "physical laws" of this earth. God wanted total control, but we have chosen (or our ancestors) to allow satan control of the earth - at least for now. (While satan may not have been our choice, He was the consequense of that choice.)
---WIVV on 10/7/05

The systems of weather are self perpetuation. However, MAN has upset the balance with mismanagment, over farming, raping the rainforests, polloution etc etc. Is God to be held responsible for that?

Many starve when the rich hoard their country's resources. Is God responsible for this?

Civil wars destroy economies and impoverish millions. Is He responsible for that?

Matt 5:45
---Bruce5656 on 10/7/05

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